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Introduction: Hello to the reader and welcome to Alf’s boot camp blog. So what is Alf’s boot camp all about? Well its purpose is about changing your existing reality if you are fed up with it. Obviously if you are happy with yourself and your existing reality of the world, then read no further and I wish you well. To create this miracle of change, it will be necessary to attend Alf’s boot camp classroom (this blog) to understand through its information a different reality than your existing one. We have to want to change to make change happen…and as the sages say, ” you can lead a horse to water but you cannot force it to drink”. The same applies to human beings in the context of change and understanding.

Who is Alf?

Alf and his son Stephen run boot camp. They are a fictional creation of the author of this blog to make the content more interesting. The author is retired and in his seventies and has taken up writing in his old age to keep his hands and mind busy and to help others…should they require that type of help. He has no religious denomination but does see value in all, as all have a common denominator in their scriptures that he respects, namely the much misunderstood word God. Thus the growing stories & articles & information in this blog, are of self-help value in the mind department and the understanding of life as viewed through the author and his reality. If the content helps only one person understand life and its purpose better, it will have fulfilled its purpose.


The different writing styles & content found on this Web Site, is an attempt by the author to reach all ‘walks of life’ with its new information. There is no offence or disrespect to society as a whole intended in this attempt. But, as the Science of Meditation is a universal ideology, it must be presented & explained to every facet of society and its different levels of understanding. WJH.


Read All About It. From the boot camp pen of Stephen.

To start the boot camp ball rolling, comes a bottom end of town satire translation by Stephen (Son of Alf)  from the Book of Alf, called “A little known version of history…spiritual not academic” ‘Cause academia read too many of their own books, funny books…you know, with no missing punctuation gizmo’s & spelling mistakes in them. So this is a special colloquial translation with spelling mistakes & missing gizmo’s for my friends in the bottom end of town and to lighten things up in the top end of town.

If this does not do the trick, then take a trip to the Dentist and have a dose of laughing gas and re-read it, but not in the chair. You might end up minus a few teeth and a whopping big bill instead, like I did. And no, I’m not signing up with anyone. Least of all Hollydude & Co; they are in deep you know what with God. Along with days-of-our-rotten-product-created lives from the good ole U.S. of A. for upsetting Upstairs afternoon tea break and picture show treats. Plus, driving the primordial gods that underwrite the biology of life potty, with their do-what-you-like saturated commercial television programs, products, advertisements & promo’s.
Anyways, I’ve found the missing ancient manuscripts from the book “The Celestine Potholes“. You know, the manuscripts that got lost in South America, or was it India? Anyways, it was addressed to J. Redsfields to translate, but I don’t know him…I’ve never met him, although I have read his book about ‘The Celestine Potholes’. Anyways, the Newspapers, Boobs @ Abs Magazine and other Comic Books would not publish my translation, ‘cause I’m not famous with my boobs and abs. The Commercial Television stations don’t want a bar of it, ‘cause it aint got no products in it. The BBC said to send it to the ABC for spelling corrections & syntax first, The Guverment said I’ve gotta become a Politician before they will read it and Science don’t understand it the way I’ve written it –neither do I. So the best place for it is on the Garbo-net…sorry, I mean the Internet. So if someone out there that understands my translations…and can read my rotten bottom end of town writing & spelling, then please let me know.

p.s. Don’t know whether it’s important or not, but there’s something really weirdo at the bottom of this ancient manuscript, it says (i times d) plus the square root of (m) plus (LN times CM) equals H this-way-Albert”. Must be something to do with Albert Stein –or was it Joe Stein? Maybe it was Eff Stein, anyway some Stein –have included it in case it helps Academia and Hollywood…not forgetting the Pentagon either, as they know everyfing what is going on in the world first from the late night show on the commercial television. Plus, it says what’s faster than the speed of light?…the speed of thought of course…and that’s really weirdo. `Cause every one knows that the speed of light is the fastest thing in the Universe. At least that’s what it says in all the funny science books that I pinched, sorry, I mean borrowed from the library. You know, E equals MC squared or somefing, not T equals PP squared to infinity, like what Alfiewhatsitallabout says in his articles. Anyways, youse got the brains, so work it out and post me back the answer…so I can get some sleep.

p.p.s. There’s a load more here –manuscripts that is. So I’ll go a paste a few up on some notice-boards down town, just to keep the ‘speed of thought’ ball rolling while youse sort it all out (and my ‘orrible spelling) and I can translate the rest of the manuscripts into good English and good American…for the Pentagon. Plus, the one I’m on at the moment don’t make sense at all –so I’ll have to go and see the ‘Boss’ about it on the way –after my tea break that is.

Signed the thinker…you know, that unemployed Greek bloke on the dole?
Counter signed concerned Citizen…no, confused citizen Stephen son of Alf.

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