Alf’s Soapbox Oratories.

Boot Camp Oratory No 1.

About creating spiritual progress in the World and not just material progress in the World, aimed specifically at the spreading of contagious Americanized commercial/consumer/product/self-gratification/sexual degradation/human worship/ego preening/winning/conquering all-consuming big business Western culture around the World – ugh!

Therefore not economic & big greedy business progress, corporate predatory takeover progress, piggy bank own everything progress, global power & control progress, making billions of bucks progress, product saturation progress, marketing genius progress, acquiring tall buildings & shares progress, corporate boardroom progress and grossly overpaid progress, buying up the Planet progress, Hollywood acting, image and fantasy creating progress, catwalk and fashion fop progress, ego preening and euphoric winning progress, obsessive education success progress, non-stop talking progress, celebrity worshiping progress, barbie doll & macho ken progress, selling weapons of mass destruction progress, flying to the moon progress, conquering the planets progress, atomizing the atom progress, polluting the earth progress, rearranging life in the laboratory progress, experimenting on animals progress, synthetic technology and other science laboratory progress but Spiritual progress…Family progress….Social progress…Adult progress…World progress…Unifying progress…Upstairs progress.

Therefore not exploitation and manipulation progress, entrepreneurial mogul buy-up-the-world progress, tele-marketing annoying progress, glossy magazine tittle-tattle progress, coming out of the closet progress, do what you like in society progress, hollybug act stupid now and pay-later entertainment progress, adolescent targeted commercial television progress, Hollywood presentation of news and information progress, product & promo brainwashing progress, saturated advertising progress, image creating progress, the worshiping of human beings progress, I love me and my ego progress, the body beautiful progress and collectively summed up as a delusional progress to the Funny Farm for a winning consumed commercial T.V. and entertainment and product addicted Nation…otherwise known as living a human created delusion called progress. No wonder Darth is clapping his hands and St Peter is wringing his.

Conclusion: Some of your past founding fathers and dignified statesman (presidents) embedded on Mount Rushmore, will be turning over in their graves with utter dismay at where America has ended up after all their constitutional hard work and political endeavor to make a better New World…take another look at the Constitution?

Professional note of caution when dealing with this Media promoted contagious delusion called progress. Now gone Global under the banner of Democracy & Freedom of Expression and I’ve got my rights to do what I like in the World in the name of individualism, capitalism, free enterprise and realizing my childhood dream at the expense of Society and the Planet and collecting my harp at the end of the human day…note the top end of town as the majority shareholder?

Note: Commercial T.V. product, celebrity, entertainment, sexual freedom and dollar withdrawal symptoms in particular will be very traumatic.
Suggested boot camp remedy from Alf:
Drink tea to neutralize the Media & T.V. & Glossy Magazine 24/7 delivered cocktail of boobs abs, bums and whatnots, human winning & worshiping neurosis, commercial product toxicity, stock market information overload, saturated promo’s & advertisement delinquency, the late night ego and sex show, celebrity worship inebriation, catwalk fatigue, spin doctor & scriptwriter delusion and synthetic pills, caffe latte and fast food saturating the human brain?

The bottom line: We create lasting happiness from inside located spiritual sources; we only create a delusional fleeting temporary happiness from outside physical sources, image creating, material possessions, worshiping ourselves, big bucks, commercial television, winning and acquiring status, fame, adulation, gongs and dissolvable public acclaim etc etc etc?


Alf’s Boot Camp Oratory No (2)

What exactly has gone wrong in the World with the way we treat each other…the way we treat our loved one’s…treat our families and friends, treat strangers and treat Society. Because the cause of this Entertainment/Scriptwriter/Celebrity/Actor/Glossy Magazine/Media channeled behavioral problem, is fuelling endemic divorce, single parents, miserable unhappy families, social decay and psychological disorder in society. Its invisible cause is from a contagious destructive karmic influence coming out of the top end of town that is fuelling endless miserable spiritless existence within so-called progress, a progress that is but a delusion when it is unaccompanied by spiritual integrity, family values, respect for life, respect for Nature, respect for each other and equality, harmonious interaction and spontaneous not acted out natural empathy with others.

Surely enough is enough of this socially unproductive Media/Entertainment delivered delinquent behavior and ego sourced king of the castle message to win at everything, to be bigger and better at everything, to conquer everything, to possess and own everything and claim success in society through being a worshiped winner…a dysfunctional society that is. This delusion in society is born out of a ‘got it wrong’ self-esteem ideology to be successful and a winner in life through acquiring material and status accomplishment. A primordial ego sourced delusion that is being eulogized out of ‘got it wrong’ script writers and communication mediums that include our incomplete Education system.

Comprehend as the mature adult, that everyone is a winner if no one is a winner. Because under that past-the-used-by-date ego driven ideology for acquiring self-esteem, there can only be one winner, therefore everyone else is a constant loser. Understand in the ‘Real System’, life is not about pursuing power, fame, adulation and winning to acquire a dissolvable material sourced self-esteem, it is about spiritual living and its accomplishment to acquire a Upstairs lasting self-esteem.

Note: Because it is this education/media indoctrinated all-consuming material success neurosis acquired in childhood, that impedes us acquiring spiritual success neurosis in adulthood…and that is the correct neurosis to acquire if we want to get past St Peter at the gates, not the other Media & Education promoted one. It is a recipe for creating unhappiness and dissatisfaction in adult society…especially in the bottom end of town:

Clarification: We do not constantly give one child in the family all our love, attention, praise and accolades and none to the others, it inevitably creates a unhappy fractious discontented family. Likewise, we should not constantly give born talented children in the classroom and on the sports field all the accolades, awards and attention and none to the others. It inevitably sources inadequacy, disillusionment and loss of child self-esteem in those of average intelligence, who just happen to be the born norm on the Planet and not the other way around.

Fact: It is a immature education & media practice that leads to creating a psychologically damaged, inadequate, disadvantaged, worthless, lost, depressed, unhappy, dissatisfied adult section in society that do not know why…and are constantly chasing and worshiping the winners and products to find out why and claim a piece of the action…spearheaded by the obliging non stop talking winning news of day Media Circus of course.

Clarification: As mature adults, we should understand that worshiping and showering adulation on a born gifted minority creates disharmony in society, it sows the seeds for inequality in society and it fuels underlying discontent in society. It unknowingly creates misery, unhappiness and a lack of self-worth in its ordinary citizens…the losers. It also fuels ego delusions of self-importance, superiority, euphoria and invincibility in those that are being immaturely worshiped. That in turn leads to mental disorder, conceit, ego narcissism; megalomania and delusions of grandeur in the corridors of power…study our History Books for confirmation.

The bottom line: Psychological disorder in both family and society is the outcome from all this immature worshiping of born talent, high I.Q. classroom distinction, sport distinction, the body beautiful distinction and other so-called material success distinction to acquire self-esteem in childhood…that is then carried forward into Adult life. We end up with a psychological recipe for creating social problems in the losers as a result. All because we have to endlessly compete and become a worshiped winner to receive adulation and accolades and claim success in society, which is simply not true. Adults have merely created it to be true by creating its reality/ideology for acquiring self-esteem and worshiping it in society…children learn by example?

Do not dominate another’s personal space
Understand and realize
This unnecessary Human mistake
From out of childhood does this come
And all power, winning and ego fuelled habits
Can be realized dissolved and undone

So love and let live
With honesty supreme
Power and winning over another is most immature
And definitely not in the Cosmic Scheme

For we have twin roles to play out in life
Know them as the ingredients of husband and wife
Both must be balanced and never weak
For they are part of our psyche
So make them complete

This duality is part of the human norm
For both masculine and feminine
Are within our earthly form
Fuse then together in harmony and love
Then through the silence of Meditation
Share and give
The offering of the dove

Then the relationships we form
Will be sustaining and warm
That will nourish another
Whether it be sister or brother
Possessing another’s innocent space
Is far from love
And most definitely not of grace

Then shall all beauty flow our way
To compliment the fullness of our ever active day
For when we touch and acknowledge
Another’s heart
Friendship will play a lasting part
In the meaning of life and a working connection
Complimenting Creation
With kindness and perfection


Alf’s Boot Camp Oratory No (3)

Alf’s uncomplimentary Boot Camp message on trashing that we are calling Progress:
What the hell is wrong with you people out there…WAKE UP…or go down the cosmic gurgler within both physical evolution and more importantly Spiritual Evolution. For that is the way to eternity within this beautiful ever diversifying shared Creation. Yet dead end devolution is the bottom line if we persist in calling what we are doing on this planet Progress. It is not progress it is trashing… the trashing of the Planet and the trashing of ourselves and Nature in the process. A trashing created out of incomplete education, poor parenting and pursuing wrong social values from those creating and fuelling society’s direction and destiny in the top end of town…namely the winners.

Comprehend if we keep up all this so called progress, then social decay and growing psychological disorder is inevitable and that’s the bottom line…the negative outcome from this Media led worshiping of material values, image, status, greed, products, winning and so-called successful human beings to acquire self-esteem. We have the gift of life…priceless gift of life from the Creator, yet many are pursuing all the wrong values in life. You sleep around and call it sexual liberation and pursue superficial values that do not respect life, Nature and Upstairs but degrade life, Nature and Upstairs.

Note: Therefore we do not cherish our children, each other or Family values…merely Hollywood acted out pretence at going through the motions. Family spiritual values that should make a married couple sing into eternity…share into eternity…love into eternity, when we are in harmony with the Laws of Nature structuring order out of chaos in Creation…and not the endemic greed & winning that is fuelling the Global Economy and its so-called unstoppable progress.

Q: So what has gone wrong in affluent product saturated human worshiping greed & winning economy propelled Nations?
Q: Why are our human created material ideologies/realities that we live and called progress so socially destructive?
Q: Why have we become self-destructive and uncaring of each other and devoid of respect and empathy for this Planet and its well-being?

Note: Because self destructive we are in families that have no spiritual based harmony or joy within them…only commercial and material indoctrinated values. Those families merely exist as very poor training ground for the next generation to go out and trash the Planet as their materially brainwashed, product saturated, status, image, success, greed and winning consumed parents have.

Q: So why is this sorry state of human affairs in existence, existence that is no existence but it is called progress nevertheless.

Therefore we have lost intuitive connection with the Divine source of the Laws of Nature contained within that Spirit. For the spirit does not conquer…does not possess…does not dominate…does not trash … does not exploit and manipulate other human beings…does not degrade life and Nature…does not trample on everything that is beautiful and sacred to the Creator for big bucks, power and self-esteem. The spirit loves, the spirit gives…the spirit cherishes everything that belongs to the Creativity & Intelligence of the Creator.

Upstairs Fact: The accumulative negative ‘cause & effect consequence of our destructive material consumed trashing progress on this Planet equals the following: We either snap out of the euphoric spell of greed & winning that is propelling it and that we have been saturated with out of ‘got it wrong’ Communication Mediums, Governments & Big Greedy Business …or we will evolve no further. Our spiritual evolution will be dissolved when we depart this living planet, if not before at the accelerating rate we are destroying it.

Clarification: The supreme status quo intelligence of Nature is cranking up to rid the Planet of the destructive karmic influence that is now permeating within everything out of that trashing we are calling progress. The human being is insignificant within that status-quo Intelligence that restores equilibrium to Evolution when it has stagnated, its Cosmic Intelligence only functions for the good of the whole…never the part. So it is time to swallow Alf’s uncomplimentary boot camp rhetoric and understand all these words and the spiritual knowledge contained within them, or accept the dead end consequences of not doing so for this ‘got it wrong’ Civilization.

Downstairs Fact: Because it is this deluded Civilization that is creating those negative consequences, nothing to do with God…nothing to do with the Devil…nothing to do with Fred Nerk, Joe Bloggs or Alf, but everything to do with ‘got it wrong’ human beings in the top end of town leading this ego driven winning and greed propelled material charge to no-where land. It is time to move off the platform of material evolution and move on to the platform of our Spiritual Evolution for a change.

The bottom line: The Upstairs means has been given to clear up this human created delusion and experience true progress…namely understand and practice Correct Meditation. Because when our human intelligence is back in sync with Nature’s Intelligence and its Laws, the Upstairs acquired means to clear up this horrible state of human affairs called progress will come out of our own positive creativity and intelligence…note the top end of town in charge with the power to make it happen.

It is time to introduce new elements to life
This spiritual knowledge
To help neutralize all strife
Positive inspiration forming the collective key
Let us draw together
And learn the meaning of harmony

Nothing is impossible
Of this you can be assured
The attributes within the universe
Are “divine” and very pure
So let none deny another’s personal space
To understand the scheme of things
Within the Divinity of the human race

Let those who have the power
Unite in a common cause
To expand their integrity
And understand Cosmic Law
Acknowledging their gifts in this unity combined
Dissolving old habits
That complicates an intelligent mind

Then let us progress to another plane of life
One that is uplifting
Through knowledge of what is right
That is naturally acquired
Without ego or praise
Through the simplicity of Meditation
Dissolve the perpetual haze
Of ignorance and discontent of poverty
And malefic malcontent

For nothing is more detrimental
To the progress of evolution
Than the negativity of trapped
Suppressed unresolved emotion
Realizing this is our personal due
Within the field of awareness
That lies within you
Thus never not ever upon milder dispositions
For this negativity returns
And permeates all motion

So in knowledge of the archetypes
That manifest as our deeds
We will understand Nature
To the Nth degree
Then knowing our self in subtle content
Fuse and use your evolution
Towards Divine intent

Thus Education must be Wholelistic
And not consist of one source
Our children must learn the rhythms
Of Nature’s discourse
This is found in the science of inner understanding
By knowing what motivates intellectual blinding

Thus schooling should provide
Spiritual knowledge of the Universe
Knowledge of the planets
Knowledge of their influence
For everything is related
On this Universal plane
Through the understanding of the heavens
There is much to be gained

So it is time to make all progress our way
For Spiritual Intelligence to manifest and stay
For both Man and Nature must join as one
To acknowledge Creation in harmony and fun
So let’s chart a course and come together
Thus understand ourselves
Understand each other
Through activity that unites
Now and forever
We will always honor
Our sister and brother

Then shall we progress
To all that is meant

Alf’s Soap Box Oratory No (4)

About the subliminal child within the adult and a feedback comment from a Wal-Mart enthusiast:
Oh yeah! what do you mean the subliminal child within me: I’m grown up…got kids and a mortgage and whopping big credit card blow out. I’ve got the latest talking fridge, the latest 90 metre flat screen T.V. that makes hamburgers and caffe latte in-between commercial breaks. I got the latest fashion Barbie & Ken I-love-me clothes off the ego catwalk at Fopsville, the latest brain matter transporter cell-phone with sanity recall on hold, the latest you beaut super duper electronic gizmo cluttered vertical takeoff automobile, the latest D.V.D zonc player with multiple free instructions in twenty five languages, not forgetting my new three hundred horsepower chip-blown remote control ride on lawn mower with electronic lunch-pack, earpod and extra’s.

Oh yeah! and I’ve accumulated enough in me overseas Wall Street share portfolio to fly to the moon and examine its craters next year…then the following year, with all the frequent flyer points from me moon trip and credit card binge, I have enough to take a big buck trip to Mars in my Wal-Mart do-it-your-self‘ & assemble at home intergalactic ‘Tardis’ and collect all the scrap from those dud probes and other remote-control junk from N.A.S.T.A. ’cause someone at Foxnewt said there’s big bucks in it and a celebrity contract and a trip to Fred’s Casino if you get in first at their newsroom with its junk.

Oh yeah! nearly forgot to mention me newly installed big buck triple glazing in the house to keep all the noise pollution out from my complaining neighbors when I’m listening to my ten thousand watt 98 decibel hi-fi and twanging and jumping up and down on me 102 decibel electric guitar and electro fortissimo jungle drums that I brought last week on have now and go deaf later terms of biological credit and just to keep me live-in partner happy, I’ve ordered the latest duel purpose time-saver washing machine with internal ironing circuitry and multiple home-entertainment facilities with Internet connection for the kids while she’s washing and spin drying them together at the same time.

Anyways, what subliminal child are yer talking about, ‘cause I ain’t got one on me. How much does it cost to have one anyway? and can I put it on one of my thousand fly-by credit cards, ‘cause I don’t wanna miss out if it’s a dang good deal at Wal-Mart.

Boot Camp reply from Grumpy Alf:
Read my pen and read my decibel deafened product allergic mind, you have definitely got a overindulged/spoilt/undisciplined/self-gratuitous child syndrome and a commercial product created karmic screw loose in your mind. Because I do not see a mature adult operating within any of that material acquisition and must-have commercial spin-doctored reality…socially contagious reality… big greedy business fuelled reality… marketing genius propelled reality….fruit-loop product addicted reality. This material wanting and product buying neurosis is coming from the manipulated subliminal child within the cough, mutter and splutter so-called adult.

A product buying program that has been installed in the subliminal mind from saturated commercial T.V. indoctrinated product brainwashing in childhood…and it is preventing adults from ever growing up into the Real System. A commercial Media indoctrinated out-of-control accelerating treadmill of product acquisition to satisfy the subliminal wants and needs of the lost child embedded within the immature adult. That immaturity is exactly what the pea-brain marketing/advertising brigades exploit through saturated advertising and image-creating to capture the subliminal workings of the unexpanded adult mind.

Boot Camp Wake Up Call:
You are under their subliminal Darth spell as well as shop-until-you-drop Wal-Mart neurosis. Your ding-bat brain has become a commercial wired, product programmed, manipulated curser tool of the sociopath Marketing Genius and other Darth Associates holding the global economy Mouse – got it?

We will never get past St Peter if we do not bring out that lost child that is directing the adult’s all-consuming must-have must-buy $ activity on this product polluted Planet. We need to bring that I I I Me Me Me Have Have Have Want Want Want natural function of the child into conscious adult view…because it should not be a natural function of a mature adult. That self-gratuitous undisciplined lost child and its commercial T.V. indoctrinated wanting activity, are directing the immature desires of the adult. It urgently needs to be made free of that T.V. created subliminal entrapment to be able to grow-up and act as a responsible adult, not a product manipulated ding-dong adult.

When the subliminal content of the adult mind is made conscious, we will then be functioning with a totally integrated personality that consciously expresses that child through the maturity of the adults thought and expression. More, you will be able to laugh and experience the child’s spontaneous joy within those mature thoughts of the adult. More, you will once more experience the innocence that is the Divine of Nature within a child…and that innocence (openness) is the means to access the ‘field of all possibilities’ within Nature and its self-referral laws…and move on with our adult evolution and out of that shop-aholic product consummated definitely Darth manipulated going no-where superficial life as a positive result.

We will then have expanded the adult mind so that the conscious thought of the thinker functions deep within the composite complex mind, to then communicate with the subliminal mind and dissolve its indoctrinated product contents…that includes the adult’s belief-system? Then you will have cleared a path through all its embedded childhood acquired clutter, trauma and emotional entanglement and made it conscious activity for the adult to deal with. Then you will also become free of those who are able to capture and exploit the subliminal workings of that lost child within you, namely the Marketing/Advertising/ Spin Doctor Brigades, because you have unknowingly become a slave to them and to big corporate greedy business. The $ agents of Ugh and double ugh?

Boot Camp conclusion:
Q: How do we create/restore communication and integration of the conscious thought process with the flotsam and jetsam and repressed content of the subliminal mind?
Q: How do we bring out that subliminal child with all its childhood indoctrinated acquired content that is trapped within the unexpanded adult mind?
Q: How do we dissolve the denial, repressed/suppressed frustrations, unfulfilled desires, incessant wanting, needing, possessing, pettiness, jealousy and other irrational human behavior that also equates to being pockets of trapped negative repressed thought energy. Therefore trapped creative energy that constitutes residual-stress locked within the subliminal layers of the biological mind out of the trials and tribulations of childhood?
Note: To also be a cause for psychological disorder, personality disorders, depression, unhappiness, delusion, denial, paranoia, irrational thoughts, emotional chaos, destructive intent, conflict, ambivalence, obnoxious behavior and negative expression arising in the delinquent sociopath adult out of a dysfunctional unloved childhood and ‘got it wrong’ parenting and family chaos.

Q: How do we resolve it?
A: We incorporate the practice of Correct Meditation into our daily routine to rid the mind of all that childhood acquired flotsam and jetsam and the karma that goes with it. Achievement accomplished without the conscious thought process becoming overwhelmed and neurotic with all its suppressed residual trauma and memories. Because this childhood acquired flotsam and jetsam, is the retained product of residual stress trapped as thought energy locked-up in the subliminal workings of the unexpanded adult mind?

When we become well practiced in its simple technique, then while we are transcending the activity of thought during Correct Meditation, it allows that residual stress to dissipate naturally. Therefore without having to become involved consciously with its process and without having to copy the method-acting of Hollybug & Co; to act it all out and bring it all out in public. Note, and be paid millions of bucks and awarded gongs for its delinquent/adolescent/obnoxious socially destructive behavior called Adult drama, gripping entertainment and freedom of artistic expression.
When its residual stress is fully dissolved, then will we have freedom from its immaturity interfering and influencing the adult’s conscious expression: Then that individual I can become a positive interactive integrated We. Comprehend that everyone has a positive or negative subliminal child functioning within them. Thus become aware of it within you and accept it within you, because within the positive child is the power to re-connect to the self-referral Laws of Nature that create order out of chaos. A intuitive connection that leads to the field of all-possibilities for the mature adult, but definitely not a product consumed $ and winning obsessed adult.

When we consciously incorporate that child’s positive expression within the grown adult’s expression, then we will function in spontaneous happiness and joyful interaction with others without having to pretend and act the part. Therefore adult expression and creativity structured in positive harmonious totally integrated thoughts and feelings in conscious consideration of everything around you. That is the sign of a mature adult…not what is on the top of this page.

The Child within:

Giving Caring
Sharing and Complete
Thus is how we all should meet
Through this interaction
Create loving action
Then gentle is our sleep
In words and play throughout your day
Dwell not upon yourself
In giving thus
To others trust
Will make heaven your way

From every action there is reaction
The influence of which returns to you
Better by far to compliment the star
That is shinning down on you
In the heavens above there are lessons of love
Doubt not that of which you know nothing
But seek instead
To explore that in your head
That which is intuitively given

The spirit within
Knows not of sin or words
To cloud the divine
Simple and sweet effective and neat
To all good intent it thus listens
For your spirit is the link
That will not let you sink
No chains does it have for thee
How soon you will reach
The heavenly seat
Upon which all destiny rides

So give this some thought
And soon you’ll import
The rhythms of Nature’s grace
For she will return
Without question and form
Pure love in the chamber of your heart

Yet remember again
Suffering and pain
Are not meant to inhibit thee
But first you must lose
Then find and choose
A path more heavenly sent


Alf’s Soap Box Oratory No (5)

About the Laws of Nature….spiritually speaking that is?
Cranking up the science boot camp rhetoric:
Oops! Here we go around the human created product mulberry bush and another visit to the human created delusional product funny farm again.
Because no one in Science has sourced the self-referral Laws of Nature in their un-manifest state in the ‘unified field’ that is their spiritual home. Plus, they are far to busy blindly experimenting on all aspects of life and this physical World, using the static Laws of Physics in their electro/magnetic relative fixed fields of expression, to comprehend that the physical senses of perception in the human being are just that. Created and evolved to interact with Physical Creation and not Spiritual Creation its invisible source.

Therefore in our existing structure of biological created consciousness, we have no existing scientific created means of entry into that non-physical Creation where everything physical manifests out of. Therefore it does not exist as an experienced reality. That means we have to create the means for it to become an experienced proven reality. In fact just like science does now with a light bulb theory. You put it into practice and examine and quantify the results to prove or disprove the theory. Abstract Intelligence is no different, you apply the means (correct meditation) to then be able to measure the result in Society and prove it, not before.

Oh dear, motor mouth Alf will not be very popular in some rigid unbending science circles…or perhaps science squares, because that last statement is going to be hard to swallow and print in all their physical science manuals. They will have to revise their scientific logic and denial cry of ‘prove it to me first before we will accept it’ if they do…and that is not allowed. It will upset the status quo that they currently own in creating and directing all science reality for it to become reality for us un-scientific lot on the Planet to have to live with. Justified out of a human…and therefore suspect, self-given mandate to do what we like on this shared planet in the name of scientific progress and saving mankind. e.g. weapons of mass destruction, synthetic polluting technology, chemicals galore, the life re-arranging laboratory, ten billion $ plus atom trashing machines, nuclear toxic waste…to mention but a few?

Surely it is time to democratically put it to a World people vote not a politicians vote – it is called a people referendum on World issues that affect those that come after us to reap what we have created…and currently pollution galore? Now that inclusion could be called real World progress and democracy functioning on a level playing field, not an exclusive political, science and big corporate business top end of town created playing field.

According to the Spiritual book of Alf, the Spiritual home of the Laws of Nature lies at the un-manifest level of Creation. You cannot take a Disney ride to their home. You cannot take a big greedy business ride to their home. You cannot take a political, acting, image created, marketed, catwalk or Hollywood ride to their home but, the thought of the thinker resting on the created vibration of a ‘mantra’ can and most certainly does take a ride to their home. In fact more, when the thought of the thinker returns back to conscious appreciation within the thinking process of the mind, then that thought is imbued with the qualities of all the self-referral Laws of Nature, Laws that create order out of chaos and are the active intelligence of the Creator permeating within all matter and energy in this interactive Universe.

Interjection from science enthusiast:
“Holy non-scientific Moses!!! do you mean to say that all the big tax bucks spent on invading and polluting outer space…as well as this planet…and conquering the other planets and Martian Klingnongs that have ran out of H2o and on the return journey, blowing up rogue asteroids that are going to bump us off if we don’t land on the asteroid and plant nukes and atomize em up first like in macho Hollydude and Co; is never gonna get us to the real heaven?”
Reply from Alf:
Yep, you betcha bottom product dollar that’s exactly what Alf is saying and a dang lot more to boot…especially to Science, N.A.S.T.A. Big greedy corporate business, Commercial Television Hollybug and Foxnewt.

The gross physical aspect of the Laws of Nature that science uses to understand Creation with, are but one function of the Laws of Nature. In Spiritual Creation that underlies and underwrites this Physical Creation, those laws of physics have no physical form or structure whatsoever. So we cannot possibly understand the workings of other non physical dimensions using the laws of physics or mathematics…even Albert eventually came to that conclusion.

So, and I know it is going to be hard on the intellect and sensibility of a lot of very intelligent people that keep ignoring Alf’s verbal boot camp ego battering rams? we have to intuitively understand and accept, that that the laws of physics have limitations…just like the human being functioning out if its present state of dissolvable biological consciousness and physical matter: because the Laws of Physical Nature are the transformed gross functioning physical aspect of the Spiritual Laws of Quantum Nature. Sorry about that disappointing revelation to physical science in their life and atom re-arranging synthetic laboratories, but that’s a fact out of the Upstairs laboratory where we have come from…not from a test tube and syringes and ‘got it wrong’ human creativity in the unchallenged life-re-arranging laboratory.

Comprehend the physical Laws of Nature that science understands and uses, change and function differently within Spiritual Quantum Creation that underwrites this Physical Creation. What is more, there is a No Time Continuum operating at the un-manifest level of Creation.
Interjection from science enthusiast: “Oh no! not another lot of Dr Who intergalactic gobble de gook”.
Reply: Yep, sorry about that, Alf just can’t help himself, it’s a contagious motor mouth disorder contracted from out of Commercial Television and the Marketing Media – ugh!
What is not gobble-de-gook, is that operating within that no time continuum, are all the innumerable planes (dimensions) of Spiritual Creation. Non-physical planes of Creation that our spiritual essence is evolving through on its journey back to its source…and what is that source? It is the Absolute uninvolved Abstract Intelligence that everything has manifested out of…the Creator.

The bottom line: Science and Religion will only become compatible with their respective human created realities, when they both function out of that silent uninvolved Abstract transcendent Intelligence with their endlessly talking noisy involved biological intelligence. The spiritual means to solve that physical problem have been given, but no one is listening, why?

Conclusion: No wonder Alf has resorted to using boot camp ego denting comments to get the message from Upstairs across to the deaf media, governments, science and big greedy corporate business that have ignored his previous polite correspondence.
Kind regards from Alf once again to the top end of town…and the Laws of Nature this time around.
The Laws of Nature

The Laws of Nature precipitate time
Precipitate the universe precipitate the mind
For the Laws of Nature are heavenly and divine
For they permeate Creation as pure intelligence refined
Manifesting thus as the deities of Creation
Then as the physical inception of Man’s incarnation
They procreate life through their symmetric interaction
As the creative element of Mother Nature’s inception

In their presence and purity
They permeate all life
Permeate the diversity of the changing day and night
This light and shade of Creation glorify God
Interacting with unity
That is little understood
Ever expanding ever creating in this interaction supreme
Beautiful vibrations of energy
That should constitute our dreams
For nothing is without them and nothing would exist
So it is time to pay them homage and honor their creative bliss

And how do you acknowledge something
That is invisible to you
Yet responds to every action
From every thought and deed you do
For God has given duality
Through his creative Almighty State
To share with life intelligence
The essence of that grace
So pay tribute to the energies that constitute the mass
Constitute the universe fabricate all life
For such is their intelligence ethereal and supreme
Without them life could not exist
Within the cosmic scheme

By complimenting their perfection
With good deed and good intent
Through saying grace at mealtimes
Before partaking of your meal
In this you honor Creation by thought and of its seed
For this penetrates the ethereal
Invisible but very real
Thus in simple action harmony does result
Through vibration supreme and subtle
To compliment Nature’s love

And when you compliment in acknowledgement
Their presence in your life
All harmony is restored to the origins of strife
For all influence you create
Through your thought and of its state
Is manifested thus
And returned in kind post haste
Better that you honor them
With all kindly intent
In mutual understanding
In love pure and meant

Then the blessings of Nature
Will shower down on you
On your families on your loved ones
Invisible but true
For everything is reciprocal
Within the Universe and you
So returning what they give
Is the natural thing too do

The love borne within a mother
That nurtured you at birth
The tenderness she showed you
Through her ever loving worth
Her thoughtfulness her givingness
Her concentrated love
Are but reflections of energies
Born within the Universe

For how else does all life share
The expansion of their young
In mutual understanding of caring that is done
By nurturing by touching
By giving of themselves
Thus do all parents know of Nature’s Laws unfurled


Alf’s Soapbox Oratory No (6)

The Heckler’s of Physical Creation versus the planes of Spiritual Creation
First interjection from heckler:
The planes of what???
Reply: The numerous ethereal strata that constitutes the invisible spiritual platform and workings of Quantum Creation: Thus the totality of Spiritual Creation that underlies and underwrites this Physical Creation. Comprehend that the innumerable strata of consciousness in that Spiritual Domain, contains the individual and collective key-signature of every form of life intelligence that is evolving. Along with a karmic created ‘cause and effect’ link sourced to every individual, to every family, to every functioning organism on this Planet. Thus Spiritual Creation contains the spiritual blue print of all that is physically evolving in the Universe.

Second interjection from heckler:
What a lot of crap…we think you’ve been mixing it with the toadstools again and watching too many Dr Who re-runs:
Reply: Frankly me’ dear, Alf don’t give a hoot or a dang what you think, because there’s none so dumb as those who think they know everything and therefore have nothing else to learn…except when they pop off the Planet. So this information is for those who do want to see…do want to learn…do want to evolve further within Creation…do want to know God…do want to know the Divinity within Almighty Nature. Got the boot camp message yet, as we sow so do we reap?

Fact: the Spiritual Planes of Creation contain the afterlife activity of our individual spiritual essence, along with the afterlife spiritual essence of all other life intelligence that is also contained within different vibratory fields of consciousness within Spiritual Creation. A spiritual essence that has nothing whatsoever to do with our physical created I and ‘got it wrong’ belief system and reality that the hecklers are functioning out of and getting up Alf’s & Tinkerbell’s nose because of it.

Fact: So to all the professional hecklers out there in the big World –grow up and get a life and get that disbelief act together. Otherwise when we depart this World, we aint never coming back ever again to be able reach Heaven. So unless we start understanding a further reality to acquire and function through down here on terra firma, then St Peter sure aint gonna let us out of which ever gates we are stuck behind Upstairs to return and enjoy Heaven on Earth. For that is what this beautiful Planet should be and is going to be, which is a physical reflection of the Divine Heaven that exists within the Spiritual Planes of Creation, the positive end of it that is.

Third interjection from heckler:
Oh Yeah! well you don’t look or sound very Holy or Angelic to me…which end of Creation have you come from?
Reply: Both, that the Laws of Nature function through to process all of Creation from, have you got the negative and positive spiritual message yet…if not digest the following.
The Planes of Creation

So how do we connect to a view
That is totally invisible to you
A source so powerful that it instigates life
Instigates the cosmos
Yet so gentle is its might

First culture the awareness within
To transcend to that beyond everything
Find in this silence the transcendental mode
The means to explore all uncharted roads
For such is the diversity of creation
Beyond its physical manifestation
New horizons of truth
Become open to proof
Beyond doubt or any speculation

The senses of perception
In their physical form
Have only access to what is considered the norm
Yet in Man’s ethereal state
A body exists too
Its function is to connect the universe to you
aligned and assigned
To your physical form
A replica of the matter that constitutes this norm

This consists of atoms whose “vibration” are light
That surrounds your physical form
Throughout your life
For everything is in vibration
In the relative state
Each plane of existence resonates at a given rate
That has Quantum proportions
Beyond physical sight
Functioning from laws within ethereal light
That has its basis in a universal field
That is spiritual, magnetic
Tangible and real

This has to be transcended by the awareness within
For its proof to become known
Cemented and bring
Its knowledge and content to the physical mind
Created through discipline practice and time
Its frequency is to subtle to contemplate
With the senses of perception
From your physical state

Thus silence is the norm by which we propagate
This field of potential
That is the cosmic state
Certainly there are ground rules to observe within
To expand this field of consciousness and begin
A voyage of self discovery
To compliment evolution
Through fusing and using
The celestial constitution

So just rest and set the wheels in motion
No effort is required
For this universal connection
Thus the contents of the mind
Are not required for this journey
For this evolves through skill
Innocence and pure creativity
The emotions and thought are put to rest
In the process of surrendering the intellect

Thus the mantra of meditation
Vibratory and fine
Stills the nervous system along with the mind
Thus better by far
That you develop to who you are
Within the silence and perfection of Creation
By transcending the strata
That contains all the data
Pertaining to earthly consideration
The coherence this creates
Compliments and makes
Vibration conducive to Creation

And how do we know this exists?
It is simple
Its expression is bliss
That introduces the mind
To all that is kind
That emanates from the heart of Creation.


Boot camp Oratory No (7)

Sexuality, the Laws of Nature, the Primordial human being and the Facts of Life revisited:
Alf cranks up the uncomplimentary ‘got it’ rhetoric and points the finger…especially at the Media:
Q: Sexual interaction, should it always be respectful, dignified, private, personal, mutual and harmonious?
A: Yes, most definitely, according to the Spiritual Laws of Nature & Upstairs…and especially if we want to get past St Peter at the Gates at human closing time.

Have we got that missing fact of life across to the do what you like and out of control Marketing/Advertising Sex Brigade, Hollysexbug & Co; & the League of Actors, the Sex Warped Artist’s Forum, the Catwalk Hall of Fop & Sexual Image Fame, the Comedian’s House of Dead Brain Sex Jokes, the Music Pied Piper top of the pops sexually gyrating Video Clip Guild, the Scriptwriters & Producers Sexual Fantasy Club and the reveal all closet gossip dead brain Glossy Magazine Sex Library.

Note: Along with other ‘got it wrong’ so-called successful human beings with a social, psychological & sexual screw loose in the adult maturity department, leading the sexual degradation charge to Darth’s No-Where Land for adolescent retarded adults on a new age Media prescribed and Ancient Greek endorsed, ego and narcissistic body beautiful sex worshiping tablet…phew, that sentence should be a ego denting winner in Alf’s self-esteem demoting stakes in the top end of town…surely?

Upstairs Fact: Because it is this ‘got it wrong’ human creativity in the sexual expression department and its saturation in the Public Arena, that has created a total lack of dignity and respect for the sexual act within the consciousness of a society. Sexual expression that is currently degrading to Life & Nature, irresponsible to our children, crude, lewd, undignified, immature, thoughtless, self-gratuitous, socially destructive, spiritually debilitating and totally out of touch with the Laws of Nature responsible for procreation.
Note: A sexual degradation spell that spells big ‘as we sow so do we reap’ trouble for all concerned at the end of the human day in the Real System. A Real System that has the last say on this sexual degradation subject…note the entrenched opposition in the top end of town? That have already has their Spin Doctor say in the Public Arena and the reason why it has got out of control in Society in the first place.

Q: So what if the karmic influence that we create out of sexual interaction is not conducive and harmonious to Primordial Nature’s interactive workings and the Laws of Nature…who cares.
A: Everyone should care, comprehend that it is Nature’s Primordial Workings that create & orchestrate the sexual drive…create & orchestrate conception…create & orchestrate orgasm…create & orchestrate life, create and orchestrate the archetypal qualities of our children all before they come into this World.

Q: So why are there so many contagious destructive sexual vibes hurtling around this Planets spiritual atmosphere on the Upstairs radar?
A: Those invisible vibes are sourced to a growing karmic ‘cause & effect’ destructive influence created out of the product of sexual expression without love & respect. Because there should only be the positive qualities of love, empathy, mutual respect and tenderness within human created influence that enters Nature’s Negative & Positive impersonal primordial workings from out of sexual union.

Because out of the interactive Negative & Positive Archetypal Intelligence that underwrites and processes life comes the physical means to conceive, the means to bring children into the World. At the moment we are bringing life into this World saturated with a contagious destructive karmic influence coming out of Media & Entertainment eulogized sexual degradation to capture the Public’s attention, sell products and preen the immature ego with a euphoric high sourced to Darth acquired brownie points and not Upstairs acquired brownie points. Note those in the Media Spotlight and those that want to be in the Public Spotlight with their procreation attributes and bodily geometry to acquire self esteem, fame and big bucks.

Upstairs Fact:
We are conceiving our precious children in the negative influence of growing sexual degradation from the thoughtlessness, opportunism, retarded adolescence, adult immaturity and ‘got it wrong’ creativity of those mentioned above…along with the ever growing contaminating influence of Porn… the ever growing contaminating influence of the sex slave trade and prostitution…prostitution that has now become legalized to earn money on the Stock Market out of greed and entrepreneurial predatory Big Business. Big Business that is driving the Global Economy and being Rubber Stamped by economy obsessed election driven Governments; Governments that are also socially blind and have lost the plot of life in the Leadership Stakes because of it?

Comprehend this euphoric transmitted sexual degradation and its ever growing contagious influence, is coming out of ‘got it wrong’ Communication Mediums that blatantly exploit and eulogize sexual promiscuity within their content, that promote no respect or dignity within the function of procreation and the Divine of sexual union. That spells big spiritual devolution trouble for that Darth deluded ‘got it wrong’ going no-where sexually liberated Society in the workings of the Real System.

Clarification: Sexual Union that should not be acted out for others to gawp at and applaud from immature actor’s with a ‘I love me’ ego disorder and a delinquent do what you like and act how you like ‘got it wrong’ freedom of expression delusion in society. The boot camp message is that all concerned, are in big trouble with their Spiritual Evolution at the end of the human day and are to report to Alf’s Sin Bin Detention Room for ‘got it wrong’ uncivilized human beings to address that narcissistic ego problem before departing Earthly matters…having upset St Peter with the heavenly keys big time?

Downstairs Fact:
Comprehend human beings becomes lost to their Spiritual Evolution in this socially destructive sexual degradation that we call freedom of artistic expression and sexual liberation in society. It is sourced to a ego created euphoric delusion coming out of poor quality consciousness and ’got it wrong’ human beings in the top end of town leading the charge. Those in the driving seat are currently taking this Civilization to a terminating conclusion with this greed & ego driven sexual exploitation and its degradation of the Divine function of the sexual organs to create life.

Therefore not to degrade life and make big reputations, big bucks and preen the immature self-gratuitous ego in the Public Arena…also called success and realizing our childhood dream for some inexplicable reason. Comprehend if we ever want to reach Heaven and claim our harp, then sexual intercourse should only take place in privacy and within the spiritual boundaries of marriage and its worded vows to honor, respect and cherish each other, vows that contain a positive karmic influence of love and respect for each other, Nature and Life to pass on to our offspring.

Clarification: Sexual activity outside of this positive parameter draws destructive entities to the unconscious psyche of the human being, negative influence that becomes attached to the psyche of both partners. A destructive karmic influence that not only gathers around the spiritual psyche, but becomes attached to it and is passed on to contaminate other casual sex partner’s through orgasm. Understand big spiritual devolution trouble comes to contaminate the family & society as a result of sexual infidelity, wife swapping, prostitution and Media, Actor & Scriptwriter promoted sexual degradation called gripping entertainment and adult drama.

The serious ’got it’ bottom line:
In fact big trouble appears everywhere in a Civilization out of promoting sexual degradation and its worship, namely sexually transmitted malignant disease and psychological disorder. Because we have contaminated the interactive workings of Primordial Nature that underwrites life with our wrong sexual activity…from the accumulative negative ‘cause & effect karmic influence that comes out of that degradation and lack of dignity and respect for the sexual act. Comprehend ‘as we sow so do we reap’ in the Real System that underwrites our human created dissolvable systems – got it?

Clarification: When this uncivilized sexual activity and its created influence reach critical mass in the interactive Primordial Workings of Nature, then its Civilization is in trouble, because it encourages malevolent entities to be drawn into the Spiritual & Physical workings of this Planet from out of past. One of those destructive entities is powering the growing sociopath driven sex slave trade and ‘dancing pole’ Nightclub sexual entertainment that in turn, is empowering growing Pedophilia and other sexual abnormalities in this deluded ‘got it wrong’ do what you like sexually liberated Civilization.

Note: A perpetuating destructive malevolent ‘life force’ that should not be in the Primordial System in the first place, but has been created out of the wrong sexually activity of past Civilizations and that this also ‘got it wrong’ Civilization is now adding too. Those that created it have been dissolved within Evolution…but they left its perpetuating karmic inheritance for their lineage to inherit and reap the same dead end devolution result in the present, out of promiscuous promoting sexually degrading ‘got it wrong’ Societies in the past – got it?

Comprehend sexual union should always be accompanied by the positive karmic influence of love, tenderness and respect for our partner in the confines of privacy…never in Public on the big T.V. screen or in Glossy Magazines & Films. Therefore not to be exploited by the Media to grab the public’s attention with, not to be exploited to get ratings and the advertising dollar on Commercial Television with. Not to be exploited to make big bucks and big reputations in the top end of town with. Not to be exploited by Marketing Geniuses & Advertising Guru’s to corrupt society with. Not to be exploited by the House of Fashion to degrade the human being and family values with.

Therefore not to be exploited by artistic degenerates with a karmic inherited sexual screw loose in Society. Not to be exploited to capture the vulnerable sexually charged ‘I know everything’ adolescent mind with. Not to be exploited to capture the sexually immature delinquent adult’s attention with. Not to be exploited to preen the immature I love me ego from parading our procreation attributes in the Market Place. Not to be exploited in dead brain Glossy Magazines to sell products and create delusional self-esteem with. We are all in big trouble with Upstairs from this Media & Entertainment acquired lack of respect for the sexual act and organs of procreation and their true function.

Q: What is their true function?
A: Bringing new life into the World:
They are currently bringing in destructive influence that authors disease and psychological disorder into this Physical World from the sexual stupidity and irresponsibility of promiscuous promoting Societies and so-called successful human beings in the top end of town.
Comprehend sexual degradation is a destructive influence that grows to contaminate the Intelligence responsible for conception and life within other non-physical spiritual planes of Creation. On that fact finding tour out of the Real System, Alf rest’s this sexual ‘got it wrong’ case for the need for great change on this Planet in the Sexual Education Department, because this Adult created perpetuating negative influence is also corrupting our children and potentially their children and their children through its karmic inheritance – got it?
Understanding sexuality…spiritually speaking:

How to begin and place within verse
The glorious subtlety of this subject
When so many Misconceptions
Confuse the perfection
Of its innocence beauty and Grace

The organs of Creation are sacred and blest
To procreate life
In love that is meant
To compliment Conception
In union divine
Then this fusing of Souls
Is always sublime

Thus sensitivity
Should always accompany the sexual thrust
Then the joy of creation has no boundaries of lust
For the sexual union
As a reflection of the Divine
Is the symbol of Union
In love sublime

So man and wife are meant to be
Never have doubt about
This love in thee
For when it is pure and of mutual consent
The sexual union transcends and cements
The spiritual love within man and wife
That compliments existence
Within other planes of life

Then how beautiful
Is the union of man and wife
That hour’s Creation with the flow of sweet life
Where no boundaries exist
Within their experience of love
For each other to give the divine from above

For flowing and natural is Nature’s sweet grace
To create with perfection that knows not of haste
For gentle and tender is a woman’s soft touch
For the man she loves nothing is too much
As she is to him
So should he be to her
Giving and taking in natural fervor

For sacred to Nature’s Gods
Is the act of human love
Their blessings they bestow from the heavens above
To that which is meant and glorifies Creation
Through the seeds they sow
With Divine inclination


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