A Letter To The Children Of The World

To The Children Of The World

From the pen of Stephen Gripes son of Alf.

About the content.

The enclosed, is from the 1999 boot camp works of the author created character of Stephen Gripes. The reader will find that apart from the opening pages, it is written in unconventional format. That capital letter format, is ‘Homework’ for those with poor reading, writing and comprehension difficulties to re-write a page a day on a computer word processor. They will also acquire some Upstairs invisible brownie points by doing so and dissolve its debilitating handicap along the keyboard way…as the dyslexic author did – guaranteed.

Those reading, writing & comprehension skills, are the now the most necessary of all education acquired accomplishments to survive & evolve in this communication orientated World. Yes, its going to be ‘fingers to the keyboard’ hard work to cure this often childhood located problem for some. But, put some positive action into the ’Real System’ and we will eventually receive some positive re-action back out for our efforts. Because that’s the way the ‘Real System’ that underwrites life & its evolution works. It is always a question of ‘As We Sow So Do We Reap’ in Nature’s creative intelligence with our human ‘cause & effect karmic influence.

Explanation: When we incorporate the twice daily practice of Correct Meditation into our daily routine, then the conscious capacity of our minds begins to expand. To then enable us to connect with the source of life and enliven our awareness and comprehension and release our spiritual potential as human beings.

William John Hatten – Author.

First, an introductory story in conventional writing from Alf about karma & its understanding for everyone.

Second, a special letter for those that have not yet reached adulthood from the pen of Stephen.

Third, a fictional collection of unpunctuated translations of B.C. tablets for young minds to wade through. With the boot camp advice for those with reading, writing and comprehension difficulties, to persevere and re-write its content in conventional script (with punctuation) to help cure that debilitating problem.

  1. A story from Alf about karma and its understanding: for everyone.

I awoke the other morning to find the clock alarm in a million pieces at the far end of the room. It’s still a mystery to me how it got there, but I do know Science and God move in mysterious ways. Anyway, I will put it down to him/her and God and then we can move on with the rest of the story. So, having retrieved all the pieces, I then put them in my ‘Gizmo fix it later cupboard’ (which I might add, is very congested at the moment) and plugged in the kettle for a cup of tea to cheer myself up…and guess what? it went up in a puff of smoke…the kettle that is.

So, having stuffed that also in the ‘fix it later cupboard’ and, after engaging in a wrestling match with the cupboard door to get it shut, proceeded to turn the television on to find out what was happening outside in the rest of the world…and guess what…nothing happened, in the television that is. I was not sure about the rest of the world, but mine was beginning to look very bleak indeed. No alarm clock no cup of tea no television…and guess what? I broke the cupboard door as well trying to squash the television in with all the rest of the broken Gizmo’s. Anyway, I did not put the door in the cupboard…not because it would not fit, but because it had started to rain and the roof had a hole in it.

Where did the hole come from? good question. Well, to cut a long story short and keep it brief. I was up on the roof the other day fixing the television aerial…that the birds all sat on at five o’clock in the morning arguing amongst themselves who could make the most noise (like human beings) and, had previously got broken when one of my boots hit it. How did my boot get up there? I threw it. Anyway, I got the ladders out of the cupboard (different cupboard that is from the broken gizmo cupboard) and while trying to fix the aerial, I accidentally fell through the roof and made a hole in it, the roof that is…not my boots, I’m still wearing those.

Anyway coming back to my bad karma day…otherwise we will never finish the story. Well I fixed the hole in the roof with the busted door…because it was far too useful to put in the fix it later gizmo cupboard, and then went and got my bicycle out of the shed to go down to the village and see old Bob (my mate) and have chat about my misfortunes over a cup of tea, and guess what? two flat tyres and, as everyone knows? you cannot work on an empty stomach. So, I shoved it in the gizmo cupboard too…the bike that is. Which was easy now there was no door on it and then took off on shank’s pony (my legs) to have a chat with old Bob about my unfortunate happenings.

Anyway, the long and the short of it, was that I managed to reach old Bob’s place without further mishap and over a cup of tea, which was very important, he proceeded to explain that all my unfortunate happenings was all to do with the Karma sutra’s. Evidently, Karma means “action” and “Sutra” means weaving or stitching. Well I understood the Karma bit, but for the life of me couldn’t see what my misfortunes had to do with sowing. I mean I can fix most things, but when it comes to darning holes on socks whatever and sowing in buttons I’m hopeless.

Now getting back to what old Bob was saying: Evidently, all actions are seeds of influence (karma) that we sow into time and time has cycles too, but nothing to do with push bikes no, but influence contained in those cycles of time that return from the Universe. Because in that time, is contained all influence (karma) that we have created from all lifetimes on this beautiful planet. So evidently, all my misfortunes from that cycle of time had arrived at my house all in the one go so to speak…because I’ve never had a day like this one before and that, according to old Bob, was reason for it.

Anyway, old Bob said I should stay with him until its all blown over (not my house that is but the karma sutra’s) and gone on its way once more, otherwise at the rate I was busting gizmo’s, I would become a public liability…what ever that is.
Anyway, I’ll let you know what happens in due course. In the meantime, I have to fix a few of old Bob’s gizmo’s, because he’s got quite a few too but at least his cupboard’s got a door on it…at the moment that is.
p.s. What are your thoughts on karma?
p.p.s. Have you all got gizmo’s in cupboards too?
p.p.p.s. Are you any good at sowing?
p.p.p.p.s. Old Bob’ says not to take the writer too seriously…only seriously enough. Otherwise you’ll end up in the Gizmo cupboard too. Plus, don’t forget to read in between the lines of Alf’s story.

Now, about the following special letter that I have translated for youse from the gleek section of the British Museum where I work. Youse will find that all the words start with a capital letter, `cause Alf says every word is important. Evidentlies, the reason all words when spoken or written are important, is because they create influence (karma) in Nature’s invisible spiritual workings. It is that human created influence and its positive or negative qualities, that eventually returns to the person who wrote them or spoke them. That returning ‘cause & effect’ influence out of our actions is called karma. So now you know how the spiritual system of Nature works, always try to be positive and helpful in what you say to other people. Because then it is only positive karmic influence that always returns to you from your interaction and play with them.

Now for the big secret:
That means even if something or someone hurts you and makes you cry, you will always naturally return to being happy afterwards, simply because you will only have created happy karmic influence in Nature’s Invisible Workings to always come back to you. That invisible interactive process between You and Nature and that even Adults do not understand, is also called ‘As We Sow So Do We Reap’ with our thoughts and deeds in life.

Anyways, the best way to remember this secret is to re-write the following special letter and change all the capital letters into normal letters again. If youse are not sure how to do this or what some of the words mean, then ask your Mum and Dad or your helpful Teachers at school to explain them to you. Now this is a long letter, so it is going to take a long time to read it and understand it and then re-write it. The reason I know that, is because it took me a long time to translate it.

Kind regards – Stephen Gripes. Chief translator of too hard to translate tablets in the Gleek section of the North Wing of the British Museum.

2. A Special Letter To The Future Adults Of This World:

Dear Children, Teenagers And Young Adults – Greetings To You All.
Firstly, You Will Not Fully Understand My Other Writing In The Adult Section Of This Web Site. So This Is A Very Special Communication To Include You.
Secondly, I Am Sorry That I Have Had To Take Some Of Your Parents To Task In Its Content. Unfortunately There Was No Other Option. They Are Lost And Cannot Hear You Properly Above All The Growing Media Transmitted Noise And Greed In The World…And That We Are Calling Progress. So This Letter Is To Help Sort This Devolution Problem Out, Before We All End Up At The Funny Farm And Not Just The Adults That Created The Problem. So I Need Your Junior Help In The Process, Because You Are Very Important To Upstairs As Future Adults. Who Will One Day Be In Charge Of Yourselves And This World.

Right Now, Your Uncomplicated Love Is Very Important To Your Parents. They Are In Great Need Of It…Especially If They Have Read Alf’s Articles And Don’t Understand Them. Because They Are Like You Were On Your Very First Day Of School…Lost And Bewildered In A Reality They Have No Experience Of? So You Remember This And You Help Them All You Can. They Love You Very Much, But Many Parents Have Become Lost To Their Positive Feelings And Emotions By Too Much Adult Taking, Wanting, T.V. Product Brainwashing And Not Enough Emotional Giving. So You Must Help Me In My Job By Helping Them In Your Job, Which Is To Be Helpful, Kind And Thoughtful At All Times. When The World Settles Down Again After Its Big Upheaval Soon…That Is Due To The Constant Trashing Of It By Human Beings Past And Present, Then We Will All Be Very Happy, That’s A Promise.

Now Changing The System Of How We Currently Behave On This Planet Will Take Time And Patience. That Is Something We All Have To Learn If We Wish To Be Happy And Reach Maturity And, That Maturity And Its Happiness, Is Not Something You Learn By Doing What You Like And When You Like All Of The Time. Some Of The Time – Yes. Because It Is Good To Let Your Hair Down And Do Your Own Thingo Now And Then…But Not If It Upsets Everyone Else Around You In The Silly Process, As Well As The Laws Of Nature That Underwrite Life.

That Silly Behavior Is Called Being Immature, Thoughtless, Precocious And Inconsiderate Of Others And Leads To Being Disliked And Ostracized (Unwanted) By Everyone Around You. So This Is The First Lesson To Understand And Grasp The Meaning Of Maturity And Its Positive Behavior When Interacting With Other People. A Very Important Lesson In Life To Learn When We Are Young, Because It Is Much More Difficult To Learn When We Are Older. A Immature Behavioral Problem Acquired In Childhood Out Of Poor Parenting. That becomes A Bad Habit That Prevents Us Ever Finding Lasting Happiness And The Spiritual Plot Of Life In Adulthood. Anyway The Message In This Letter To You, Is That I Am Here To Help You Grow Up And Not Down In Nature. So That You Can Then Collect Your Behavior Earned Upstairs Harp Down The Track Of Adulthood And A Lasting Happiness As A Result.

So Trust These Words At All Times And Between Us, We Will Pull Off A Miracle Of Positive Change In The Way We Currently Behave On This Planet. Firstly, You Are To Talk To Your Parents With Honesty And Respect At All Times. Forget About How So-Called Grown-ups Conduct Themselves On Adult Entertainment Television Programs…And Especially Movies. Because A Lot Of Them Are In Big Trouble With Upstairs Through Their Act-How-You-Like And Do-What-You-Like Immature Behavior On The Big Screen. That They Think Is Clever Because Other Adults Clap & Worship Them For Doing It. Thus As Actors, Have To Learn How To Say ‘No Thank You’ Sometimes To What They Are Being Asked To Do On The Big Movie Screen And On Television By Other Silly Adults. Who Make Up Fantasy, Write Scripts And Direct Them To Also Be Silly & Immature. Sort Of Like ‘Simon Says Do This’ And We Will Pay You Lots Of Money And Make You Famous In The Adult Playground.

Because Children Think It Is Clever To Copy What Adult’s Act Out On The Television And In Movies. When Of Course It Is Not Clever If It Is Destructive, Delinquent, Silly, Obnoxious Behavior, Because It Means They Will Never Grow Up Either. In The End, Everyone Ends Up Acting Silly And Irresponsible In Society As A Result Of Its Saturation In The Movies And On Television. That Delinquent Silly Behavior Called Acting, Also Means That We Will Never Ever Get To Heaven Either Through Copying It. So For The Time Being, Be Much More Selective With What You Choose To Watch On The Television And At The Movies. Simply Because A Lot Of Its Adult Created Entertainment, Is Very Damaging To Young Minds And Sends You In The Wrong Direction In Life…Downhill In Other Words To The Land Of Adult Unhappiness.

And While We Are On The Subject Of What Not To Do And Copy:
Give A Big Miss To Those Bash, Splat And Trash Everything Computer Games, The Scary And Violent Videos And Dabbling And Experimenting In Sex And Drugs. Along With Brain Numbing Techno Music And Trashy Talking Lyrics…And For The Really Hard One? Your First Teenage Starry Eyed Loves And Its Dotty All Consuming Lost In My Own Space Behavior…For The Time Being Anyway. That Is The Positive Message From Divine Intelligence To You, And I For One, Have Always Respected That Invisible Intelligence That Underwrites Life. I Am Happy All The Time When I Do So.

So Understand Your Parents Need Your Full Support After Reading Alf‘s Articles. For They May Well Become Lost And Bewildered At Its Content. Understand It Is Healthy And Normal For Them To Do So. They Have To Find Their Way Back To You After Being Lost In Marketed Commercial Product Space In The Mind. A Permanent Brainwashed Space Locked Up In The Mind Of Anyone Who Has Been Brought Up On A Heavy Diet Of Commercial T.V. And Its Saturated Product Advertising And Immature Programs. The Other Reason They Are Lost, Is That Many Parents Left Home To Early Themselves. They Were Not Ready For The Big World…And The Big World Is A Very Complex Place Indeed And, We Just Cannot Do What We Like When We Like How We Like And With Who We Like In It As Children, Adults Or Actors. Because What Karmic Influence We Create In This Shared World, Is What Karmic Influence We Get Back From Out Of Nature‘s Interactive Workings.

This Created Influence Out Of Our Thoughts, Actions And Deeds, Eventually Returns To Us All And Is Called Karma. So If We Do Not Give The Influence Of Love And Kindness To The Big World, Then We Do Not Receive Any Back Out Of Nature’s Interactive Workings And, Good Manners, Pleasantness And Helpfulness To Others Is Also Very Important Within That Love. So In Very Simple Terms, As You Give Then So Do You Invisibly Receive Back In This Shared World…And Many Parents Have Forgotten This In Our T.V. Commercial Product Saturated World. That Has Made Them Miserable And Unhappy Without Realizing It. Now We Have To Change This Unhappy State Of Affairs And Create Another One, And We Do This By Understanding Ourselves And Acknowledging And Not Denying Our Wrong Doings…All Of Us. Otherwise We Will Never Ever Get To Heaven, Because We Will Have Not Grown Up Enough To Ever Reach It.

It Is Also My Job To Explain To You And To Your Parents, That Leaving Home For Good Before Age 21 Is A Unproductive No No. Because Nature’s Invisible Intelligence Is Still Structuring Your Delicate Vulnerable Minds And, You Cannot Cope With The Big World And All That Is In It, Until Mother Nature Has Done Her Job Properly In Your Mind And Body. It Causes You To Be A Very Unhappy Person In Later Life…And Creates A Lot Of Problems For Your Future Children As Well.

So Understand When You Reach Eighteen, Then You Can Put The Invisible Adult L Plates On And Celebrate…That’s Fine. Then, They Are To Consciously Remain On Until You Reach 21 – Right? Because There Is Still A Lot More To Learn About Life And Its Invisible Pitfalls In-between Eighteen And Twenty One…And, You Still Need A Happy Loving Home Environment To Avoid Falling In Those Adolescent Hidden Pitfalls. Thus Twenty One Is The Big Day, The Great Day To Celebrate Your Full Independence And Unrestricted Freedom. Because Then, Divine Nature Will Guide You Invisibly From That Day Onwards To Acquire Full Adulthood With Her Special Blessings.

So On That Special Day You Are To Paint The Town Red. Which Means Having A Wow Of A Time ‘Positively’ Celebrating Your Well Earned Freedom From Parental Restrictions And Interference In Your Adolescent Life. On That Special INDEPENDENCE DAY, You Will Then Be Officially Handed The KEYS TO THE CAR And Adulthood Not Only From Your Parents, But From The Intelligence Within The Invisible Workings Of Nature Also. Then You Can Take Those Invisible Adolescent L Plates Off And Store Them In A Safe Place For Your Future Children. Because Then And Only Then At Age Twenty One, Can You Do Your Own Thing And Know You Are Not Harming Yourself Or Others…Not Before.

Why Can You Not Do Your Own Thing Before Age 21?
Because Within Divine Nature’s Workings, Your Parents Are Responsible For All Created Influence (Karma) Out Of Your Thoughts, Deeds And Actions. They Have Brought You Into This World…And That Is Their Loving Responsibility To Shoulder Out Of That Miracle Until You Reach Twenty One. Thus A Great Responsibility Of Parenthood To Guide You Into Maturity And A Happy Active Productive Adult Life. After Age 21, Then You Take Full Responsibility For All Karmic Influence You Create Out Of Your Thoughts, Actions And Deeds…Not Your Parents.

Thus Understand This Spiritual System And Do Not Rebel Against Your Parents Authority When You Cannot Have Your Own Way. You Must Understand That Positive Family Rules And Sensible Regulations, Are A Very Necessary Learning Process To Acquire And Adhere Too In The Family Structure.
Because Your Future Adult Happiness Depends On Learning And Respecting Those Family Rules, To Then Enable You To Become A Mature Responsible Adult In Society Yourself…And Not A Selfish, Inconsiderate, Thoughtless, Irresponsible Do What You Like And When You Like Delinquent Adult On The Downstairs Blink.
Thus Not A Pain In The Butt To Society And To Divine Nature That Is Structuring Your Spiritual Evolution. A Spiritual Evolution That Happens After You Reach Twenty One, Not Before.
Up Until That Special Day Of Full Independence, Your Mum And Dad Will Talk Sensibly Between Themselves And Include You In Its Discussion. To Then Guide You Maturely, Patiently, Thoughtfully, And Give You More And More Freedom Towards That Very Special Day In Your Life…21 Today Hooray And All That -Yes?

So I Will Say This Again So That The Upstairs Message Comes Across Loud And Clear, With No Ifs Or Buts, Backchat And Tantrums From Your End. You Are To Respect The House Rules, Especially Teenagers. Sensible Family Rules Are Not Made To Be Broken. They Are In Place For A Very Good Reason, To Protect You From Falling Into Invisible And Often Irreversible Pitfalls That You Do Not See…But Your Parents Do – OK? By Observing And Respecting Those Family House Rules, You Then Become A Responsible Mature Very Likeable Person That Is Given More And More Freedom And Asked Less And Less Questions. Because In That Magic Process Of Growing Up Into A Responsible Likable Happy Person, You Then Create Harmony And Happiness Within The Family Structure. When It Is Your Turn To Raise A Family, Then You Will Understand The Reason For The Existence Of Family Rules. Thus You Will Naturally Guide Your Future Children Along That Same Positive Path To Reach Maturity And A Happy Adult Life Also. It Is That Simple.

Soon, We Will Explore The Correct Way To Love Someone Properly, Respectfully And Maturely – Simply By Understanding Ourselves First And Learning How To Give And Take In Life When Interacting With Others. A Very Important Part Of The Teenage Learning Curve And Its Many Growing Pains. Thus Being And Acting As A Responsible Considerate Adult When We Fall In Love And Not Stooopid Cupid. Therefore, Not A Thoughtless Adolescent Delinquent On The Blink As Well As The Brink When You First Fall In Love. So Understand That Nature’s Invisible Intelligence Has To First Finish Structuring Your Physical Your Mental Your Emotional And Your Spiritual Growth Before Leaving Home, Which Is Called Gaining Full Adult Maturity. Then It Is Easy To Find Your Place In The Big World.

So Understand That Full Maturity Is Not Possible Until You Have Turned 21 Years Of Age. Then Are Your Physical, Mental And Spiritual Qualities…If You Have Had A Positive Happy Childhood, All Linked Together Harmoniously To Enable You To Cope With The Complexities And Responsibilities Of Adulthood. That Family Acquired Maturity, Then Enables You To Make Your Way In The Big Complex World On Your Own Two Feet And More Importantly, Not Trash The World And Other People With Your Own Creativity And Expression In The Process. As A Lot Of Immature Adults Are Doing Without Realizing It In The World Today.

Thus We Must All Understand The Meaning Of Spiritual Maturity And Not Enter Sexual Relationships Until That Miracle Has Been Structured Totally Within Our
Bodies…Which Are A Very Special Gift To Us From Almighty Nature. Thus We Must Always Acknowledge And Respect The Invisible Universal Intelligence That Is Structuring The Growth Of Our Minds And Bodies. It Is Universal Archetypal Intelligence That Allows Us To Feel, To Talk, To Play, To Think, To Laugh, To Be Happy. If We Observe This Very Sensible Rule Of Respecting Nature’s Invisible Intelligence, Then Much Happiness, Much Joy Comes To Us Through A Spiritual Lasting Love Contained Within The Invisible Workings Of Nature

It Is A Lasting Gift That Is Available To Everyone By Understanding And Living That Magic Word Maturity And Through Respecting Nature, This Planet And Each Other. That Invisible Intelligence That Structures Our Human Intelligence, Is From God’s Active Divine Intelligence And Its Self-Referral Laws In This Creation. When We Respect Those Intuitive Natural Laws And Not Abuse Them, Then Much Magic Comes To Us Throughout Our Lives To Totally Enjoy This Beautiful Living Earth. Along With No Destructive Karmic Influence Attached To Our Bodies Through Wrong Doing…For Simply, That Is What Creates And Fuels All Misery And Unhappiness. It Is Called “As We Sow So Do We Reap” Or Karma.

Therefore, Unhappiness Comes From Invisible Influence Created Out Of Destructive Irresponsible Actions And Deeds. Because When They Are Not Positive Deeds And Actions, Then Unquestionably Big Karmic Trouble Returns To Create Unhappiness For Us. In Fact All Human Created Karmic Influence Returns To This Planet…And, We Have To Pay For Our Wrong Doings Within Nature’s Invisible Universal Intelligence, We Cannot Escape It. Thus It Manifests In Many Ways Seen And Unseen, As Is Happening Now. That Is Why Alf & Stephen Are Here, To Dissolve Its Misery And Restore Spiritual Happiness On This Living Shared Planet.

For Example: When A Lot Of Immature Adult’s Create Wars, Bloodshed And Greed Through Their Negative Destructive Activity…Including Those Making The Weapons Of Destruction, That Greed And Destruction Eventually Returns To Us All In The Form Of Disease, Famine, Plagues, Chaos, Unhappiness And Misery. Thus When We Irresponsibly Hurt Another Human Being As A Individual, As A Family, As A Tribe Or As A Nation, Then Disharmony And Unhappiness Is What We All Reap Out Of Its Thoughtless Negative Behavior. In Fact It Is Destructive Karmic Influence That Eventually Returns To Physically Damage All Of Life-Intelligence On This Shared Planet.

Why Is This You Ask?
Because The Human Being Has The Master Key Within Creation, That Master Key Is Our Conscious Freewill. A Conscious Freewill To Do The Right Thing Or The Wrong Thing On This Living Evolving Planet. Now Perhaps We Begin To Understand The Reason For Family Rules And Learning Right Behavior As We Are Growing Up…And That We Have Also Called Learning How To Behave With Maturity In Society. Thus Human Beings Have Freewill Above All Other Animals To Choose What They Do With Their Creativity And This, Is A Great Responsibility Given To The Human Being By God, The Creator Of Everything In Creation.

The Positive Advice From Alf To Your Parents, Is For Them To Learn And Practice Twice Daily Correct Meditation. That Comes As A Gift From Divine Nature To Help Them Evolve Further With Their Spiritual Evolution. Then They Will Be Able To Naturally Guide You To Your Full Independence Structured In Great Love And Happiness. So That In Turn, You Have Great Love And Happiness Throughout Your Life. Once That Positive Karmic Influence Is Created Everywhere On This Planet, Then No More Wars, No More Bloodshed, No More Misery, No More Greed. This Miracle Is So Simple And Easy To Accomplish If It Is Truly Desired By Us All. Because Then We Will Receive The Invisible Support Of Divine Nature To Help Us In Its Collective Achievement On This Planet, But Only If We Work Together As A Global Family To Create Unity, Equality, Harmony And Peace In The World, Not Otherwise.

Now About Casual Sexual Activity Under The Age Of 21?
The Instruction From Upstairs Is Simple, Never Not Ever If You Are Wise. If You Are Able To Honor This Positive Instruction, Then You Will Never Be Unhappy And Lost To Know What To Do When The Right Time Comes For Sexual Bonding With The Person You Truly Love, The One For Ever And Ever. Therefore The RIGHT PERSON To Share Your Body And Adult Life With And Not The Wrong Person. When The Magic Time Comes To Raise Your Own Family, Then You Will Naturally Always Give Them A Happy Childhood Structured In Love And Firm But Kind Discipline As A Result –That Is A Priceless Gift For Their Future Adult Happiness. It Is A Priceless Gift For Their Further Spiritual Evolution…And Yours.

So Reign In On Any Sexual Activity You Are Engaged In…And Help Your Parents Throughout This Difficult Transition For Them. Because They Have To Grow Up All Over Again In A Very Short Time And Understand What Is Being Explained To Them By Grumpy Alf. Then There Will Be No More Unhappiness Or Shouting Arguments In The Family And Very Importantly? You Will Always Feel Wanted, Loved, Supported And Guided Positively Towards Your Adult Freedom, Total Independence And A Happy Life…That’s A Promise. But, You Have To Do Your Positive Bit In The Family Structure To Create That Miracle.

That Brings Us To The Lost Subject Of Manners When Interacting With Others. A Subject Matter We Are Supposed To Learn From Our Parents As We Are Growing Up. A Subject Matter That The Saturated Media & Entertainment Industry Have Obliterated In Society In The Name Of Freedom Of Expression. So Ask Your Parents To Teach You About Manners And Not Those Causing The Problem…Who Will Never Get To Heaven To Collect Their Harp Because Of It. As Stephen Would Say, “Manners, Pianos, Cart Wheels And Wheel Barrows”, Is A Good Way To Remember To Always Be Polite To Others…Especially To Those In Charge Of Your Welfare And Education. Remember Also, That Respect Is Born Of Respect As Love Is Born Of Love In The Invisible Workings Of Nature. Which Means Treat Others As You Would Have Others Treat You, A Very Simple Spiritual Rule To Remember Throughout Your Precious Life.

Now According To Alf, Stephen Is Going Back To School For A Little While After His Annual Archeological Holiday, Because He Has To Brush Up On His Diction…Which Means The Way You Talk? Because Upstairs Has Said, They Cannot Have You All Writing, Or Perhaps Talking Like Stephen When You Create And Reach Heaven. That Is Of Course This Beautiful Planet That We Are On. Its Just That No One Knows This Secret Yet.
Because Heaven Is Where You Make It, As Jesus And Mohammed Knew Well…And Not Many People Wanted To Listen To Them Either At First. They Were Far Too Busy Doing Their Own Trashing Thing And Calling It Progress To Believe In Miracles. Just Like Hollywood And Commercial T.V. Having Their Annual Adult Created Human Worshiping Time At Oscar’s Place. With All Its Silly I-Love-Me And Look-How-Successful-I-Am Celebrity Razzamatazz And Its Media Created ‘Got It Wrong’ Reality. Plus, There Were Some Very Mean, Nasty And Destructive People About In Those Far Off Days Too, Who Could Never Understand The Word Love.

But Of Course, Upstairs Learns By Past Mistakes. Unlike Human Beings Downstairs Who Never Seem Too. So This Time Around They Have Sent The Divine Laws Of Nature To Sort That Human Problem Of Hate, Greed, Superficiality, Trashing And Nastiness Out In The World…And As Children Know Well, Miracles Are Everywhere. So Too The Invisible Laws Of Nature. As We Will All Find Out When We Do The Wrong Thing On This Beautiful Planet And Hurt Other People With Our Immature Thoughts, Behavior And Deeds.

What Are The Laws Of Nature?
They Are God’s Personal Active Intelligence Within Spiritual Creation. That Is The Unseen Universe Where Everything Physical Is Born From. Within That Spiritual Universe, Also Reside The Deities Of EARTH – AIR – FIRE And WATER. That Are The Divine Elements Within All Things Physical On This Planet. They Are Pure Eternal Spiritual Intelligence…Not Human Intelligence. But That Also Is A Secret That You Find Out When You Reach Your Full Spiritual Development. That Is Of Course Something You Have To Earn By Doing The Right Thing And Not The Wrong Thing With Your Own Creativity On This Beautiful Earth. In Addition, It Is The Love Within The Heart Of A Human Being That Creates That Miracle. You Cannot Buy Spiritual Existence With Money. You Cannot Acquire It Through Thinking About It Or Pretending To Be In Its Domain Either. Thus That Spiritual Evolution Is A Gift From God To The Human Being That Develops Through Love And Respect For This Beautiful Creation And All That Is In It. It Is A Miracle To Acquire In Adulthood.

Coming Back To Stephen And His Funny Peculiar Ways:
God Loves Stephen Very Much…But One Stephen Is Enough In His Office At Any One Time Talking Like He Does. For It Aggravates Upstairs Gout, As Stephen Knows Well. So Do Not Copy His Funny Talking And Writing Ways. The Way Your Mum And Dad Talk Is Just Fine…And That Goes For Your Writing That You Learn At School Also. Because Stephen’s Peculiar Writing And Spelling, Is Caused Through Dyslexia And Missing Out On School When He Was Young. But He Is Learning Fast How To Overcome Its Adult Hic-Cup Thanks To The Computer And Its Spell Checker, Because They Never Had Those Tools When He Was Growing Up. Anyway, Keep A Look Out For Stephen In His Weekly Archaeological Report On This Web Page. As He Needs To Examine A Few Ancient Historical Sites Around The World To Fathom Out The Problems That Their Occupants Created And Left For Us To Reap In This Century.

The People Have Long Since Gone, But Not The Negative Karmic Influence That They Created Through Terrible Wrong Doings Of Greed, Bloodshed And Wars Upon Each Other. We Should All Understand, That The Created Negative Influence From Out Of Wrong Destructive Deeds Remains In The Atmosphere To Return To Us Again And Again And Again. So That We In Turn, Practice The Same Deeds In This Present World. .It Is Called Perpetuated Karmic Influence. So We Must Break This Cycle Of Returning Negative Karmic Influence Once And For All If We Are To Reach Heaven…Our Heaven That Is. Therefore The Heaven We All Must Create On This Shared Planet…Along With The Help Of Upstairs And Divine Intelligence Of Course

In Closing:
If You Do Not Understand Some Of The Words And Their Meaning In This Special Letter To You, Then Ask Your Parents And Teachers Politely, To Explain What You Do Not Understand. This Is How We Learn By Asking Sensible Questions Of Our Teachers. Stephen Is A Little Clumsy And Does Not Spell Good Either, But He Does Not Mind If You Laugh At Him. Thus He Is Very Good Natured As Well As Being A Very Learned Man And The Divine Intelligence That Comes From Upstairs, Has Touched His Pen To Help Us All Understand Spiritual Love And How To Acquire It. To Then Be Able Create A Lasting Happiness Within Ourselves That Touches Everything In Creation. A Spiritual Love That Is Also Locked Up Within Everything On This Shared Planet. The Secret We Are Going To Learn And Share, Is Also The Key To Unlock The Door To Its Invisible Kingdom.

Love To You All And Love One Another –And That Is The Magic Key – OK?
Kind Regards From The Pen Of Stephen.

3. To Be Posted

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