Prisons – Inside and Outside

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Prisons and a new direction. Part 1.

To those in prison…inside and outside. Understanding yourself and a chat from Alf to inmates about childhood acquired damaged hearts & minds. Along with acquiring further positive evolution on this journey we all need to make. Interspersed with a sprinkling of Alf’s gripes for those not in penal servitude…well not yet.

Some in your human created system will be on a high soon from euphoria…as well as from smoking pot, taking pills, snorting grot and watching commercial television, promo’s, advertisements & winners called celebrities. Through that experience of euphoria, it may seem that you have passed the finish line on our journey. But guess what, you have to report to the boot camp detention room and go all the way back to the beginning and start again. Just like playing snakes & ladders. Now, throw the dice for a double six and then you can start climbing this delusional ladder (life) once again and learn to deal with euphoria along the way.

Q: Why do we have to understand this delusion?
A: Because euphoria is a temporary chemical triggered high in the biological brain and not lasting and therefore not spiritually productive. It could be called a ‘false positive’ in the delusional ego & winning affairs of primordial mankind. It is triggered though external stimuli, internal stimuli, planetary cycles, karma and fluctuations of archetypal intelligence sourced to primordial Nature’s domain …not divine Nature’s domain. It is planetary activity (primary) that orchestrates biological brain activity (secondary) and sourced to the primordial component and karma of a human being. From a spiritual perspective, euphoria is a delusion that captures the unexpanded human mind and sends it off the rails of spiritual evolution.

Clarification: Bouts of manic depression (highs & lows) is this negative & positive (bi-polar) activity in acute operation in the brain. It is primarily sourced to concentrated negative archetypal intelligence active in the karma of a human being. This bi-polar activity (euphoria & depression) is transient (temporary) experience that is also encountered along the spiritual silent path of expanding a damaged heart & mind. So we let this karmic activity come and then we learn to let it go without becoming lost in the experience and resorting to chemical pills, watching commercial television, promo’s or blowing out the credit card in its depression cycle.

So through the long term practice of Correct Meditation, we eventually acquire a inner silent platform in our fickle mind that absorbs all inner experience and prevents us becoming lost in that experience with our thoughts, emotions & unrequited desires. It is also called developing freedom from having to habitually act out our negative thoughts, emotions and unresolved childhood temper tantrums on others. Thus we begin to acquire the ability to think before we act and understand the dysfunctional unhappy child within the immature adult that, along with negative karma and poor parenting, initiates all uncontrollable/anti-social/criminal behavior and bad attitude.

More gaming advice: Good game (snakes & ladders) for predatory big business to play in the boardroom. Instead of world monopoly, saturation advertising, buying up the world & my market share neurosis. Highly recommended from St Peter with the keys…if you grasp the afterlife drift?

Explanation: Euphoria is something you will encounter on this spiritual journey. Along with a lot of other undesirable ugh experience from the negative child and its unresolved conflict locked up in the subliminal (sub-conscious) mind of the immature delinquent adult. Thus we let these ugh experiences come and then we gradually acquire the spiritual means to let them go. Therefore we learn to quietly and silently view internal experience and not become lost in that experience with our emotions and thoughts as a positive mind expanding result.

Therefore we learn to let this experience pass on the screen of our conscious mind with the faculty of the silent awareness…when developed that is. As far as you are concerned, treat all internal ugh experience & highs and lows as well as acute euphoria & depression, as illusion on this path of expanding the mind. Therefore do not accept it as reality, but merely as experience to be passed through and eventually dissolved through the regular twice daily practice of Correct Meditation.

To illustrate this dissolvable experience and how to handle it, we can use a film scene from the science fiction movie ‘Planet Of The Apes’. Where C.H. From Hollybug & Co; has to walk through a mirage of flames to escape the ruling apes chasing after him. Evidently, they needed him as a curiosity exhibit to place in their science museum of human anthropology…stuffed of course. But, not being a willing exhibit, the hero decides to take his chances and dive head first into a wall of flames that had suddenly materialized and were blocking his escape route. Whereupon the flames vanished as quickly as they had appeared…just like euphoria.

Note: Its illusion turned out to be a mind projected telepathic image, created out of the powerful alpha thoughts of some missile worshiping scientific loonies leftover from our deceased human civilization…that had of course self-destructed through pressing the science created atomic button. Along with greed, worshiping ourselves & created products, consumerism, science created synthetic pollution and living the jet setting Hollywood & marketing genius inspired ‘caffe latte superficial good life…according to Alf‘s film script. To be found in the updated version of the Planet of the Apes coming to a computer near you.

Believe it or not, saturation advertising & promo’s (brainwashing) has a similar illusionary effect on vulnerable minds…especially in childhood and adolescence. Saturated image creating illusion, made even more effective by using the marketing power of winning cloned celebrities and sports idols to capture the subliminal workings of not only children, but adults also. So in fact, that scene described out of the planet of the apes is not as far fetched as it may seem. Because saturated marketing on the public…especially through image creating viewing mediums, is also a psychological means of projecting thoughts and illusion into the unexpanded mind.

Explanation: We watch it, we absorb it, we copy it, we live it, we become it. Sums up saturation advertising in the vulnerable identification affairs of the unexpanded human mind…note the commercial media & marketing geniuses. As the alpha image creating agents outdoing all other communication mediums with the influence of superficial values & false positives…and in finger pointing trouble with St Peter big time because if it, especially in the departure lounge.

Interlude: Understanding primordial alpha power:
A powerful creative charismatic alpha mind, is how the creation of a reality is born, indoctrinated, fuelled and followed in society. In Nature’s primordial workings that orchestrate the biology of life, it is called “follow the leader”. It is a creative survival process via the primordial intelligence of Nature, that transforms individual consciousness into collective consciousness. The part temporarily or permanently becomes the whole and the whole becomes the function of the part …or synchronicity of consciousness within a social species.

Clarification: Powerful minds create and fuel powerful realities in society and through its saturated influence via the ‘media’, vulnerable parts of society are unconsciously (subliminally) drawn to follow the path of those realities through the karmic influence of its created ‘entity’. Influence that captures the thoughts, direction and mind of others through the interactive quantum workings of primordial Nature that orchestrates life and its biology.

Example: The T.V. saturated commercial media, is one dominating alpha medium that instigates and also controls/fuels this invisible quantum influence. Karmic influence that when transformed into an entity (life-force) through its lived ideology, subordinates the subliminal workings of the vulnerable human mind. Other examples of this alpha brainwashing process, apply to saturated entertainment, religion, politics, big business and the parents dreaded instant teenage pop culture fads. That spread like wildfire in a society through the media circus and drive information saturated product bamboozled parents potty…as well as their offspring.

In fact all shared human realities, function through and expand from this alpha principle of ‘follow the leader’ and its synchronous influential effect on the vulnerable human mind. It is a karmic influence that gathers momentum, to become a cause & effect entity created out of a lived ideology. This alpha primordial orchestrated process, is the actual power of the media to control the thoughts, perception and direction of society and why the public, should understand that ‘saturation’ is not in Nature’s dictionary, only mankind’s created dictionary. Comprehend that many realities of human origin that are saturated into society, are not good news to the interactive archetypal primordial intelligence that underwrites & orchestrates the biology & chemistry of life…along with the brain.

So in fact the powerful marketing/advertising image creating media, use the power of saturation to capture the subliminal workings of the mind and manipulate it. Mesmerism created out of the influence of saturation advertising and its constant repetitive visual and audio input into the quantum workings of life. It is ‘cause & effect karmic influence that impacts within the archetypal intelligence of Nature, to enter & capture young impressionable minds in particular. Who have no defense from its constant bombardment and encroachment into the workings of the subliminal component of the human mind.

Clarification: The words invidious, invasive and insidious is a fair definition and the word horrible, sums it up. Because we are unaware of its residual process that creates and fuels psychological disorder in society. Repeat: Saturation is not in Nature’s dictionary, only our human created dictionary. The words ‘balance’ & ‘order out of chaos’, best describes the natural positive life-supporting workings of almighty Nature that we create imbalance & chaos in…and therefore reap the negative consequences.

About the sub-conscious & conscious workings of the human mind:
All super salesmen, spin doctors, power brokers, powerful politicians, media worshiped celebrities etc, are born with this primordial charismatic alpha power to be able to subliminally influence the thoughts of others. It comes through a specific archetypal intelligence (gene) found concentrated in a creative alpha mind. It is also the working principle of hypnosis that employs suggestibility as its tool. Because it is the thought energy of a powerful mind, that captures the subliminal workings of a less powerful mind and subordinates it, absorbs it, takes control of it. That is why its born pied piper gift should never be abused in the form of creating frivolous entertainment for an audience out of it.

Example: Stage hypnotism, is a uncivilized practice that destroys human dignity, because it is thoughtless exploitation of Nature’s gifts from power intoxicated immature alpha human beings. This primordial based process (animal magnetism) of subordinating a less powerful mind, is also the invisible tool of the charismatic motivational business guru. Who also abuse that charismatic gift in the pursuit of big bucks, acquiring power and taking control of the reality of others. “Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly and let me weave you webs of gold that glitter in the sky”, sums up its mesmerizing spin doctor process.

Explanation: This born ‘alpha power’, is the subliminal tool of articulate spin doctors (super salesmen) to be able to create reality & perception’ for others. Charismatic creative rock, pop, film stars, shock jocks and media celebrities, are all natural born exponents of its pied piper follow the leader primordial activity. That is why they are naturally successful and become sought after product endorsement clones for big marketing business to capture the mind of the public with…through saturation

More: This primordial sourced alpha power (animal magnetism/charisma) is not just confined to thought energy. It is also highly effective through the male and female vocal chords and sexuality. As in the lure of the commercial media & glossy magazine saturated sex siren? As in the mind captivation of the singing superstar? As in the mesmerizing vocal chords of the super salesmen, spin doctor & the commercial radio shock jock brigade etc etc etc. From a satirical viewpoint, it could be said that if words, music, sexual images & spin doctors were the means of collecting our heavenly harp, them the human species would have collected it long before now and definitely in this media saturated century.

A more potent example of alpha mesmerism:
When the hypnotist takes control of a patient’s consciousness, then that patients intellect, i.e. its conscious discriminating and reasoning faculty, is also neutralized. The more times a patient is hypnotized, then the more residual control the practitioner develops over that patients subliminal mind. Thus this alpha phenomenon should never be abused and exploited for frivolous entertainment and commercial exploitation…and especially through saturated advertising.

This primordial based ‘follow the leader’ phenomenon, is not sourced to I.Q. but to thought energy. It is a primordial archetypal influence that has connections with what we call charisma & charm and is greatly amplified by high I.Q. & gifted creativity. It is this ‘follow the leader’ primordial process, that develops a human created negative or positive charged quantum influence. A ’cause & effect karmic influence that percolates in Nature’s primordial workings…and that we have called an ‘entity’. When that human created entity (life-force) grows in Nature’s quantum workings, it then invisibly influences the collective consciousness of society…or at least vulnerable parts of it, as marketing geniuses know well.

Clarification: It is this ‘created entity’ and its qualities, that form the invisible binding karmic influence behind a shared human created reality. Karmic influence that directly affects the subliminal mind of those living that created reality as reality. It is a created entity (influence) that is further expanded, by the collective thoughts of all those who are living and functioning through that shared reality. The concentrated influence (power) of that entity, then grounds out in those who are directing and organizing that shared reality. Who often become high on its contagious euphoric influence, energized by it…addicted to it, in one word POWER.

The remedy: This concentrated karmic power dissipates in its charismatic leaders, once those worshiping and following them cease to do so. Note the non-stop talking 24/7 saturated media, as the human worshiping communication agent exacerbating the karmic neurosis of celebrity worship…along with marketing geniuses cashing in on it.

Recapping the interlude subject:
It is the primordial sourced alpha phenomenon of follow the leader, that becomes the invisible karmic power tool of the media, dictators, despots, leaders of governments, business tycoons, film stars, sport idols and celebrities to capture the subliminal mind of others. This invisible pied piper process, is why we should never worship or idolize human beings in society.
Because it gives those being worshiped automatic entry to a powerful ‘entity’ being fuelled out of primordial Nature’s domain via the worshiping public domain.

Note: It is this human created ‘entity’, that invisibly triggers a chemical high in the brain (euphoria) of those being immaturely idolized and worshiped by the media and public alike. In primordial based ego consciousness, this media driven euphoria often leads to delusions of grandeur, superiority, self-importance and narcissism. Along with unsustainable lavish lifestyles, sumptuous dwellings, extravagant possessions, invincibility and doing what you like in society. A delusion that is also a Darth & Co; sign of spiritual decay and adult immaturity in those afflicted. Aptly called the Faust enigma in boot camp.

For example: If we look back through our history books, this acquired and inherited psychological/pathological/karmic alpha disorder of megalomania, is very noticeable in all those who have conquered or acquired great power, influence and wealth in society. As it is in big corporate money making business, high politics, celebrities, film stars, sports idols and other worshiped winners in our product brainwashed civilization. The repeated boot camp advice, is do not worship born gifted human beings and media created images called celebrities. It is a karmic contagious influence that comes out of that human worship, that invariably sends those being worshiped off the spiritual rails of evolution and into delusional la la land…and taking those worshiping & idolizing them along with them.

So it is important for us all to comprehend the invisible mechanics of primordial Nature, that fuel the expansion of a human created reality and its entity (life-force) in society. Because once the individual becomes caught up in its created entity, then those powering that ‘lived reality’ and its ‘influence’, have acquired subliminal perception creating power within the thoughts and actions of others. Thus the ‘created reality’ of those being immaturely worshiped and cosseted, then becomes the dominant reality of those not being worshiped and idolized. This is also why the equally immature media, needs to get its sycophantic undignified human worshiping act together and grow up and become civilized.

Note: It is also why those that lead in society, need to function within spiritual consciousness and its natural laws. Because then they are spontaneously functioning unconsciously for the good of the whole and not the ego driven insular part in their actions and desires. Therefore abuse of that acquired power…that subliminally influences the thoughts and actions of others, is not possible. Simply because the individual is intuitively anchored to the self-referral structure of the Laws of Nature creating order out of chaos in human consciousness. Therefore all human actions in spiritual consciousness, are always elevating to the collective consciousness of a society, never corrupts it.

Q: Why is it important to understand this karmic based primordial phenomenon?
A: Because our human created positive and negative karmic influence is impersonal in Nature’s interactive quantum workings. What quality of karmic influence (entity) we put in as a collective to primordial Nature’s spiritual domain, is what quality of influence we get back as a collective in our physical domain. To then either support our spiritual and social evolution or decay it.

Clarification: Therefore if that ‘shared reality’ or ‘lived ideology’ functions through negative created destructive qualities, e.g. megalomania, human worship, greed, insatiable acquisition, abuse of power, manipulation, exploitation, corruption, hypocrisy, sexual degradation & smash, bash and trash computer games, then its not life-supportive influence automatically attracts other powerful negative ‘entities’ out of the past. These perpetuating destructive ‘entities’ out of the past history of mankind, then begin to invisibly corrupt the civilization that is living in the present…like now.

Q: How does this perpetuating karmic influence corrupt a society?
Through subordinating the collective consciousness of that society/civilization and therefore its creativity and expression. Examples: Our irrational out of control material expansion on this technology polluted planet. The irrational all-consuming big business greed directing it for another. Blind indiscriminate scientific experimentation on life and the atom is yet another. The irrational justification in calling it progress is yet another. Because there is nothing positive to Nature or the further evolution of mankind about any of them at this point in time.

The above are all prime examples of a invisible primordial destructive process that has subordinated our human creativity and expression…especially in the greed polluted top end of town. It is a karmic influence that debilitates very intelligent creative minds. Therefore it is destructive influence that subordinates powerful alpha minds creating & directing the realities we all live and function through on this shared planet…thus directing our destiny? Note science, politics, big corporate global business and the media. Along with the entertainment, marketing, artistic & fashion brigades in the driving seat of this civilizations negative or positive destiny with their human worshiped creativity.

The point to be made:
Everyone should understand this primordial structured survival instinct of follow the leader. A process that creates a ‘entity’ out of the thoughts, actions and deeds of gifted creative human beings and those following them. Because if the human created entity out of a lived ideology is not life-supporting to the ‘Real System’ that underwrites life, it eventually attracts destructive influence out of the past to contaminate all those trapped in its created reality in the present.

Returning to the planet of the apes, marketing geniuses and Hollydude & Co;
Therefore the subject of illusion and delusion created out of media saturated images. Now a specialty of the Darth fuelled advertising /marketing/commercial media circus. As in, ‘come into my product parlor said the commercial spider to the product addicted fly and let me spin you webs of fools gold that glitter in the product saturated sky…as well as glossy magazines”. Ugh!

So it was projected thought and its creative influence, that created the telepathic (brain transmitted) illusion of fire that C.H. had to walk through…but, being C.H. and a media created worshiped alpha member of Hollybug & Co; to boot, it was no problem at all. Thus he persevered through its traumatic experience, he walked through its experience…and what happened? this illusion of fire vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

Note: This is also how we deal with internal ugh experience triggered out of residual stress release. Brain activity that comes from the subliminal mind to transpose into erratic conscious thought and uncontrollable desires and emotions. Good and bad experience, highs and lows experience, tears and laughter experience, nonsensical thought experience, up and down helter skelter experience, nothing experience, I love me experience, I don’t love me experience, product experience, euphoric experience, media experience, commercial T.V experience, gnashing of teeth experience, Hollywood experience, prison experience, whatever type of experience. We learn to observe that internal experience and acquire the silent ability to walk through it from out of the regular practice of Correct Meditation.

Explanation: Repressed mental and emotional trauma out of childhood, are not dissipated until we develop a silent uninvolved experience to absorb its residual stress trapped in the adult mind & physiology. This stabilizing of the subliminal thought process, is developed through the regular application of a technique called Correct Meditation. A transcendent process that cultivates abstract silence (and humility) into the vulnerable human mind…and not endless words, or the thoughts and creativity of others, or media saturated products, promo’s and images that fuel illusion and delusion. As in celebrity worship, consumerism & alpha winning neurosis that has swamped this civilization.

Clarification: With that technique of Correct Meditation and the silent product that comes out of it, we learn to let uncontrollable desires, impulses, thoughts and emotions pass on the screen of our conscious mind without acting them out and becoming lost in its experience…note victims & perpetrators. So through the regular twice daily practice of Correct Meditation, we develop the silent ability to persevere through all uncontrollable experience by accepting it and then occupying our thoughts with physical activity and/or study afterwards. In the boot camp manual, this is called developing a integrated balanced mind and ego in the irrational adult…along with acquiring the intuitive value of the Laws of Nature. That naturally leads to a balanced personality to compliment its accomplishment. It is also called acquiring social maturity, positive values, humility and wisdom in adulthood.

Note: This yet to be understood experience of abstract silence, is a inner silence that slowly and unconsciously develops out of the twice daily use of a mantra. Because we are after the slow gentle release of residual stress locked-up in the subliminal mind of the irrational adult…not a syringe induced instant abreaction. That will open the flood gates of the subliminal mind and produce much delusion (as do hard drugs) in the conscious mind. The experience of which, merely aggravate the symptoms of denial, illogical behavior, hysteria, inner chaos and confusion in a childhood damaged adult mind.

Clarification: This is why the practice of Correct Meditation, is best kept to two short twenty minute periods over twenty four hours. Through its regular twice daily practice, we are unconsciously developing a inner silent anchor in the active mind to gently absorb subliminal turmoil and internal conflict trapped in a childhood damaged heart and mind. A retained product we have also called residual stress, that gently dissipates during and after the practice of correct meditation. So with the intoned use of a mantra (vibration) we are creating a silent platform to absorb traumatic experience when it surfaces in the conscious mind and sends it of the rails.

In this silent process of expanding the mind, we are also developing the spiritual ability to eventually become intuitive of what is causing us to act out our dysfunctional habitual negative responses to outside stimuli…note prison inmates. Thus we learn to quietly view internal trauma, uncontrollable desires, impulses, emotions and depression and not deny it or become lost in its experience. We are also slowly dissolving the root cause of restless dreaming and interrupted sleep. Along with dissolving its waking state equivalent of constant mental agitation, attention deficiency, internal chatter and procrastination.

Note: Because internal agitation, incoherent thought, poor sleep patterns, withdrawing into yourself, irrational mood swings, mega mouth activity, irritability, poor attention span, jumping from one thought to another & bombastic aggressive behavior towards others, is caused through trapped residual stress locked up in the nervous system and subliminal mind. To dissolve its childhood acquired cause, the adult conscious mind has to expand and intuitively communicate with the repressed childhood acquired contents of the subliminal mind causing the problem.

This advice on how to gently release trauma, conflict and residual stress locked up in the subliminal mind, is assuming you are drug free. Because synthetic chemical drugs and their debilitating effect on the brain & nervous system, is one of disorientation and hallucination during the practice of Correct Meditation. Thus the practice of Correct Meditation is open to a drug free physiology, not one contaminated with the residue of synthetic chemical pills. Therefore its practice is not recommended to those lost in drug addiction and its subsequent psychotic disorders.

From a spiritual perspective, one of the primary causes of’ severe adult addictive delinquent behavior, stems from family chaos and a lack of emotional bonding and mature parental love in very early childhood. To help dissolve this destructive addictive uncontrollable behavior and its perpetuating karma, the advice is to painstakingly & substantially write your childhood & adulthood history into your computer. So that you come to understand yourself through its abreaction of painful and lost memories. When you have finished its lengthy saga, ask your prison chaplain (in politeness & sincerity) to commit it to an incinerator with a simple short religious ceremony…even if you do not believe in the Almighty – right?

Note: If you have been sincere in wanting to help yourself out of your addiction & delinquency, that ceremony conducted by the prison chaplain will help remove it perpetuating destructive karmic influence from your mind and spirit…the other primary cause of all addiction. Plus, Alf does not want to read all about your dysfunctional life history in books & magazines…and neither should our children. If’ you grasp my keep its adult information to yourself drift. Comprehend it is you that has to understand, accept, release and move on from it through writing about it. Not explaining it on national news time or through ghostwriters for the education of everyone else in society and to make big bucks out of the media sought after sordid details.

So how to ride the stress-release-rapids of emotional turmoil and inner chaos?

If you follow this boot camp advice to the letter, then you will eventually move on from the symptoms of repressed traumatic experience and its psychological disorder. That is locked up in the subliminal mind…the root cause. The well adjusted adult will not have this debilitating problem…but you do. That is why you are a dysfunctional irrational delinquent human being locked up in prison. So it is very important not to take drugs or smoke pot when meditating, Because synthetic drugs prevent clear rational thinking and muddles the intellect. That intellect is what you are going to expand to allow you to discriminate, rationalize, accept and dissolve all internal ugh experience and trapped trauma…and grow up in the process?

Clarification: When the mind and body are contaminated with synthetic chemicals and euphoric delusion, then the conscious intellect that we discriminate reality with, cannot develop the potential to move on to the silent platform of the awareness…also called the ‘silent witness’ in spiritual definition. Therefore acquiring the spiritual means (through the regular twice daily practice of Correct Meditation) to just witness our thoughts and inner experience. Therefore the ability to not become lost in thoughts & emotions and uncontrollably act them out on others…to their detriment and yours in the karmic department of life.

So understand the internal hurdles of stress release and its mudded experience and delusion, are something you are going to have to understand, overcome and not become lost in. This disorientating experience that sends the mind into denial, is caused through pockets of trapped suppressed energy being released in the mind and body and transposing into conflicting thoughts, emotions, anxiety and uncontrollable desires. It is internal experience that also materializes into conscious view as acted out drama, toxic emotions, fouls mouths, chaotic thoughts, unsociable behavior, withdrawal symptoms, euphoria, ego delusions of self-importance, depression, anger, anxiety, denial and a large mixed bag of childhood acquired personality defects. Immaturity defects that have become very fashionable to own and much sought after by the media & scriptwriters to saturate society with…also called entertainment and comedy for some strange reason.

Thus we move on from this subliminal mental chaos and immaturity using the silent tool of Correct Meditation. Eventually, its silently acquired product will unconsciously, quietly and positively dissolve all this difficult to cope with suppressed and/or acted out traumatic experience and its denial. Then positive clear thoughts as well as inner silence & spiritual maturity, slowly develops in the mind to give another platform of consciousness to function through. Then we will have also acquired the mental skill to deal with the negative and positive primordial battle field of all the opposites in life.

Clarification: Therefore we will have acquired the adult maturity to deal with the opposing function of the negative and positive archetypal primordial energies that structure the biological chemistry of mind and body. Invisible universal spiritual archetypal energies that process, orchestrate and evolve life, through the equally invisible spiritual self-referral Laws of Nature that create ‘order out of chaos’ in life. Because this is how the invisible primordial system that underwrites physical life works…note science, skeptics and commercial television with a different reality and its human created portfolio saturating society.

Recapping the above:
1. Comprehend that unresolved conflict trapped in the subliminal workings of the mind, triggers uncontrollable desires, anxiety, temper tantrums, unhappiness, misery, irrational impulses and anti-social obnoxious behavior…note prison inmates. Through consistent Correct Mediation, we will eventually acquire the silent means to both release and not retain residual stress or trauma.. It will pass through our physical system in double quick time, so that we remain balanced with our thoughts, desires, impulses and emotions all the time…even when we are asleep.

2. Therefore we still feel all our emotions, which is psychologically healthy. Because it means the child within the subliminal mind is functioning normally. But with the acquired anchor of abstract silence, we develop the ability to not become lost to uncontrollable emotions with our thoughts Consequently inflict them unnecessarily, thoughtlessly and unfeelingly on others in the process of their interaction with you. This growing sociopath trait in society, is the visible product of family chaos, poor parenting and the glaring sign of social decay.

3. Comprehend dignity, empathy, self-respect, good manners, a pleasant disposition and integrity, flow naturally from a positive mind. But not a coarse, crude, dysfunctional, delinquent, obnoxious negative mind divorced from the Laws of Nature. Correct Meditation is the simple path to acquire those positive qualities from the Laws of Nature naturally and effortlessly, Because there is only perfect order at the quantum base of life where human thought arises. So understand that psychological disorder and personality defects, arise out of our human created systems, not the Real System that underwrites life and its evolution.

4. When you fall off the spiritual path we are on…as you will do on occasions, what do you do about its negative impact? Answer: You pick yourself up you dust yourself off and you start all over again. Just like the game of snakes and ladders – right? So sing it when it happens, hum it when it happens, think it when it happens, croak it when it happens and, it will prove to be a great restorer of your mental equilibrium and inner well-being. Thus restoring the spiritual archetypal universal ingredients for positive humor and laughter. A personal tonic that can move inner mountains and fill in the black holes of depression…the product of negative karma. Dissolving that negative karma, is the way out of your internal prison. The means have been given.

End of part one.

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