Ripping Yarns. Part 1.

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Ripping Yarns. Part 1. From the pen of Stephen son of Alf.

Anyways, as I said before, I’ve found the missing ancient manuscripts from the book “The Celestine Potholes“. You know, the manuscripts that got lost in South America, or was it India? Anyways, it was addressed to J. Redsfields to translate, but I don’t know him…I’ve never met him, although I have read his book about ‘The Celestine Potholes’. Anyways, the Newspapers, Boobs @ Abs Magazine and other Comic Books would not publish my translation, ‘cause I’m not famous with my boobs and abs. The Commercial Television stations don’t want a bar of it, ‘cause it aint got no products in it. The BBC said to send it to the ABC for spelling corrections & syntax first, The Guverment said I’ve gotta become a Politician before they will read it and Science don’t understand it the way I’ve written it –neither do I. So the best place for it is on the Garbo-net…sorry, I mean the Internet. So if someone out there that understands my translations…and can read my rotten bottom end of town writing & spelling, then please let me know.

p.s. Don’t know whether it’s important or not, but there’s something really weirdo at the bottom of this ancient manuscript, it says (i times d) plus the square root of (m) plus (LN times CM) equals H this-way-Albert”. Must be something to do with Albert Stein –or was it Joe Stein? Maybe it was Eff Stein, anyway some Stein –have included it in case it helps Academia and Hollywood…not forgetting the Pentagon either, as they know everyfing what is going on in the world first from the late night show on the commercial television. Plus, it says what’s faster than the speed of light?…the speed of thought of course…and that’s really weirdo. `Cause every one knows that the speed of light is the fastest thing in the Universe. At least that’s what it says in all the funny science books that I pinched, sorry, I mean borrowed from the library. You know, E equals MC squared or somefing, not T equals PP squared to infinity, like what Alfiewhatsitallabout says in his articles. Anyways, youse got the brains, so work it out and post me back the answer…so I can get some sleep.

p.p.s. There’s a load more here –manuscripts that is. So I’ll go a paste a few up on some notice-boards down town, just to keep the ‘speed of thought’ ball rolling while youse sort it all out (and my ‘orrible spelling) and I can translate the rest of the manuscripts into good English and good American…for the Pentagon. Plus, the one I’m on at the moment don’t make sense at all –so I’ll have to go and see the ‘Boss’ about it on the way –after my tea break that is.

Right here we go…
Once upon a time long long ago, during the ‘golden age’ of the ancient world and before money, politicians, celebrities and Hollybug were invented and things went to pot, mankind once lived in harmony with Nature, the animals and themselves…hard to believe eh? So too, a special ceremony was always performed at the equinoxes, i.e. the four seasons junction points. A spiritual ceremony to acknowledge the divinity of the Laws of Nature, that structure and evolve everything in Creation and create order out of chaos in life. In addition, when the females of Royal lineage of the rulers of those days…who were very nice people by the way –not like in Hollynud and Co, became fertile and ready for motherhood, it was considered an honour to seek the initial act of copulation from the deities…this is where it gets interesting.

Q: Who were the deities?
A: They were the physical manifestation of the Gods of Heaven.
Q: Wow! so how did they get here then? `Cause this aint heaven, except for all the Media created winners living it up in the top end of town. You know, that live in the television & movies, newspapers and I-love-me glossy magazines full of saturated products, boobs & abs and skinny models on a catwalk trip to fashion la la land.
A: Well they didn’t get here in space ships, flying saucers, teacups or the pen of science fiction writers on Prozac –sorry about that, I couldn’t resist it.

No, they manifested through the spiritual workings of the divinity of the Laws of Nature. Spiritual laws that were in total harmony with a human being…but not all human beings, but evolved spiritual human beings. Who had reached the age of 21 and were functioning out of their spiritual bodies as well as their physical one’s. Anyways, in this sacrifice of a Maidens virtue and innocence for pro-creational purposes and not rec-creational purposes? like on T.V. and in Hollydude movies and in human worshiping boobs, bottoms and whatnots glossy product magazines, harmony was said to result within all the quantum located spiritual planes of Creation that underwrite our physical seen world that we live in.

Yes, almighty Nature was very much pleased to be honoured with such dignity of her divine procreation gifts to the human being. Thus that human respect and its harmonious karmic influence structured not only conception, but also positively influenced the Yin and the Yang within the primordial archetypal spiritual intelligence that orchestrates life. You know, the subtle vibrations of creative-intelligence emanating from the spiritual platform of the Planets in our solar system; planetary archetypal intelligence that physical life and its biology & chemistry has arisen and evolved out of. Spiritual archetypal intelligence that is sourced to other Cosmic intelligence that is responsible for the equilibrium of the changing seasons and a lot more besides. According to Alf anyway, but not all the laborotorium Scientists changing everything on the planet without Upstairs permission will agree with Alf…that’s for sure.

Q: What is this Cosmic spiritual intelligence you might ask?
A: The four Deities (well five in Alf’s book) of this physical planet`. You know, Earth, Air, Fire and Water and all that hard to believe metaphysical Jazz that Alf is spouting on about in his articles. Because that’s fairy stories, according to the learned Academics swotting away downstairs in their books & writing and not making any spelling mistakes. Along with drinking too much ‘caffe latte…well some anyway, and other downstairs knockers of Upstairs. That cannot except any reality exists outside of their own human created & lived one. ‘Cause we humans create reality and then live it you know. So its not a fairy story, says God. Because those deities of Nature are my spiritual intelligence within physical Creation –but most definitely not yours or the lobotomy scientists. Doing what they like with my animals and plants and all my wiggly’s & atoms on the planet, but without proper consultation with my Laws of Nature government creating ‘order out of chaos’ in Creation.

To continue:
The elders, who were very wise men in those ancient days, guided the well being and happiness of their people with cosmic knowledge, i.e. eternal knowledge. The spiritual Laws of Nature knowledge…and most definitely not the laws of physics knowledge. You know, decimating the atom and altering physical genes and synthetically polluting this Planet to high heaven. Big klingnong trouble from this blind I-can-do-what-I-like science activity soon…according to Alf’s tea leaves that is.

Anyways, via Cosmic knowledge and special spiritual ceremony, mankind honoured that invisible spiritual intelligence of Creation. Plus, they also knew the exact time for planting, harvesting, thanksgiving and the appropriate ceremony to conduct on all auspicious occasions right throughout the year…and, in that spiritual ceremonial process, correctly honouring the blessings and providence of this beautiful Earth and Universe in its totality of interactive function. ‘Cause everyfing is connected to everyfing through the spiritual component of everyfing. You know, the invisible stuff that underwrites physical matter?

Q: What everything you ask?
A: Yes, everyfing, but excluding Hollydud & Co, because they live in stretch limo I-love-me image created product la la land. Along with a few more big buck commercial prime-movers and shakers that create and power our current realities. Particularly within the minds of our vulnerable kids on this planet. Anyways, more about this saturated marketing klingnong matter at world court martial time from grumpy Alf –soon. He is busy at the moment, dishing it out to the top end of town writing the script for all our potty behaviour on this beautiful planet.

Coming back to the original plot:
If a child was born out of that physical union with the deities in human spiritual form, then the spiritual attributes of that deity would reside within the bloodline of that Royal family, i.e. spiritual family. Because the true definition of the word Royal, means spirituality or divinity. From which came the lineage of the Astrologers, the Wise men, the Healers (doctors) and the Psychics…but not Hollywood. Thus from divine karmic influence perpetuated genetically and astrologically, to guide, council and heal and direct the spiritual well-being of that ancient society in its on-going positive evolution to reach the real stars…and not our human created dissolvable ones. You know, that fill the Media created heavens and are on the karmic blink with their twink…according to Alf.

Anyways, as us dissolvable human beings possess a collective unconscious that has a karmic key signature within interactive spiritual Creation, so this knowledge spread around the world as similar forms of worship and expression…but not as entertainment. In fact just like the wheel, the pyramids and now Hollydude and Co. Because we are all invisibly connected by the Comic mind & its universal computer structuring the evolution of Creation and life. You know, the invisible spiritual one that underwrites evolution. That our human mind and its biological computer (called the brain), is a physical dissolvable creation and reflection of.

But that’s a load of Dr Who intergalactic twaddle with spelling mistakes, say all the academics & scientists…well some anyway and other downstairs knockers of anything they do not want understand. ‘Cause we have it on good authority from our famous books (written by us lot downstairs), that you & Alf are telling us a lot of porkies. But not so says Upstairs, I was around then when it was created, you weren’t.. So there, put that in your funny books and electronic gizmo’s and stop drinking ‘caffe latte and researching those dancing pole nightclubs downstairs. Plus, you’ve got the wrong books to boot or you are reading them upside down or somefing.

To continue:
The centuries passed…the deities headed back home for a well earned rest. They returned to heaven…spiritual heaven that is. But not in space ships, sorry about that revelation to all the lost in space science fiction junkies stranded up on Babble’on 5 on Prozac. No, they returned via their spiritual bodies when they had passed on from their physical one’s…and guess what, things went to pot again downstairs. Much human wrong doings saturated the spiritual atmosphere of this beautiful planet once again. The untalented people grew very unhappy, while the worshiped winners got lost in I-love-me in the mirror space. Like on the commercial television & in glossy product magazines and on the catwalk.

Anyways, the long and the short of it all, was that Nature was no longer revered, no longer acknowledged for her dignity…for her beauty…for her creativity. Spiritual decadence crept into the important primordial ego affairs of mankind and man became so insecure within his bonce…you know his head? that he began to denigrate the female in all aspects. She lost the right to choose her mate when the seeds of fertility flowed within her. She became a laughing stock. Crude jokes began to appear on trees. Crude remarks began to be shouted in the forests. Crude drawings turned up everywhere, from clever people in the local temples and taverns she copped the lot.

But no internet, television, video’s, or those other things…you know, glossy product magazines with boobs, bottoms, abs and whatnots in. At least I don’t think so, `cause they hadn’t heard of promo’s, commercial television, big bucks, spin-doctors, marketing geniuses, media moguls, catwalks and ego-preening in those far off days. We had to have progress and democracy first…from all the winners that got made into created products out of promo’s. But, youse try telling the top end of town this and you will really cop the cold shoulder and worse, get sent to writers Coventry for elocution and spelling lessons as payback for telling them they ‘got it wrong’ with their idea of progress.

Anyways, it came to be on this trashed planet, that woman was no longer revered for her creativity, her beauty, her tenderness, her lovingness, her softness, her intelligence, her everythingness…and they have never been the same since. For woman started to emulate man and go bungee jumping and acting as macho men on the adolescent blink and fighting wars and all that Hollybug movie invented trashing jazz. If youse can’t beat ‘em you might as well join ‘em, became the female war cry in Guverments and on the television and movies. We are not staying at home doing the ironing and changing nappies, we are going out to work in the market place and at dancing pole nightclubs to earn our own money and give the noisy kids to some other mug to look after. We are entitled to be macho men just like you lot …echoed down the corridors of female power in high scientific places and universities and glossy magazines. We’ll sort you’se out, because we’ve got the female brains, plus a lot more you haven’t…and guess what, man has never been the same since either.

What a big top end of town marketed product & promo created mix up, women as men and men as women and the kids stuck in the middle and lost in techno dude synthetic product & computer space forever. What a crazy world, I wonder if there is something wrong in our super progressive social system of do-what-you-like and when-you-like. `Cause I’ve got my rights and no one can tell me what to do…unless youse got big bucks and a stretched limo and can get me on the news, television, movies or in a glossy product magazine.

Time for me tea break and go to the loo. Be back soon with part (2). Stephen Gripes son of Alf.

Appendix: add on note from Alf Gripes in charge of boot camp.
Now understand this all of you? We are very special to Upstairs as human beings, a one off & never to be repeated and, we have blocked off the intuitive Laws of Nature that should function harmoniously within our minds and bodies…but not in created products. A Woman is a Woman. A Man is a Man. One is the nurturing reflection of the Creative Womb of Nature the other is the reflection of the silent Cosmic Male component of Creation…and, we have different biological energies working within male & female because of it. When we are not dysfunctional and lost in synthetic product and Media created image space, then those opposite archetypal energies should operate in perfect harmony in a relationship, any relationship: Harmony that comes from the spiritual Laws of Nature to evolve and support everything physical that is evolving in Creation, along with creating order out of chaos in life & Nature.

Comprehend within the function of the self-referral Laws of Nature, it is very abnormal for a Mother with young children to work fulltime in the market place. If you wish to work in the market place and devote your life to it…that’s fine, free will and equality of the sexes on this planet should always prevail…but definitely NOT when we have the responsibility of young children. They need the close nurturing bond of their Mother above all else, NOT substitutes and not part time, otherwise big trouble within those Laws of Nature, therefore big trouble for you and the kids sooner or later.

Understand young children need both your constant total commitment and mature love, along with a male gentle, but firmly administered teaching of respect and consideration for others. All copied learning (by adult example) that allows your children to form lasting happy relationships and respect in adulthood for themselves and society…or do not bring them into this World. Understand a Mother (when not dysfunctional and lost in product and image created space) is naturally the nurturing love of Creation, the tenderness of Creation, the beauty of Creation…and, your children need those spiritual qualities that come from Divine Nature to enable them to reach 21 maturely and happily – got it? Then and only then, are they able to access their spiritual essence to further their evolution from out of your combined love and close parental attention throughout childhood. They are a full time job in other words … no ifs or buts or clever remarks about it.

Single Mums, without abusing the welfare system but respecting the welfare system, ask your Governments for understanding and support to enable you to do your nurturing maternal job properly…especially in their formative years, because very few men can do it for you. They are not biologically equipped to do so. They are biologically equipped to support you at all times, in all circumstances, in all situations…when they are not dysfunctional and also lost in do-what-you-like indoctrinated product T.V. space that is. Thus learn to meditate correctly & consistently and restore balance and harmony within the functioning integrity of Nature’s Laws that underwrite life. Otherwise we will never ever get to Heaven to collect out harp, but the other place to collect our shovel instead.

Kind regards – Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.

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