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Article 5.

Unresolved Social issues and the Laws of Nature restored solution to solving them.

About our growing synthetic pill popping society, recreational drugs, social/family decay, psychological & pathological disorders, health problems, contagious unhappiness & depression and acquiring the knowledge & means to address it…along with the delusion causing it. Because the invisible cause of growing disorder in Society, is coming out of realities/ideologies/government policies & lifestyles, not being in sync with the Laws of Nature responsible for ‘order out of chaos’ in life.

The following unresolved social issue, is explored from a past National Newspaper article. Answered with a comment from the Laws of Nature spiritual blackboard located at Namely, someone has got it wrong somewhere with their analysis, from not having all the facts of a unresolved issue…only half of the facts of a unresolved issue. Not having all the facts on any issue, means the solutions put forward to solve the issue, are never going to fully resolve that issue. A Band-Aid at best and a disaster waiting to happen at worst…with more Band-Aids to follow sums it up. Socially blind Governments and their constantly changing divisive political ideologies, are the source of those Band-Aids by the way.

Opening Boot Camp reply to the Newspaper quote, “When stress is best – Anxiety identified as a natural part of life”.
A social trait only becomes a mainstream norm within society, when a majority in it, have adhered to accepting its introduced expression, ideology & lifestyle. But, that does not make it normal behaviour for a human being or society…only acquired behaviour. Indoctrinated, eulogised, copied, followed behaviour, being primed and fuelled from an influential powerful source in society.

Repeated for the ear of script writers, actors, producers, & directors. Obsessed with self-gratuitous delinquent creativity in the entertainment industry. Notably, violent, sexually explicit, foul mouth obnoxious behavior called acting, gripping drama & entertainment swamping Society. Who, along with commercial television & saturated product advertising, endless promo’s and marketing geniuses, unknowingly have a lot to answer for with societies growing ills & social decay. Re-consumerism, self-obsession, celebrity worship, entertainment overload, product addiction, anxiety, depression, anti-social behavior, family chaos, popping pills and growing sexual & psychological pathological disorders…called progress by those causing the problem.

Note: Along with other Communicating Mediums saturating Society with Hollywood scripted & presented information called news, to capture the product & entertainment saturated attention of the public. Summed up as the non-stop talking Media, who have become the misinformed & misinforming power broker of all realities in Society…especially the Commercial Media. Along with the advertisement & porn overloaded Internet and its spin doctors…sending us all to the funny farm for genetic, product & sexual modification as a species. With their saturated human created ‘realities’ going nowhere but purgatory with their evolution in the 21st century.

Q: What source creates and instigates perception, reality & direction for the public and called progress? The 64 million dollar questioned answered at last.

A: Its communication, viewing, marketing, entertainment & news mediums…through non-stop 24/7 saturation. Also called product brainwashing, Simon Says & mind control in boot camp, especially where a child’s impressionable mind is exposed to the unexpurgated mix. According to Alf‘s overworked tea leaves, much self-improvement required in those showering the family home with its new age freedom-of-expression entertainment/news/product programming of the vulnerable human mind…and, when sexually degrading & obnoxious, corrupting the self-referral Laws of Nature underwriting ‘order out of chaos‘ in the mind, chemistry & biology of the human being. Currently identified in Boot Camp, as evolution gone wrong in the human species. But called progress and awarded accolades & gongs to those who write it, act it and do it the best in society.

If we wish to find the growing root cause of social & family decay, then look to the quality of influence/creativity coming out of saturated communication & entertainment mediums writing the script for society. Because in the not understood spiritual intelligence of Nature underwriting & orchestrating the biology & chemistry of life, that saturated script becomes a ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence that enters every facet of a society and it’s collective consciousness. Especially through movies, television, the Internet, glossy magazines, saturated promo’s, newsrooms and the creative pen of those writing its new-age script. To then reflect back in the quality of expression & direction of a society.

If we wish to create lasting self-improvement, harmony & happiness in the individual, family & society, it should always be a POSITIVE life-supportive socially elevating influence/creativity that enters the collective consciousness of society through saturated communication mediums. When it is not constructive, positive, life-supporting, socially elevating ‘cause & effect’ influence coming out of those influential mediums, then Society begins to disintegrate and decay with its social evolution. When a Nation is caught up in its contagious influence, from out of its constant bombardment and saturation on the public psyche, what is assumed to be normal, is in fact far from being normal.

Note: Society have merely made it normal behaviour & expression by accepting…or being brainwashed into accepting, its created reality as normal. Accelerating psychological, social & behavioural problems appearing in a Society, are merely visible symptoms of that decaying process (unnatural entropy), taking effect in a dysfunctional society/civilization. Behavior & creativity not in sync with the self-referral Intelligence responsible for creating ‘order out of chaos’ in Nature & life…and therefore the human mind.

For reference on the enormity of this problem of a growing dysfunctional society, refer to the American bible of human created abnormal behaviour, i.e. the new age (forever being updated) psychology book “Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”. 90% of the incredible human created products on its numerous pages, have their origin from a perpetuated dysfunctional family/social environment. A chaos that also flows on to endemic divorce and relationship failures in adulthood generation into generation. As well as reflecting back out of the creativity of authors, scriptwriters & actors as entertainment. Entertainment that has become addictive and awash with anything goes creativity, called freedom of expression.

It could be said, that in our Media bombarded spin-doctor informed civilization, the family environment has become saturated with the content coming out of 24/7 communication/viewing/marketing/entertainment mediums. The very descriptive phrase “garbage in equals garbage out”, to describe its effect on the impressionable growing delicate minds of children and young adults is spot on. Comprehend that children do not have to watch dysfunctional adult creativity called entertainment, drama, advertising & news to become brainwashed by it. Its human created negative ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence, enters the biology of life through the spiritual archetypal intelligence structuring physical matter…the mind most of all. Saturation is definitely not a Law of Nature, but a law of dissolvable mankind.

Clarification: The human being, collectively functioning as a Society, creates the social environment they live and grow in. Comprehend all influence we create, returns to mankind in the spiritual interactive primordial workings of Nature that underwrite the biology & chemistry of life. What quality of influence we input into the spiritual intelligence that underwrites physical matter, is what quality of influence we receive back. Influence that permeates in our created environment & surroundings as well as our biology Comprehend the human created environment that life lives and grows in, is the single most important factor responsible for creating perpetuated psychological, neurological and physiological abnormalities arising within the human being…and therefore society.

Explanation: Our human created environment, i.e. in the home, the workplace, the market place and society, is constantly interacting with an existing perfectly constructed natural environment called Nature. Both environments should complement each other. When they do not, the human being & society begin to self-destruct without realizing it. It can called human created entropy, because it has nothing to do with the self-referral spiritual Laws of Nature processing order out of chaos in life and its environment. Comprehend it is the influence out of our human creativity & expression, that either supports those primordial instincts/laws or disrupts their life-supporting function in interactive Nature. When those Laws become usurped through accumulative not life-supportive human negative creativity, then big insoluble problems come to mankind from its ‘cause & effect’ corrupting contagious karmic influence.

Society needs to understand, that acted out explicit sexual activity, criminal activity, guns, gore, violence and brutality, macho cops & robbers, dysfunctional families and weirdo’s coming out of so-called adult entertainment, is an unproductive ‘cause & effect’ accumulating influence in Nature’s interactive workings that underwrite & process life. It is destructive not life-supportive karmic influence, that enters and pollutes the interactive spiritual workings of Nature and its Laws…thus the environment we live and grow in. Thus switching off television programs & movies because of their negative undignified crude obnoxious valueless content, is certainly no remedy for its contagious destructive influence. A growing ‘cause & effect’ influence that is destroying not only the innocence of our children, but causing Society to malfunction and go into social decay….and retrograde with its evolution as a negative devolution result.

Clarification: Comprehend we cannot do just what we like as human beings in the interactive spiritual intelligence of Nature that underwrites life. Breaking long established sensible mature responsible boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour in a society, has become the lifelong deluded quest of a growing number of thoughtless immature creative human beings. Who believe that anything goes in society as long as it sells…as long as it gets you noticed by the equally ‘got it wrong’ socially irresponsible Media. Who will then make you rich and famous and king of the celebrity castle of whatever, by shocking and saturating society with its dysfunctional expression…called freedom of expression, entertainment & news. The new-age word sociopath, describes those responsible perfectly.

Note: It is time for Society to understand, that ‘as we sow so do we reap’ the influence out of our human creativity & expression in the interactive workings of Nature. Garbage in equals garbage out? Human created ‘cause & effect’ influence that either supports life, society and its evolution, or causes it to spiral into decay & devolution in the interactive workings of Nature. Nature, that returns what quality of influence we human create in its interactive primordial archetypal intelligence. Influence that returns through the biological & thought process of the human being and is called ‘karma’ in spiritual terminology…and definitely not a fairy story.

To continue with the news article with interjections from Alf:
Popping synthetic pills to cure human created problems…because the human being is where all social problems stem from in the first place, is a sickness in itself. It is a blatant warning sign of a dysfunctional society, that is promoting it as a cure for its human created social ills. In fact if we keep it up, all these famous synthetic chemical silver bullets for instant cures and birth control, will ultimately cure the human being of life down the track of evolution…if you grasp the extinction drift?

Clarification: Comprehend the residue from those drugs passing out of our bodily functions, enters the total ecology to contaminate, pollute and alter genetically other life-intelligence and enter the food chain on this planet. We must use all synthetic created drugs/chemicals sparingly and responsibly on this planet. To do otherwise is irresponsible and certainly not progress. In fact all disorder in a human being, is sourced to the ‘order out of chaos’ function of Nature’s self-referral spiritual Laws, malfunctioning in the physical mind & biology of the human being. That is the unseen root cause.

Quote: “We can now officially give our kids Prozac. The drug has just been approved in the U.S. for children as young as seven. And more and more adults in the U.S. and Australia are using anti-depressants”…
Alf interjection: So let’s let off some more polluting mega-buck gigantic fireworks on the harbour bridge and cheer ourselves up with another all-night celebratory rave-up.

Quote “But is there going to be a hidden downside of a having a huge percentage of the population on these pills”…
Alf interjection: You bet your bottom dollar there is. Synthetic drugs are just that, synthetic to the archetypal intelligence that underwrites & structures the chemistry & biology of the human body. We have to treat causes not just symptoms, because that is what synthetic chemical drugs do well, i.e. they treat physical symptoms. Because the cause is invisible to the human being in our present understanding of life and what makes it tick.

Quote: “U.S. psychiatrist Randolph Nesse fears there will be”…
Alf interjection: Hooray for intelligent positive reasoning and a global smiley stamp award instead of gripes…for a change?

Quote: “the University of Michigan professor says something is fundamentally wrong with treating large numbers of people even for just mild anxiety and depression. These conditions aren’t diseases at all – they’re natural parts of life, Nesse says”…

Alf interlude:
Sorry Professor Nesse, Alf has got to rescind that smiley stamp award…but only temporarily. Because you are respected & appreciated this end for your justified concern. Anxiety and depression in whatever degree of experience, should not be considered normal in a human being. It is created mostly by repression of thought and by human created influence (karma) the medical profession & science currently has no understanding of whatsoever. Influence that is created out of the by-product of thought & desire and enters the spiritual workings of Nature that underwrites life & its biology. To then return to its source to compliment that source or degrade that source, depending on the quality of the thought/desire that created its karmic influence.

The cause of the repression of thought, resides in the subliminal mind that drives the conscious activity of the adult. It is trapped residual stress in the physiology from repressed thought, that is the main instigator of unmanageable anxiety and depression in the human being. Trapped residual stress, is also the retained product of childhood trauma and unresolved conflict that, amongst other psychological disorders, source personality defects, psychosomatic symptoms, denial, inflexible belief systems, emotional immaturity, poor quality creativity/expression and delusion in the adult. As well as debilitating the Laws of Nature structured immune system and making the mind/body vulnerable to disease & psychological disorder.

Clarification: The positive sensitive child in particular, (and not all children are sensitive and not all children are positive by nature, although they should be…because that is true normal?) has the creative power to completely block thoughts associated with or triggered by violence, bloodshed, intimidation, bullying, brutality and harshness…from whatever source. This repressed thought then becomes trapped residual stress, that should be released naturally through the dream state of consciousness e.g. nightmares. When it is not, then it becomes a permanent loadstone within the subliminal mind & nervous system, that the adult unconsciously carries throughout life. A unresolved nemesis that unknowingly, creates misery and unhappiness throughout life.

Clarification: This adult retained & suppressed nemesis from childhood (trapped residual stress), is the main instigator of what is termed “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” appearing after a life threatening experience in adulthood. It is a particular nemesis of the sensitive personality…i.e. those who by born nature are positive, gentle and sensitive (empathic) to everything around them…thus intuitively in touch with Nature and its self-referral spiritual Laws with the thought process of the human mind.

Incidentally, the insensitive dominant alpha macho fraternity, who by their born nature lead others and when dysfunctional, also conquer, control, exploit and subjugate others in society, would term then as lacking in bottle, but in truth they are just more highly evolved and sensitive in their consciousness & further up the ladder of spiritual evolution. In the news article being dissected here, alpha and beta personalities have been referred to as “Guppies with timid (gentle) and bold (brash) personalities”, but alpha and beta is more dignified for the human being, because Guppies are fish and they don’t mind what you call them…within reason that is?

Note: To cure the problem of trapped residual stress, the mind needs to shut down its constant subliminal (sub-conscious) thought activity. To then by-pass the childhood acquired defence mechanisms of the ego, that source denial and repressed thought in the sub-conscious of the adult. That is where the regular twice daily practice of correct meditation comes into the equation to dissolve it. * Refer to the article called ‘The Technique’, for a detailed explanation of its simple practice open to all.

Continuing with the news article:
Quote “It’s just that we Westerners have trouble accepting this natural part of life (anxiety & stress) because we’re obsessed with always being happy”…

Alf interjection: Yes, society been indoctrinated with its obsession out of saturated communication/marketing/entertainment mediums and the false/unsustainable/psychologically unproductive values they promote and saturate society with…and especially the impressionable minds of children. That is why we are unhappy more than were happy and require pills to sort the delusional problem out when living its human created reality. Comprehend that spontaneous natural happiness and feelings of wellbeing, do not come out of idolizing and worshiping other human beings for talents and gifts they were born with. Nor reading about how they come to be rich and famous and lost in space…delusional marketing, promo, product, big buck, ego & commercial media space that is. From a biological/chemical triggered euphoria that creates delusion in the human mind, definitely not lasting happiness.

We should understand that a lasting inner acquired happiness, is not acquired out of material values, out of worshiping and admiring others for their so-called success…out of purchasing products…out of accumulating money…out of winning…out of the adulation of others, out of being famous or infamous…out of letting off the most fireworks in our Nation…out of flying to the moon or other planets and doing our own creative thing at other peoples expense and synthetically polluting everything along the way in the process…including the human mind. On and on is this media promoted list of what does not create happiness…only delusional moments of fleeting euphoria and periods of contagious created excitement mistaken for happiness.

To acquire a lasting happiness, it is necessary to find & develop the untapped spiritual potential of life. A inner located potential, that acts as an anchor for the mind through all the experience of the material world and its impermanence. Happiness and a integrated personality in adulthood, also comes from being maturely loved and nurtured throughout a happy parent created harmonious family environment. Along with being shown along the way of growing up by adult example, how to respect the positive values and dignity of others in society. Created naturally out of teaching self-discipline and good manners in parenthood to our emotionally vulnerable impressionable offspring.

Children, who are not born to be manipulated and exploited by image creating communication mediums & saturated advertising. Not born to be brainwashed to applaud those with gifts and talents they do not possess. Not born to become trapped in the consciousness & reality of media saturated winners that society immaturely worships, but born to evolve further with their own individual consciousness & creativity to acquire happiness. Its superficial unsustainable way of life, is but a media saturated & promoted delusion for acquiring happiness, self-improvement & self-esteem in the individual & society.

To continue with the newspaper article. Quote: “When stress is best – Anxiety identified as a natural part of life”. With a Questionnaire at the end of the article to clarify the issue.

Quote “An anxious personality has its advantages, as a trial with guppy fish clearly shows. Guppies with timid and bold personalities were put in a tank with a fish that preferred to eat its tank-mates rather than live with them. Three days later, almost half the guppies that were too timid to even look their predator in the eyes were still alive. But none of the bold guppies had survived. Nesse says anxious personalities have evolved in animals, including us, to keep us out of danger”…

Alf interjection: Anxious behaviour is not normal behaviour in any species. It should only be temporary anxiety, created out of a being subjected to a sudden unnatural or permanent stressed environment…or as Professor Nesse has pointed out, danger. If you placed the Guppies back into their natural environment, you would still have cautious and bold guppies, but they would not be stressed out and filled with anxiety. For both types of guppies will respond differently to a stressed environment…especially a created synthetic one in a science laboratory. Some will become even more bold or aggressive and throw caution to the wind, and others will even become more timid, cautious and withdrawn…just like human beings under stress.

Quote: “If the naturally timid have their inhibitions Prozac-ed out of them, we might see more risk-taking behaviour. For example there might be bigger booms and busts on the stock market…

Alf interjection: Yes, risk taking behaviour has become more and more prevalent within western culture, almost as something to be admired and revered…and exploited of course. As in promoting bungee jumping, riding the rapids, jumping off cliffs and other dominant alpha thrill seeking adrenaline driven behavior, to acquire self-esteem and a euphoric high to preen the immature ego with. Conquering activity that attracts the must win dominant alpha fraternity (bold guppies) in society without fail. But, growing thrill-seeking and dangerous sports should not be considered normal behaviour in a society, but irrational behaviour. Risk taking behaviour primed out of a stressed social environment and the adrenaline glands gone into hyper drive in a equally stressed human being.

Quote: “Professor Nesse warns, stressed-out professionals are often the ones on anti-depressants, and they also tend to be the big traders. If pills suddenly take their natural fear away, they could begin trading more aggressively”…

Alf interjection: If a normal individual…said with tongue in cheek, is stressed out on a permanent work/home/school/social/television/movie/entertainment/internet induced basis, the answer is not to take chemical synthetic pills or go thrill seeking to alleviate the symptoms. But rather understand and acknowledge the human created unnatural environment instigating the problem and then, incorporate the twice daily practice of Correct Meditation to restore the mind/body back to equilibrium with Nature and its Laws. Because it is the equilibrium of the mind and body, that has become out of sync with the intelligence of Nature that underwrites the biology & chemistry of life causing the problem.

Note: It is not a laboratory created instant science created synthetic pill silver bullet remedy (and sometimes they are required) but, if you are a patient with patience, transcendent meditation will eventually lead to a spiritual gold bullet remedy, which is much preferable. Because science created drugs mask spiritual located causes by dissolving physical symptoms: Whereas, consistent twice daily Correct Meditation, will eventually dissolve the influence at the root of the physical disorder without us having to understand the cause. But, we may have to examine and change our lifestyle, belief system & created reality if it is dysfunctional to facilitate that truth.

Comprehend it is a unnatural human created environment out of sync with Natures natural environment & laws, that is responsible for abnormal behaviour/disease arising within all life…not just the human being. That is how powerful we are with the ‘cause & effect’ influence out of our human creativity, a human power able to unbalance/obstruct the Laws responsible for creating ‘order out of chaos’ in the interactive workings of Nature that underwrite the biology & chemistry of all life.

Quote: “The mind chemical these drugs alter is serotonin. A person is usually happier, less anxious and more outgoing if there is extra serotonin through their brains. But the substance also effects behaviour in other ways, such as status. Researchers found boss monkeys had twice as much serotonin as the others in the group. But if the top monkey lost his position, his serotonin levels plunged. And any one of the other monkeys could be made the boss simply by giving it an anti-depressant to boost its serotonin levels”.

Alf interjection: The natural manufactured serotonin in the body, has its basis in the primordial archetypal intelligence that structures the organization and chemistry of the mind & body. The synthetic chemical drugs that science has manufactured, do not contain that ability to communicate with the spiritual archetypal intelligence orchestrating physical life and its biology. We could also say, that prolonged use of those synthetic drugs, will eventually alter the function of the spiritual archetypal intelligence structuring & orchestrating the physical biology of life. We could also say from that observation, that in time, prolonged use of synthetic chemical drugs will irrevocably alter the natural ordained genetic structure of life.

Because concentration of those Science created synthetic sterile drugs in the biology of life, interferes with and pollutes the interactive organized intelligence of Nature, that is structuring the genetic blue print of life. Comprehend once we isolate a chemical from its biological host (for example a plant) and then re-synthesize it in the science laboratory, we have separated the spiritual component that underwrites the interactive communication between host and chemical. In that re-synthesizing process, we have taken the invisible life-force out of both chemical and plant. We have destroyed its spiritual communication channel with interactive Nature and its Laws. That is also what happens in the human physiology when we saturate it with synthetic chemical drugs. That is why parents often remark, that their child becomes a zombie when on these drugs to cure abnormal behaviour in the child.

Clarification: The potential for any destructive disorder to manifest in life, is from a complex trilogy of genes, environment and lifestyle not in sync with specific spiritual Laws that govern order out of chaos in physical Nature. Because that interactive trilogy, is a on-going ‘cause and effect’ process taking place in the spiritual intelligence that underwrites life. Comprehend with synthetic chemical drugs, we are only treating physical symptoms not quantum located causes. Thus we have not cured the reason that disorder has manifested in life the first place.

Note: Yes, we may prevent its disorder from manifesting in that identifiable physical form with synthetic drugs, but it will appear in another form sooner or later. Thus is the need for greater understanding in the use and application of saturated synthetic drugs to cure physical symptoms. We may be a intelligent species, but we are not as intelligent as the Intelligence that has created life…created Nature, created everything for the purpose of evolution. Evolution, that is another name for progress. A evolution structured progress, that has nothing in common with what human beings are calling progress at the moment. A human created do-what-you-like progress that unknowingly, is destroying the future of this Civilization…and life, as we know it.

Quote: “Randolph Nesse warns that workplaces could become trouble spots if people start popping Prozacs and all want to become top monkey”…

Alf interjection: Dear Professor Nesse, this indoctrinated, irrational, unrealistic, childhood leftover problem of adults wanting to be top monkey and winning at everything in life, of constantly seeking adulation, acclaim, fame, praise and created/imagined status called success in society, already exists within the collective psyche of your big business owned and run Nation. Your Nation, has come to worship material success, products, money, winning, celebrity, self-aggrandizement, the ego and wealth above all things in life. The accumulating negative ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence generated out of its lived ideology, is creating chaos in the interactive workings of Nature & its Laws that underwrite life. A chaos & disorder that is reflected back to mankind as growing social decay, disease, behavioral, sexual & psychological disorder manifesting in society.

Clarification: The constant need to compete, win and receive adulation, has become cemented in the American psyche. Its immature ideology now pervades Sport, Business, Media, Education and Government. Its contagious karmic influence has now spread around the World to contaminate everyone with its delusional euphoria, ignited out of competition, winning and worshiping winners. All eyes are on the winners and not the game anymore. Along with our ears tuned to the motor mouth of sycophantic hysterical sports commentators. Who have gone into overdrive in the uncivilized immature human worshiping department…ugh!

Note: The Roman big wigs cottoned on to this way of controlling and manipulating the mood of its people, as did the Greek big wigs. Big business, the Commercial Media and Governments have got into the greed & drug corrupted sporting act now, only they are more interested in the money it makes…and dang me, does it generate a lot of money, adulation & delusional euphoria. For the worshiped winners and those in big business manipulating and cashing in on its exploited phenomena. You bet your boot camp boots it does, but not for all the losers. Constantly competing in a human created system that only acknowledges & rewards winners. Their can only be one winner in that ego driven system called success and realizing my childhood dream. A primordial ego fuelled & created system gone past its use by date in human evolution. Namely, worshiping winners and paying them vast amounts of money in the deluded process. Nothing civilized and complimentary to Nature about that system, it is a recipe for delusion, unhappiness and psychological disorder in human society…and not just for the losers, but the winners also in a spiritual context.

Unhappiness, has also gathered momentum through saturation advertising and image creating, a specialty of commercial communication mediums. Who have taken over the family environment and are exploiting it in the name of progress. The family structure is becoming ever more dysfunctional to live in because of it. It could be said to be a great unrealized contributor, along with greed and endless competing to win, to causing the unhappiness that is creating a pill popping synthetic drug taking society, especially in those who were not born with the gifts and the dominant alpha trait (instinct) to forever compete and win, to acquire self-esteem, power and adulation.

Conclusion: It is this Media saturated glorification of winning and worshiping the winners, that has become an addictive contagious influence & delusion in society for acquiring self-esteem and happiness. A delusion that is retarding the evolution of the individual & society and unknowingly creating unhappiness in those unable to live its indoctrinated social trait and be acclaimed a winner. Winners who are the worshiped idolised glorified few, unlike the losers. Who are the many and becoming very unhappy because of it.

Compiled by Alf and Stephen Gripes for other learned men (and women). Please fill your own in and post it to those mentioned in the questionnaire for their consideration.

Part (1)
About contagious adult acquired unproductive habits in our children.
Are, smoking cigarettes & pot, taking chemical pills & sniffing grot and being lost in thrills & kicks as well as mental fits and blips from other advertised, eulogised, promo saturated, movie, television, entertainment copied behaviour in Society, predominant in the 70% of the 100% of young age groups due to the following…

1. Unable to read the ‘for adult entertainment and adult use only’ directions on advertisements, promo’s, glossy magazines, billboards, junk mail, CD & DVD covers, computer games, bongs, beverages, bottles, fast food wrappers and fizzy drink cans. Yes/No?

2. Too much pocket money to spend on the above and other must have status techno goodies with all mod cons and trendy twiddly bits. Yes/No?

3. Not enough school excursions to Hollywood and visits to Disneyland, Parliament House & Commercial Television Stations to dance with the stars. Yes/No?

4. Unable to express themselves any other way, but through copying script-writer & marketing genius instructed celebrities, film stars, sports stars, rock & roll stars and all the other human created stars that litter the communication highways…but not the heavens. Yes/No?

5. Too much adult pressure exerted on them to achieve and be crowned a winner and therefore a easily recognized up-market successful citizen in Society. Yes/No?

6. You have to be top at everything at School, or you do not receive enough brownie points and accolades to climb up the childhood ladder and claim lasting happiness and the jet setting money making top end of town created adult good life. Yes/No?

7. Poor home/social/education/communication environment, lack of mature parental love, good adult example, positive interaction and nurturing within childhood. Yes/No?

8. Unable to reach 21 fast enough to escape childhood for ever and become a successful commercial media, entertainment & product educated adult and a corresponding media accredited winner in Society to create news & closet information out of. Yes/No?

9. Cannot stop habitually worrying about all the above negatives. That have somehow been miraculously re-created into positives to acquire self-esteem and status recognition in Society. Yes/No?

10. Placating their acquired feelings of inadequacy, emptiness and unhappiness at not being able to measure up to media, education & adult expectations. Expectations coming out of a top end of town created playing field that does not understand the born disadvantaged players in the bottom end of town one little bit. Yes/No?

11. Unhappiness compounded by being written-off as losers and left behind in a top end of town created success/winning/product consumed/human worshiping Society on the script-writer & marketing genius deluded blink. Yes/No?

Q: Does the last statement, mean that Alf is advocating doom & gloom in the departure lounge for script-writers, marketing geniuses and the born gifted high achievers and so-called successful in life?
A: No, but Upstairs is. Because the gifted top end of town, have created a playing field for creating unhappiness and inequality in those who cannot possibly compete or keep up with them. Who were not born with the concentrated archetypal intelligence in their physiology that powers the activity, desires, intelligence, motivation and self-esteem of the successful top end of town. Who become lost, used, exploited, manipulated and psychologically damaged in ego & material driven ideologies to acquire self-esteem. Ideologies (created realities) that have no lasting spiritual foundation…only dissolvable material foundation to underwrite that all-important self-esteem.

So no, Alf is not recommending purgatory for the born gifted & successful in Society, but a trip to Boot Camp to acquire the Upstairs means to dissolve their delusion, earn their harp by helping others less fortunate and thus avoid purgatory in the finger pointing departure lounge. At the moment, no one is ever going to collect their harp. Least of all those in the driving seat of progress. Because the media acclaimed gifted & successful winning minority, are leading the unsuccessful losing majority in the wrong direction with their born mandate to create & direct progress. A material progress that has become lost from the spiritual roots of life and the coherent value of the Laws of Nature. That should underwrite progress…and not the ego, greed, pollution, big bucks, worshiping winners & material values and creating inequality & unhappiness in Society.

Part (2)
Are the majority of adult personality disorders, bad habits (subliminal thought patterns) and growing depression & unhappiness in Society due to the following….

1. Unable to understand Sigmund Freud and contemporaries. Yes/No.

2. Unable to find a dictionary to translate the make it up as you go along technical terminology used by the above. Affectionately called psycho babble in the bottom end of town on the receiving end. Yes/No.

3. Watching too many baddies and not enough goodies on the television and movies in childhood. Yes/No?

4. Pursuing unrealistic childhood dreams recommended by the cough, mutter and splutter successful top end of town. Yes/No?

5. Unable to acquire a piece of the 24/7 media relayed top end of town winning action and therefore, the big bucks, adulation and worshiped status that go with it. Yes/No?

6. The psychological residue from an unhappy desire frustrated inadequate childhood. Made worse by the media bombarded negatives that have been created into eulogised positives to acquire self-esteem & happiness. As listed in parts 1 & 2 of the Questionnaire. Yes/No?

Wow! this will cause an uproar and loss of earnings in the top end of town. It cannot be as simple as unhappiness at the root of the growing social devolution problem. Created from a decaying chaotic Civilization, that has fallen off the rails of spiritual evolution and is in self-destruct mode with its material & technological all-consuming progress. After all, we have all our books, expensive clinics, expert advice in glossy magazines and advertisements to prove otherwise. Even though we, the psychology profession & errant marketing geniuses, have not solved the unhappiness problem in Society yet, we are certainly making a good living. So keep coming, reading, buying products, taking pills, watching promo’s and dancing with the stars. We will save you from finger pointing St Peter in the departure lounge’…if you have money that is.

Signed complaint from 70% of the 100% to ?% of the 30% of the 100%. Its aint working, at least not according to the tea lady where I work. Plus, we aint got the money –youse got it all up your winning end of town. Endorsed by Stephen Gripes on behalf of Upstairs for all the losers left behind downstairs.


Read All About It

Article 6.

The Laws of Nature and the responsibility of the Media in Society.

A long uncomplimentary but necessary boot camp introduction…sorry about that. Because according to Alf’s unimpeachable sources, the Media is out of control and adding to the spiritual decay of this civilization. Therefore not evolving it, but unknowingly devolving it with its saturated creativity & presentation gone off the rails of evolution…especially in the entertainment, so called comedy & commercial departments. That have become divorced from the Laws of Nature and lost from the word civilized as a result…and taken Society with them.

It is time to place the non-stop talking Media into ‘quiet mode’ in the mind and read the news from Upstairs & not downstairs for a change. Otherwise we will all end up in the wrong end of the Departure Lounge and not just those causing the chaos. A contagious devolution problem coming out of the Media, through not being in sync with the Laws of Nature. Spiritual laws responsible for coherence in the human mind as well as life. From a spiritual perspective, the worst offender being the out of control Commercial Media. Currently functioning out of the primordial laws of the jungle with its anything goes creativity. Certainly not the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the spiritual self-referral Laws of Nature. Having now become so powerful in this Civilization, its reality has become the unquestioned reality of everyone on the planet…through saturation.

Note: The solution to that devolution problem for the Media…in all its departments, is to acquire a technique and its new ‘reality’ to stop talking for two twenty minute periods in each day. That will cure the unrealized problem and a lot more unrealized social problems coming out of the 24/7 non-stop talking Media. So it time understand & dissolve the unrealized chaos that Communication Mediums are contributing too in this Civilization, by acquiring another ‘reality’ for the Media to function out of with its self-given ‘freedom of expression’ & creativity…but, without social responsibility to underpin it. A creativity, presentation & expression, coming out of the self-gratuitous ego in overdrive…and gone way past the use by date in human evolution. Because unknowingly, it is corrupting the Laws of Nature responsible for creating ‘order out of chaos’ in life. Media creativity & presentation definitely not in St Peter’s good books at the time of writing.

Clarification: According to the ultimate Media source of the Universe…namely ‘Upstairs’, the downstairs human created information highways, have become top heavy with misinformation from incomplete facts & unreliable sources. Among them, are the Commercial Media Empire & its subsidiary the Gutter Press, Hollywood & Co; & Glossy Product Magazines and some new age scriptwriters & marketing geniuses. Also on the downstairs blink with their unexpurgated fantasy & creativity in Society. The long and short out of its Upstairs news, is the recommendation to attend Alf’s status free boot camp. To then deprogram the human mind of its saturated content, unknowingly sending us all to the funny farm. Along with acquiring the Upstairs means (Correct Meditation) to enable that miracle to happen in this decaying civilization.

Note: Otherwise according to reliable sources outside of the Media, we will never get past St Peter to claim our harp at the end of the human day. A human day that has become overloaded with 24/7 Hollywood scripted ego delivered news & information…compliments of commercial television gone off the rails of evolution. Saturated with advertisements, endless promo’s, products galore, electronic gizmo’s, fruitcake reality shows, adolescent delinquent scripted entertainment, singing minstrels, twanging guitars and human gods & goddesses dancing the seven warped veils. Compounded with, glossy magazine impregnated human stars and winners galore, scantily clad human bunnies with genetic complications, how-to books, motivation guru’s, literary shock jocks, super salesmen (and women), financial experts & innumerable other commercial media accredited experts. Also called spin-doctors, spinning facts that do not contain all the facts. Therefore very unreliable facts, with only half the information of what they are brainwashing others with.

So three cheers from Darth & Co;…definitely not from St Peter & Co; for unexpurgated non-stop talking media progress and a commercial brainwashed entertainment pickled superbly marketed civilization. Hooked on created products, endless promo’s, million dollar plus advertisements, shock jocks, sycophants galore, celebrities, actors, scriptwriters, directors and producers with a social screw loose. Supplemented with hysterical sports commentators, revived gladiatorial sport and big bucks, big boobs, big abs, big sex, big heads, big mouths, big ego’s, big bank balances, big houses, rock & roll knights, fashion fops, strutting models, pop stars, film stars, porn stars, racing stars, running stars, wobbling stars, cricket stars, football stars, tennis stars, weirdo stars, obnoxious stars, delinquent stars, nude stars, babble stars, dancing stars, surfing stars and all the other media delivered stars. Downstairs stars on the fame deluded blink, that have nothing to do with the Upstairs stars in the Heavens.

Not forgetting news anchor stars, roving reporter stars, weather stars, spruiker stars, cowboy stars, benevolent stars, tiddlywinks stars, soap stars, closet stars, late stars, rising stars, ebbing stars, deceased stars, talkback stars and other over the top and into la la land Media created worshiped stars. That fill the commercial information highway as world breaking product news and important information…thanks to new age very enterprising commercial media moguls and marketing geniuses. That would appear to have taken over the heavens, the stars, the planet and human minds. But, most certainly nothing to do with the real stars, real God, real heaven or real human beings…only Media deluded ones. In fact, is has given Upstairs chronic indigestion from having to absorb its progress…and, Alf verbal diarrhea from having to relay its indigestion to those responsible for that progress.

The above chaos, fertilized with endless newsroom stock market updates with repetitive convulsions, ditto the earnings of the rich & famous, news room theatricals with fashion inclusions, ego-preening talk & walk, cosmetic embellishment & extra bling, the body beautiful extraordinaire, catwalk copied perambulations, celebrity closet information, sexual instruction, freedom of artistic expression and other Media endorsed do, say and act how you like behavior in Public for the education of our children. To then make daily headline news, product endorsement status, big bucks and become a media famous winner downstairs & a media infamous loser Upstairs.

Added to the devolution mix, are the entrepreneurial brains of the gutter tabloid swamping society with endless garbage journalism, sensational hype, crude headlines, the female anatomy, tales of the rich & famous, the sexual accomplishment of celebrities & sport hero’s off the field of play, the sordid life & times of other got it wrong human beings, the daily closet doings & sexual preferences of camera consummated film stars, celebrities, football gladiators, television personalities, fashion models, music pied pipers & politicians. Supplemented with the all revealing paparazzi supplied photo, sexual titillation, lavatory humor and other Hollywood inspired & scripted information called news.

Note: A primitive laws of the jungle gone past the use by date reality, also shared by the equally adolescent retarded do-what-you-like marketing/advertising fraternity, also with a delinquent screw loose in the creativity department. Who conveniently and instantly, fill in any blanks left by its big brother, the do what you like Commercial T.V. Product & Entertainment Empire. All concerned, have fallen the rails of spiritual evolution in their human created reality. Time to climb back on those rails with a different reality…while there is time. The spiritual means have been given.

Boot Camp conclusion to the long (sorry about that) uncomplimentary introduction:
What a delusional Media created spiritually toxic mess polluting the Real System that underwrites life. Along with destroying the social & spiritual evolution of this Civilization in the ego & greed driven deluded process. Also called entrepreneurial heaven, freedom of expression, market forces, the money making good life and creating downstairs progress by the winners…but, definitely not creating Upstairs progress for all those following, worshiping & applauding those winners.

More about the responsibility of the Media in Society not to corrupt it.

Upping the detention room Media rhetoric…ear plugs recommended:
The decline of journalistic skill, quality presentation, integrity and dedicated professionalism, has come about through the saturation of rating and greed driven valueless commercial television and radio broadcasting mediums…that only understand the word quantity and not quality. Along with the able assistance of self-promoting, self-worshiping, human degrading, fashion, face, boobs, bottoms, body beautiful, ego authorized, add-filled glossy magazines. Busily writing, fantasizing & creating the new age script for society and especially, vulnerable young minds copying it all, to create their adult destiny portfolio also. A downstairs adult acquired portfolio/reality not allowed past the heavenly gates, only the other gates in the departure lounge.

One of the reasons this World is so negative, adversarial, ambivalent, fractured, incisive, divisive vacillating, twisted, chaotic & spiritually desensitized, is due to the socially unproductive attention grabbing input from the Media. Not least from shock & jolt, I love me and my bank balance, king of the commercially exploited product saturated radio-waves…hype spin-doctors par-excellence. Who, would be more suitably employed writing the script and starring in, the endless Hollywood inspired d-rated, gormless, banal, definitely brain-damaged and lost forever in television soap opera crappy drama. That is also socially retarding entertainment and poor quality creativity for the winning, image, entertainment & celebrity addicted public to copy, emulate and be mesmerized by. Enter the open all hours stairway to commercial media heaven…but not the real heaven?

Note: A deluded spiritless stairway that applies to other socially destructive, self-gratuitous, self-indulgent, self-depicting, self-revealing television drama programs. So-called adult entertainment, that has become saturated with sexual crudity, emotional hysterics, the attention grabbing F word and mindless violence & simulated gory graphics. To then satisfy the dark side entertainment needs and negative whims of a decaying society, from out of a scriptwriters pen and creative mind with a social & karmic screw loose. That equates to bad news in the departure lounge for those corrupting society with their Hyde of Jekyll unexpurgated fantasy & creativity. Self-gratuitous negative creativity, that unknowingly corrupts the evolution of Society with its lauded entertainment & promotion…and especially the minds of children. But missing the knowledge, that as we sow so do we reap at the end of the human day with its negative creativity & karma…if not before?

Clarification: The above entertainment & media promoted pathological sourced artistic behavior (called human drama and acting), is also clogging up the spiritual system of life. As well as destroying the social evolution of this decaying Civilization with its not life-supportive ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence. Because those writing it, instigating it, promoting it, acting it out, eulogizing it & making big bucks & big reputations out of it, are not elevating societies collective consciousness in evolution one little bit, by the constant recycling of acted out dysfunctional immature delinquent human behavior called entertainment. Dysfunctional childhood & adolescent acquired delinquent behavior through poor parenting, that is endlessly repeated and eulogized and called gripping adult entertainment & explosive drama.

Explanation: This scriptwriter, director & actor freedom-of-expression authorized entertainment behavior, is as much a retard on social evolution and creating a civilized harmonious society, as the equally self-serving entrepreneurial money making activity of big predatory business. That is also promoting self-gratuitous, self-indulgent, gross excess behavior, called winning, achievement, fame, success and my market share. A growing spiritless way of life coming out of the top end of town and saturating the bottom end of town…as well as the departure lounge. According to the news from Upstairs, all undermine the spiritual plot of life and make a mockery of the much touted words freedom, equality, democracy & progress. Currently underwritten by greed and abuse of acquired power out of its delusion for creating progress.

Pause for breath:
Phew! we are really on a go get-em in the top end of town verbal diarrhea roll here. Alf will be popular…with Upstairs that is? Because all the above, has become a life degrading human created & lived reality corrupting society. A delusional way of life that has gone past its use-by-date on this shrinking overpopulated human trashed planet, for none of it has anything to do with creating spiritual progress in Society and collecting our harp at the end of the human day.

Note: It is all to do with the immature ego, self-gratification, self-aggrandizement and acquiring self-esteem out of image creating, worshiping ourselves, acquiring power, money, fame, adulation and created status. It is also short term gain for long term loss for the individual’s spiritual evolution in the departure lounge…note actors. Therefore, it is time to grow up in the halls of media, entertainment & big business and its corridors full of narcissistic self-indulgence saturating society. That equates to creating social decay and unhappiness in life and definitely not progress, only a euphoric dissolvable delusion reality being called progress.

Conclusion: It is all Roman social history repeating itself, nothing has been learnt from its historical records…except how to do it bigger and better and glitzier. It can all be summed up in its human perpetuated epitaph of ‘here lies immaturity of adult consciousness and a wasted path of life’. Created from a say what you like, show what you like, act how you like, do what you like, delinquent scriptwriter & actors mentality in Society. Sanctioned out of freedom of expression, artistic license, progress and I’ve got my ego & democratic rights. Well the news from Upstairs, is what goes around comes around downstairs. Especially for those eulogizing and promoting this out of control spiritually bankrupt creativity, destroying the word civilized in Society.

Comprehend if we want rights, then we have to acquire the social maturity to go with them or we will psychologically self-destruct as a society/civilization. Respecting and not destroying the positive life-supporting values of others in a Society, is a prime requisite for those rights. Otherwise take a walk out of Society and especially the front page of Society. I believe the Romans, before they went downhill with their progress, called it banishment and exclusion to the outer limits of its Empire for those negative born intellectual, promiscuous and artistic degenerates polluting its Society. Not a bad idea either…and we can even land on the Moon now?

Explanation: The above Media & Entertainment saturated creativity to capture the public’s attention, has been initiated and indoctrinated into Society via the utter disregard for social responsibility of its opportunistic entrepreneurial get-rich-quick Media tycoons. New age media & entertainment moguls, who have come to monopolize, corrupt and degrade the communicating highways on this planet. In their insatiable quest for power, influence, big bucks and to own the world. Instead of elevating the consciousness of society with their acquired power, they have come to exploit it, manipulate it, own it, degrade it and place it in the gutter for insatiable greed and personal gain…no other reason. To go around worshiping those corrupting society, means those worshiping them have become corrupted themselves. A follow the leader phenomenon in the animal kingdom, gone wrong in the human species through following & worshiping the wrong leaders.

According to Alf’s media reading of the tea leaves, these power intoxicated money making big business moguls stop at nothing to get what they want in Society. It is called the short term gain for long term loss Faust enigma on the boot camp detention room blackboard. Contained within brackets in its history repeating equation, is the (megalomania enigma) the (sociopath enigma) the (Darth enigma) the (greed enigma) and the (lost in my own deluded ego enigma)…along with the (departure lounge finger pointing St Peter enigma) as the karmic worked out end product. Because it has nothing to do with complimenting life, evolution and the spiritual plot of life. It is all do with self-gratification, self-aggrandizement, greed, big bucks, abuse of acquired power & delusion…and a ticket to no-where land to go with it.

Serious social stuff:
It is time to place greed, delinquent behavior & abuse of acquired power in the public ejection seat and press the button without a countdown. For its dominant alpha power & greed driven ideology and deluded way of life, has gone way past the use by date in the ‘got it wrong’ progress affairs of mankind. How can a so-called civilized society, respect greed and power consumed people that exploit Society and human fallibility. Alf as a family man, has no respect for them or their entrepreneurial genius corrupting society whatsoever. In their insatiable ambition to own and control the World and its direction, they are a blight on the Laws of Nature that structure order out of chaos in human consciousness. The social & spiritual evolution of human society decays because of it…unknowingly.

Clarification: Comprehend those that exploit the vulnerability of human nature and society for their own power consumed ends, are far from the word maturity in their divorced from the Real System clever gifted creative minds. To applaud, acclaim and give them gongs and saturated news time, is to send them further into the mire of ego delusion. Along with taking those applauding & worshiping them, to its no-where land conclusion also…spiritually speaking as well historically speaking?

Incidentally, Alf would be more than happy to go to court on the issue, so ring up your overpaid litigation lawyers by all means. In fact the Lawyer profession, is also on the list of dysfunctional greed & power consumed fraternities to be mentioned in Alf’s articles of intent. Who have also fallen of the rails of evolution through abuse of power in this decaying civilization. We might as well resolve this big business sourced power & greed megalomania destroying this Civilization all in one go…and save time if not money.

More about the responsibility of the Media in society not to corrupt it:

From a past TIME article “The PG-Rated war”.
Quote: “War is a force of primal disorder, but we prefer not to see it that way”.

From a past ignored Article feedback to Time Magazine from Alf:
Observation: To say that the cause of war is a force of primal disorder is not strictly true, for it is human created chaos…and not of primordial Nature’s doing. The interactive workings of primordial Nature, merely supplies the negative or positive archetypal palate; mankind supplies the brush the canvas and the painting out of plus or minus human creativity. Thus it is ‘cause and effect’ disorder, coming out of dissolvable human intelligence and not the primary archetypal spiritual intelligence that underwrites life. Other species most certainly do not have this dominant alpha conquering & subjugation megalomania in their genes…for we all share the same primordial archetypal intelligence?

The single most contributory cause of war, is the present structure of consciousness that the human being functions out of and is trapped in. Thus the most effective means to dissolve this perpetuated human sourced nemesis, is to create the means to elevate the current consciousness of mankind out of its primordial entrapment. In that miracle…created out of the collective practice of correct meditation in a Nation, to then be made free of the human created accumulative karmic entities, that cause the phenomena of war & violence to erupt in the first place. One of them is paranoia another is megalomania another is greed and yet another underwriting all, is our immature species functioning out of the primordial laws of the jungle. With no connection to the self-referral spiritual Laws of Nature creating ‘order out of chaos’ in Creation.

War then, could be said to be a result of the immaturity of consciousness of the human being and not to do with impersonal primordial Nature. War does not exist within Nature’s interactive spiritual intelligence structuring life & its evolution…only one state being decomposed to allow another state to come into existence. Old cells being instantly replaced by new cells in the physical body is a perfect example of that ordained process. Life sustaining life in its food chain process is another, as is fruit decomposing to let its seed regenerate. Birth and death are yet another example of that perfectly structured primal process regenerating life. It is a negative and positive process, that allows evolution to take place within physical biological intelligence & spiritual archetypal intelligence.

Note: That on-going re-generation of life, of which entropy and decomposition is a natural part, is the physical function of the opposing negative & positive primordial archetypal intelligence of Nature dissolving and creating life simultaneously. Thus it is a primal function out of the interactive archetypal spiritual intelligence, that is structuring/orchestrating life, as it is simultaneously dissolving/decaying life through the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the self-referral Laws of Nature. Spiritual Laws that create ‘order out of chaos’ in everything living…when not usurped by the ‘cause & effect’ destructive karmic influence of the all-conquering human species.

War, is the end result of the inability of our human species to function intuitively and permanently, from out of the positive creative archetypal intelligence of Nature with its thoughts & creativity. War then, is exclusive to Man and most unnatural in the self-referral Laws of Nature orchestrating evolution. The way out of this human created and perpetuated cycle of violent death, destruction & misery, is to simply acquire a different structure of consciousness to operate out of with our thoughts, actions and deeds as a global collective. A miracle created out of the twice daily simple practice of Correct Meditation…and definitely not being the winner of a war.

From the TIME article “The PG-Rated War…
Quote: “The right to privacy after death in combat should trump all other concerns” (and almost in the same ambivalent, manipulative, let’s change-the-ground-rules breath) “But the desire not sicken or offend the non-combatant public should not be amongst them. There is real danger when journalists edit the truth”.

A boot camp detention room lecture:
If the right to privacy after death in combat should trump all other concerns, then that is exactly what it means in the plain unambiguous sensible words it was written in. THUS NO EXCEPTIONS…full stop. It is not a question of editing the truth to the public, but being responsible, considerate and thoughtful of others within the communication of that truth to the public. That is what the first part of the above quote is all about, therefore responsible professional journalism, especially in the pictorial coverage of war & violence.

Clarification: A conscientious reporter with integrity and maturity of social conscience, would never purposely seek to eulogize for public sensationalism, the physical horror of mutilated war victims. Not to observe that long-standing code of journalistic ethical consideration, means not only a lack of social awareness, but also gross disregard of human decency and empathy for the victim, their family and society…and especially children. The second part of the above quote is manipulatively advocating just that. Justifying the reason for doing so, by using the inserted fear descriptive ‘danger’ to indicate and qualify that not to do so, compromises truth.

Note: This is called clever Greek argued semantics out of a lawyer’s briefcase, to justify changing a right into a wrong…or more succinctly, illogical vindication for changing an established adhered to status-quo behavior in a society. But understand the following paragraph to counter this misappropriation of cleverness that abounds within manipulative politics and articulate spin-doctors in general. Individuals possessed of lawyer sharp brilliant minds that have come to plague the 21st century with hypocrisy, double-speak & creating argument for sake of argument and winning its contest. One that has learnt how to acquire power out of the clever manipulation of words in an argument/debate.

Clarification: The changing of established common sense values and respectful behavior in Society, is fuelled from an immature mind with a childhood acquired antagonistic aversion to authority & rules. This resentment of authority sourced to poor parenting, becomes a habitual arguing habit in adulthood to verbally win and have our own way, regardless of the right & wrong of a matter and its social implications. The net result, is illogical reasoning clouding judgment & obscuring wisdom in the grown adult…irrespective of IQ. This power driven arguing habit, also sums up the new age shock jock, spin-doctor, political super salesman & lobbyist. That likewise, has no intuitive connection with the spiritual Laws of Nature, only the immature ego, self-gratification & winning…at any cost to the harmony of Society?

Explanation: Creating change for the sake of change within conscionable norms in a Society, has become a very destructive ideology in this success & winning consumed World. Sanctioned under the liberation of social, sexual, verbal, intellectual & artistic restraints in society…and calling it progress. It is a not a new problem within human Civilization, but with the advent of mass communication mediums in the twentieth century, it has spiraled out of control. Its conflict creating unworkable philosophy in society, is creating a self-destructive, impotent, endlessly arguing, adversarial, toxic, disintegrating, chaotic, valueless society. No where more noticeable that in politics & the media.

Note: Chaos exacerbated under the Media misused holy grail of freedom of the press & freedom of expression. With no morals, ethics or social responsibility tagged on, from out of negative intellectual and artistic influential mediums embedded in it. Communication mediums that propagate the ‘got it wrong’ sociopath philosophy, of ‘do & say what you like’ in Society and ‘a pox on the houses of censorship’. Constantly seeking to break old established boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behavior and calling it social freedom. How naïve and short-sighted is this thoughtless mentality in adults, how even more debilitating and destructive now that it has become a norm in Society to do so. It means that the human intellect, has become lost from the self-referral Laws of Nature creating ’order out of chaos’ in life.

Returning to the plot:
Comprehend the well-established ground rules for reporting events on a battlefield, should not be usurped. Merely because those in the Media, desire ultimate reality to be beamed into people’s homes in the name of news, truth or as reality entertainment. All to satisfy a morbid (or sensationalistic) self-gratuitous hunger for visual realism in the horror of violent death. This macabre bent for viewing ultimate reality where war, brutality, violence, murder, bloodshed and death is concerned, is the sign of a desensitized decaying society. A desensitization that has its roots in the programming content coming out of irresponsible communication mediums and especially entertainment mediums.

Comprehend that pictures and words, are indelible within a young child’s delicate growing mind. They can become permanent repressed trauma locked into the innocent open uncluttered mind of childhood. Conflict retained films/pictures of violence, blood and brutality can seriously inhibit & desensitize a child for life. Do those promoting this warped free expression mentality, really believe that parents want their children subjected to graphic carnage, body parts and blood spattered images while they are watching prime time news in the name of truth?
Alf does not think so…and neither does St Peter at the gates where it counts?

In psychological truth, the desensitization danger to society, far out ways the Media self-given right to publish & show what they like in the name of truth. Justified out of a abused freedom of expression edict, endorsed by ‘got it wrong’ argument primed very clever socially immature adults. Understand a child’s delicate growing mind cannot cope with images of murder, death, brutality and violence. They simply have no developed intellect to reason with…unlike adults. So we have to reason for them. Alf is doing so now…it is called social responsibility and common sense. Not Media insensitivity and thoughtlessness, where the psychological well-being of society and especially the children in that society are concerned.

Summing up: The positive suggestion to the public, is to learn to turn the 24/7 Media switch off now and then. It is easy to turn it off during the twice daily practice of Correct Meditation. Along with regaining our sanity and peace of mind in the process.

Alf revisits the editors office from past ignored feedback to the Media.

You may not like Alf’s commercial shock jock inspired feed back soapbox oratories. More so, as this one is aimed specifically at your profession and its growing lack of social responsibility. Yet comprehend its rhetoric is not to insult human beings, but to jolt them out of complacency and delusion. More specifically, to make them think about something other than material values, worshiping winners, celebrities, products, self-interest, instant gratification, ego-preening, the body beautiful, created images and big bucks. Compliments of non-stop talking communication mediums, fuelling/saturating its spiritually valueless reality in a society.

Having spent a great deal of his life to find freedom from the above human created reality and its delusion, the writer now functions in the circle that lies outside of its human created chaos. However, to address this socially destructive dead-end progress out, it is necessary to return to that mess in the primordial structure of consciousness it resides in. Thus enter the created character of Alf and his boot camp rhetoric, to deal the karmic cards & dissolve the destructive influence causing the delusion. Along with reminder not to take Alf too seriously, for we are all actors on the stage of dissolvable yet renewable life. A play, drama and script that most become lost in…in the process of living it and creating it…especially the Media.

About lack of co-operation and ignoring the legitimate concerns of others…that has nothing to do with creating unity and harmony in society.

The author has pleasantly & repeatedly asked for you co-operation to further this spiritual knowledge, simply because you are in a position of influence and power to do so in your profession of public communication…but with no acknowledgement at this point in time. In spiritual understanding, the bottom end of town is in dire need of a mouthpiece for the injustices, manipulation and exploitation that they are enduring in the name of progress. Progress for the born highly intelligent, gifted, talented and high achievers in society that is. That constitute a top end of town privileged minority in Civilization, living the material worshiped good life they have created. But, no such material progress, lifestyle and affluence for the born underprivileged on this shared planet. A ever repeating historical fact contained in our history books that evidently, we have learnt nothing from.

Note: A powerless majority being neglected, trodden on, exploited and used, in a material driven predatory big business world they have no say in. Therefore a big business greed corrupted world that is not civilized, but uncivilized. For there is simply no equality, humility, dignity and respect for Nature on this human trashed planet…merely lip service, human worship, self-aggrandizement & endless argument. As a result, there is delusion, there is psychological disorder, there is social disorder, there is hypocrisy, there is abuse of power, there is exploitation, there is manipulation, there is subjugation, there is misinformation, there is elitism, there is greed, corruption and acquisition, all being called progress.

The point to be made:
Without equality, dignity, humility and respect for Nature, there is no spiritual progress, only stagnation of human evolution. A self-destruct problem, that the intelligence underwriting life & its evolution will resolve if that stagnation continues. The simple means for mankind to dissolve that delusion we are calling progress and restore the spiritual plot of life, is to practice correct meditation as a global civilization. The solution is that simple.

In appreciation of your necessary co-operation to further this knowledge.
Kind regards – Alf. CEO of spiritual boot camp.

Dear editor, needless to say, it will be straining the already fifteen year strained friendship to ask you to publish the above. But, business is business, shareholders are shareholders and profit margins are profit margins. In that monetary wisdom, how about its spread in the advertisement pages. Plus, a ninety day payment account to give Alf time to sell the house & contents to pay the invoice.
Yours in pragmatism – Alf.

Articles 7-8 to follow….

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