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About words that are not mainstream in society and may mean different things to different people. To help clear this anomaly up and prevent misunderstanding, listed below are these words, their meaning & definition as applied by the author.

AWARENESS: Informed. aware, realization, recognition, cognizant, awake & conscious are the dictionary definitions of awareness. But, what authors the awareness? what creates the product of awareness? where does the awareness come from?

In the following expanded definition, the awareness is a product that grows out of physical consciousness. It is not a product of thought, but expands through the creative thought process of the mind. Awareness has no activity in its product, it is the silent witness of the mind. To put it another way, the activity of thought is the driver of the awareness, the awareness does not go anywhere by itself. So the awareness accompanies the thought, but is a separate neutral observer of the thought. Other brain structured life has rudimentary awareness tied to instinct, but only the human being has evolved to being aware of itself. To be aware of being aware, is a unique phenomenon only found in the highly developed nervous system & brain of the human being.

Further understanding: The present awareness of mankind, resides solely in the structure of consciousness created out of physical biological intelligence. That specific physical quality of consciousness, underwrites the activity of all brain structured life. The next level of consciousness, resides in the yet to be proved spiritual dimension that underwrites the physical dimension of life. A further level of consciousness that underwrites both the physical & spiritual dimensions of life, can be called absolute abstract consciousness.

So we are dealing with three types of consciousness and three types of intelligence permeating in the substance of life. Along with three types of potential awareness…namely, physical, spiritual and absolute awareness. Thanks to science, we understand much about the physical dimension of life…but, have no acceptable understanding of the other dimensions that underwrite life. Therefore they do not exist in our classroom dictionary, vocabulary and existing awareness.

Clarification: We need to acquire a tool of evolution to enable our existing awareness, to find & familiarize itself with other structures (dimensions) of consciousness. It cannot be found directly through physical words & thought, but through experience and cultivating that experience into our existing physical awareness and consciousness. That is the subject, science, tool and process of Correct Meditation. To then enable the human being to evolve up the ladder of consciousness using the faculty of the awareness…not thought. In that simple practice of Correct Meditation, the awareness of physical consciousness develops a potential to access and continue to grow in a further abstract dimension of consciousness devoid of physical thought and its creativity.

How does it happen: When we create a specific vibration out of intoning a abstract word in the mind, the vibration has the potential to capture the thought that created the vibration. The thought…along with the awareness, is automatically drawn to follows the inward path of the vibration. A subtle path that leads to the junction point of physical, spiritual and absolute consciousness. In fact a junction point, that the genius Albert Einstein intuitively suspected must exist and gave it the mathematical name of the Unified Field. It is at this junction point of consciousness located in the human mind, that thought and the awareness separate. The inactive awareness is left entirely on its own to be drawn into the transcendent dimension of Abstract Absolute Consciousness.

Clarification: There is no activity in this absolute domain of existence that sources Creation and all that is in it. No thought exists, no emotions exist, no physical attributes exist, only pure abstract silence. In that domain of absolute consciousness, the individual awareness of the mind loses its individuality to become the whole and not the part in Creation. Initially this abstract fusion happens in milliseconds and no experience of that fusion is available to the conscious mind afterwards. But with many repeated applications of that fusion, the awareness grows to accommodate the experience of that fusion in the structure of physical consciousness that life is a part of. This experience is simply called ‘enlightenment’ by those who have accomplished its evolution

Explanation: It is our uninvolved awareness and not the activity & creativity of thought, that is the medium we develop with the short twice daily practice of Correct Meditation. To then expand the conscious capacity of the mind to the point where we become conscious (aware) of a thought at its beginning…and not at its end process. In the process of Correct Meditation, we by-pass the subliminal component of the mind and its content, to arrive at the source of thought using a thought. Or rather using the abstract vibration we created out of that conscious thought to capture the thought.

Summing up the above potential: This by-passing of the subliminal mind with the thought process during meditation, is of great benefit to the maturity of the adult mind. We eventually acquire the ability not to stir up the childhood content of the subliminal mind, by taking control of the thought process at its beginning, before it enters the subliminal mind on its way to becoming a conscious thought. Acquiring that potential, expands the conscious capacity of the mind and allows the awareness to delve deeper into the abstract content of the mind…but not with thought and its creativity.

ABSOLUTE. Nothing is greater than absolute. It is eternity. It is forever. Religion has named that absolute, God. In spiritual understanding, the invisible source of Creation can be said to be absolute, eternal and never-changing. Out of that Absolute has manifested relative creation (this universe) and everything evolving in it. That non-physical Absolute, is the invisible source & substance of this physical dissolvable universe. Out of that understanding, everything in creation has the potential of that eternal absolute intelligence underwriting its existence.

Clarification: In simple sense, everything comes from something, because nothing comes from nothing. To argue otherwise, is a waste of human intelligence in boot camp. So this Universe and everything in it, must have come from something. That something is called Abstract Absolute Intelligence or God. Everything that exists is the substance of that eternal Intelligence…including the human being with its dissolvable intelligence. That hard to accept statement for some, is their Achilles heel where understanding a new reality is concerned. Because we have to want to understand its reality for it to become a reality.

ABSTRACT: Beyond our physical senses of perception. e.g. sight, taste, hearing, smelling, touch. The word God falls into this category, because the abstract Intelligence of God is beyond the senses and beyond our conscious thought. It is only the creativity of God and what manifests out of that transcendent Intelligence…namely physical Creation and all that is in it, that is available to our physical senses and conscious thought. In that understanding, God does not talk, because it has no physical attributes in its silent abstract domain. Only human beings and other manifested creations out of the Absolute Intelligence of God, talk.

ARCHETYPAL INTELLIGENCE: Archetypal intelligence is spiritual intelligence, it is unseen intelligence, it is the invisible intelligence that underwrites and permeates every biological component of life, every function of the brain. Archetypal intelligence is the source of our universal emotions, personalities, gifts and talents. Archetypal spiritual intelligence is that which life and its biology & chemistry has manifested out of. It the function of the Laws of Nature, to create, maintain & process ‘order out of chaos’ in that archetypal intelligence…and therefore life. Archetypal intelligence can also be called the primordial intelligence of Nature and the invisible constituent of life, its biology, its chemistry, its reproduction (sexuality) and instincts.

ALMIGHTY NATURE: THE COSMIC MIND: That forms the status quo spiritual intelligence of this universe and everything evolving in it. It is the active spiritual aggregate of Absolute Intelligence, functioning as the invisible source & brain of evolution. It is the cosmic computer processing evolution through the Laws of Nature from the subtlest level of Creation. The human brain and its myriad functions, are but a physical biological created replica of that Cosmic Mind manifesting in life and therefore linked to life…evolving life.

COSMIC: All-encompassing. Permeating in everything. The invisible Laws of Nature that permeate everything in Creation, are Cosmic in their function and value. They are a manifested creation of Absolute Intelligence or God…as is everything in Creation. They invisibly carry out the cosmic process & purpose of evolution…both physical evolution and spiritual evolution. Laws that can be said to be the personal intelligence of impersonal God active in creation.

COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: Every level of evolution has its specific quality of consciousness & intelligence. Human life at this point of its evolution, only functions out of biological created consciousness that is dissolvable, it dissolves at death. Underwriting that biological created consciousness and its I.Q. potential, is spiritual consciousness and its I.Q. potential. Underwriting spiritual consciousness, is absolute consciousness and its I.Q. potential. The last two levels of consciousness are latent & undeveloped in the human being. The Laws of Nature operate differently in every level (dimension) of consciousness, its Laws change to suite that different level of evolution.

Clarification: Cosmic Consciousness (or spiritual consciousness) is the next possible stage in the evolution of the human species. All levels & the different qualities of consciousness in them, have many stages of development in the process of their evolution in the human being. Quality of consciousness, is also a variable in mankind and has no relationship to our variable I.Q. potential and its measurement. That means low I.Q. is no bar to the spiritual development of the individual. Spiritual and absolute consciousness is open to all on the path of evolution…unlike our I.Q. segregated education system.

CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE: In spiritual understanding and its reality, the whole of Creation and all that is in it is composed of, is created out of, is interwoven and underwritten by Creative Intelligence. Everything that exists has manifested out of creative-intelligence appearing as different forms & phenomena. So creative-intelligence, is another name for the manifested expression of un-manifest Absolute Intelligence that sources life & creation. At the highest level of creation and evolution, it is the intrinsic nature of God to perpetually manifest, create & diversify…as it is of human beings.

DESIRE: Want, wish, crave, yearn for, long for, describe the dictionary definition of desire. On the inevitable opposing side we have reject, refuse, spurn, decline, repudiate, aversion, dislike. Both opposites will automatically come into play in the decision making process of the individual & society. e.g. The impulse (desire) to support a controversial social issue and the opposing impulse (desire) to reject it. A dividing process the Media thrive on and exploit to create news out of its ensuing argument, dissention & division in society. A lingering disharmony is the end result, not social cohesion. Election time is a prime example.

But, where does desire come from? Why is the need for desire? What prompts a desire? what feeds a desire? What happens when a desire is unfulfilled? Some might say why do we need to know those questions, others might say who cares? The answer is the author does and perhaps so should we all. Because desire is the driving force of human beings in particular and other brain structured life in general. Without the product of desire working with a thought, we would not know when we are thirsty or when we are hungry are just two simple examples. We would not survive as result seems to be the logical conclusion.

Note: To understand the following definition of desire, we need to realize/consider the following controversial statements.
1. The physical component of a thought has three types of intelligence & consciousness underwriting its product. Namely, physical, spiritual & abstract. Two are active and one is inactive.
2. A thought can be likened to a bubble that rises from the unconscious on through the sub-conscious to appear minimally as conscious thought. It stems from a pulsating spiritual vibration (the impulse of creative intelligence) that powers the physical mind as well as the beating heart. When thought is quiet then so is the linked heartbeat.
3. Thought has no boundaries in the physical body. The nervous system and brain are its instant highway.
4. A thought has the creative potential to multiply upon itself into streams of thought and instantly enter all parts of the nervous system & brain.
5. It is only the physical component of a thought that we consciously use and partially understand. We do not understand the spiritual & abstract content of thought. It is off our conscious radar and therefore does not exist in our conscious thought process and existing reality & belief-system.
6. The creativity & energy of a thought and its desire is most potent at its beginning. To gradually becoming weaker and fade away, like the spread of light from a light bulb.
7. The content of every thought contains the latent product of desire and the by-product of karma created out of the action of a thought.
8. The outcome/result of human desire and its ‘cause & effect’, has far reaching consequences beyond our conscious thought to evaluate.
9. Desire unfulfilled, becomes a lasting indelible impression in the mind. To eventually become lost from conscious view and embedded in the sub-conscious and the spiritual component of a human being as karma. Karma in its finest definition is the cause of life.
10. The individual spiritual & abstract element of a human being resides in the unconscious component of the physical mind and separates at death with its karma.

The point to be made: All the above statements would indicate that life is much more than the sum of its physical parts. Its logic is qualified in the statement that ‘nothing comes from nothing’. Its truth is found in a reality we have yet to acquire on the path of evolution. A reality that does not exist until we create the means for it to exist. In that understanding, it is illogical and a waste of words to argue/debate that it does not exist. The individual has to prove it, the words of others can never prove it.

In this simplified definition, desire is an integral part of a thought. Desire allows the creative impulse of intelligence that we call thought, to fulfill the need of the thought. Desire is a latent product of thought that becomes an active component of thought. Desire arises from the thought to prompt the thought to fulfill the need. Example: when the physical body requires nourishment, the pangs of hunger arise from the stomach and trigger desire in a thought to do something about it. So desire is a very important survival tool of evolution and very necessary for brain structured life to survive.

More complex considerations:
In the highly developed nervous system and brain of our species, desire becomes much more complex and far reaching. It also becomes a double edged sword that can cut both ways in its thought activity to fulfill the desire, because conscious thought can draw its quality from either the positive or the negative duel energies of Nature that propel life…and therefore propel thought & desire and its activity. So the activity of a conscious thought that fulfills a human desire, can be structured & processed out of the negative or positive primordial archetypal spiritual intelligence of Nature.

The point to be made:
We have conscious free-will that animals do not, to consciously choose either negative & positive actions to fulfill a human desire. In the scheme of evolution and its reality, human beings are responsible for what comes out of those actions as perpetuating ‘cause & effect’ influence. A cause & effect influence (karma) that enters the invisible spiritual component of life to interact with its archetypal intelligence underwriting the biology of life. The result of that interaction, has far reaching consequences that ping-back to the physical biology of all life…not just the human being.

Clarification of negative & positive actions:
1. A negative action from a negative structured thought & desire, is action that does not support the evolution of the individual, the evolution of society, the evolution of all life and the Laws of Nature governing the process of evolution.

2. A positive life-supportive action from a positive structured thought & desire, is action that supports the evolution of the individual, the evolution of society, the evolution of all life and enhances the activity of the Laws of Nature processing evolution. Unknowingly that is how powerful we are as a species with the product of thought & desire.

Suggestion: If required, re-read the definition of Right & Wrong & Reality on the About page for further clarification.

DIVINE: The active creative-intelligence of impersonal uninvolved God can be said to be Divine. The spiritual function of the Laws of Nature are in this category, for they possess pure-creativity directly linked to the Absolute Intelligence of God. They are the active manifested expression of that uninvolved God permeating in everything physical & spiritual. As such, they possess the status of Divine Cosmic Intelligence that sources life.

ENTROPY: The Logic Of Entropy & Global Warming.

The dictionary defines the word entropy as the logarithm of probability of the occurrence of a given state. Entropy even has its own human worked out mathematical formula continuously applied in physics, engineering etc. Namely, a thermodynamic quantity that measures the fraction of the total energy of a system that is not available for doing work.

But, entropy also has other related applied definitions. As in ‘the constant inevitable slow deterioration (decay) of a established system’. Any system, not just mechanical & electronic. Therefore the systems that underwrite life, its biology & society are included in that definition. This would indicate that entropy is a set Law of Nature universally contained in all matter & energy…therefore in Life, Nature & the Universe and all the different linked systems associated with their activity.

Q: But where does that set law in physical Nature come from? What maintains the integrity & permanence of that set law in Nature? What can change that set principle operating across the board of physical matter & energy…and therefore life, Nature & the Universe?

A: At a different level of understanding & logic outside of mathematics, we can say entropy is very much a physical law of innumerable laws manifesting out of the previously discussed Unified Field of Creation. Its evolution sourced & orchestrated function, allowing the controlled orderly decay of matter & energy in its specific physical form (system) and designated life-cycle. To put it another way, everything physical has a inherent Laws of Nature governed life-span. The law of entropy, allows the decaying aspect of that life-span, to take place in a orderly organized systematic set pattern. That law of entropy, nowhere more obvious than in the interactive regeneration of old cells to new cells in the biology of life. The physical integrity of that law and its process, being underwritten by the spiritual Laws of Nature that underwrite and interact with the physical Laws of Nature.

Q: So where does unnatural entropy come into the equation?

A: We could say ‘unnatural entropy’ is premature decay taking place in the normal expected decaying life-span of a system, be it in the biology of life, the Laws of Nature or the Universe. That means the physical law of entropy has malfunctioned in the system, resulting in uncontrolled premature decay and the subsequent early termination of that specific system. Premature disease (entropy) appearing in the healthy biology and organs of life is this process in action.

Q: Where does premature entropy originate, what is its root cause?

A: Premature entropy occurs, through accumulating imbalance created in the physical & spiritual component of life, Nature & the Universe. The physical source of that imbalance when it arises, is definitely human in its origin. For example: No other life-form has the creative power to re-synthesize chemicals, minerals & other natural resources and saturate them into the systems of life, Nature and the Universe. Thereby eventually contaminating/altering the Laws of Nature governing the systems that underwrite and process the evolution of physical matter & energy. Laws that have been in place for millions of years in the biology of life, long before the human being came along to add the products of its synthetic creativity to that perfect system. Because anything synthetic added to the complex workings of physical Nature, is alien and potentially toxic to its interactive ecological systems that support life. When its toxicity accumulates, the physical Laws of Nature begin to malfunction not only in the biology of life, but Nature also.

Clarification: Human beings have the power to cause imbalance in Nature in two ways. The first is a growing result of our ability to pollute physical Nature with what comes out of the creativity of science and can be called synthetic pollution. The second is much more subtle & caused through influence created out of thought & desire that does not support the purpose and function of evolution & life…and therefore Nature and its Laws. This contamination can also be called synthetic pollution, because its influence has not come out of the perfect creativity of Nature, but the human beings creativity.

Note: This influence is simply called karma in the ancient Sanskrit language it originated from…but, far from being simple in the many branches of its meaning. Unfortunately, with the passing of centuries its knowledge has become lost in translation and all that is left is the chaff to sift through. To eventually be written off by some as mere theory and others as a good joke to have a laugh about. So perhaps it is worth pausing in this Article, to explain why it has become so misunderstood and pilloried over the centuries. Because until science removes its physical blinkers, it will not comprehend the Intelligence that logically must underwrite Life, Nature & its Laws. Including the law of entropy that is underwriting Global Warming. To understand the source of the science uncovered logical law of entropy, is to also understand those other un-scientific turn-off words. Namely, Karma, Spiritual & God.

Interlude: A brief pause in the subject matter to set the karma & spiritual record straight…and possibly, even the broken God record in the process…maybe. Because the mind will only understand what it wants to understand.

Further up the ladder of human evolution, it can be said karma is far from being mere theory, philosophy or a joke. Its reality, knowledge and experience is not to be found in physical consciousness, but spiritual consciousness. In the highest level of that structure of consciousness that has been called divine, all human beings possess a latent born potential to access the self-referral field of Creation…that is called the Veda in Sanskrit. Or from the author’s English pen, the borrowed Unified Field from Albert Einstein’s pen. That is where spiritual knowledge is eternally sourced, certainly not books. To gain access to it with the mind, it is necessary to come out of the structure of physical consciousness and acquire/develop/cultivate the silent quality of Abstract Consciousness. To experience that silent reality in the physical mind, is to then understand not only why karma has been called karma, but why God has been called God. A most treasured word of millions of people down through the centuries…yet just like karma, so misunderstood. A religious misunderstanding that has caused so much bloodshed and misery for millions of people down to the present day. A human created chaos problem that has turned many off the subject of Religion & God.

It could be said both Religion & Science understand the word transcendent…but, not the experience of the meaning. To transcend anything is to rise above it. i.e. what was before is no longer in the present. Therefore, to transcend thought is to come out of the thinking process and all that is attached to the thinking process. To then enter a transcendent medium where the conscious awareness of the mind, is left with no experience of anything but pure silence. It is only after many applications of that process, that the awareness evolves to become aware of itself as that silence. It is that specific transcendent acquired silence, that is the key to unlocking the full potential of the physical mind. One of those potentials is access to spiritual consciousness and all its many levels of activity sourced to the Unified Field of Creation.

The point to be made : The above knowledge is not new, it is as old as civilization itself. Yes, there are many more complex questions that arise out of its subject, but the answers to them are not to be found in books, but in the self-referral field of Creation. Until the mind can grasp that it is more than the sum of its physical parts, it will remain forever trapped and lost in its own physical individuality, creativity, imagination and intelligence. Unstoppable evolution will not allow that to happen, human beings must continue to evolve up the ladder of evolution or ultimately disappear off the tree of life. The universal law of entropy will see to that….nothing to do with God. It can also be said, that Science will never physically enter the Unified Field through the laboratory, mathematics or atomizing the atom. Quantum physics has proved that dead-end statement, in its physical quest to mathematically probe the limits of physical matter & energy. Likewise, religion will never find transcendent God through endless words & ritual. Surely it is time to understand that logic from out of the chaotic history of religion, a chaos sourced to mankind…definitely not God.

Suggestion: If required, read the About page @ http://www.alfsbootcampblog.com for further clarification.

Returning to the original topic:
When human beings create imbalance in the system of life through the means described, the physical Laws of Nature begin to imperceptibly become disorganized at a very subtle sub-atomic layer of Nature. If that imbalance continues, it eventually expresses itself on the surface of life in the form of accelerating entropy (disorder & malfunction) in the systems of life and Nature. For example: Global warming & cooling and its changing of environments, is a natural cycle of Nature tied to the infinite workings of evolution. But, drastic life threatening acceleration of Global Warming, is definitely not part of that natural cycle of Nature. Because physical Nature is spiritually primed to support life and its evolution, not to destroy it prematurely. The law of entropy and its variable function & process, that underwrites the physical systems created out of matter & energy, proves that point of logic. Because without that law, there would be constant uncontrollable chaos that life could not survive in.

The point to be made: Every life-form has a spiritual connection to the Unified Field of Creation that sources Life, Nature & the Universe for the purpose of evolution. Everything we do as creative human beings, becomes a negative or positive cause & effect equation (influence) entering the interactive system of Nature and its Laws…and therefore effecting all life on this shared planet and the systems that underwrite life. As logical thinking human beings, we have to become aware that Nature and its Laws, are a perfectly functioning created system from Intelligence greater than the human beings physical intelligence. Nature is not something clinically separate and divorced from ourselves or other life-forms, but contains all species in its infinite organization, creativity and laws. This is where science falls spiritually short in its physical only understanding of Life, Nature and the Universe.

Clarification: Until well-meaning science understands that life is much more than the sum of its physical parts, it is unknowingly doing more harm than good with what comes out of its endless synthetic creativity. Yes, it is fixing many problems from the science laboratory, but inadvertently creating many more in the laboratory of Nature. One of them is the rapid acceleration of Global Warming linked to rapid synthetic pollution saturating the planet. From the seas to the forests to the atmosphere and ecological systems that support life. A harsh indictment maybe, but the evidence is all around us and in us. Nature simply cannot handle the growing industrial & chemical pollution saturating the planet at an ever increasing toxic rate. Science surely knows this and has done the right thing and activated the early warning bell, but to no avail. The economy and the good life must come first in the political survival manual and big business with the golden goose and the most to lose appear to agree.

Postscript: It would seem appropriate to add, that the author has sent numerous ignored articles to science, governments and especially the media, going back to 1999. All dealing with the growing disorder (unnatural entropy) accelerating on this planet and the reason why it is happening. Global Warming being just one of them and long before it became yet another media primed, divided & fuelled endless argument & debate in Nations. The end divisive result being, that the public became confused and no uniform concrete agreement is forthcoming from Nations to seriously address its global issue. Science can rightly point the entropy finger at the news media, for the disregard/skepticism in the political and public arena of their painstaking scientific gathered evidence.

Explanation: The minority science view, should never have been presented by the media as being equal in credibility & volume to the overwhelming majority science view. To then be given equal status by the media and played one against the other to further cloud the issue in the public arena. It is not balanced reporting at all, but creating a situation where the public are swung this way and that way in the media manipulated process to create news, not report it. Yes, the minority should always be heard in society, but where an issue of magnitude demands a urgent decision & solution, the majority opinion must prevail in a society. Otherwise the unresolved problem lingers on to reach its inevitable entropy conclusion and it becomes too late to seriously address it.

Clarification: It could be said the Media not only informs the public, but creates their perceptions and realities out of its 24/7 saturated information. That is the enormous power the media has come to possess in society. Namely, to create, control, direct & fuel the perceptions of the public. According to our history books, social & political disorder (entropy) becomes the end result of a minority dictating/obstructing/influencing the decision making process & mandate of a majority. If 21st century validation of its equation is required, then listen to President Obama’s 2014 Address To The Nation speech. Its tone & direction would suggest he has worked out its equation and wants the American people…and especially Congress, to follow suite.

EVOLUTION: To grow, to continuously change, to adapt & develop, to become more complex. The reality of physical biological evolution is known & accepted by most in Science & Education. The reality of Spiritual evolution remains unknown to Science & Education and therefore like invisible intangible God, to be denied & dismissed as a reality because of it. A illogical dismissal that is a loss not a gain in the evolution of knowledge, science & education. Denial of the possibility of intelligence greater that our human intelligence, is the biggest stumbling block to human evolution. It is a denial sourced to the immature human ego of a human being, not its intelligence.

KARMA: ON THE SUBJECT OF KARMA: The word Karma comes from the ancient Sanskrit language of India. Its nearest translation into English, is the word Action. The word karma also has many sub-meanings & associated meanings not in the English language. The following meanings are from this author’s spiritual enquiry into the word karma. Because from a destiny perspective, karma is one of the most important words to fully comprehend in life.

In expanded definition, karma is a by-product of the impulse of creative-intelligence that we call thought. Every thought contains the creative element of karma in its action; it is a ‘cause & effect’ vibratory influence created out of the action of thought. Karmic influence once created is timeless and always returns to its initiated source…to its owner. Merely to think & desire, is to create karma that is automatically bound by affinity to its source. Its creative influence enters the interactive spiritual domain of Nature that underwrites the physical domain of Nature, to eventually return as influence to the individual life-form that created it.

Clarification: In the duel physical & spiritual creative workings of Nature, karma is a creative tool of evolution to process the individual evolution of life via its ‘cause & effect’ influence. It is a creative influence that has no boundaries on the known physical plane or the unknown spiritual plane of life. It is the vibratory influence of karma, that interacts with the primordial archetypal intelligence of Nature underwriting the biology & chemistry of life. It is this invisible interactive process with the intelligence of Nature, that allows the biology of life to adapt to changes in its physical environment…albeit on a slow time scale.

All brain structured life, has evolved and is continuously adapting through the creative process of karma and its ‘cause & effect’ influence interacting with the creative-intelligence of Nature. Animals have no say in this interactive process, they function through instincts alone. Unlike the highly creative human being, they do not think & create with a thought, their life is entirely instinctive. They create no ‘adverse karma’ in the quantum workings of Nature as a result, unlike the human being.

Clarification: Karmic ‘cause & effect’ influence enters the spiritual workings of Nature, to interact with the archetypal primordial intelligence underwriting, propelling & processing life. What we input into that primordial intelligence with our human karma, is what we receive back from that spiritual dimension that underwrites the physical processes of life. As we sow so do we reap, sums up perfectly the invisible process of karma operating in the evolution of the unique human species.

Where a human being is concerned, karma becomes attached to the action of words, to the actions of deeds, to the product of our unique human creativity. A karmic influence that takes on the quality of the thought that created it and is attached to the actions & outcomes of that thought. That is where the word ‘destiny’ comes into the equation of human created karma. We create a plus or minus destiny on the ladder of evolution out of the product of karma. What quality of karma we create is what quality of karma we receive back to process our continuing evolution…individually & collectively.

Explanation: All karmic influence we create returns to its initiated state in the spiritual workings of Nature. Returned to the individual, to the family, to the town, to the province, to the nation, to the world that has created that karmic influence. If that karmic influence and its qualities do not return in a present life cycle, then it will return in another life cycle, long after those that created it have departed this planet. Therefore human created karma, is a perpetuating inherited influence contained in the lineage of the deceased. Influence that becomes a karmic inheritance locked into the family tree. A karmic inheritance tied to the individual, to the family, to the tribe, to the nation, to the civilization that created it.

Returning karmic influence is what we are unknowingly influenced by in life. It invisibly influences our thoughts, actions, deeds and creativity unconsciously. We also perpetuate the deeds of our ancestors through that karmic inheritance. Therefore we are not free of the past, we our anchored to the past within evolution through the product of karma as well as our genes. We only think we are free-thinking, for we are inextricably caught up in its ‘cause & effect’ product. A invisible product (equation) that returns through the hidden workings of Nature to influence our creativity and expression. That is the invisible power of karmic influence, created by mankind and returned to mankind. Returning influence that can be a positive or negative equation in its effect on our biological intelligence, creativity, evolution & destiny.

About adverse karma.
There are two opposing forces structuring the evolution of the primordial archetypal intelligence of Nature…and therefore life. They are the Negative & Positive poles of Nature responsible for the phenomena of all the opposites found in life…including the atom. In brief definition, negative archetypal intelligence is responsible for dissolving life & matter, as positive archetypal intelligence is responsible for creating life & matter. A perpetuating cosmic authored process, underwritten by absolute intelligence we have yet to understand with our dissolvable human intelligence.

Thus the impulse of creative-intelligence we call thought, can be structured out of the negative pole of Nature or the positive pole of Nature. As human beings with conscious free-will and the ability to think, we possess a unique evolutionary gift to choose the pole of our actions. Thus are we (individually & collectively) responsible for choosing our destiny in evolution as grown adults. Therefore up or down on the ladder of evolution where ‘quality’ of consciousness is concerned. The quotable quote “To Be Or Not To Be” sums it up well.

Clarification: Karma created out of a positive structured thought, always returns as a positive influence to uphold & advance the consciousness of the individual. Karma created out of a negative structured thought, always returns as a dissolving influence to impede & retard the consciousness of the individual. Our human created karma has the creative potential to either support life & evolution, or retard life and evolution. As human beings, we individually & collectively create the positive or negative outcome of our evolution…our destiny.

To sum up: Human creativity & the karma that comes out of it, is a unrealized power that either compliments the primordial forces of Nature underwriting life or degrades them. Thus human creativity, is able to influence the spiritual archetypal intelligence that underlies physical biological intelligence that science knows so much about …yet does not understand where it comes from. A unknown, unrealized, unproven reality that is yet to be uncovered & acquired by mankind on the long path of evolution. That is why the author has said, “it’s a waste of human intelligence to argue/debate its reality in boot camp”. We have to acquire its reality for it to become a reality…but not with words, but experience. That is the solution to its acceptance in the human mind…not argument or debate.

ORDER OUT OF CHAOS: Looking in the dictionary, we could say rule, law & organization created out of turmoil, disorder and upheaval, describes the meaning of order out of chaos.

Q: But, what creates order out of chaos? What instigates order out of chaos? What is the common denominator that permeates in both animate (living) & inanimate (not living) objects to create order out of chaos? Therefore what simultaneously maintains order out of chaos in Life, Nature & the Universe?

We know human beings when they are normal, will instinctively create order out of chaos in their environment; as do other socially interactive species…notably insects. This would suggest that there must be a common denominator underwriting not only life, but also Nature & the Universe. Because Life, Nature & the Universe is incredibly orderly in its universal activity…which means it is universally organized, but organized by what? What is responsible for processing this shared phenomena in physical life-forms, Nature & the Universe? Science is mute on this point, although quantum physics in their mathematical exploration, have suggested that lying underneath physical order is disorder. A suggestion that simply cannot be true when we observe the universal orderliness of Life, Nature & the Universe. Yes, it may be seem true in the reality of mathematics, but definitely does not ring true outside of its reality.

Explanation: It would seem that nothing obeys the known physical Laws of Nature at this quantum physics level of investigation. This fact not being the full story, would suggest that by using complex mathematic formulas, quantum physics has reached a very subtle level of physical matter that merges with non-physical matter. To then invisibly disappear off the conscious radar of physical human beings and the science blackboard. Because at this subtle level of physical matter & energy, the physical Laws of Nature change to the spiritual Laws of Nature underwriting the activity of both matter & non-matter simultaneously. This would also indicate that what quantum physics has uncovered with mathematics, is another physical dead end…as is atomizing & smashing the atom, to locate the source of Creation. As Albert Einstein observed on his mathematical travels to uncover the source of relativity. Re- his unfinished theory of the Unified Field underlying relativity.

Note: It is confusing to keep referring to matter as non-matter, so another name for non-matter is condensed in a word that science is not happy with, i.e. Spiritual. Therefore we have re-named non-physical matter as ‘Spiritual Archetypal Intelligence’, that invisibly underwrites the physical biology & chemistry of life as well as atomic & sub-atomic particles. The word quantum is borrowed, to describe the immeasurable aggregate of the two equations of physical matter & energy & non-physical (spiritual) matter & energy. The use of the word ‘archetypal’ from the dictionary, best describes the spiritual intelligence responsible for the same biological created characteristics that human beings share…as well as other animals. As in senses of perception, instincts, organs, behavioral patterns and for human beings in particular, personality emotions, thought process & physical type. It will be found that spiritual archetypal intelligence underwrites & orchestrates the genes, organs, chemistry & biology of physical life. But not found in the laboratory, but in the mind.

So contained in this definition (equation) of ‘order out of chaos’, we have physical matter & energy and we have spiritual non-physical matter & energy. We also have the physical Laws of Nature plus the spiritual Laws of Nature creating order out of chaos in everything living and everything inanimate. The only part of that equation in the dictionary is the physical component. Science does not understand or work with the spiritual component of life. That means only half the equation of life is up on the science blackboard at this point in time.

The point to be made: The only way to understand the reality of the spiritual Laws of Nature, is to acquire the reality of Abstract Consciousness that manifests as physical matter and non-physical spiritual matter. That is the reality we cultivate into our human physiology and its structure of physical consciousness each time we meditate correctly. In non-religious language, it is a simple practice & process to connect the part with the whole and speed-up our individual & social evolution into other structures (dimensions) of consciousness. Then we can become aware of them…experience them with the awareness not thought. Until that fusion of Absolute Consciousness and physical consciousness matures in our physiology, this definition of ‘order out of chaos’ may well appear as merely speculation, theory, fantasy or just words to the reader.

Summing up this definition of order out of chaos:
The common denominator of Life, Nature & the Universe where ‘order out of chaos’ is concerned, is the spiritual component of the Laws of Nature. It is the spiritual Laws of Nature simultaneously working in conjunction with the physical Laws of Nature , that creates order out of chaos in Life, Nature and the Universe. Interactive laws that invisibly permeate both physical matter & spiritual non-physical matter. It is also claimed, that when the spiritual Laws of Nature go out of sync with the physical Laws of Nature, then human chaos has become introduced to the factor of Life, Nature & the Universe. As an obstructive result, all three interactive components do not function in accordance with the Laws of Nature & evolution. Least of all the creative human species that has unknowingly caused the problem.

CHAOS OUT OF ORDER: To understand the above seemingly absurd claim that our species is responsible for creating ‘chaos out of order’ in this Universe, it is necessary to consider the following statements and how they apply to its claim. Along with re-reading, On The Subject Of Karma.

1. As previously stated, the substance of Creation consist of the trilogy of Absolute Consciousness, Spiritual Consciousness and Physical Consciousness, with three corresponding types of different intelligence. Namely, absolute pure intelligence, archetypal spiritual intelligence and physical biological intelligence. All three potentials underwrite life, Nature & the Universe.

2. The innumerable spiritual Laws of Nature, are sourced to three primary self-referral vibrations of intelligence that have manifested out of transcendent Absolute Consciousness. They are the active nucleus of what Albert Einstein intuitively called the Unified Field. They are not matter, but impulses of pure creative-intelligence (vibration) that interact between themselves and branch out to source, create & evolve every particle of physical Creation and every archetypal vibration of spiritual Creation.

3.The spiritual Laws of Nature are constantly evolving and expanding themselves to accommodate the growth & expansion of Creation. That interactive two way process with physical Life, Nature and the Universe, is the spiritual channel for both evolution and ‘order out of chaos’ to take place.

4. Every physical life form contains the nucleus of the Unified Field in its spiritual component. That spiritual connection allows life to biologically adapt to its environment and evolve itself via the physical & spiritual Laws of Nature. A channel that connects physical Life, Nature & the Universe to the self-referral creative potential of the Unified Field. The infinite creative source & problem solving computer of Life, Nature & the Universe is a suitable descriptive.

5. Everything evolving in Creation (physical & spiritual) has its starting point & referral point in the pure creativity of the Unified Field. Everything in Creation contributes to its individual evolution through the activity and processing taking place in the Unified Field. It acts as the Absolute brain and computer of evolution on a scale beyond full comprehension.

6. The impulse of creative-intelligence we call thought, has its spiritual source in the Unified Field. Thought in its subtlest spiritual state, manifests and pulses out of the Unified Field to become physical thought in brain structured life. So contained in the nucleus of the spiritual component of thought, is the potential of the Unified Field and all the Laws of Nature. It is where our unique human creativity is unconsciously sourced too. It can be said that Geniuses & Savants, owe their extraordinary abilities to having a rare brain structured channel to the periphery of the Unified Field. A channel that becomes obscured (lost) in very early childhood for most human beings, mainly through the constant outward activity of the senses of perception, the growing structure of the mind and its experience absorbing the thought process.

7. Human beings create the by-product of karma that comes out of the activity of thought & desire. That specific karmic equation enters the spiritual component of life as a physical created cause & effect’ creative influence. Thereby becoming an influence that enters the spiritual channel of the Laws of Nature directly connected to the Unified Field. When the primordial archetypal qualities of that thought & desire compliment the purpose & function of evolution, then the equilibrium & integrity of the Laws of Nature and the Unified Field are not compromised. Order out of chaos prevails in physical Nature and the biology of life and its myriad functions. The Laws of Nature governed immune system does not malfunction in life and life remains healthy.

8.But, when human created karma does not fulfill that natural function of evolution in its created equation, then its cause & effect karmic influence disrupts the specific Laws of Nature processing order out of chaos in the biology & chemistry of life. Human karma and its qualities, has disturbed the equilibrium of the Laws of Nature that govern the primordial archetypal intelligence that orchestrate life. As chaos creating result, primordial archetypal intelligence loses connection with the order out of chaos function of the Laws of Nature and malfunctions arise in the biology of life. This is how disorder arises not only in the human physiology, but Nature also. Believe it or not, here lies the root cause of all physiological malfunctions that plague the biology of life going back to the year dot. Because karma once created, has no boundaries of time, place or space in the spiritual workings of life and the gene pool. As a tool of evolution, karma is always linked to its physical created source through the spiritual law of affinity and the infinite workings of the Unified Field. Time has no value in this Field of Creation, but karma certainly does.

9. To further complicate this simplified explanation of karma, it is necessary to briefly touch on the creative power of human karma. That is directly proportionate to power of the conscious thought & desire that created it. Because there is individual karma and there is collective karma in human society. Collective karma is created out of a shared lived ideology. The more people that prescribe to living, following & worshiping that specific ideology, the more powerful becomes the karmic influence created out of it. Through the interactive Negative & Positive workings of the Unified Field, that collective karmic influence develops into a specific powerful entity tied to those who created it and those living its reality.

10. It could be said that all human created lived ideologies, develop a corresponding karmic entity that binds those living its reality to its reality. The mind unknowingly becomes a prisoner of its captivating influence. It becomes very difficult for the mind to move on to consider/acquire/embrace/identify with & live another reality as a unknown result. Yet monumental change does happen in human society on occasions, usually through war and when a more powerful human created ideology and its entity comes along to change it. Such is the power of the media and especially the commercial media in this century. That due to the age of technology and saturated communication mediums, now own this reality creating power in the primordial workings of Nature. Everyone turns to the paper, audio, viewing & computer mediums for their information, entertainment & product education…or so it would seem.

The point to be made: If that human created lived ideology and its entity supports the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature, then its karmic influence does not disturb the negative & positive equilibrium of Nature structured from the Unified Field. If a human ideology and its created entity grows to obstruct the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature, then chaos will become dominant in not only those living its ideology…but Nature also. That is how powerful human karma can become in the interactive spiritual & physical workings of Nature & life. To be or nor to be, really is a question of ‘as we sow so do we reap’ and not a fairy story at all…but a hidden spiritual processed fact of life.

It would seem opportune at this point, to explain how the human being can remain naturally in balance with the Laws of Nature all the time…and not just some of the time, as most are.

When we meditate correctly, the conscious thought is drawn to the outer periphery of the Unified Field located in the spiritual content of the unconscious mind. At that junction point in the mind, the thought separates from the conscious developed awareness and the awareness is drawn momentarily into the silent field of transcendent Absolute Consciousness. It should also be explained, that the unending pulse of thought located in the spiritual Unified Field, automatically draws the awareness back out of Absolute Conscious. Yet initially with no experience of that transcendent process in the conscious mind. The experience only grows as the practice grows.

Note: With time & practice, the silent qualities of Absolute Consciousness grow in the human physiology. Those silent abstract qualities also enliven the interactive spiritual Laws of Nature structuring ‘order out of chaos’ not only in the individual, but everything else in Creation. That is how we maintain effortless equilibrium in life, Nature and the Universe. All the opposites found in life & Nature, remain naturally balanced in the individual and order out of chaos always prevails.

Postscript: It should also be explained to Religion, that the Unified Field of Creation is not the personal aspect of uninvolved abstract God, but the active manifested impersonal creative aspect of silent transcendent God. These two distinct realities of God, form the unsolved paradox of the Absolute & Relative expressions of God. One reality is active and ever-changing and the other is inactive silent and never-changing. The personal God of Religion and its divinity, is found in the fullness of both expressions at the end of the long path of human evolution. The divine purpose of evolution reaches its conclusion in the individual and the spiritual part becomes the abstract whole in its fulfillment.

REALITY: The true or natural nature of things. Of being real of being fact.

But, to what reality does the above dictionary definition apply too. Because in the past, mankind has lived many realities operating as truth & fact in the human mind. Only to be replaced by new realities of truth & fact down the centuries. A truth & fact dependent on which reality was in vogue at that time in our history books. As with our present realities, some have been labeled crazy and some not so crazy, some well meaning & popular and some not so well meaning…and very unpopular with those having to live its reality of fact & truth. So on reflection, it would seem that we humans create reality out of the creativity of our thoughts…and then live it, expound it to others and teach it in the classroom to become indoctrinated truth and fact. That is until the next reality of truth & fact comes along out of the creativity of mankind to change the old reality.

It would also seem, that once a lived reality is created in the affairs of mankind, it is very difficult to update it, replace it, to question it, to change it & move on from it without enormous upheaval. Our specific created reality becomes so deeply imbedded in the mind, that we cannot let go of it and will fight tooth & nail and all the demons of hell to hang on to it….individually & collectively. Even when we know our lived reality has gone past the use-by-date from everything crumbling around us, the human mind will not let go of that lived reality. Instead we go into the ‘state of denial’ and defend our specific reality to the bitter end. On that evidence, we could say that like truth & fact, reality is what the beholder creates it to be. Or perhaps what others have created it to be in the mind of others.

So in this expanded definition of word reality, it comes down to a question of understanding that reality is changeable…as is its fact & truth. We humans create our reality and then live it, share it, teach it, go potty over it, go to jail over it, sometimes die for it and end up in purgatory for it…unnecessarily. So perhaps reality, is what the individual or collective living that reality and its indoctrinated ideology makes it to be. Certainly scientific & education realities are more set in stone than others, having proved of lasting benefit to mankind out of their created ideology. Nevertheless, they are still human created realities and as such, are dissolvable. Especially when new discoveries are made and new realities are created out of its new knowledge.

The point to be made: To evolve further up the ladder of reality, we must find a way out of the ‘state of denial’ that retards evolution; especially when faced with the need to change a present reality that has gone past its use-by-date in mankind. The endemic human trait of denial, that causes so much delusion & conflict in mankind when its belief system and created reality needs to change to survive. Because some of our existing human created realities, have unknowingly gone way past the use-by-date and destroying the future for those who come after us. That reality is not proven yet, but if we wait to scientifically prove it, it will be too late to change/dissolve that future reality for mankind out of the present reality of mankind.

STRESS & RESIDUAL STRESS. Emphasis, accentuation, weight, strain, tension, force, burden, pressure, oppression, are some of the dictionary words associated with stress.

Science has uncovered much knowledge about stress and over-stressing in the fields of engineering, architecture & building. Yet very little knowledge about stress & over-stressing where a child’s delicate mind is concerned…especially residual stress. That becomes a retained product in the human physiology out of the stress of traumatic experience to the mind and body…especially in childhood. It could be said that ‘residual stress’ trapped in the mind & physiology, is constantly interfering with the thought process and well-being of the individual.

Note: Certainly the dedicated disciplines of psychology & psychiatry have come to understand much about the mind and its quirks…and full marks for doing so. Because until we understand the mind, we will not understand ourselves or Nature. Plus, evolution demands that we make progress to understand ourselves as a highly intelligent species. Especially if we wish to survive the Technology Age and enter the Age of the Mind on the ladder of unstoppable evolution. It is also not the intention of the author to question the knowledge these disciplines have acquired. Merely to suggest adding another tool to their Medicine Chest to help deal with the growing problems of the mind. This very old tool if accepted, will in time, prove to be a practical method to help dissolve the problems of the mind. Working with and in conjunction with the existing tools & knowledge of psychology & psychiatry…not against it.

The following explanation of the subject matter is kept as simple as possible, because like the mind, it can be a very complex subject. Yet it needs to be explained in simple terms as a first step to grasping its significance. It should be also mentioned, that while the cure for the ailment is lengthy in time, it is simple to administer and not complex. Thus open to all walks of life in its treatment to be administered by the individual themselves. The symptoms of residual stress will be well known to the psychology & psychiatry professions, but not the terminology or cure to be carried out by the patient.

It could be said that every adult human being, has a greater or lesser amount of residual stress left over from our inescapable childhood trauma. The location of which, is centered in the subliminal mind (sub-conscious) and physiology of the human being. If we were fortunate enough to have had a happy, relatively conflict & trauma free loved childhood, then residual stress plays a minimal part in adulthood. But if the reverse is true, then residual stress will undoubtedly debilitate both the child and the adult in later years. For those afflicted with this not uncommon problem, it become a question of ‘physician heal thyself’, because no one else can cure the problem for you. They can certainly help, but the cure rests firmly with the individual. Therefore the responsibly to enable a cure to happen lies firmly with the individual…no one else.

Residual stress trapped in the mind & body is not something we can see & measure. Yet those severely afflicted can certainly feel and experience its debilitating effects…especially in the form of unhappiness, misery, clouded minds & emotional pain. Because the mind of both child & adult, will not function to its full potential with this acquired nemesis. That has been created out of the experience of severe trauma and its retained product of residual stress trapped in the layers of the mind. Superimposed on the matter of the brain is another descriptive for its location..

How the conscious & sub-conscious mind deals with internalized trauma in childhood, is how the conscious & sub-conscious mind deals with trauma in adulthood…out of habit. The thought process of the undeveloped mind in childhood, instantly represses traumatic experience…shuts it off with the power of thought. Out of habit, the adult conscious & sub-conscious mind deals with acquired traumatic experience the same way. It does not want to think about the experience and the protective sub-conscious located ego, shuts it off from conscious thought. Unfortunately, psychosomatic, psychological, emotional and personality disorders eventuate from its sustained suppression. To become locked into the workings of the sub-conscious mind, unable to find outlet through the conscious thought process.

Clarification: When thought is continuously repressed by the protective sub-conscious ego, the energy of the thought becomes trapped in the sub-conscious component of the mind. That means the thought, has not been allowed to flow through the mind to complete its cycle and dissipate its energy naturally. i.e. through speech, emotions and physical expression. Whenever the traumatic experience that caused this interruption of the thought process is triggered, residual stress will build up in the mind out of trapped thought energy. This continuing unnatural process in the mind, eventually causes what is called a ‘nervous breakdown’ or ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ to arise. The mind simply refuses to function or goes haywire and crashes…like the delicate computer it is.

The remedy for this problem is another subject matter not discussed here. But briefly,
when we learn to meditate correctly, we by-pass the subliminal component of the mind and its content in the process. We also acquire the ability to leave thought behind and develop a silence in the mind. From that developed platform of acquired silence, residual stress is released naturally, without becoming involved with its process. With time and practice, the retained trauma also begins to dissipate without having to relive its experience. Obviously this miracle does not happen overnight for the many and, for those with long held severe mental disorders, help is still required from the disciplines of psychology & psychiatry.

One size does not fit all…as is Nature’s way.
Everyone is different in how they respond to this unorthodox treatment for severe trauma & residual stress. Some will become easy patients, while others will become difficult patients. Some will make slow progress, while others will make fast progress. Down its path, some may eventually reject any interference to their mind and become staunch objectors of its practice. This denial problem has its roots in the content of the sub-conscious mind and its protective ego…not the intelligence of a human being. The only cure, is to bite the bullet and continue innocently with its harmless practice.

To sum up:
If the patient sticks to the simple path and observes the simple rules, then one outcome is the inevitable end result…the cure. All experience will be different on its inward path to acquire silence and definitely not to acquire words…or the creative imagination of human beings. Because the abstract product that eventually cures the problem, knows not of words or anything physical for that matter. A paradox that is one of many to be found in human beings and ultimately solved through first acquiring the means to solve it.

RIGHT & WRONG: The dictionary has numerous words clarifying the definition of the word right. Along with an equal amount of opposite words clarifying the word wrong. On the wrong page we have evil, wicked, sinful, bad, iniquitous, wrongful, dishonest, unethical, dishonorable, unlawful, illegal, illicit, felonious, crooked, criminal, unfair, unjust, unwarranted, unjustifiable, inexcusable, blameworthy, reprehensible, inappropriate. On the right page we have good, exemplary, proper, decent, morally excellent, virtuous, nice, fitting, seemly, right minded, moral, upright, righteous, honest, above board, ethical, scrupulous, honorable, unimpeachable, correct, punctilious, fair, even-handed.

It would appear by the sheer volume of words associated with right & wrong, that the substance of right & wrong has been of great importance to human society down through the ages. In fact all the scriptures devote a great deal of their content to emphasizing a code of ethics to live by based on right & wrong. So consideration of right & wrong however diverse in its interpretation, has been a lasting preoccupation with mankind for its survival in every civilization. Survival being the key word. Because without a code of social, business and now media & science ethics to adhere too, a civilization eventually succumbs to the chaos theory. Its social evolution comes to a standstill and disorder, corruption, ambivalence, argument, disrespect and wrong values & behavior begins to dominate all aspects of its culture…unknowingly.

So it would seem…however variable between cultures, that consideration of right & wrong must always underpin the direction of a civilization for it to survive. More so now than at anytime in our turbulent history, because we are truly a global civilization now…not isolated civilizations anymore. What happens in one nation effects all nations, irrespective of culture…the global economy is a prime example. So the words & meaning of right & wrong, are more important now than they have ever been for the survival of this now single global civilization.

Explanation: The above dictionary definitions clearly point the way to knowing what is right & wrong. Yet, many people still end up on the wrong page of those definitions. To eventually end up in social purgatory…if not prison. That would indicate that those words and the education of the meaning of those words, are not capable of ensuring right & wrong is adhered too in society. Neither are the laws that mankind has created to protect itself from the extremes of the wrong page of right & wrong. Something more is needed to live naturally on the right page of those words…without thinking about it and without having to enforce it.

That something more to underpin right & wrong, is not to be found on the physical level of life. If it was a physical factor, science would have surely found it by now with its explosion of laboratory gained knowledge on all things physical…but no things spiritual or abstract. The result being that science at the moment, is stuck firmly in what it can physically prove and dismisses from further consideration what it cannot physically prove. Thereby lies the limitation to its physical thinking, because there must be much more to life than the sum of its physical parts. As in where did those physical parts come from? What underwrites and propels the evolution of those physical parts? What perpetuates the constant cycle of those physical parts? What ensures and prevents those physical parts from constant chaos in their interaction?

None of the above abstract considerations, come into the physical thinking and laboratory activity of science at the moment. That exclusion of something more in human intelligence, also places science in great danger of ending up on the wrong page of right & wrong. Because what human science creates and inserts into the physical system of life, is totally synthetic to that something more that invisibly underwrites life and its evolution. That means without knowledge of that something more, science is on very shaky ground with Nature where the right & wrong of its creativity is concerned.

Clarification: Because at this point of our on-going evolution, the protective human ego will always justify the minds actions to fulfill an overwhelming desire…especially when that desire is frustrated. Consideration of right & wrong and ethics become a expedient casualty in the justified process. The commercial media have become excellent psychological exponents of utilizing/manipulating this vulnerability of the human ego…and have drifted onto the wrong page of right & wrong as a result. But many will disagree with that commercial example of course….especially those in the driving seat.

The point to be made: So the equation of right & wrong has to permeate naturally in everything that mankind does. When we acquire that something more, it becomes natural & normal to always stay on the right page of right & wrong in life. Because that is the intrinsic nature of that something more that underwrites life & its evolution. It is programmed to always function for the good of the whole…never the part. Thus it knows not of wrong, only of right. That intrinsic nature of something more eventually becomes our human nature also. The dilemma of right & wrong ultimately solved without thinking about it or having to enforce it in society.

SUBLIMINAL: SUBCONSCIOUS: Emotions, memories & thought not normally admitted to conscious awareness. Thought activity not rising to the threshold of consciousness thought.

This definition from the dictionary, would indicate that before a thought comes into conscious view, it must take other hidden paths in the mind. Psychology has named one of those paths the sub-conscious; a subliminal area of the mind not consciously available to the owner of the thought. Yet the content of that hidden area of thought, is constantly influencing the composition/action of the conscious thought. This would indicate that while we have free-will operating in the conscious thought process, we do not have free-will operating in the sub-conscious arena of the thought process. We are only free to think at the end of the thought process, not its beginning.

It could also be said, that the information (stimuli) going into the mind through the five senses of perception…namely sight, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling, enters the content of the unconscious and sub-conscious mind before the conscious component of the mind. This means that the sub-conscious component of the mind, is processing outside stimuli before we are conscious of its information. We sometimes…in fact often, react to outside and inside stimuli/events before we become consciously aware of it. That unconscious reaction is being processed automatically from the arena and content of the unconscious & sub-conscious mind. In a sense, we have two minds operating with the process of a thought.

Clarification: Retained childhood life experience, is constantly influencing the conscious thought process of the adult from the depository (content) of the sub-conscious mind…unknowingly. If the experience of childhood is one of nurturing and happiness, then the hidden/repressed content of the sub-conscious seldom troubles the conscious mind in adulthood. But when that childhood is full of conflict, chaos, misery, immature parenting and unhappiness, then big insoluble problems come to the conscious mind of adulthood via the conflict ridden sub-conscious. As in personality problems, social problems, psychological problems, pathological problems, maturity problems, relationship problems etc. The reality of which, becomes the permanent reality of the immature adult…and eventually society on the receiving end.

The point to be made: A practical solution to this nemesis of a conflict ridden sub-conscious mind, would be a great boon to the happiness of not only those afflicted, but also to society on the receiving end of its sociopath nemesis. According to the author’s research, just such a solution (knowledge) was found thousands of years ago. To eventually die with the civilization its knowledge came out of, when they ceased to put into practice its knowledge in their society. That solution in the author‘s language, is called Correct Meditation. A short twice daily practiced technique, available to anyone that can think with a thought and persevere innocently with its practice. The only limitation, is the limitation to not want to understand and put into practice its knowledge.

To sum up: So what exactly is the sub-conscious. In expanded definition, it is the hidden but active mind depository of all our childhood retained experience…good and bad experience. We could say the sub-conscious mind, consists of layer upon layer of life-experience embedded in the matter of the mind. Experience that becomes hidden and often repressed from conscious view in adulthood. Attached to that experience locked into the subliminal layers of the mind, is the specific structure, quality & layer of consciousness that prevailed at that time in childhood. This would indicate that physical consciousness grows…as does the awareness, with the gradual physical growth of the child and therefore linked to the biology factor of life.

THE MEDIA: The Science Of The Commercial Media & Society.
With the rise in the monitory, political, social & advertising power of the commercial media, journalistic integrity & professional presentation of news & information has gone out the back door in society. Integrity & professional standards are not underlying values in its industry anymore, turning news into soap opera’s, closet gossip, celebrity worship & product showcase time are. Along with the monopoly of money, power & greed underwriting its out of control industry. Those all-consuming entropy creating qualities, when they go out of control in powerful business organizations, become contagious & rampant in society.

Clarification: The above chaos creating qualities, also dissolve the positive qualities of integrity, honesty, harmony, mature reporting & professionalism…that should underwrite all communication mediums. To then be replaced by lip service, superficiality, self-aggrandizement, self-promotion, sensationalism, checkbook journalism, shock-jocks, corruption, abuse of power, the tabloids, gutter press, glossy product magazines and hubris in overdrive to round it off. Not to forget to mention multi-million television commercials, that put Hollywood to shame in their extravagance & costing. To inevitably be factored into the retail price & paid for by the consumer when purchasing its product. It would be interesting to know, how much the accelerating ‘cost of advertising’ adds to the accelerating ‘cost of living’ in affluent consumer driven Nations.

Note: What is worse, is that society unknowingly becomes infected with its saturated commercial driven superficial values…especially children, teenagers & young adults yet to reach maturity. As a accumulative result, society takes a nose dive on the ladder of social evolution without realizing it. Anything scandalous, seedy, unsavory, sexually stimulating & controversial in society, become the opportunistic tool of the commercial media to generate news and give the public what it wants…namely more of the dysfunctional same. By manipulating the facts & sensationally distorting its information to generate more 24/7 news, interspersed with products, celebrities and more television & radio advertising revenue of course.

That above, is the sorry state of the immature all-powerful commercial media in the 21st century, that has been called progress & creating prosperity by those in the driving seat. Along with others allowing it to happen in society to fuel the economy. But, at what price to the psychological well-being of society. Because saturated advertising, is a form of brainwashing the vulnerable human mind with its superficial reality. As a result, the unsustainable ‘consumer age’ comes alive and so do the entropy creating wrong values driving its reality in Nations.

Q: So if things have got that bad in the media, how come no one is sounding the alarm bells in society.

A: To understand that lack of concern in society, we have to consider the following logical statements and connect its information to the question.

1. As a social species and one of many, we are instinctively driven to ‘follow the leader’ for preservation purposes. All social species in the animal kingdom, are underwritten by that survival code embedded in our shared primordial genes. That instinct, is one of numerable natural laws underwriting the process of evolution. Laws that flow through the biology & chemistry of a social species to enable it to survive & evolve.

2. The pecking order prevalent in all social species, is yet another survival code (natural law) at work in our universal genes. That reflects as the creation of social status and hierarchical organizations in human society. Again, that have evolved for its social survival. Linked to the Intelligence underwriting the universal phenomenon of evolution in all species….not just the human being. A logical conclusion, that indicates all life has a yet to be uncovered common denominator of universal Intelligence underwriting its individual life-form. When life goes out of sync with that universal Intelligence…that we have called Nature, its evolution becomes interrupted and it faces the possibility of extinction in the process. A point of logic, that we fail to understand or want to understand as human beings.

3. The archetypal intelligence responsible for born natural leadership skills, can be called the charismatic alpha gene. It is instrumental in the workings of the above two survival codes, to facilitate their survival function and process in society. Learnt leadership skills are just that, they are not natural and therefore do not have the primordial magnetism of the genuine article. A born leader, is the term we use to describe its natural phenomena.

4. All social species have a pecking order and a natural leader of the pack…the dominant alpha. This is the key to understanding the never-ending power games in human society, in the instinctive quest of the dominant alpha to be leader of the pack. We call this primordial instinct ‘ambition’ and it drives what we call competition & winning fuelled by the ego. Those that have acquired that social status & power…by fair means or foul, naturally influence & even control societies direction, expression & reality. Like the pecking order instinct in a social species, it is a natural primordial driven universal phenomenon, not unnatural.

Note: What is unnatural, is that the sophisticated human species, is the only predatory species where this survival instinct goes out of control and corrupts society in the process. A re-occurring nemesis in society, when the dominant alpha with poor quality consciousness, succumbs to megalomania, bullying, vindictiveness & skullduggery, to achieve their aims and comply with its instinct. King of the castle, is a much prized and instinctive pursued desire of the dominant alpha in human society. It culminates in obtaining the triple elixir of adulation, power over others and the mandate to press all the buttons and make things happen in society. What more could life offer than that…especially in the political, big business, entertainment & media affairs of mankind.

5. With the above survival codes embedded in our genes, it is natural for human beings to follow leaders/celebrities/winners in any field of activity in society. The more acclaimed, saturated, revered and worshiped they become, the more power is generated out of those survival codes (natural laws) to influence the reality & direction of others. This Nature sourced & driven survival phenomena, produces what can be called ‘Synchronicity of Consciousness’ in a species. Where the part influences the whole and the whole becomes the influence of the part to lead its direction. Flocks of birds preparing to migrate, locusts swarming in plague mode, the synchronous action of schools of fish to escape a predator, is this obvious natural survival instinct in action across the species.

Note: Human beings once drawn to worship kings & queens in the past…and now, worshiping new age media fuelled celebrities, winners & artists in the present, is this instinctive process in action. The invisible power of hypnosis, also has its primordial basis in this phenomena of the law of ‘Synchronicity of Consciousness. Along with the instant spread of teenage fads and other sudden mass hysteria appearing in society. A phenomenon that marketing & advertising geniuses may not understand, but certainly put to dysfunctional psychological use in selling products and exploiting the vulnerability of the human mind. Surely it is time for society, to come out of its physical only reality and understand the logical Intelligence that must underwrite life, Nature & its evolution…especially science. Then it will understand, what it currently places in the too hard basket and refuses to understand.

6. Human beings are not born equal in any shape or form. The archetypal intelligence that manifests as the physical biology & chemistry of life, is of varying ratio in all the physiological components of life…including the mind. That is why no human being is exactly identical and why, some have stronger instincts and natural abilities that set them apart from the rest in society. The specific archetypal intelligence (gene) responsible for any inherent ability, is due to the quality of that specific archetypal intelligence found highly concentrated in that gene. Thus the individual is born with that concentrated archetypal blueprint in its physiology…including the I.Q. capacity of the mind.

7. The I.Q. capacity of the mind and its born gifts & talents that society worships, has nothing to do with the ‘quality of consciousness’ of the mind. A variable quality across the ranks of society that again, we are born with and is a indication in its altruistic expression, of how evolved the human being is on the ladder of evolution. How the individual expresses itself in its desires, ambitions, direction and interaction with others in life, is an indicator of the plus or minus ‘quality of consciousness’ of a human being. Thus physical I.Q. & quality of consciousness, are two different equations operating in the life of a human being. One is bound to the lower physical component of life and the other bound to the higher spiritual & abstract component of life and evolution. They are never in sync, when the influence of greed, abuse of power, megalomania, corruption, sexual degradation & delusion, dominate the direction of society.

The point to be made: The ‘quality of consciousness’ of a leader…or organization, needs to be the deciding factor in shaping the publics choice of following them or not. Not how talented or super intelligent they are. Not how rich they have become. Not how media worshiped they have become. Not how powerful they have become and definitely not, how charismatic, eloquent, good looking and sexy they are. Until society can intuitively identify (and not through the commercial media) the ‘quality of conscious’ of its innumerable leaders, they will always be on shaky ground with their choice. A wrong choice, that always comes back to bite society in one entropy creating form or another to retard its further evolution. As with the saturation of the poor quality of consciousness underwriting the all-powerful commercial media and its television, radio, newspaper & magazine subsidiaries. That have now acquired the monopoly power to create & direct the reality, direction & expression of society.

To sum up: Human beings are instinctively compelled to not only follow the leader, but become a part of the leaders reality & expression through following them…especially when immaturely worshiping them. When afflicted with poor quality of consciousness (that we call immaturity & self-serving) the mind only functions out of the insular ego and not the full potential of the mind. The primordial function of the ego is self-preservation. It has evolved to protect the conscious mind of the individual and reinforce its created identity & sense of self. When trapped in the primitive survival functions of the ego, the mind becomes self-centered and self-absorbed in the instinct driven requirements of the ego. In that entrapment, it is not possible to function naturally & maturely for the good of the whole of society…only give it lip service out of very intelligent minds. When the wrong people get the job of leading society in any field of societies expression, chaos out of order comes to society down the track of time. This entropy phenomena has been previously explained in the article, Order Out Of Chaos. Located on the About page @ http://www.alfsbootcampblog.com.and can be referenced there.

Postscript: About the original question posed to the reader to answer.
If the mind wants to understand the information in this Article, the question will be answered in the process. If the mind does not want to understand that information, then the mind does not want to understand it and the question will go unanswered. That is a loss not a gain out of reading it.

Explanation: This is one of the problems with introducing new ideas & knowledge in society…especially to science. The current rightful holders of the mantle of all scientific proven knowledge in society. A well earned status and reputation from years of study, research and dedication. Unfortunately, many become lost to the outside world through years of studious study on one particular science discipline and little else. Anything that is outside of the sphere of their specific discipline and its learning, is not allowed to intrude. It is not proven and therefore is not trusted to be of any relevance and must be dismissed, to protect the validity of existing acquired scientific knowledge and the established status it brings. So the denial and sometime vehement opposition (rudeness) that comes out of denial, has nothing to do with the I.Q. of science…that exceeds most in society. The problem lies with maturity and the instinctive protective workings of the ego.

Clarification: Maturity comes with experience of the world at large and through interaction with everything in it. When the mind becomes lost in one single objective in life, it becomes lost to everything else and runs the risk of losing out to the development of maturity, emotions, life-experience & social skills…and many other necessary learning curves to be fully functional. The other main problem…especially with society, is the survival instinct to resist change linked to the fear of the unknown. To attempt to change the existing established status quo in society and its way of life, automatically brings great resistance from many in its population. They will naturally defend it and sometimes attack vehemently, anything that threatens that established status quo.

Note: We are not alone in that phenomenon, most predatory social species will respond this way when something new and strange is introduced into their established way of life & habitat. Not surprising really, these evolved survival instincts (laws) have been with us and other social animals, insects & fish for millions of biological years…evolving from the first primary cell of life onwards in logical fact. Further up the ladder of human evolution, primordial instincts become understood (along with the ego & emotions) and the mind & thought process, adjusts to not becoming a unconscious instinctive slave to them. The individual that has accomplished that, always thinks first before speaking. That is its obvious visible mature trait in human society

The Science Of Meditation. 

TRANSCENDENT MEDITATION: This term for describing a type of meditation, became very popular in the 1960’s onwards and rightly attributed to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation Movement. Unfortunately, whenever new knowledge is presented to the public…or in this case, very old revived knowledge, it comes through the interpretation of the Media. As a result, the Media then re-manufacture and relay that information to the Public in their understanding…and in this case, misunderstanding.

Note: As is the way of the Media to generate news and capture the attention of the public, all sorts of weird make-it-up as you go along stories began to circulate about the Maharishi’s activity…including being labeled a sexual deviant and dirty old man. In that climate of commercial media mischief making & misinformation, credibility becomes lost and so does the original information. This Article, is an attempt to restore that original information and set the ‘got it wrong’ media interpretation straight in the process…maybe. Because as previously stated, the mind will only understand what it wants to understand. That may well sound a dismissive statement…nevertheless, it can be at the heart of instant denial in the complex mind. `

The phrase ‘a type of meditation’ in the opening paragraph, is the key to unraveling why the writer has chosen to temporarily call Transcendent Meditation, Correct Meditation. Because there are as many types of meditation practices, as there are those teaching meditation practices in society. But, there is only one type of meditation, that automatically transcends the thought process in its simple practice. The word Correct, is to indicate that fact.

Note: Yes, all meditation practices have their value in a physical sense, but unless they transcend the thought process, the product of Absolute Consciousness will not be cultivated in the human physiology effortlessly. The word effortlessly, indicates that other than setting the process in motion with a specific thought, nothing else is required of the mind. Therefore practices of contemplation, thought control, mind control, senses control…or any other control, mood making, physical posturing, thinking positively, thinking about nothing etc, are not part of this specific meditation practice. They may have their purpose and function, but not in the twice daily short practice of Transcendent Meditation and its simple technique.

The ancient knowledge & practice of Transcendent Meditation, arose out of the need for those highly active in society and its functions, to be able to evolve their spiritual evolution without having to reject the world and become a recluse. That type of secluded life, is meant for those who are born with more abstract & spiritual consciousness in their physiology than most. Monks & Nuns come into this category on the ladder of human evolution. When they are active in the world, they naturally live selfless lives devoted to the needs of others, that reflects that high point of evolution they have reached.

Note: But, if we are not born with that quality of consciousness, then following that quiet way of life & devotion will impede the evolution of that individual. As well as causing the individual to behave strangely and at odds with others in society and adopt an unreal impractical attitude to life. Because life is incredibly dynamic & creative, we only have to observe Nature in all its ceaseless activity to arrive at that conclusion. Yet, underwriting that ceaseless physical & spiritual activity, is the abstract silent inactivity that we have called Absolute Consciousness…the source of Creation and everything in it.

In can be said, at this point in the spiritual evolution of our species, most are born with more physical consciousness than spiritual or abstract consciousness. In that obvious fact, most are born to be dynamic, creative & highly active in the world. In that born equation, we are a product of the physical primordial creativity of Nature and all its dynamic physical & spiritual laws processing our dual physical & spiritual evolution. Unless we are born with a different equation of consciousness than that, we must not obstruct the physical path of primordial Nature structuring our personal evolution. If we do, our personal evolution becomes obstructed unnaturally, therefore we become at odds with Nature and unnatural in the process.

Being dynamic, creative and active, should lead to a full life and natural happiness in that normal equation of physical consciousness. Yet for many, this does not eventuate…and, there are many reasons for this that can take a lifetime to sort out and for most, never become sorted out. Because once we become at logger heads with primordial Nature, things just go from bad to worse with our evolution through life…and, we become very unhappy & miserable because of it. Even if we try hard not to be and use every distraction in the material product factory to alleviate the problem.

Note: Because the big problem and many other life acquired mind problems, cannot be solved physically…and definitely not by thinking about it. We have to come out of the physical process of thinking and transcend the thought process, to acquire the abstract tool that will eventually solve the problems…without us being involved in its process. That tool, is called Abstract Absolute Consciousness and that, is what is cultivated into the human physiology out of the Correct process of Transcendent Meditation. That fact alone, sets it apart from all other meditation practices that have come out of that timeless original one, but lost the original source in the process.

Q: Where does Religion come into the equation of meditation?

A: It does not. Only if we want it to be included.

Explanation: Religion is a human created ideology. It has been created by human beings, just like all the other ideologies that have been created & lived down through the history of civilizations. Creating an ideology to live out of, is a natural function of our unique human creativity & intelligence. It is prompted from the need (instinct) to survive socially and create order out of chaos in the highly social function of our species. By agreeing in society, to follow a human created idea of a shared understanding and then, putting it into practice by living it, following it, teaching our children about and often, mistakenly worshiping it…and those at the head of it. The very fact that ideology is human created, means it is naturally & potentially dissolvable…just like human beings in fact. Along with everything else that is composed of physical matter & energy in Creation. Yet, physical matter & energy is only a third of the story of Creation. We are dealing with the other two invisible thirds of this Universe in the Science Of Meditation.

The point to be made: So if all human created ideology is dissolvable & potentially changeable, it does not make sense to worship it and become lost in it, infatuated with it, obsessed with it and deluded by it. Yet we do…and what is worse, we are willing to exploit others, to brainwash others and even kill others, to further our specific ideology and reinforce its reality in the world. How crazy is that to many others, that do not agree to following its ideology and created reality. Mainly, because they are already living another human created ideology and its reality that they are happy with.

Q: How to solve the above never ending human created problem?

A: Find an ideology that is not dissolvable, that is neutral to all other human created dissolvable ideologies…yet supports them all. Then, all agree to practice that universal ideology and respect its necessary primal function to create order out of chaos in human society. With the necessary survival proviso, that any other individual ideology we are living, does no harm to society, to other ideologies and above all, this shared planet & Nature.

Note: Because at the moment, many of the dissolvable ideologies we are living, do not support that proviso in any shape or form. Yet, if we put into practice that universal shared ideology of Correct Meditation, it will be found that many of the existing lived ideologies not in sync with that proviso, will gradually & automatically adjust their ideology over time, to accommodate that proviso without enforcing it. That yet to be proved phenomenon, in its Nature driven process & function, can be called the law of ‘universality in the midst of diversity’ unfolding in society. Abbreviated to ‘universality in diversity’ or the Law of UID for simplicity of expression.

Clarification: The above may well sound to good to be true, but unless we put this universal ideology into practice in society…we can never prove it. So how does Science prove its theories, so that they become fact & proven & acceptable in society. They put their theories into practice, collate the results and come up with the facts. If the facts match the theory, they quite rightly say, it has been proven to be true. So in logic, unless we apply this scientific method to test this theory of ‘universality in the midst of diversity’, we are going against the principle creed of Science to explore the unexplored & make it known & proved.

That brings us to understand the official need, to create a new science discipline in the curriculum of Universities, to teach & administer and collate the unfolding knowledge of the Science of Meditation. That includes a much deeper scientific understanding of the quantum function of the Laws of Nature to process life & evolution. If we implement in society, all what has been suggested, then the theory of ‘universality in the midst of diversity’ will be seen to happen in society…and more importantly, proven.

To sum up: It is not necessary for everyone in society, to understand the science of Correct Meditation or the theory of ‘universality in the midst of diversity’. Along with all the endless words necessary to explain its mechanics…only if they want to. Having said that, existing Science must understand them, by virtue of their exacting disciplines and status in society. Because they, are the rightful holders of all scientifically proven knowledge in society. In that great responsibility, it is right that society respects the proven findings of all their disciplines.

Postscript: It may seem presumptuous to many in society, to give meditation the title of a science in this article. Especially when it has not been established as a science by Science. Yet the word science, is not an exclusive title. Because the underlying meaning of the word science, is knowledge. This is new knowledge to the world and as such, is a new science to the world. If asked to justify the truth of this new knowledge to the world, the author can think of no more succinct a sentence, than to re-phrase a line from the American Constitution. Namely, I hold these truths to be self-evident to others out of the universal logic that underwrites their substance.

Kind regards to the reader from the author.

Footnote: If further clarification with unfamiliar words in the Article are required, it will be found on the About page @ http://www.alfsbootcampblog.com. The different writing styles & content found on this Web Site, is an attempt by the author to reach all ‘walks of life’ with its new information. There is no offence or disrespect to society as a whole intended in this attempt. But, as the Science of Meditation is a universal ideology, it must be presented & explained to every facet of society and its different levels of understanding. WJH.

The Science Of Meditation. Part 2.

About The Logistics: The Mechanics: The Simplicity: Avoiding Complications:

Page by page instruction on how to individually self-implement the practice of Correct Meditation, along with its introduction, has yet to be posted on this Web Site @ http://www.alfsbootcampblog.com. It will be posted in the Boot Camp section, not on the About page. Primarily, the About page is directed at the highly educated in society and particularly the disciplines of Science & Academia. That is not to say that others with lesser education, will not understand the content on the About page. But many others in society may struggle with its content, they should not have to struggle with the revised content on the boot camp pages.

Personal one-on-one instruction of Transcendent Meditation, is the correct way to learn the technique of its simple practice. But, it is possible with written clear instructions to self-implement its technique…and very necessary, for those having to wait years to receive personal instruction. For those in this category, very close attention to its written instruction is most important. So careful reading of that simple instruction, is very necessary to avoid making-it-up as you go along. Sooner or later, the means will arise in your town, to receive personal one on one correct instruction on its technique. Be patient and considerate of the enormous logistics involved, to reach everyone in society with its one-on-one instruction.

Note: Obviously we are talking in years for everyone in a Nation to receive personal instruction on its technique. So it is very necessary logistically, that the one-on-one teaching of meditation, starts in the Higher Education system & Government and eventually works its way through society. This is the practical way, the fastest way and the order out of chaos way, to implement Correct Meditation in a Nation.

It is also very necessary for anyone practicing Transcendent Meditation, to understand that acquiring silence in the mind, is the whole objective of sitting down for two twenty minute sessions a day. So it is important to create the habit to remind our self, to directly aim for that stillness in the mind when commencing its practice. Otherwise the mind will continue with its old habit of constantly thinking about things and over-ride the principle objective. It takes time and practice for the mind to adjust itself to new habits, so fighting this old habit with your thoughts every time you sit down to meditate…is a no no with an extra no thrown in for remembrance.

Note: The process takes care of itself, that is why it is called a simple technique by the author and open to any adult to practice. Children are another matter where Correct Meditation is concerned, requiring expert one on one tuition owing to that fact they have not reached adulthood. Nothing mysterious about that fact, just common sense. Common sense that children lack, until the mind grows to develop the reasoning processes of the intellect in adulthood. Those reasoning processes of the mature adult, allow the adult to digest its written instruction thoroughly and apply it to the letter when self-administering its technique.

The other complication, that the conscious mind has little control over until it expands, is the all important sub-conscious driven ego. The ego and its subliminal thought process, has developed (evolved) in our human evolution, to automatically protect the created identity and conscious self of the individual…and that includes its belief system indoctrinated in childhood. To avoid the ego automatically taking over the mind with thought during the practice of meditation, learn to realize this takeover when it happens with the awareness of the mind. Understand the awareness of the mind is not thought, and it will eventually expand with the practice to become aware of that distraction. You will know this distraction when it arises, because you will have stopped intoning the mantra and replaced it with thinking about something.

Note: As soon as you realize with the awareness, that you are thinking and not reciting the mantra, gently…repeat gently, go back to intoning the mantra. You will eventually master this distracting process of the ego with time and patience. The ego and its sub-conscious thought process in the mind, will eventually acquire the habit to remain quiet when you are intoning the mantra…if you follow this advice. When that happens, you will be able to spend most of that twenty minutes out of thought…and not in and out of thought. But, it does take time and everyone is different in the time it takes, to master that distraction of the ego and its activity.

That brings us to understand, that the practice of meditation is very…repeat, very personal. The experience out of the practice is also very…repeat, very personal. As such, learn to keep it personal. Along with all experience that that arises out of its practice. In doing so, you are respecting its ancient tradition and respecting the quality of Abstract Consciousness that comes out of its regular twice daily practice. We will not consciously realize that Abstract Consciousness growing in the mind…definitely. That is why we do the practice and forget all about it afterwards and become busy.

Note: Life & Nature demands that activity of us…nothing to do with the author, he is only giving the instruction and help. So setting up chat pages on the Internet and telling all & sundry about your personal experience, is a no no with an extra no for good measure. That respect & dignity, is a powerful influence in the spiritual workings of Nature, that reaps invisible dividends down the track of life. How does the author know all this? Because he has been there and back to bring this information to you. It is your turn now…if you want it to be.

To conclude with a brief history, understanding & meaning of the word mantra; to help clear up misconceptions and satisfy the natural curiosity of the inquisitive mind. A mantra has no physical attribute, it is a abstract non-physical vibration. By that, we mean it is a vibration manifesting out of the Absolute Consciousness that sources everything in Creation. It has no conscious meaning. The science of mantra’s, is exclusive to those who have acquired the fullness of Absolute Consciousness and the fullness of Spiritual & Physical Consciousness in their life. Those human beings have been extremely rare throughout the history of mankind. When they are here, the knowledge of mantra’s is always revived and renewed in that civilization. They have now been renewed in this global civilization.

Note: To say more than this at this point in time, is not productive in or out of boot camp. We need to climb further up the ladder of spiritual evolution first as a species. The means to do that, is through the regular twice daily practice of Correct Meditation and the knowledge of mantra’s.

If the mind cannot accept this new information to the world, then it is not fair…or productive, to blame the subliminal mind or call the ego immature. As the writer has done (for a positive purpose) in a previous article. Denial, sub-consciously protects the conscious mind of the individual and the more intelligent the mind, the more convincing that instant denial is to the listener. The only way around this automatic protective mechanism of the ego, is to become conscious of that fact and try the practice of Correct Meditation. No harm can come to the individual through its practice, only the creative imagination of the mind can bring harm to this simple uncomplicated practice.

Note: That last fact, is always good to remember through all internal experience in the complex mind. Because the imagination of the creative mind and the thought process of the subliminal ego, are not required during the effortless practice of Correct Meditation. So send them on holiday when practicing its technique and your mind, will be very refreshed when they return to remind you who you are.

Summing up: The continuation of this Article will be found in in a future article called, The Technique. It will be posted when the time is right for it to be posted. That depends on how fast Universities can expedite setting up the logistics, for the establishment of a new science discipline in their busy curriculum. I can say to the Principles of those Universities, that the necessary funds will be forthcoming, if the process is enacted & forthcoming…not otherwise. You will have to trust me on that statement, a trust that can be found in the sincerity of all my words to you. It is very necessary for the harmony of society, that the inauguration of that new discipline, coincide with the release on the Internet of the article called The Technique. It will only complicate this necessary process, if the author is compelled to elaborate further on the subject…at this point in time.

Note: To release that article called The Technique on the Internet, it is not necessary for every University in a Nation, to establish a Department & Faculty for the Science of Meditation immediately, only one. It is also important to inaugurate that new Department, with a simple but dignified ceremony. Further elaboration of this polite request to the University in question, will be forthcoming if requested. Just to add that Ceremony, when conducted with dignity & appropriate words, has meaning & influence far beyond out physical senses to evaluate. Like the original knowledge of mantra’s, its subtle meaning has become lost with the passing of millenniums. We still conduct ceremony in society as part of tradition, but the real purpose of its function has long since faded into obscurity.

Postscript: This is a personal note to all the Teachers of Transcendent Meditation outside of the umbrella of its Universities. Many of whom, have gone there own way in society for many personal and economic survival reasons. We all have to earn a living to survive in this economic driven world we have created…especially if we have the responsibilities of families. But it is time to return to the official fold and update your understanding and existing teaching of its practice. You will be respecting the founder of your movement by doing so and be of great service to a Nation in the process. You are needed in other words, to enable Correct Meditation to come to fruition in this shared World of ours.

The Science Of Meditation. Part 3.

Expanding the basic understanding with examples.

1. The necessary comprehension of the existence of transcendent Intelligence greater that our physical dissolvable human intelligence. Comprehension that has to come through the words of others that have accomplished the means to experience, live and express its silent reality. Because that eternal transcendent reality underwriting life, cannot be experienced until we have created the means for it to be uncovered, experienced and lived in life.

2. The necessary comprehension and implementation of the technique (the means) to experience for ourselves the existence of eternal Intelligence greater than our human intelligence. Because spiritual knowledge and experience, are two different paths that must merge into one path to make them complete and practical in active life. Until that transcendent junction point is reached & developed, life remains incomplete and fragmentary within our existing human created realities, indoctrinated beliefs and lived ideologies that are dissolvable.

3. The necessary comprehension of the existence of the self-referral Laws of Nature. Spiritual laws that process ‘order out of chaos’ and coherence in the opposing archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature. Along with acquiring/culturing the means (transcendent consciousness) to enliven those perfect Laws in our physiology and therefore the interactive archetypal primordial energies that underwrite and orchestrate the biology & chemistry of life. Because what happens in the archetypal spiritual domain of life, automatically happens in the biological physical domain of life and vice versa. A physical/spiritual processed equation that comes out of the karmic law of ‘cause & effect’ in the interactive workings of life & Nature.

4. The necessary comprehension of the existence of Nature’s interactive spiritual workings. Along with the understanding of the returning ‘cause & effect’ influence (karma) that we humans create in its opposing primordial archetypal intelligence out of our thoughts, actions and deeds. The negative or positive qualities of which, reflect the quality of consciousness, expression & creativity we function out of as individuals, as organizations, as governments, as big business, as a society, as a nation, as a civilization. When human consciousness & thought is devoid of the coherent value of the Laws of Nature, then the intuitive spiritual value of life is non-existent in the consciousness (awareness) of the individual. In Nature’s dictionary, that unnatural debilitation is called being divorced from the Laws of Nature with our thoughts, creativity, evolution & destiny.

5. The need to comprehend that human beings create their own individual & collective destiny in life & afterlife. Created out of the influence of our thoughts, desires, deeds, creativity and lived ideologies in this interactive Creation. As a result of that exclusive freedom of conscious freewill & creativity in the animal kingdom, we must accept responsibility for our adult actions and the ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence that comes out of those actions and eventually returns to its human source. To then either support the spiritual evolution of the individual or negate it and add to its devolution woes. Likewise, is the negative & positive returning influence out of our collectively lived ideologies, that we all reap as a society, as a nation, as a civilization.

6. The need to comprehend that the inescapable law of karma that processes our spiritual evolution, operates on separate parallel lines of negative & positive created ‘cause & effect’ in the interactive quantum workings of Nature. That means positive acquired karma out of the actions of the present, can overtake & cancel destructive karma acquired out of destructive actions of the past. Thus alter pre-determined destiny where past negative acquired karma and its returning influence in the future is concerned. The simple practice of transcendent meditation, is the ultimate action to create its destiny altering equation for the individual & society. Good deeds & kind thoughts in society are another. Using the spiritual technology of the transcendent ‘unified field’ of life and the knowledge of mantra’s in society is yet another.

7. Utilizing the above spiritual knowledge & technique, to create ‘positive’ change in the unexpanded consciousness of Governments and therefore the World and its direction, through the collective practice of transcendent meditation in a Nation. The abstract silent product of which, elevates human consciousness and enlivens the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature operating not only in the human physiology, but the whole of Creation. That is how the vibratory equation (mantra) of transcendent mediation, is able to influence the universal whole from the value of the individual part.

8. Therefore out of the collective practice of correct meditation, giving the positive means for non-violent protest groups & humanitarian organizations, to amalgamate their separate entities into one effective force in the interactive quantum workings of Nature to realize their altruistic goals. To then invisibly bring about great change in the quality of consciousness of governments from the level of that transcendent equation. As well as from the physical level of their organizational activity in the world.

Note: The use of the word quantum, is used as a one word descriptive to describe the aggregate of the physical workings of Nature & the yet to be understood interactive spiritual workings of Nature. Mainstream science understands & identifies with the former through the laws of physics, chemistry & mathematics, but not the latter. Both are governed in their respective interactive physical & spiritual dimensions by the self-referral Laws of Nature. All are manifestations out of the ‘unified field’ of transcendent Absolute Intelligence that sources Creation and all that is in it.

How the spiritual system that underwrites physical life works:
When human beings come together over a specific issue and are uniform in their desire and intent within it, then we create concentrated ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence in Nature’s primordial archetypal intelligence; spiritual archetypal intelligence that manifest as the physical biology & chemistry of life. When human created karmic influence becomes heavily concentrated in the spiritual workings of Nature, then it also becomes a created ‘entity’ that contains the archetypal qualities of the collective desire and intent of those that created it. A life-force that binds the consciousness & destiny of those who created its entity

Explanation: Thus are born human created karmic ‘entities’ in Nature’s interactive primordial workings. Entities that acquire the potential to directly influence that negative & positive spiritual archetypal intelligence structuring our human physiology & consciousness. It is these human created ‘entities’ out of our lived ideologies, that become a quantum based ‘cause & effect’ influence with the karmic power to negatively or positively affect the archetypal intelligence orchestrating our human biology…and therefore our thoughts, deeds, creativity and quality of consciousness. A primordial power & influence, that has no potency in Transcendent Absolute Consciousness, only in physical primordial structured ego consciousness. A primordial processed consciousness, that we have yet to evolve out of on the spiritual path of evolution.

Clarification: In the primordial structure of physical consciousness, it is a human created ‘entity’ operating at the quantum level of life, that invisibly and unconsciously links the individual mind to all those living its created ideology. A primordial based physical consciousness we have called ego consciousness to differentiate it from spiritual consciousness, divine consciousness and absolute transcendent consciousness. A further trilogy of consciousness that the human being has yet to evolve too on the ladder of physical & spiritual evolution. A quantum located ladder that is the spiritual plot to automatically climb in life…or it should be. The problem being, that we human beings keep falling off it through becoming lost in the physical material plot of life and the vulnerability & foibles of the creative human mind. Called delusion in Nature’s self-referral dictionary and progress in mankind’s created dictionary.

The point to be made:
In spiritual understanding, every human lived ideology on this planet has a specific ‘entity’ that has been created out of its followed reality and it is that ‘entity’, that becomes a karmic influence (life force) that connects and binds the unconscious of all those living and functioning out of its human created ideology. It is a quantum structured process that creates an affinity of consciousness, desire, intent and a shared karma of all those that are living and functioning out of its human created reality.

Once established in the primordial archetypal intelligence of Nature, entities become a perpetuating quantum located influence in life. Influence that is drawn to the thoughts, desires, deeds & actions of human beings. They become a past, present and future life-force, that grounds out in the created karma of our species that created them and perpetuates them. Cause & effect karmic influence that is dissolvable in the affairs of mankind. Influence that does not exist in higher states of consciousness, only in primordial structured consciousness. A physical consciousness that we have yet to evolve out of as a still evolving species.

Clarification out of a political example:
A devout democrat is a devout democrat because of that karmic influence and its corresponding human created ‘entity’ that has claimed their ‘reality’ & ‘belief system‘. Likewise, a devout republican is a devout Republican because of that karmic influence and its ‘entity’ that is sourced and tied to the political ideology they follow. Two different opposing ideologies and therefore, two different opposing ‘entities’ influencing the consciousness of their sometimes politically over the top Media stirred up respective supporters…especially at election time. It is also the primordial located power of a human created entity, that becomes concentrated in those at the top directing others with its ideology…especially when others are immaturely worshiping & idolizing them with their thoughts –ugh?

Election fever, is a media and political party whipped up National karmic influence that inevitably becomes manipulated and exploited by PR & marketing geniuses. Along with other very clever behind the scenes political advisers running an election campaign with dirty tricks, misinformation, sneaky manipulation of the perception creating media (and therefore the public) blatant untruths and other Machiavellian engineered nastiness. That win-at-all-cost politicians turn a convenient blind eye too; because it invariably assists their political party past the election winning post to claim the coveted political crown of power in Nation.

Note: A political example, that will naturally draw indignant denial and well-oiled counter rhetoric from the clever minds of those responsible for its political corruption and polarization of a Nation’s people. Because that is exactly what its destructive ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence does, it destroys integrity, empathy, harmony, positive values, social evolution and positive direction in a Nation and instigates the karmic equation for manifesting disharmony & social decay instead.

Explanation: The positive spiritual qualities of integrity, empathy and harmony, are not just words. They are sourced to patterns of positive archetypal spiritual intelligence that we draw our biological intelligence, thoughts and consciousness out of. Comprehend it is the negative or positive ‘cause & effect’ influence (karma) out of our thoughts and actions, that enters that interactive process and either supports the Laws of Nature or corrupts their self-referral function to create order out of chaos in life. When our lived ideologies and their created entities corrupt the function of the Laws of Nature, then big devolution trouble comes to mankind and the spiritual plot of life.

Clarification: It is this human interactive process with primordial Nature, that reflects back through its negative & positive archetypal intelligence to either support life and its evolution, or accelerate decay in life and instigate its devolution. Thus mankind has created that destructive ‘cause and effect’ karmic influence in the interactive quantum workings of primordial Nature & life; a perpetuating positive or negative karmic entity our species is responsible for. Comprehend when the spiritual archetypal intelligence of Nature becomes saturated with human created negative karmic influence, then social chaos, disharmony, psychological disorder and sociopath human beings become dominant in a spiritually decaying Civilization.

Note: This linking of human consciousness through a created ‘entity’, is why the quality of consciousness of all those in the driving seat of power, needs to be squeaky clean in their karma (actions) and not corruptible. Because the primordial power of a created ‘entity’, becomes concentrated in the alpha dominant human beings at the top of a hierarchical organized structure. With that primordial acquired leadership power out of an entity, those in charge have ‘pied piper’ influence over the unconscious and subliminal mind of all those following them. Thus are those at the top of a hierarchical human structure, creating destiny for those they are leading, organizing and influencing. And that is where human created and lived ideologies go wrong, when the wrong people get the job of running them.

This is the great responsibility that comes with possessing primordial power over others in Society, the karmic responsibility never to abuse & corrupt it. A Faust enigma that power consumed minds always have great difficulty circumnavigating and avoiding in the structure of ego consciousness. As in abuse of acquired power, hypocrisy, exploitation, manipulation and greed, that has become concentrated in the corridors of power in the top end of town. This is why those in the driving seat of Big Business & Government, need to function out of a different structure of consciousness than the current primordial based one. Because there is growing abuse of power, political deviousness, irrational logic, paranoia, narcissism, lack of accountability, denial, hypocrisy and wrong direction coming out of those in the driving seat of progress.
The political point to be made:
Comprehend that karmic destiny and not just direction in life, is the invisible power we are handing to others when we blindly follow them. Armed with this knowledge, it is time to become very selective indeed over exactly who and what, we are surrendering our individual power and destiny too when we follow the ideology & creativity of others. That also means, it is not wise to vote for a media saturated PR & marketing genius image constructed individual, but rather what a political party stands for in its doctrine, policies, social values and direction. The media, along with political spin doctors & marketing geniuses create public perception, but they do not create a political doctrine. They merely manipulate it to fuel ammunition for radio shock jocks, derogatory comedy shows, talk back shows, news room theatricals, political assassination, social disharmony and headline news. It keeps the adrenaline flowing and prevents political journalists, political commentators and political politicians from becoming bored and listless. End of political example.

Returning to the basics:
A human created ‘entity’, is a quantum based influence (life force) born out of an ideology that has been adopted by a collective and lived as realty. A human created influence (entity) that is created out of the creative by-product of thought & desire…that, like the wind is invisible, but very tangible to an intuitive positive mind in spiritual touch with the Laws of Nature. It is a perpetuating ‘cause & effect’ influence, that develops a key-signature in the creative-intelligence of primordial Nature that underwrites life. A influence that when concentrated, becomes superimposed in the creative genes of biological life. Thus it is influence that also becomes inherited & perpetuated through procreation in the brain structured species that created it. A perpetuating ‘cause & effect’ creative influence that is called karma in Nature’s spiritual dictionary.

Believe it or not time:
It is that invisible quantum based karmic equation in operation…that functions underneath the physical scenes of organized human activity, that indirectly brought down the Berlin wall. Its accumulative people-power created karmic influence, brought down communism in the process and dissolved its ephemeral power as a human created entity…as a lived reality in other words. That is the invisible quantum mechanics of Nature at work, ignited by the consciousness of ‘people power’ to effect positive change in a dysfunctional ideology. A process that starts with the creative power of thought & desire and grows into a life-force (influence) that when concentrated in the many, creates the invisible means in the interactive quantum workings of Nature.

Q: What do life-supportive altruistic & humanitarian organization have in common?
A: A positive desire to create true equality and justice amongst all Nations, a positive desire to abolish poverty & create universal world harmony, happiness, health, affluence for all and a lasting world peace –yes?

Q: What do separately functioning altruistic & humanitarian organization also have in common?
A: They currently do not possess the people-power to create that great change of inequality into equality and misery into happiness in the world.
Because the sum total of your individual ‘entities’, do not add up to the karmic power necessary to elicit the support of Nature through the consciousness of people-power to change the existing consciousness of governments & big business. Governments that have fallen foul of the contagious entity of corporate & piggy bank greed that is permeating the collective consciousness of this decaying consumer driven civilization.

Q: So what is the answer for all those disenchanted powerless protesters (negative & positive) and their individual organizations. That quite rightly want to put the World right and place all Nations on a equal footing…with respect to equality, trade, justice, health, dissolving misery & poverty and creating real democracy, but as yet do not possess the people power to effect such great change?
A: Function from one unified platform of quantum connected consciousness with that positive desire to change the current dysfunctional status quo underwritten by greed. The euphoric influence (entity) of which, is debilitating the consciousness of not only Governments & Commerce, but the rest of the World.

Q: How do we create that miracle?
We learn to meditate correctly, and then we introduce the principle of the second element to that seemingly impossible uphill task…i.e. to help us take care of the insurmountable problem from behind the physical scenes. Thus we use the quantum mechanics of Nature to sort the problem out…because out of that equation of correct meditation, we acquire a direct path to the status quo creative source of Nature as a harmonious whole and not as separate functioning entities. In that unifying process, we indirectly amalgamate all those separate individually functioning organizations that desire world change, into one invisible effective force in the interactive spiritual & physical workings of Nature.

Recapping how the Real System that underwrites life works.

1. Nature has two primary forces (poles) that allow it to function and process physical and spiritual evolution. They contain the opposing yet interactive negative and positive primordial energies of Creation. Comprehend negative archetypal energies dissolve matter and positive archetypal energies create matter. When they go out of balance in quantum creation, we have big devolution trouble on the planet…like now.

2. Both these negative & positive processes are at work simultaneously within the human body…just as they are within everything else evolving in Creation. They are contained within two diametrically opposing poles of activity, yet those opposing poles interact harmoniously and in perfect symmetry and coherence to create, process, dissolve and evolve life…when they are not usurped by the destructive karmic influence that mankind creates in its Laws of Nature governed process.

3. It is the self-referral spiritual Laws of Nature, that balances the interactive activity of the negative & positive poles of Creation and their opposing primordial forces. Laws that in turn, are underwritten by the status quo supreme intelligence of Creation that underwrites the Unified Field processing evolution. A divine active spiritual intelligence we could call Almighty Nature, that is the progenitor of this physical Creation and all that is in it. All are manifested products of omnipotent uninvolved transcendent Absolute Intelligence…or God.

4. We have also called this active status quo universal intelligence Cosmic Intelligence…the supreme intelligence and ultimate Law of this evolving Creation. The active intermediary of supreme intelligence are the spiritual Laws of Nature, laws that form the government of Nature. Laws that are its active self-referral intelligence. Laws that create ‘order out of chaos’ in the primordial archetypal energies that underwrite & orchestrate physical life and its evolution.

5. It is the primordial spiritual archetypal intelligence of Nature, that structures our biological physiology and chemistry…structures personality…structures our born gifts and talents…structures our emotions…structures sexuality & procreation. In fact anything and everything to do with physical biological matter, is structured from that Laws of Nature governed primordial domain of almighty Nature. That is the Real System at work in our human created systems…and currently, many ‘got it wrong’ human systems (lived ideologies & lifestyles) that do not compliment the spiritual plot of life and purpose of evolution…but degrade it.

6. It is the spiritual primordial intelligence of Nature, that underlies & underwrites the manifestation and function of our physical genes. It is this quantum located spiritual primordial intelligence, that also contains the created influence out of our thoughts, actions and deeds. Cause & effect influence that is called karma and that our unique human species is responsible for…because we have created its influence out of our human thought & creativity interacting with the primordial archetypal intelligence that orchestrates life.

7. It is the human created influence of karma, that interacts with the totality of the creative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature…and creates also within that invisible spiritual interactive domain of Creation. Thus we have the birth of human created influence in the quantum workings of Nature’s that can be called entities. Entities that have the potential to grow out of a lived ideology and develop power & influence of their own in the negative & positive archetypal intelligence of Nature. A life-force that is a karmic product of human ‘cause & effect’. A life-force (influence) that has a natural affinity with the karma of those who created it and those who function out of its human created equation…as in a human created and lived ideology.

8. Creation has a alternating balance line (pulse) between its negative and positive poles. All life-intelligence functions on that analogous balance line, a balance line (equation) we could also call the ‘value’ & ‘product’ of the Laws of Nature to create and maintain order out of chaos. We could equate it to the line that separates the numerator from the denominator of a math’s equation or the dividing line that separates the negative and positive electrical peaks of alternating current. When the collective creativity and activity of mankind becomes dysfunctional and not life-supporting to everything else in Creation, then that pulsating balance line begins to stay in the dissolving attributes of the negative pole…the pole responsible for dissolving matter so that a new state may come into being.

9. The further that analogous ‘balance line’ of Creation dips into the negative dissolving attributes of primordial Nature, the less are the positive creative elements of divine Nature able to function coherently and re-create. When that equation reaches ‘critical mass’, stagnation of evolution and premature decay in life is the result…disorganization and chaos is the result in the functioning integrity of the Laws of Nature processing evolution. Its self-referral ability to govern Creation and maintain ‘order out of chaos’ collapses, as a human created and definitely unnatural cause & effect karmic consequence. In that unnatural collapse of Natural Law, life begins to behave abnormally. Stagnation of spiritual evolution in human society is but one symptom of many. The downward spiral of human consciousness into the realms of delusion is another.

10. It is only mankind that has the power to create imbalance in Nature’s primordial archetypal intelligence that underwrites and structures the biology & chemistry of life. Those accumulative imbalances in the Real System, equate to all our physiological, psychological, pathological & social problems on this shared planet. Thus the human species with the gift of conscious freewill and creativity, is the only species that creates disorder in the perfect workings of the Laws of Nature. It does so through not life-supportive thoughts, desire and intent and the negative ‘cause & effect’ influence (karma) that is created out of human creativity that does not support life and the purpose of evolution…but decays it.

11. Accumulative human created imbalance in Nature, equates to all social chaos and mayhem on this planet. It equates to cataclysmic disasters on this planet, created from the negative accumulative effect of the karmic influence we create in Nature’s interactive workings. Thus what we input into the creative workings of primordial Nature with our human influence and creativity, is what influence we get back individually and collectively. A negative or positive equation that comes out of the karmic law of ‘as we sow so do we reap’ in this interactive Creation. A ‘cause & effect’ equation that is the tool of evolution, a tool to process life from out of its activity & interaction with the creative primordial energies of almighty Nature.

12. Human beings are constantly subjected to the swinging pendulum of both poles of Creation, simply because life is being processed from within those negative & positive poles simultaneously in its constant cycle of life, death and rebirth. Human beings are also subject to inheriting their own negative and positive karma created out of past lives, as well as the negative and positive karma of their family key-signature located in quantum creation. Here lies the karmic equation that perpetuates the pathological/psychological/physiological disorders that plague our species. Disorders that accumulate and build up in a Civilization and cause it to stagnate & self-destruct with its spiritual evolution. As we sow so do we reap.

13. When spiritual evolution stagnates, human creativity and expression becomes accentuated with the dissolving negative energies of primordial Nature. As a devolution result, human activity becomes accentuated with violent, crude, base, obnoxious, undignified, sexually dysfunctional, selfish, self-gratuitous, narcissistic, domineering, controlling, all-consuming, greedy, irrational, thoughtless, unethical, paranoid and ambivalent behavior. They are all human created karmic qualities (entities) that become accentuated, when a Civilization goes out of sync with the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature. As a devolution result, the quality of human consciousness takes a nose dive on the ladder of spiritual evolution and delusion & chaos becomes rife in the affairs of mankind

14. Comprehend a notable factor of all past dissolved civilizations, is the social decay & chaos that became dominant at the height of their expansion, wealth and power. A power and wealth that became concentrated in the few and abused by the few…as usual. Mankind cannot function out of that equation without eventually spiraling into chaos, because its inequality becomes a destructive karmic influence (entity) that usurps the function of the Laws of Nature to create coherence in life. It is time to come out of the primordial structure of ego consciousness that perpetuates this karmic inheritance in the human species and acquire one that compliments and not degrades the Real System that underwrites life.

15. Comprehend all human beings are born in innocence, it is the negative not life-supportive karmic influence they create in life that destroys that innocence. Therefore, those that have an accentuated negative in their born karma and spiritual essence, is a factor that has nothing to do with being evil, merely a born inherited potential to become evil. The well known caption ‘evil to him/her that evil does’, sums up this karmic authored process. Conversely, human beings that have an accentuated positive in their born karma and spiritual essence, is a factor that has nothing to do with being an angel. But, it is a factor that determines the quality of consciousness of the individual and an indication of where they are on the ladder of spiritual evolution.

16. The adage, “those that do good receive good” also sums up the end result of our ‘as we sow so do we reap’ actions…but not always in life, but definitely afterwards. Comprehend benign ‘entities’ flow towards the positive thoughts and actions of benign human beings. Likewise, destructive ‘entities’ flow towards the negative thoughts and actions of destructive human beings. Like is attracted to like in the karmic field of ‘cause and effect’ in the primordial workings of Nature that orchestrate life.

17. In the boot camp manual, the hands-on recidivist violent brigade in human society, are called accentuated negative human beings that have lost the spiritual plot of life. Their growing destructive ranks in this decaying Civilization, is a demonstrable and tangible indicator of serious social, family & political disorder not being addressed. It is time to understand how the Real System that orchestrates life works, to then appreciate the invisible causes and deal with them from out of that different paradigm of spiritual understanding.

Believe it or not time:
The collective practice of correct meditation in Society, invisibly prevents the negative accentuated human being becoming dominant within the activity of Society and neutralizes the destructive ‘entities that instigate mindless violence. It is called creating ‘checkmate’ with destructive entities from the quantum level of life. Negative entities that are able to subordinate the unconscious mind of the negative accentuated human being, due to their karmic affinity with the negative energies of primordial Nature and their destructive attributes responsible for dissolving life.

Clarification: When we cultivate the abstract product that comes out of correct meditation, then the Laws of Nature that create coherence in Creation, begin to be accentuated within the consciousness of the human being. For it is those spiritual laws, that also structure order out of chaos and the quality of consciousness of the human being…which is a variable not a constant and subject to many internal, external & environmental factors. When transcendent meditation is practiced by a group of like-minded individuals working and interacting together, then the coherence generated out of its collective practice, is greatly amplified within its created shared ‘entity’. Which also means, the positive is automatically accentuated and the negative becomes debilitated within the shared consciousness of the group.

TRANSCENDENT: Lying above and beyond any known physical attribute. Beyond thought, beyond life, beyond the Universe. Such is the transcendent Intelligence of God. That is where religion has gone wrong in its understanding of God, because that uninvolved abstract intelligence has no attribute other than silence. When the thought of the thinker travels back to its internal source, then the individual mind of the thinker has the automatic potential to transcend the thought process. The mind leaves thought behind in physical creation, to arrive at the transcendent source of thought. Namely, Absolute Abstract Intelligence. That automatic outcome is the process, meaning & goal of Correct Meditation.

THE I: First person, oneself, me, the self, the ego.
But, who said the ego is the I and who said that I is the self. A definition that has become cemented in the dictionary and therefore gospel in the classroom and unchallenged because of it. In fact just like other well-known definitions that are thought to be unassailable in their logic & truth when quoted.

For example: The well known philosophical statement “I think (so) therefore I am”, means what?
It sounds very impressive when spoken, as though one has explained the fact of all facts, i.e. there is nothing beyond its statement, i.e. `eureka`, I have explained my existence and yours.
Q: What does the author mean by I?
Q: What does the author mean by think?

In the following definition, the ‘I’ or self that we identify with, is a created product out of the impulse of creative-intelligence we call thought. We automatically identify with conscious thought and in that identification process, we become the product of the thought. So the true nature of our created I or self, is the source of the thought that created it. Likewise, the human ego is born of thought and develops out of thought. On that understanding our ego is not the I, but attached to the I and a separate growing interwoven function of the created I in childhood. To eventually become (as the I) a sub-conscious function in the mind of the adult.  A survival function to protect & nurture the created I and prevent its psychological disintegration in the human mind.

So in this definition of self, the ‘I’ that we talk about is the created persona of the individual, i.e. what you ‘think’ you are…what ever that may be. In fact it is the ‘I’ the child within has created to interact with everything around them. Before that ‘I’ was created, there was just awareness just observation just witnessing…pure innocence is a good definition. That created ‘I’ out of childhood, is the means by which we form individual identity and personality via the archetypal intelligence that invisibly underwrites the physical biology & chemistry of life. That created ‘I’ identifies with objects, becomes attached to objects, begins to worship objects. Out of which comes the birth of created status, e.g. I am this…I am that. Which is simply not true, it is a human created illusion…albeit a very concrete one and why it is in the dictionary.

The point to be made: We have no comprehension of the source of thought or the intelligence that must underwrite it. Therefore the above definition does not exist in our dictionary and therefore the classroom.

Clarification: The born gift of “actors” is that they are able to create many individual ‘I’ to act with in life and on the stage and screen.
Q: Which persona or self is the true one of the actor?
Was it the one they used to play Henry the second with?
Was it the one they used to play Faust with?
Was it the one they used to play Adolph Hitler with?
Was it the one they used to sell the product with?
Or is it the one they are using when they are not playing the others?

The above example is given to understand the temporary nature of our created ‘I’ or self. Which in the above example has many created ‘I’ not one ‘I’. That anomaly indicates that the ‘I’ that we believe to be our self is not our true Self. There must be something more that is underwriting it, that is sourcing the thought and its creativity. When we uncover that source and identify with it, then we will have dissolved the old created self to become our true non-delusional real Self. That process has been called ‘enlightenment’ by those who have reached its structure of consciousness in human evolution.

A conclusion drawn from this definition of the I: You are not your ‘I’. You are not your created persona. You are not your created this and material that which the ‘I’ identifies with and becomes. This process of identification with the objects of perception, forms the common reality of the ‘I’ that we all function through in life. Yet, there is a further reality of the ‘I’ to uncover, understand, develop and incorporate into that dictionary definition of the I.

THE PHYSICAL & SPIRITUAL LAWS OF NATURE: Science has uncovered and uses the physical attributes of the Laws of Nature. The laws of physics, fluids, mathematics, chemistry, aerodynamics etc, are the physical manifestation of the Laws of Nature. But, Science has no knowledge or experience of the spiritual Laws of Nature that underwrite & interact with the physical Laws of Nature to process evolution. Science has no comprehension of the spiritual intelligence that has created & underwrites the physical biology of life. Science & Education only have extensive knowledge of the physical processes of life, not of the spiritual processes that underwrite life, evolution & Nature.

Clarification: In boot camp reality & therefore spiritual reality, it is wrong to blindly experiment on the biology of life, without understanding or comprehending the interactive intelligence that underwrites its source. Because at this point in time, the toxic to Nature synthetic products pouring out of the science laboratory & technology, are synthetically polluting the means for life. Polluting this planet and the spiritual function of the Laws of Nature to process the evolution of life. Science must learn to acquire, understand, create and work within that reality and its knowledge, if life is to survive on this living planet.

Quote from Alf. CEO of Boot Camp.

“We can argue our belief system from its education created and childhood indoctrinated reality until the cows come home and, within that created reality of belief we win –every time. Simply because we have created its reality with the function of our thoughts, thoughts that are transient i.e. they come and they go, especially when we depart this physical world. But comprehend there is another reality yet to be uncovered that does not come and go, it is eternal, unlike dissolvable human beings. That is a reality worth creating and understanding to supplement all our other dissolvable human created realities. Why? Because its is the truth of life and that which underwrites life and is never-changing…it is an eternal reality with eternal potential”.

About the basics of a new reality.

To make progress in boot camp, we have to acknowledge and accept ourselves as vulnerable human beings and understand the word humility along the way. Above all other ego created and human worshiped realities of acquired status, being a winner, being the best, I.Q. race, religion, color and what we call accomplishments and so-called success in this world.
Because our existing realities are fuelled out of identifying with and becoming lost in material objects and objectives. Then pursuing/idolizing/worshiping those human created realities above consideration for the gift, dignity and source of life. It is that reality of the source of life, that is hidden from all our human created and lived realities. Hidden from the incomplete disciplines of science & education and therefore hidden from the mind and life itself.

In boot camp reality, the gift of life is the most precious gift of all in this Creation. In fact in its fullness of potential, it is eternal within the life span of this created Universe. It is the essence of the human being that makes that possible, a spiritual essence we could call immutable in its creation out of Abstract Intelligence; a spiritual essence that is an individualized speck of that Absolute Intelligence that sources this physical creation and everything in it. A spiritual essence that is constantly evolving further (or at least it should be) up the dual ladder of physical and spiritual evolution and on to conscious eternity. This accomplishment made possible through the perpetuated physical cycle of life, death and rebirth on this planet. A mind-boggling concept perhaps, yet it is the truth of evolution and a perfectly governed automatic process that is contained within the invisible eternal creative-intelligence that has created us…created everything.

We could call that invisible spiritual intelligence Divine and the personal active aspect of the uninvolved abstract Creator. We could also call that active Divine intelligence the source of the Supreme Laws of Nature…or pure creativity that underwrites Nature. The invisible Laws of Nature, that in different innumerable modes of function, create, process and evolve everything in Creation. We could term it collectively as self-referral pure consciousness (or pure creativity) evolving upon itself…creating upon itself’. A point of Creation that Albert Einstein intuitively new existed…but could not prove mathematically, to substantiate his Unified Field theory underlying all of Relativity. At its central point of manifestation (the Unified Field?) we could spiritually call it Supreme Intelligence and the active status quo Intelligence of this Creation.

Clarification: For the comprehension of existing Science, we could call that ‘Unified Field’ a dimension that sources all other dimensions in this Creation. We could also call it self-referral Intelligence. We could call it Divine Intelligence. We could call it the instigating intelligence of both Spiritual Creation and Physical Creation. We could call it Almighty Nature or the Cosmic Computer or the Cosmic Spirit or the Cosmic Mind, take your pick. But comprehend it is not God…only the active manifested expression of God. Thus a big difference of understanding required in boot camp, because Abstract Intelligence is beyond description and all physical activity. It is beyond talking or doing…note all religions. As such it is transcendent and expressionless. It is beyond the thought of the thinker, yet as a paradox contains the thought of the thinker.

Thus Abstract Intelligence (that religion has called God) is impersonal in our present structure of consciousness that we create our realities out of. We have to acquire its abstract immutable silent intelligence to make it personal and become a reality in life. It is acquired out of a different platform of consciousness that we currently use to interact with Creation by…note science, academia and education functioning out of their human created realities that have no conception of the reality of Absolute Intelligence.

Clarification: If you do not wish to accept the above knowledge and understanding as a potential reality to be uncovered and acquired…then never will it come to be, because human beings create their reality…no one else. We are also the creator of our destiny as human beings…no one else. We are also the creator of the influence that comes out of our individual & collective thoughts, deeds, actions & realities whilst we are alive on this planet…no one else. Thus are we (human beings) responsible for that created influence that eventually returns to the human key signature that has created it and that we have called karma. Karma that is an invisible self-creating process linked to thought, that forms the catalyst (the mechanism or momentum) for individual evolution into other higher planes of consciousness. Karma and its ‘cause & effect’ influence, that forms the rungs on the ladder of our spiritual evolution. That is why the sages have said “as we sow so do we reap’ in Creation.

Comprehend that if we create the reality of nothingness (no Creator?) in our life, then in respect of spiritual evolution (accessing higher planes of consciousness) nothingness is where we end up at death, for we have created its eventuality out of our creativity…no one else. Yes, others may have assisted you in acquiring a nothingness reality out of the indoctrination of their thoughts and its created ideology (reality) that you have become a part of also. But, the human being has conscious freewill as well as pure potential in Creation to change that entrapment. The way to acquire freedom from the created realities of others, along with its human created ephemeral influence (entity) that binds the human being to that specific reality, lies in structuring a further state of consciousness; a further structure of consciousness that we have called Spiritual Consciousness and its reality in boot camp.

That structuring of a further state of consciousness is the process of Correct Meditation, an abstract transcendent process that creates true freedom within the activity of the complex dissolvable physical mind. To then become free of time, space and causation, yet at the same time to be part of time, space and causation. That reality is the potential of the human being to develop through expansion of the mind via a simple technique. So comprehend that you do not have to understand anything I have said to achieve that further structure of consciousness, merely implement a simple technique practiced twice-daily everyday of our life. So the path to understand its reality is through words, but acquiring its reality is by incorporating the technique of Correct Meditation into our lifestyle…any reasonable lifestyle. This is the only way to experience what I am talking about…it cannot be acquired through words, only its potential cognized through those words.
Therefore Alf is not here to argue/debate its reality in boot camp, but to explain and answer questions about its reality. A boot camp rhetoric and presentation, that may well be viewed by some as pompous, bellicose and over the top at times. Yet it should be firmly understood, that in the structure of ordinary consciousness, it is quite normal for the human being to automatically go into the state of ‘denial’ when it’s created reality and belief system is questioned. It is a obsolete leftover construct of the child carried on into adulthood within the subliminal mind to protect its created reality, belief system (ideology) and identity…the created I, from disintegrating.

It could also be said, that the higher the I.Q. the greater the ‘intelligent denial’ to be expected; because those with gifted intelligence are invariably over showered with academic accolades, awards and praise in the classroom, that invariably creates delusions of self-importance and invincibility in adulthood. This immature education practice in childhood, fuels the conceit that creates elitism and superiority in a Society. In boot camp, high I.Q. acting, singing, artistic or sporting talent, is no bench mark for the worth of a child. It is no bench mark for the worth of an adult either in a civilized society. It becomes difficult to accept anything greater than ones-self with its childhood acquired and education fuelled reality. It is an ego created reality that is easily dissolved along the path to acquiring spiritual consciousness, but requires understanding the word humility along the way to dissolve it.

The above is not written to offend, but to understand that as human beings we have not grown up yet on this planet. Few are the people that truly understand themselves and the workings of the subliminal mind that drives desire, emotions, ambition and the constant need for self-esteem, adulation and social status, which is childhood indoctrinated ideology that becomes our reality. Childhood indoctrinated ideology from society and embedded within the subliminal mind of the grown adult, is that which motivates those immature all-consuming aspirations for greatness, for wealth, for power, for winning, for recognition, for ego preening and creating self-esteem out of human adulation & worship. For needing accolades and applause, for being the biggest and the best at whatever, for conquering the world, for conquering the planets, for conquering Nature, for building the tallest building, for having your picture in the paper, for winning a Oscar, for winning gold medals, for letting off the most fireworks, for being in the Guinness book of records or Ripley’s hall of fame. All those now marketed and media saturated indoctrinated immature directives, are being powered from the activity of the child within the unexpanded mind…not the adult.

Clarification: As adults, we are all capable of behaving very immaturely, irrationally and thoughtlessly in our existing realities…everyone. It requires structuring a different platform of consciousness through which to understand ourselves by and by so doing, then progress out of its material entrapment and delusion that becomes a unquestioned reality and way of life.

Enough said, I hope we are all able to end up as friends. Even though it is initially necessary to rhetorically tread on a few education, academic and scientific toes to achieve comprehension of a further structure of consciousness and its reality, I bear no malice or ill-will towards anyone and hold no imagined or created status in this world. The author is a human being just like everyone else on the planet. Yes, we have to observe respect and dignity towards those who by their own merit and born gifts have risen to lead, teach, heal, administrate and govern within society, but only if it is warranted…not otherwise. Thus it can only come to be if those concerned are deserving of our respect out of their dignified actions and positive deeds within that society.

Kind regards to the reader from the author.

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