The Missing Manuscripts.

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A Stephen Gripes translation of the twelve missing manuscripts from the mind boggling blockbuster ‘The Celestine Potholes’. This new spiritual information on the origins of life, evolution, religion, God and mankind, will help negotiate the pearly gates in the positive end of the departure lounge – guaranteed. And no, the author has not lost his marbles, but the same could not be said of some in the driving seat of human progress at the moment.

The following translated manuscripts pasted by Stephen Gripes on other Public notice boards. All rights reserved on Upstairs authority. License No: 1999. Issued from Upstairs not downstairs and not to be confused with the Dead Sea Scrolls. These are the Live Sea Scrolls and pre-date & post-date them by several millenniums.






(I times D) plus square root of (M) times (LN plus CM) equals H. (extra Brownie points for Universities if you solve it before the Christmas Hols)


8) QUESTIONNAIRE TIME? (by Stephen Gripes)


Or is it the Anti-matter of the other Universe…ask Albert he knows?



Translations by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of


Manuscript 1. What is a Human Being?


The human being creates…both physically and mentally. The creative power of human thought, shakes other Worlds that Science would call Dimensions. We also shape the Afterlife spiritual planes of Creation and all that is in them. For those spiritual Worlds are created by the human being –not God. These mentally constructed planes of Creation within the Afterlife, are the karmic construct of the created lived realities of Mankind imprinted in the spiritual fabric of Creation; karmic influence that is a created product out of human ‘cause & effect’ sourced to the activity of our thoughts, deeds & creativity. Thus what human created reality we prescribe too & live on this Planet, is where our spiritual essence ends up when we pass on from physical to non-physical existence at death. Because what we have sown with our creativity, is what we reap in Nature‘s interactive primordial intelligence and the Laws of Nature.

When the primordial negative & positive archetypal intelligence structuring life goes out of sync with the Laws of Nature, then the ordained spiritual evolution of life stagnates. That means mankind’s Afterlife evolution also spirals out of sync with the self-referral Laws of Nature; laws that are also responsible for gaining higher states of consciousness in life and at death. That malfunction in the workings of life, means mankind’s ordained spiritual evolution has stagnated and has attracted premature entropy to its on-going evolution and re-birth cycle as a devolution result. The cause of this quantum located malfunction, is from accumulating human created destructive karmic influence. Cause & Effect karmic influence that contaminates Nature’s primordial workings & usurps the function of the Laws of Nature responsible for ‘order out of chaos’ in life.

Clarification: This malfunction of Evolution, is from accumulating destructive karmic influence sourced to mankind’s negative not-life supportive actions & creativity. It is destructive ‘cause & effect’ influence that stagnates spiritual evolution and is alien to the divine workings of Nature that sources life. A divine intelligence that underwrites the self-referral Laws of Nature and forms the status quo intelligence of this Creation When this human created usurpation of Nature’s Laws reaches critical mass, premature entropy sets in within the interactive primordial workings of Nature that orchestrates life and its biology. This collapse of Natural Law, eventually causes that status quo intelligence of Creation to manifest and restore ‘order out of chaos’ to the primordial processes of evolution.

As a religious analogy, we could call this restoration of evolution Judgment Day or perhaps Armageddon in human understanding. In spiritual terms of understanding, we could call it a Cosmic authored re-birth cycle sourced to the status quo intelligence of this Creation. A cataclysmic upheaval of Nature that has been triggered by mankind’s accumulating destructive activity, a karmic fate that has befallen other great Civilizations before ours. The Greek philosopher Plato, put this two & two together in his day and also gave the reasons in a dialogue about the fate of mythical Atlantis. No one has put two & two together since, except perhaps in the equally much translated and misunderstood Bible.

The accumulative karmic effect of this mankind created entropy in the workings of Nature, creates irrationality within the discriminating aspect of the thought process of human beings. Correspondingly, human judgment and logic is impaired and delusion becomes rife in the affairs of mankind. Disorder & irrationality sets in within the activity and expression of the accentuated negative human being. Bloodshed, disharmony, destructive behaviour, psychological disorder, sexual disorder, negative creativity, intolerance, polarization and ambivalence abound within a Societies expression, as is the current norm around the world. But, not seen as such by those contaminated with its destructive karmic influence. In spiritual understanding, it means the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature, has become dominant in the human beings expression, creativity and logic.

Premature entropy, in the form of the collapse of Societies positive values and loss of integrity and human dignity, is the unrealised devolution outcome from this negative ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence. When trapped in its destructive influence, it is not possible for the individual to realize the negative effect it has on its thought, actions, desires, deeds & creativity. It is contagious influence that retards the positive, but accelerates the negative in human Society. Those afflicted, become blind to the consequences of their actions, become blind to common sense and rational reasoning, become indifferent to wrong doing & positive values. In its place comes clever semantics, narcissism, ambivalence, divisiveness, procrastination, denial, endless argument that we call debate and chaos where once there was order.

Scientists in particular, should stop their blind experiments on everything on this Planet. Put them on hold until we have completed our verbal journey and understood in depth what is being explained. Then you will have truly saved the human species – physically? This current indiscriminate blind science activity and its synthetic pollution is adding to the problem …albeit unknowingly. Comprehend you do not know WHAT you are dealing with at this present point in time. You will do, it will become apparent if you temporarily down tools and correlate what is being explained as we progress along our fact-finding tour.

Religions should refer to their Scriptures to comprehend what is being explained. Then it is back to 21st century language from here on in, for a further spiritual understanding of those Scriptures. We live in the 21st century now and a different epoch of consciousness prevails in this century for mankind. Therefore we must discuss God, we must acknowledge God, we must understand God, we must teach our children about God from this more evolved level of consciousness. If you remain in the past, the Laws of Nature cannot help your Religion evolve further in this new epoch of consciousness. The means to acquire that spiritual structure of consciousness, is through the twice daily practice of Correct Meditation and the use of an intoned mantra.

Manuscript 1 of 12. Translated by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.


Manuscript 2.

God! or the idea of God! comes from God! Because the idea of God is Creation.

About the uninvolved abstract silent Creator and words for thought and not denial.
Paradox: God is both Absolute and Relative and the uninvolved architect of Creation.
Paradox: The abstract intelligence of God is beyond Physical and Spiritual Creation yet, contains Physical and Spiritual Creation.
Paradox: The manifestation of God is Creation and the totality of existence, eternity and the cause of evolution.
Paradox: There is both a personal never-changing aspect of God and a ever-changing impersonal aspect of God.
Paradox: The transcendent personal never-changing aspect of God, is pure absolute abstract silence. As the activity and content of Creation, is the ever-changing impersonal manifested aspect of God .

Conclusion: God does not talk, only the creations of God talk. For example…human beings.
Conclusion: No human being can be said to speak for uninvolved transcendent God, only speak through the manifested active Divine spiritual intelligence of God.
Conclusion: That active personal intelligence of impersonal transcendent God is not Human, but Divine.
Conclusion: Therefore, the active Divine intelligence of God is not religious ideology, because that religious ideology is of the human beings creativity.
Conclusion: Therefore, no human created existing Religion has automatic entry to Divine intelligence or exclusive access to God.

Solution to finding God:
Comprehend that God is everything, including infinity. When we have fused the physical and the spiritual aspects of God through the consistent practice of transcendental meditation, then will we have become a spiritually evolved human being and where no more paradox or delusion exists. It is called enlightenment. It is also called self-referral spiritual consciousness or Cosmic consciousness, that finds fulfillment in a further evolved structure of consciousness called God consciousness. Because that acquired spiritual structure of consciousness, has a personal link with the self-referral Divine Laws of God. The spiritual transcendent domain of which, has been called the ‘Veda’ in the Sanskrit language of ancient India and the birthplace of spiritual enlightenment. We can also understand the ‘Veda’, as the nucleus of divine intelligence and the status quo spiritual intelligence of this Creation. So comprehend it is not God as such, but is from the pure creativity of the silent uninvolved abstract transcendent God. As is everything in Creation.

Comprehend this physical Creation, is underwritten by spiritual Creation and from where our physical Universe was born…the big bang? The human being, with its evolving biological created physical intelligence, is currently trapped in physical Creation on the level of thought. The human being must leave that concept of thought and understand the concept of abstract silence. Fuse these two components (Absolute and Relative) through the long term practice of correct meditation, then we will eventually become free of that physical entrapment and move on with our spiritual evolution and its infinite possibilities. The never ending debate of God v no God and life after death finally solved…if we wish it to be. Because as human beings, we create our reality along with our destiny in Creation…not God

Thus are we the manifested seed of the eternal Creator –as is everything that exists.

Manuscript 2. of 12. Translated by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.


Manuscript 3.


Wisdom from the past.

A report to Boot Camp message from Alf. Location
To those lost in worshiping human beings to acquire their self-esteem and to those lost on the ego receiving end of its human worship to fuel their self-esteem. Know your inner silent temple to acquire that all important self-esteem, otherwise you will never get to heaven to collect your harp. That transcendent temple located at the source of thought, is the positive place to worship as the mature adult. For it is the center of Creation and the temple of all temples in Creation. All have access to its transcendent unifying source of absolute intelligence…the Creator.

Thus start your spiritual journey out of that primordial ego entrapment of worshiping human beings and its now Media saturated contagious influence in Society. For as an adult, its delusion is retarding your spiritual evolution and preventing you from growing up. Comprehend worshiping human beings, has become a media & marketing genius sponsored delusion in Society for acquiring self-esteem out of identifying with celebrities. Celebrity worshiping neurosis that has nothing to do with respecting others or acquiring upstairs brownie points, dignity, maturity and self-respect. This now Media saturated influence, is creating psychological disorder in Society and retarding the spiritual development of our global Civilization.

About Hollywood & Co.
We are all actors upon the stage of life –did not Shakespeare the noted playwright on human ‘got it wrong’ affairs say so? But some born gifted human beings are exceptionally good at acting, i.e. at attention seeking, pretence and superficiality called drama. Then immaturely showered with gongs and accolades and Media worshiped to create news, closet information and attention grabbing gutter headlines out of. To then also be paid vast amounts of money in the socially destructive devolution process. A obscene big business greed authored practice for others to see and puzzle over in our spiritless world of created inequality and worshiping winners & big bucks. A ‘got it wrong’ human created world that has become divorced from its spiritual roots out of worshiping all things monetary, human and dissolvable and nothing spiritual, absolute or lasting.

A ‘got it wrong’ world of unconscionable greed and the exploitation and manipulation of the un-gifted many by the born gifted few. A ‘got it wrong’ world of eulogizing mankind’s pathological disorders as entertainment and worshiping those that act them out the best in Society. This ego sourced immature adult practice of worshiping winners and paying them vast amounts of money for their born gifts & talents, physical attributes, material accomplishments and acquired status, has no place in a mature Society. Only in a uncivilized narcissistic self-absorbed thoughtless one, that has fallen off the rails of spiritual evolution and is psychologically self-destructing in its Media fed delusion.

This growing delusion of worshiping winners & celebrities in Society to acquire & fuel self-esteem, is the culmination of human self-aggrandizement from the misuse of acquired power in the Media to grab the public‘s attention and big note themselves in the sycophantic process. This saturation of celebrity worship out of the Media, is unknowingly creating psychological disorder in Society and retarding its spiritual evolution. Comprehend this immature practice of worshiping gifted human beings and paying them vast amounts of money, is a psychological recipe for creating narcissism, over inflated ego disorder, megalomania & self-aggrandizement in those being worshiped. It is a human created practice that destroys the spiritual qualities of humility and dignity in Society. It is a ‘got it wrong’ human created ego practice that when entrenched in Society, becomes a karmic influence in the interactive primordial workings of Nature that devolves human consciousness. It becomes a contagious entity (life force) that usurps the Laws of Nature structuring ‘order out of chaos’ in human consciousness.

Comprehend the worshiping of human beings and not the Creator, fuels sycophancy, self-aggrandizement, self-importance, narcissism and delusion in Society. It is also the glaring sign of a spiritually decaying Civilization. Both Socrates & Plato of ancient Greece, came to understand this perpetuated human ego failing in human society, but could do nothing about its contagious karmic influence that grew to saturate the Greek civilization and corrupt it. We can do something about its recurring nemeses in our Civilization. The spiritual means to dissolve its human created delusion, is through the collective practice of Correct Meditation in Society. A practice that evolves human consciousness up the ladder of evolution and out of its acquired pathological disorders and delusion. Because the worshiping of human beings in society, does not compliment the Creator of life in any shape or form with its misplaced worship.

Comprehend that we all become spiritually debilitated by the euphoric karmic influence generated out of worshiping human beings. Those adults promoting its childhood delusion in Society to acquire self-esteem, self-importance & power, must grow up or be left behind in evolution. It is time to come out of its human created euphoric delusion and unwitting destruction of our spiritual evolution. From the aspect of Divine Nature and its status quo intelligence…that is currently restoring the equilibrium of this human trashed Universe, it will soon not be possible to change that devolution direction and its terminating conclusion in the departure lounge. Because the worshiping of human beings, is a spiritually self-destructing past the use-by-date ideology in the 21st Century. That only earns Darth‘s brownie points and not Upstairs brownie points in the ‘got it wrong‘ affairs of mankind.

Thus out of positive structured logic and not negative structured logic out of the Media, once we know something is wrong, harmful and unproductive to our spiritual & social evolution, simply do not do it. Do something about it instead and grow up out of its immature ego-preening practice in Society to acquire self-esteem. The transcendent means have been given to dissolve its human created devolution karmic influence permanently and compliment life, the Creator and ourselves in the unifying process.

Manuscript 3. of 12. Translated by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.


 Manuscript 4.

Therefore, the unrealized power of thought, desire and intent from the creative processes of human thought in Nature’s interactive primordial archetypal intelligence that orchestrates life.

At the spiritual located level of Creation where human thought manifests from, the reverberation from a physical thought is like the blow from a Woodcutters axe echoing within the silence of a great forest. That ‘silence, is the abstract absolute intelligence of the Creator. Thus also know the spiritual as well as the physical value of trees on this living evolving Planet. For they, like everything else in Creation, are a seed manifestation of God’s pure creativity. Because everything in existence, is from the creative seed of the diversifying never-changing absolute Creator, but in different individualised forms of self-perpetuating manifestation where life and its seed is concerned. The age old conundrum of whether the tree came before the seed resolved in that spiritual understanding. Because they are one and the same at their absolute source, as with everything in Creation. Only appearing differently as seed & tree, in the different stages of its physical evolution and self-regenerative cycle.

We must comprehend at the spiritual level of life, the creative seed of thought has power and influence beyond our present comprehension. Ask those mathematically dabbling in quantum physics for their interpretation of its no where but everywhere domain and multi-dimensional activity. That can vanish into nothing, or so it would seem from a physical perspective? Those that start their spiritual journey out of our human created mess on this Planet, will understand that incomplete Science knowledge in a different context than mathematics on the path of complete knowledge that we are on. Those that do not come, will not comprehend its significance or potential, consequently left far behind with their spiritual evolution.

As a physical reflection and creation of the Creator’s pure creativity, human thought possesses the potential of the Creator to create with also. Thus we should understand, it is the human beings thought, desire and intent, that creates physical reality and the interpretation of that reality. It is human thought, that has created all ideology (created realities) that have been and will continue to be created and lived out of on this planet, not God. The human species also unknowingly creates the Afterlife spiritual planes of Creation ad-infinitum with their own unique creativity. They are a Negative or Positive ‘cause & effect’ karmic product from out of the created realities (ideologies) we all live. Therefore, from the creative seed of human thought and its regenerative fertility sourced to the Creator. They are transient worlds sown into the spiritual fabric of Creation out of human thoughts, deeds and actions.

Therefore, what we sow in this life with our ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence, is what we reap in those Negative or Positive planes of transitory existence and where our Spirit ends up at death. For we have created that plus or minus afterlife destiny while we are alive….nothing to do with uninvolved God. Did not Jesus say so in the language of his time at the end of his life? He went to create his spiritual Heaven for others and verbally said as such. Just as enlightened Mohammed did for others when he passed on from physical to non-physical existence at death.

Further to the misunderstood and often misinterpreted Koran and Bible.
Killing, maiming, destroying, murdering, conquering, subjugating, intimidating, manipulating and exploiting other human beings in the name of God, means those responsible and those inciting it, have no connection to God. Understand categorically, absolutely and definitively, they are under the inherited influence of destructive karma linked to a human created entity. Entities that evolve out of a lived ideology and the creative seed of human thought. Thus avoid like the plague those inciting & perpetuating this religious mayhem out of the past in the present. Do not give them power or status of any description in Society and no access to our vulnerable children under the delusion of religious instruction. No matter how gifted, eloquent, articulate, educated, charismatic or brilliant they may be.

Understand uninvolved abstract silent God, has nothing to do with killing. Only the karmic unbalanced and deluded negative accentuated human being. That has lost intuitive connection with the self-referral Laws of Nature structuring order out of chaos in Creation. It is also time to understand the karmic inherited pathological disorder of megalomania. Sourced to the immature human ego and acquired power in Society…and definitely not sourced to divine power or God. A human perpetuated nemesis (megalomania), that is also behind this centuries old religious fanaticism & killing in the name of God to own the religious status quo in the world. Consult our history books for further unequivocal confirmation?

Comprehend the human created spiritual planes of transitory afterlife existence, can be positive or they can be negative in the context of furthering our spiritual evolution at physical re-birth. Because we inherit the Negative and Positive karma of past lives to either support our on-going spiritual evolution or retard our evolution to higher states of consciousness while we are alive. Their also comes a ten thousand year Divinely authored spiritual re-birth cycle, to deal with continuously born negative accentuated human beings that have become permanently lost to evolution. In that solar cycle, positive human spiritual essence automatically evolves further, but the Negative accentuated human spirit is removed from the system of life for eternity.

So comprehend as human beings, we have conscious freewill to choose the direction of our personal evolution, thus our afterlife destiny also. That unique conscious freewill, is the Creator’s gift to the human being to evolve itself up the ladder of spiritual evolution through its own actions. Thus we create and choose our Destiny – no one else. Thus let it always be positive and in accordance with evolution and in harmony with others on this shared Planet. The means to create that universal harmony has been given. It is the same means for a Negative born human being (a lost soul) to come out of its inherited destructive karma and evolve further or be dissolved. Because that Divinely orchestrated regenerative cycle has arrived in our solar system. Therefore on this life sustaining shared Planet that we call Earth.

Manuscript 4. of 12. Translated by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.


 Manuscript 5.


Not to be confused with the dissolvable created psyche, a physical created persona that we call the individual I or self.

Each individual, each family, each tribe, each nation, the whole human race, every form of life-intelligence, has an individual spiritual psyche. That spiritual psyche or essence, also functions as a karmic key-signature within the interactive archetypal spiritual intelligence of primordial Nature processing life. We should understand, that the evolving spiritual psyche of the human being…but not its dissolvable physical created psyche, contains a divine potential to be eternal within Creation. A divine potential that is subject to our continuing spiritual evolution as human beings during life. That is where the equation of ‘evolve or perish’ comes into human affairs in the divine plan of evolution and the spiritual plot of life.

In the spiritual interactive workings of primordial Nature, life functions as individual intelligence being processed and evolved through the ‘cause & effect’ influence of its created karma. Karma, that is a ‘cause & effect’ creative equation out of brain structured species that fuels the activity, direction and expression of life. Karma, that is a perpetuating product (creative influence) that comes out of our human thoughts & desire to create our destiny. Karma, the cause of the continuing physical re-birth cycle of the spiritual essence of the human being & linked to actions & unrequited desires from previous lives. Karma, that enters the spiritual workings of Nature to interact with its primordial archetypal intelligence orchestrating life. Therefore, orchestrating the biology of life, orchestrating the human mind and body, orchestrating the genetic structure & chemistry of life, orchestrating the evolution of life. Comprehend all the branches of brain structured life, have a interactive common denominator in the archetypal primordial intelligence of Nature that underwrites it and processes its individual karma for the purpose of evolution & survival.

This spiritual knowledge of Nature, is what is missing in our existing incomplete physical understanding of life, ourselves and Nature. That is why those indiscriminately experimenting on Creation and its components, can be said to be spiritually blind and divorced from Nature with their science creativity. Because in blindly re-arranging and meddling with life and the atom, incomplete Science is unknowingly usurping Laws that underwrite ‘order out of chaos’ in life and Creation. That means Science, is creating and accumulating a ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence that interferes with the self-referral function of spiritual Laws of Nature. Laws that are processing the spiritual and physical evolution of life through its created karma. Self-referral laws (energies) that are processing ‘order out of chaos’ in the primordial archetypal spiritual intelligence that underwrites life. Laws that are the divinely structured & orchestrated Government of the spiritual archetypal intelligence of impersonal Primordial Nature.

When the negative karmic influence out of our human creativity reaches ‘critical mass’ in primordial Nature’s workings, its devolution influence will trigger the status quo intelligence of this Creation to manifest and restore the human disturbed equilibrium & divine function of Nature and its Laws. In that automatic status quo authored process of the restoration of evolution, life starts again. As it has in the past on this Planet when the duel physical & spiritual evolution of life has stagnated. But obviously not through our human cause & effect, as our species had yet to come into existence. But this pending avoidable cataclysmic restoration of evolution, will definitely be down to our human species and its accumulating ‘got it wrong’ creativity causing the devolution problem. A human created karmic problem that has stagnated the spiritual evolution of our species as a ‘cause & effect result.

To dissolve that mankind created devolution problem and evolve further with our spiritual evolution, we need to acquire the spiritual means to dissolve its karmic influence and stay in sync with the spiritual intelligence that underwrites life. We need to come out of our existing primordial structure of physical consciousness and acquire a spiritual one. We need to comprehend that all life is being processed for the purpose of evolution by higher intelligence of greater magnitude than human intelligence. We need to acquire that spiritual consciousness and operate intuitively out of its universal intelligence with our creativity & karma as human beings. We can identify that higher intelligence as the ‘Cosmic Mind’, the progenitor of physical Creation and life. A divine intelligence that is the active spiritual intelligence of the uninvolved Creator. We could also call that composite divine intelligence, the Cosmic Spirit, or the Holy Spirit in religious terminology. That is authored and underwritten by transcendent abstract Absolute Intelligence, the intrinsic manifested substance of Creation and that Religion has called God.

Comprehend spiritual intelligence and absolute intelligence are eternal intelligence. Unlike biological human intelligence and its obvious physical dissolvable limitations. A logic that some very intelligent human beings, are going to have to come to grips with in our current hotchpotch make it up as you go along understanding of Creation. Because existing Science, for all its acquired physical knowledge, has not got a clue as to what makes life and Creation tick. Therefore, they do understand what not to do with their gifted human intelligence in the life re-arranging laboratory. Or that ten billion dollar plus atom trashing machine in the ‘got it wrong’ scientific quest to find the God particle. Because God is not a physical particle, but a transcendent intelligence that seeds creation and all that is in it. That seeds all the different strata (dimensions) of Creation of which ‘physical creation’ is but a part of its interactive whole. Creation, that was definitely not created to be trashed by the human being, in the ego sourced delusion of creating scientific progress and conquering new frontiers.

Governments also come in for special mention in this spiritless department. They also have no intuitive connection to the spiritual Laws of Nature in their activity, legislation and governance, only the human ego and the created ideology of Big Corporate Money Making Business. That, under the glorious banner of the unstoppable Global Economy, is destroying the future of this Civilization with unconscionable greed. Because money and what it buys, has become the all-consuming holy grail of our got it wrong Civilization. In that human authored delusion, we are blindly polluting everything on this living Planet out of human conceit and irreverence for life and calling it progress. A greed propelled progress that the powerless majority have no say in. Only the gifted few creating and fuelling those realities we all have to live have the say in that progress. Because they are creating it…but without an Upstairs issued licence.

This delusion we are calling progress, is unknowingly stagnating our spiritual evolution and destroying the future of our Civilization out of unchecked greed, overpopulation and synthetic toxic pollution. It is a devolution progress fuelled by influence we have no comprehension of in our existing structure of ego consciousness. Paradoxically, those who are creating & contributing to its growing influence, are made blind by its karmic influence. It is contagious influence that instigates irrational all-consuming behaviour in our species. It is a euphoric karmic influence that drives greed and a insatiable ego authored desire to conquer and acquire power. It is a human created accumulating devolution karmic influence, that instigates spiritual self-destruction and terminates the evolution of the spiritual psyche of the human being.

Manuscript 5. of 12. Translated by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.


Manuscript 6.

(I times D) plus the square root of (M) times (LN plus CM) equals H.`

Clue – each letter represents a word.
Warning for the problem-solver: The content contains a spoiler to the equation.
Its product (H) is the logic out of a word equation sourced to spirituality, not a number equation sourced to physical mathematics. Yet, it could be equally expressed by mathematical logic. Thus the logic to be found in words, is the same logic to be found in a math’s equation –merely expressed differently from different locations in the human brain.

Pure logic, can also be expressed through harmonious uplifting musical notation, art and architecture when linked to a positive psyche. That coherence of expression out of positive human creativity, is the subtle appeal of the Masters works to the physical senses of perception of their audience. Thus as pure logic transposed through human creative expression, its expression is appealing to the mind of human beings in all its many diverse expressions, including mathematics. Expressions of creativity that all originate from the source of thought and its reflection as an impulse of creative intelligence emanating from the spiritual source of life and the absolute intelligence that seeds it.

It could be said that pure logic (perfect coherence), is a reflection of the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the self-referral Laws of Nature. Spiritual laws that are the government of the negative & positive primordial archetypal intelligence that underwrites the biology & expression of life. Coherence of expression and creativity that should come naturally to a human being, when its conscious thought process is intuitively connected to those self-referral spiritual Laws through the unconscious mind…the spiritual psyche of the human being. When the human mind goes out of sync with Nature, then conscious thought & creativity has no anchor to those intuitive self-referral spiritual laws structuring order out of chaos & coherence in life. In that karmic sourced debilitation of thought, the mind loses the natural ability to intuitively know what is supportive of Life & Nature and what is not supportive of Life & Nature. In its place comes delusion, denial, negative structured creativity & logic and the inability to understand right from wrong. Therefore what compliments the individual, society, life, nature and evolution and what does not compliment the individual, society, life, Nature and evolution.

For example, the negative structured logic of…
The self-destructive suicide bomber and fanatical terrorist.
Those decimating the atom to see what makes it tick.
Those creating and selling weapons of mass destruction.
Those indiscriminately re-arranging life in the science laboratory.
Those saturating life with synthetic chemical pills and toxic pollution.
Those governments selling off publicly owned infrastructure to generate immense wealth for the few and fuel greed & inequality in Society.
Those allowing all-consuming Global Big Business to dominate, own and trash the World to fuel the global economy and unconscionable greed.
Those allowing trans-national Corporations to buy and own another Nations resources to generate money and immense wealth for those with a piece of the action.
Those saturating Society with mankind’s pathological behaviour and calling it entertainment, art and freedom of expression.

All the above human created realities (ideologies), are being driven by human logic & reason that has no connection to the coherent value of the self-referral Laws of Nature. Because the not understood common denominator of those human lived ideologies, is that they are all self-destructive to life and Nature and the spiritual purpose of evolution. Yet, not seen as being destructive by those in the driving seat of those human created ideologies. Comprehend when divorced from the spiritual roots of life with our human thought and creativity, we become blind to the consequences of our human actions. In that karmic sourced debilitation, we delude ourselves with our misplaced logic & reason and therefore in what we are calling progress. When trapped in that human created delusion, megalomania, narcissism, self-aggrandizement, greed & acquisition go into overdrive in Society. Activity that is illogically called success, accomplishment and progress on a level playing field.

The human created cause of the delusion:
When the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature gains dominance in the collective consciousness of a Civilization, then abuse of power, ruthlessness, manipulation, exploitation, corruption, degradation of sexuality, crudeness, loss of dignified expression, irrational behaviour, intolerance, belligerence towards law & order, a couldn’t care less attitude towards social responsibility, lack of manners, dignity and respect for others, growing behavioural & psychological disorder and a do what you like anything goes mentality flourishes in Society. Sanctified under a very abused freedom-of-expression edict with a no morals code tagged on for good measure in our Media liberated Civilization. All those human created devolution karmic influences, become dominant in a dysfunctional Civilization divorced from its spiritual roots. A karmic sourced debilitation, that prevents the self-referral function of the Laws of Nature to maintain ‘order out of chaos’ in our human logic, reason, expression, creativity and consciousness…and therefore in what we are calling progress.

Clarification: When our human consciousness becomes lost from the coherent value of the Laws of Nature, harmony and positive life supporting values go out the back door in human Society. Negativity, disunity, ambivalence, depression, psychological disorder, social disorder, health disorder and dissent become dominant, especially in the born disadvantaged of Nations. Violent self-destructive illogical behaviour gains ascendancy in Society and it begins to unknowingly self-destruct with its social & spiritual evolution. This growing unrealised entropy in our Civilization, is directly linked to what we are calling progress and the greed, corruption & negative logic that is propelling it. It is time to understand what has caused this Civilization to become self-destructive without realising it. Because there is no escaping the invisible karmic influence behind it, its contagious influence unconsciously debilitates everyone trapped in the primordial structure of ego consciousness. It is a human created devolution influence, that prevents us clearly realising or agreeing on the destructive damage we are unwittingly inflicting on this planet out of our so-called progress.

The evolve or perish bottom line.
It is time to dissolve this delusion we are calling progress and create a coherent unified harmonious world in the process. The first step, is to incorporate the twice daily practice of transcendental meditation into our daily routine and acquire some humility for a change…and not Darth‘s brownie points out of worshiping ourselves for our material accomplishments and so-called progress. The solutions to all our human created problems will come to us if we do just that…as well as acquiring some Upstairs brownie points to replace those Darth acquired brownie points for a change. It is that simple a solution to dissolving the contagious delusion we are calling progress and have become lost in as a global civilization. Because progress divorced from the spiritual roots of life in its material content, is progress divorced from the spiritual Laws of Nature structuring order out of chaos in Creation.

The spoiler: Individuality times diversity plus the square root of the mass times the Laws of Nature plus collective meditation in Society, equals automatic coherence in our human consciousness. Therefore the means to evolve further with our spiritual evolution and collect our harp at the end of the human day with our progress…also known as Heaven in Upstairs circles.

Manuscript 6. of 12. Translated by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.


Manuscript 7.


About the unknown spiritual system of Nature that underwrites life and about the unknown ‘cause & effect’ our human creativity has on its negative and positive primordial archetypal intelligence. A report to the Boot Camp detention room memo for all those in the driving seat of progress. Location and don’t forget to put the ego into neutral and bring your ear plugs?

E.coli the human terminating bug?
Nipah the human terminating bug?
Mad Cows Disease the human terminating bug?
Plus, a lot of other human terminating malignant disorders percolating in the interacting primordial archetypal intelligence of Nature that physical life and its biology has manifested out of.
Was it a Monkey?
Was it a Pig?
Was it a Rat?
Was it a Mouse?
Was it a Bat?
Was it a Sheep?
Was it a Cow?

Q: Was it related to the exploitation and mistreatment of animals and disrespect for Nature & Life by ‘got it wrong’ powerful human beings?
Because what quality of karmic influence comes out of human thoughts, creativity, deeds and actions, enters the interactive spiritual workings of primordial Nature that underwrites & orchestrates the biology & chemistry of life. When it is accumulating negative destructive not life-supportive karmic influence, then impersonal primordial Nature responds out of its automatic dictum of ‘as we sow so do we reap’ with our human creativity in its physical & spiritual workings. By cranking up its negative archetypal intelligence to dissolve the dysfunctional species responsible. Aids is classic example, as are all sexually transmitted diseases. Diseases created & triggered out of the wrong sexual activity of our ‘got it wrong’ human species.

Comprehend we have not solved the cause of Aids with viral drugs either. Its terminating bug has merely gone into hibernation from those chemical synthesized drugs and is invisibly re-grouping and re-creating itself. Because we have not dissolved the perpetuating human created ‘cause & effect’ destructive karmic influence that created its malfunction in Nature’s archetypal intelligence. We have only arrested its manifested physical aberration with those synthetic drugs, not dissolved its quantum located karmic cause. In fact, we have become even more conceited in our ‘do what you like’ sexual & procreation re-arranging scientific laboratory affairs. Especially in the cloning, genetic reconstruction, life re-arranging, test tube meddling, harvesting of eggs & sperm & IVF departments of incomplete science. We must understand that existing incomplete Science, is not infallible or invincible in the intelligence that underwrites life.

That Science means well and has done much for mankind is not in contention, But, it only has half the information of life up on the blackboard…the physical part, not the spiritual part that underwrites it. Yes, medical Science has and can create miracles with its acquired physical knowledge & dedication but, it is doing so with a blindfold on. It is time to remove that blindfold before creating anymore miracles. Because some of those laboratory created miracles, are short term gain for long term loss not only for the human species, but all of life.

Comprehend that mankind is co-creator in this physical Creation. We are also King of the animal kingdom on the ladder of evolution with our human intelligence, conscious freewill and creativity. That human power, is a humungous responsibility in the primordial workings of Nature and the Laws that underwrite ‘order out of chaos’ in its interactive domain. That human power, is a double edged sword in the ‘as we sow so do we reap’ primordial workings of Nature & evolution. That human power, can turn into the sword of Damocles when we abuse it and degrade Creation & Life with our human creativity…especially in the sexual & procreation department.

Comprehend when we lose intuitive spiritual connection with the Laws of Nature with our human consciousness, we go off the rails of spiritual evolution and into devolution self-destruct mode with our logic and creativity. In boot camp terminology, we stuff up the system of life & evolution and create disorder & chaos in the spiritual intelligence that underwrites it.
Comprehend all disorder in Nature, is created by the human being and the human being alone. Thus are terminating life-destroying bugs, created from the destructive ‘cause & effect’ influence out of our total lack of respect for life and the thoughtless subjugation and exploitation of animals in particular. e.g. unnatural farming practices and indiscriminate blind experimentation on animals in the divorced from Nature science laboratory?

Q: Are we in big trouble on this living evolving Planet through human conceit & spiritual ignorance and no understanding of what makes life tick in all departments…including the mind.
A: You bet your boot camp boots we are.

Comprehend we cannot abuse, exploit, subjugate, degrade, change, re-arrange and experiment blindly on life, under the human ego dictum of creating scientific progress and conquering new frontiers. We are the personification of delusion and conceit, when we go around doing what we like on this living Planet in the name of progress. When we go around denying the existence of intelligence greater than our own dissolvable intelligence, we are denying the glaringly obvious. Because where has everything come from, if not from intelligence greater than our dissolvable human intelligence.

Comprehend when we go around denying the logic that ‘nothing comes from nothing’, we are the personification of delusion. We are now in big devolution trouble with our spiritual evolution out of its human ego sourced delusion and the Bard, had nothing to do with it. He knew what he was talking about, unlike most in the top end of town blindly creating our progress as well as our destiny. Thus there are more things not only inside, but also outside of heaven and earth than ever dreamed of in our existing human created understanding of life.

Serious boot camp stuff. Comprehend it is chaos that we are currently creating on this Planet out of our so-called progress. Comprehend that we cannot overpopulate this Planet as a species without self-destructing. It has finite resources that are not renewable, resources that we are re-synthesizing & gobbling up at an ever accelerating rate of consumption. A progress sourced to greed and ‘got it wrong’ human beings in the driving seat of that all-consuming greed. We must stop blindly polluting Nature with synthetic toxic pollution and indiscriminately re-arranging and experimenting on everything, with out understanding where that everything has come from.

Clarification: If we do not come out of our human immaturity and start understanding, respecting and working with the intelligence that created Life, then there is no future for our human species and a lot of other species on this shared Planet. In boot camp detention room terminology, we will self-destruct as a dysfunctional species and go out the back door of Creation. It is time to acquire the spiritual knowledge and means to avoid that human created dead-end destiny, because human beings create their destiny on the ladder of spiritual evolution, not God.

Manuscript 7. of 12. Translated by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.


Manuscript 8.

Compiled by Alf and completed by Stephen for other learned men (and women).
Please fill your own in and post it back here.

Part (1)
About contagious adult acquired unproductive habits in our children.
Are, smoking cigarettes & pot, taking chemical pills & sniffing grot and being lost in thrills & kicks as well as mental fits and blips from other promo saturated movie, television, entertainment copied behaviour in Society, predominant in the 70% of the 100% of young age groups due to the following…

1) Unable to read the ‘for adult entertainment and adult use only’ directions on advertisements, promo’s, glossy magazines, billboards, junk mail, CD & DVD covers, computer games, bongs, beverages, bottles, fast food wrappers and fizzy drink cans. Yes/No?

2) Too much pocket money to spend on the above and other must have status techno goodies with all mod cons and trendy twiddly bits. Yes/No?

3) Not enough school excursions to Hollywood and visits to Disneyland, Parliament House & Commercial Television Stations to dance with the stars. Yes/No?

4) Unable to express themselves any other way, but through copying script-writer & marketing genius instructed celebrities, film stars, sports stars, rock & roll stars and all the other human created stars that litter the communication highways…but not the heavens. Yes/No?

5) Too much adult pressure exerted on them to achieve and be crowned a winner and therefore a easily recognized up-market successful citizen in Society. Yes/No?

6) You have to be top at everything at School, or you do not receive enough brownie points and accolades to climb up the childhood ladder and claim lasting happiness and the jet setting money making top end of town created adult good life. Yes/No?

7) Poor home/social/education/communication environment, lack of mature parental love, good adult example, positive interaction and nurturing within childhood. Yes/No?

8) Unable to reach 21 fast enough to escape childhood for ever and become a successful commercial media, entertainment & product educated adult and a corresponding media accredited winner in Society to create news & closet information out of. Yes/No?

9) Cannot stop habitually worrying about all the above negatives. That have somehow been miraculously re-created into positives to acquire self-esteem and status recognition in Society. Yes/No?

10) Placating their acquired feelings of inadequacy, emptiness and unhappiness at not being able to measure up to media, education & adult expectations. Expectations coming out of a top end of town created playing field that does not understand the born disadvantaged players in the bottom end of town one little bit. Yes/No?

11) Unhappiness compounded by being written-off as losers and left behind in a top end of town created success/winning/product consumed/human worshiping Society on the script-writer & marketing genius deluded blink. Yes/No?

Q: Does the last statement, mean that Alf is advocating doom & gloom in the departure lounge for script-writers, marketing geniuses and the born gifted high achievers and so-called successful in life?
A: No, but Upstairs is. Because the gifted top end of town, have created a playing field for creating unhappiness and inequality in those who cannot possibly compete or keep up with them. Who were not born with the concentrated archetypal intelligence in their physiology that powers the activity, desires, intelligence, motivation and self-esteem of the successful top end of town. Who become lost, used, exploited, manipulated and psychologically damaged in ego & material driven ideologies to acquire self-esteem. Ideologies (created realities) that have no lasting spiritual foundation…only dissolvable material foundation to underwrite that all-important self-esteem.

So no, Alf is not recommending purgatory for the born gifted & successful in Society, but a trip to Boot Camp to acquire the Upstairs means to dissolve their delusion, earn their harp by helping others less fortunate and thus avoid purgatory in the finger pointing departure lounge. At the moment, no one is ever going to collect their harp. Least of all those in the driving seat of progress. Because the media acclaimed gifted & successful winning minority, are leading the unsuccessful losing majority in the wrong direction with their born mandate to create & direct progress. A material progress that has become lost from the spiritual roots of life and the coherent value of the Laws of Nature. That should underwrite progress…and not the ego, greed, pollution, big bucks, worshiping winners & material values and creating inequality & unhappiness in Society.
Part (2)
Are the majority of adult personality disorders, bad habits (subliminal thought patterns) and growing depression & unhappiness in Society due to the following….

1) Unable to understand Sigmund Freud and contemporaries. Yes/No.

2) Unable to find a dictionary to translate the make it up as you go along technical terminology used by the above. Affectionately called psycho babble in the bottom end of town on the receiving end. Yes/No.

3) Watching too many baddies and not enough goodies on the television and movies in childhood. Yes/No?

4) Pursuing unrealistic childhood dreams recommended by the cough, mutter and splutter successful top end of town. Yes/No?

5) Unable to acquire a piece of the 24/7 media relayed top end of town winning action and therefore, the big bucks, adulation and worshiped status that go with it. Yes/No?

4) The psychological residue from an unhappy desire frustrated inadequate childhood. Made worse by the media bombarded negatives that have been created into eulogised positives to acquire self-esteem & happiness. As listed in parts 1 & 2 of the Questionnaire. Yes/No?

Wow! this will cause an uproar and loss of earnings in the top end of town. It cannot be as simple as unhappiness at the root of the growing social devolution problem. Created from a decaying chaotic Civilization, that has fallen off the rails of spiritual evolution and is in self-destruct mode with its material & technological all-consuming progress. After all, we have all our books, expensive clinics, expert advice in glossy magazines and advertisements to prove otherwise. Even though we, the psychology profession & errant marketing geniuses, have not solved the unhappiness problem in Society yet, we are certainly making a good living. So keep coming, reading, buying products, taking pills, watching promo’s and dancing with the stars. We will save you from finger pointing St Peter in the departure lounge’…if you have money that is.

Signed complaint from 70% of the 100% to ?% of the 30% of the 100%. Its aint working, at least not according to the tea lady where I work. Plus, we aint got the money –youse got it all up your end of town.

Endorsed by Stephen Gripes on behalf of Upstairs for those left behind downstairs.

Manuscript 8. of 12. Translated by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.


 Manuscript 9.


A report to boot camp memo for the re-occurring swept under the carpet, alienated, forgotten, rag & taggle uneconomical brigade. Location

Right you lot, nothing comes from nothing except nothing. On that understanding, it is time to put your shoes back on and go out into the market place and see what is cooking and become active in the work department. Because as well as becoming increasingly unemployable downstairs, you are in imminent danger of becoming unemployable Upstairs in the divine plan of evolution. As an aged & ailing Albert Einstein said to his nurse when she scolded him for not resting with his mathematical pen, ‘what is the point of living if I cannot work’ or something similar. Either way, like the Romans he got it right. We are all born to action, it is a Law of Nature. So back to work you go if you want to earn your harp.

The crux of your problem (that you have become a victim of) is not necessarily of your making, but circumstance of birth & genes. Along with an uncivilized Society and the myth we are all born equal and can all aspire to being a worshiped winner residing in the top end of town. Because the bottom end of town, just cannot keep up in our education, science and technology driven & big buck consumed Civilization. For starters, your misfortune in not possessing the born talents, IQ and gifts of others that society worships: Your misfortune in not being able to dance with the stars and endorse products that society also worships. Your misfortune to be labelled as inconsequential in the sacred temple of profit & loss and economic rationalization, that has sold out to obscene salaries, bonuses, sumptuous lifestyles and big corporate money making business. That in turn, has lost the plot of life in the plot of greed and definitely not in analogous St Peters good books.

It is time for the top end of town to come out of the primordial jungle and put people & society and its well being and further evolution first and not power, self-gratification, money, gongs, awards, the seven star good life and big business first. Who keep creating redundancies, unemployment & inequality in the workplace in the name of economic rationalisation and creating progress. Because that big business progress, is being driven by greed, profit, opportunism, exploitation, manipulation, takeovers, and abuse of power. That can only lead to chaos for the many and then its chaos returned to those that created its accumulating negative karmic influence…especially in the departure lounge; Because ‘as we sow so do we reap’ with our human influence in the interactive primordial workings of Nature.

It is also time for poll quaking re-election driven economy obsessed governments, to have a little more compassionate understanding for the born disadvantaged in Society. At the moment, those in charge of our destiny are leading us all in the wrong direction, not just you lot; because those without power, are compelled to follow those that do have power. This primordial ‘follow the leader’ phenomenon is a survival instinct at work in a highly social species. But unfortunately, always becomes abused in human society through the human ego affliction of megalomania. A megalomania & self-aggrandizement that corrupts the ego and just about everything else in the affairs of mankind. Megalomania (the karmic mark of Cain) a ‘power corrupts’ affliction, that comes in all shades and configurations in human society and always rampant in the top end of town.

So you are to band together and make your plight acknowledged and seriously understood by governments, the top end of town & big business alike. Not placed in the too hard basket and blamed on you or its problem disguised and its figures manipulated by clever minds and treated with a lip service only double speak mentality; as has become the norm in politics and bureaucracy gone to seed and denial in a lot of so-called civilised Nations. For those in charge, have not got a clue as to what it is like to be on the bottom rung of Society; because those who live in the top end of town live in a different world. A world of created privilege for the few; a world of self-indulgence and the money to do anything and go anywhere; a world of dog eat dog in the corridors of power functioning for self-interest and the good of the part and not the whole of Society; a superficial world that has lost the spiritual plot of life in the plot of greed and is self-destructing with its all-consuming material progress because of it.

So the boot camp directive, is to let us hear from your positive vocal chords and not your negative vocal chords. Or from the antics of other anti-social behaviour that sends the 24/7 media into a frenzy of adversarial reporting, scribbling, pointing the finger and wooden spoon stirring, otherwise big devolution trouble in the departure lounge to go with all your other troubles. Be positive & constructive at all times and you will cross the finishing line
Q: What’s that?
A: Work. That is essential for a human being. As is self-respect, laughter, happiness, equality and a truly caring, cohesive positively functioning Society operating in all levels of its expression. Not merely operating for the benefit of the idolized gifted, the talented, the winners and the rich and famous. Who comprise a very small percentage of the population and are unwittingly going backwards with their spiritual evolution; that has lost out to worshiping material values, big bucks, gross excess, self-aggrandizement, power, acquired status, self-interest and delusion in the top end of town. Therefore do not go with them, find yourself instead through the regular twice daily practice of transcendental meditation.

Comprehend the spiritual path of transcendental meditation, finds a lasting contentment & happiness and solves all delusion & misery along the silent way, no matter what your born circumstances. Because it gives the mind access to the spiritual problem solving self-referral field of Creation and a lasting self-esteem & self-worth that does not require material values, only spiritual values to compliment work & life and acquire happiness. So forget about wanting to be something you are not in the workplace or the top end of town to find that lasting happiness. In the meantime, use the Internet forum to bring public pressure on your governments to communicate with the T.M. Organization that is based around the world in many Nations, and ask to have its teaching & subsidization made available through Government. Then you and the government will enlist the support of Nature’s intelligence and its laws to get you off that bottom rung and lot more besides…and, don’t knock back manual work cause it aint cool and does not fit into your past the use by date childhood dreams when looking for work.

Comprehend that hard is work is very healthy mentally, physically and spiritually productive to boot. As in, ‘wash on and wash off’ and all that Zen self-development jazz. So forget about wanting to be something you are not, wear your own work boots in the market place to acquire that elusive self-esteem and self-worth. Not someone else’s boots from the top end of town that do not fit and never will fit. And while we are on the Zen philosophy bandwagon, don’t rub the Boss up the wrong way ‘cause you can’t take orders without having a tantrum and reverting to childhood acquired resentment of authority. It’s his/her job to give the orders, not yours. If you give 100% to the bosses interest…as in running the business and making sure it does not go broke and that you get paid, then a good Boss with their head screwed on, will always give you 100% of their interest to make sure you stay happy. Because you will have become a valuable asset to the business and treated with respect accordingly, instead of a pain in the butt and treated with disrespect accordingly. As we sow so do we reap – got it?

Summing up: If you do not want Upstairs peering over you shoulder, then do not abuse the welfare system. It is there to support those in desperate circumstances not of their choosing or making. It is not there as a way of living life at others expense. You will not get to heaven with that got it wrong philosophy. You will only get up Societies nose and worse, St Peter‘s nose in the departure lounge. To then become even more unhappy, disenfranchised and miserable. Remember, the human being was born to action in the scheme of evolution. Positive action that is?

PS. Positive action means action that supports life, nature, evolution, society and yourself and not devolves it. If you go down the silent path of correct meditation twice daily, you will acquire the spiritual intelligence to be able to tell the difference. As the top end of town need to do to get you off that bottom rung.

Manuscript 9. of 12. Translated by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.


Manuscript 10.


No, not according to the boot camp notice board at  Its all in the mind, the unexpanded human mind that is. As are all the other dissolvable human created realities that we identify with and live our lives out in.

The unknown karmic facts of life:
What mankind creates is what mankind becomes and nothing to do with uninvolved abstract God. Because mankind is co-creator in this Creation with its creativity and the perpetuating ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence that comes out of it. So if there is a Devil, then it has come out of the human beings creative mind and not the creativity of the Creator. Therefore just like the human being, it is dissolvable when it has no positive contribution to make to the Divine plan of evolution underwriting life. Note those in the driving seat in the top end of town creating the direction, destiny & reality for others out of their gifted intelligence, creativity and acquired power. A power that comes with great responsibility not to abuse it in human society if we want to collect our harp in the departure lounge.

But, while Alf has not come across the Devil (or flying saucers & little green men) on his spiritual travels, he has certainly come across and clashed with perpetuating malevolent karmic influence. Specifically, a influence created out of an occult worshiped reality lived long ago…the created and lived destructive reality of a past terminated civilization. A karmic influence created long before Christianity…or any other one God religion for that matter. A destructive entity (life-force) that is still permeating in the creative affairs of mankind and its on-going evolution as a ‘cause & effect’ karmic result. A human created malevolent influence that has taken up permanent residence in the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial nature responsible for dissolving life. Along with other destructive entities that have come out of the mankind’s ‘got it wrong’ creativity and lived ideologies over the last ten thousand years.

Clarification: Entities, are a negative or positive (benign or destructive) karmic created product out of the lived ideologies of mankind. They are a perpetuating life-force (karmic influence) drawn out of the negative & positive archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature through karmic affinity to the lineage of those who created them. Comprehend human created entities, become a residual life-force (influence) locked into primordial Nature’s negative & positive archetypal spiritual intelligence that underwrite the physical biology of life.

Explanation: It is a occult created negative entity out of the past, that has primordial located affinity with the family tree of those who created them. Therefore drawn through inherited karma to a negative born human being in the present. A lost soul forever trapped in Nature’s primordial negative archetypal intelligence with their spiritual essence and its physical re-birth cycle. A fairy story that is definitely not a fairy story in the spiritual system that underwrites & orchestrates life. Only a fairy story in the physical human created realities (ideologies) that we live our lives out in and worship in the present…note sceptics and other dedicated knockers of anything they do not want understand?

It is time to come out our existing primordial structure of ego consciousness. Along with some of the material realities that we have become lost in and do not support life and the evolution of society, but unknowingly retard it. A delusion that prevents us from reaching our spiritual potential and its knowledge and further evolution as human beings. Comprehend that negative is drawn to negative as positive is drawn to positive in the impersonal negative & positive spiritual workings of Nature. As in relationships, ideas, interaction and the physical rebirth cycle of the spiritual essence of the human being initiated through sexual union.

That is why sexual bonding and conception should always take place in a positively charged environment. As in a harmonious Society, marriage vows and mature commitment and the karmic influence that comes out of love and respect for each other and creates a positive charged environment. Then we are giving our precious offspring a good start in life, for their spiritual essence will be drawn out of the positive component and not the negative component of the spiritual planes of Creation. A spiritual factor that also dictates the quality of the human beings consciousness and its creativity on the ladder of spiritual evolution.

It is also negative inherited karmic influence, that manifests as black depression or ‘dark night of the soul’ in religious terminology. A negative karmic influence that most will have to pass through on their spiritual journey out of primordial nature’s impersonal domain. Because as human beings, we share a collective consciousness & karma in the impersonal workings of primordial nature that returns all influence we humans create. We have called that existing structure of shared consciousness, ego consciousness. To differentiate it from spiritual consciousness. Thus this experience of negative karmic influence, is a trial to endure and pass through on the spiritual path of expanding the mind into a further structure of consciousness. Yet, it is inconsequential to a positive psyche that does not add to its influence with their naturally positive orientated thoughts and deeds. Like a bad dream, it is merely transient experience to a positive psyche, nothing more.

Comprehend malevolent karmic influence…just like instinctual fear, only has power if we give it power through destructive thoughts, actions & deeds. Evil to him/her that evil does as the saying goes? Once understood that it is merely experience and nothing else, it eventually disappears off the conscious radar of a positive human being. It has no substance in higher states of consciousness, does not exist in those higher planes of consciousness. It is purely human created destructive karmic influence trapped in Nature’s primordial domain. Influence that we have yet to evolve out of with our existing structure of primordial structured ego consciousness.

Transcendental meditation and the silent product that comes out of its regular twice daily practice, will dissolve the karmic power of entities to influence the archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature and therefore the human species that created them. With the infusion of abstract intelligence into our physiology out of correct meditation, we also acquire the spiritual means to know intuitively what is positive and what is destructive to Nature with our human creativity. Then all actions & desires automatically become positive actions & desires that supports life and the divine purpose of evolution with its karma.

Clarification: When the mind & spirit becomes anchored to the silent product (intelligence) that comes out of transcendental meditation, then it is not possible to become lost in the experience of destructive entities or become their unknowing tool. As a lot of negative debilitated human beings are at the moment in this decaying Civilization. Because greed, exploitation, manipulation, deviousness, Machiavellian plotting & scheming, organized crime, brutality, corruption, sexual degradation, megalomania and abuse of acquired power, has become rampant in our dysfunctional civilization. This accelerating sociopath activity stagnates evolution and corrupts a civilization with its growing contagious karmic influence. To then become the magnet that draws destructive entities to the spiritual component of a negative accentuated human being and influence the unconscious and subliminal workings of the human mind. This karmic sourced debilitation, also means those afflicted have no connection to the Laws of Nature responsible for creating order out of chaos in life. They become lost souls in religious terminology and a pain in the butt to life, civilization & evolution in boot camp detention room terminology.

Clarification: Comprehend this perpetuating destructive influence, is locked into the creative processes of primordial archetypal intelligence that in turn, processes human intelligence and its consciousness & creativity. Destructive karmic influence that is toxic to the self-referral spiritual Laws of Nature responsible for ‘order out of chaos’ in Creation. Destructive karmic influence that is foreign to the Divine status quo intelligence underwriting the unstoppable evolution of Creation & life. This mankind created karmic influence, comprises numerous destructive entities that are reaching ‘critical mass’ in Nature’s primordial workings and stagnating evolution. Some of the growing effects of that human created malfunction of evolution, is manifesting as the destabilization of the forces of Nature. That leads to cataclysmic climate upheaval & natural disasters and the destruction of life on this Planet. It is also manifesting as increasing irrational behaviour in the form growing psychological disorder in human society and the acceleration of disease in all life.

Thus human negative creativity and the karmic influence that comes out of it, has the power to adversely affect everything evolving in Creation, ultimately destroying mankind as ‘cause & effect’ returned consequence. Comprehend ‘as we sow so do we reap’, is a law of Nature contained in the spiritual evolution of a human being. We become a very destructive species when we go off the spiritual rails of evolution with our all-consuming all-conquering creativity and euphoric megalomania. Restudy our history books for its recorded ever repeating narrative in the dysfunctional conquering affairs of mankind. The means to dissolve that destructive terminating influence and restore the coherent value of the Laws of Nature to our human consciousness has been given. Comprehend if we respect life & Nature and not debase & degrade it with our human creativity, then the mighty forces underwriting Nature, life & evolution will respect us and help further our spiritual evolution, but not otherwise.

The double bottom line:
When the divinely orchestrated spiritual re-birth cycle of this planet is complete, destructive karmic influence is dissolved. Along with the spiritual evolution of those human beings perpetuating it. In that restoration process of stagnated evolution, the functioning integrity of the Laws of Nature are restored to the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature. The spiritual equilibrium of this planet and its ordained trajectory, is once more restored to positive evolution within Creation. Thus harmonious interaction between the negative & positive poles of Creation returns, to ensure evolution (Dharma) in accordance with the transcendent architect of life & Creation…and that we have called God?

The uncomplicated means to accomplish this spiritual transition without the cataclysmic upheaval of Nature, is though the collective practice of transcendental meditation in society. If we do not follow its spiritual path as a global civilization, then that spiritual transition will be accomplished through accelerating cataclysmic upheaval, chaos and disease on this living planet and life will start again…as it has done in the past. A fact that has also been made available though the gifted brains and accumulating knowledge of Science. It is time for Science, Governments & this Global Civilization to understand why it happens. Not go into the ‘state of denial’ or counter accusation and derision, because our existing incomplete understanding of Creation, human created realities & lifestyles have been challenged for logic & direction.
Kind regards from Alf. CEO of spiritual boot camp.

Manuscript 10. of 12. Translated by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.


Manuscript 11.


According to Alf’s research, a spiritually evolved divinely gifted human being for all seasons…all ages…all people…all religions, spiritual teacher par-excellence.

Jesus, a fully evolved enlightened human being and not the incarnation of God. As is taught in some make it up as you go along versions of scriptural religion, versions that have become lost in words, ritual and the perpetuating karmic influence of a religion created entity out of the past. Jesus prayed to God and not to himself in the much misunderstood Bible, did he not? Jesus, whose spiritual essence came from the divine planes of consciousness in spiritual creation; also referred to as Heaven on the boot camp detention room blackboard and elsewhere. Once reached through evolution, there is no more primordial structured physical re-birth on this planet of the spiritual essence of a human being. Only through the silent will of the transcendent Creator is this miracle possible. A miracle processed through the active divine status quo intelligence of the Creator (the Cosmic Mind) structuring the divine plan of evolution. A Upstairs augmented process repeated down through the ages, whenever spiritual evolution has gone into decay in a civilization through the ‘got it wrong’ affairs of mankind. Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha to name a few, were all instruments of that Divine process sourced to the Absolute Intelligence of Creation or God.

Note: A divine process that has come alive in our decaying civilization through the tireless dedication of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the silent blessings of Guru Dev, his Vedic Master and a divine incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu in human form. Guru Dev, a divine manifestation (one of many) of the transcendent Creator eternally active in spiritual Creation that underwrites this physical Creation and its evolution. Having set the spiritual restoration wheels in motion through his devoted Holy disciple Maharishi, Guru Dev returned to his eternal spiritual status in the divine active workings of God. Whereas, on completing his divine task of restoring Vedic knowledge to our civilization, Maharishi has moved on with his spirit to the Absolute realms of existence and become as one with God and the whole & not the part. As was his life’s wish, having completed his spiritual evolution through many past lives on this planet. That freely given timeless Vedic knowledge, included the teaching of Transcendental Meditation as the spiritual means to restore the wheels of spiritual evolution and the Laws of Nature to the consciousness of our civilization. A Vedic sourced knowledge now contained in its entirety in the teaching curriculum of the Universities that Maharishi founded around the world to preserve that Vedic knowledge.

The point to be made out of the above spiritual information:
The difference in this age to other ages that have seen the restoration of the path of spiritual evolution to mankind, is that this civilization is polluting Nature at an ever accelerating toxic rate with its blind creativity. Our technological, material & greed driven overpopulated civilization, is polluting the spiritual workings of Nature like no other civilization before it…especially Science. That human progress and its accumulating destructive karmic influence, is preventing the acceptance of this Vedic knowledge into our existing primordial structure of consciousness, lifestyles, ideologies (lived realties) coming out of the human beings creativity & ego. The human ego that has gone into self-aggrandizement euphoric overdrive out of pursuing, worshiping & glorifying all things material…including Media eulogised human beings called winners & celebrities. If we do not wake up to this unpalatable fact and acquire some humility as a global civilization and not self-aggrandizement & delusion, then all Maharishi and Guru Dev’s divine efforts to prevent a cataclysmic rectification upheaval taking place on this human trashed planet, may well prove unfruitful. Because unfortunately, their Vedic teaching & knowledge has fallen on deaf ears in the top end of town and Governments around the world in charge of progress and lost in that all-consuming material progress…and the money & acquired power that creates it.

Governments, that are in the driving seat of progress and in charge of the destiny of a Nation’s people with their quality of consciousness, gifted intelligence, governance, political ideologies, direction & legislative power. So it is time for Governments around the world, to come out of their existing structure of ego consciousness and make use of its Vedic knowledge for their people. Therefore, adopt the teaching of Transcendental Meditation in its Education policies and public Schools & Universities. To then create the spiritual means for themselves and the public to understand its Vedic knowledge and move on in the scheme of evolution with our consciousness, direction and destiny and advert calamity. Because it is human beings that create their destiny in evolution out of their lived ideologies and creativity, not God. So it is us human beings with our gift of conscious freewill, that must acquire some humility and implement the spiritual means to avoid catastrophe, not God.

Jesus, like Mohammed, had a divine purpose for being born back on this planet in physical form through natural birth. He had one purpose and one purpose only for being born, to fulfil the earlier Prophet’s declarations and, like Abraham, Moses & Mohammed given divine guidance to restore the spiritual path of evolution for mankind. A divine mandate that came from the silent will of the uninvolved transcendent Creator. Jesus, a spiritual teacher with the divine power to create miracles and divine spiritual worlds –which he did for mankind. Those who have followed his teachings without hypocrisy, know that when you move on from this world, step into the light of Creation and out again…then you will truly know the Heaven of Jesus. For that spiritual realm is of his creation from out of the pure creativity of the divine Laws of Nature, thus it is perfect.

The divine Laws of Nature…the spiritual government of Nature. That, in innumerable modes of self-referral function, create, structure and process the evolution of everything in Creation. The fullness of that process is beyond full comprehension in our existing primordial structured consciousness. That is where the words humility and respect for Creation & life should come into the equation of the activity & creativity of the human being on this planet. Few are those that understand the reverence, dignity, humility and respect for Nature necessary to evolve to higher planes of consciousness in life. Those spiritual qualities are acquired naturally from out of the sustained regular twice daily practice of correct meditation. Eventually a crossroads is reached along its path of inner silence. Then is required the cemented silence of the Creator to not become lost along the path of expanding the mind to reach spiritual consciousness.

Because human beings, when experiencing spiritual phenomena or miracles without the acquired silent anchor of Abstract Intelligence, invariably go bombing off into delusional la la land. Often with make it up as you go along versions of the Scriptures to understand and explain their spiritual experience to others. Scriptural interpretations out of the past, that appear illogical to the reasoning processes of an educated human being in the modern world. Its rejection as a plausible reality in the here & now, is inevitably brought to question from such diverse interpretation of the Scriptures from its innumerable self-appointed preachers, ambassadors, administrators & translators down through the ages. Along with a collection of new age self-appointed interpreters, preachers, evangelical super salesmen and other commercial entrepreneurs cashing in on religion & Jesus.

Comprehend that acquired knowledge of a subject is not acquired experience of a subject. They are two separate paths that must merge into one silent path in religion (and science), if they are to be free of the human beings creativity, ego, delusion and unresolved unproductive karma out of the past. Then there is no making it up as you go along out of our human creativity on the subject of Jesus or God or Creation. As in God’s permission to get rich quick at other peoples expense. God’s permission to conquer & run the world out of a human created religious ideology or a ‘divorced from nature’ science ideology. God’s permission to do what you like in Society in the pursuit of happiness & the good life. God’s permission to re-create & re-arrange life in the blind science laboratory to save mankind. God’s permission to fly to the Moon and conquer the planets at taxpayer’s expense. God’s permission to trash the atom to find his particle and collect a few gongs in the Science obsessed process. God’s permission to babble in tongues & turn harps into electric guitars and hand waving human beings into singing minstrels and the laying of evangelical hands to be transported to human created la la land….certainly not the heaven of Jesus.

Note: That has never heard of born again (so buy my CD) twang bang dang sex, drugs and rock & roll Jesus converts. Warbling pied pipers stuck on the big buck stairway to pop star heaven. I love me fashion models parading God’s blessings on the cat walk and in glossy product magazines. Along with a collection of other God sanctified sport stars, entertainers, celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs from a galaxy far away. All adding their two pennyworth into the religious melting pot…however well meaning some may be.

According to the spiritual boot camp detention room blackboard, uninvolved silent God & the heaven of Jesus knows not of self-aggrandizement & hypocrisy, lavish lifestyles & gross excess, religious pomp & circumstance, sumptuous marbled buildings & priceless art, luxury holiday resorts & seven star hotels. Fred’s casino in the desert with extra curricular un-religious activity on the house, marketing geniuses promoting God’s cook book & keep fit manual for dietary Christians, commercial television stations doing God’s big advertising business, intelligent design enthusiasts re-writing evolution and upsetting Darwin’s afterlife peace and quiet. The killing of human beings in the name of Allah for a one way ticket to no-where land…most definitely not heaven or a paradise stocked with promiscuous maidens.

Note: As from the hacking & whacking holy crusades and jihad of past centuries to keep the population down. Because that is what its human created religious mayhem, delusion and bloodshed accomplished…along with the bubonic plague. Created out of the ‘as we sow so do we reap’ negative primordial workings of Nature to dissolve the dysfunctional species responsible. The destructive entity of which, is still causing mayhem in deluded religion brainwashed minds in this century. Delusion that has nothing to do with Jesus, Mohammed or God, but everything to do with the inherited karma of human beings.

Comprehend the human being is born in pure innocence –not so the inherited karmic influence that accompanies the re-birth cycle of the human being. Here lies the unknown cause of the perpetuated mayhem, misery & unhappiness on this planet. It is time to come out of its primordial sourced karmic entrapment and start a journey into a new spiritual understanding of Creation and the means to experience it. Cherish dearly, but move on from the old Scriptures. Keep the mind & spirit firmly in the 21st century –where it belongs…and definitely not on acquiring big bucks and a stretched limo to go with a stretched ego. Understand the reason it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to pass through the gates of heaven, is not because of their wealth, but because of the inevitable greed and its karma that accompanies that wealth and the human worship & power attributed to it. Comprehend it is what the human being does with wealth that does not compliment Nature, evolution & life that creates the inevitable truth of that parable.

Manuscript 11. of 12. Translated by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.


Manuscript 12.

Day Of Reckoning

Where past, present & future and our human mortality, all catch up with us in the karmic accounting section of the departure lounge…if not before.

The unknown spiritual facts of life.
In the primordial spiritual intelligence that underwrites life, the unstoppable pulse of evolution alternates between the negative & positive poles of Creation to ignite & propel the activity & re-generation of life. A pulse that could be called the Cosmic heartbeat of life & evolution. A pulse (vibration) that is processed, governed & balanced by the spiritual self-referral Laws of Nature and underwritten by Cosmic Law…the ultimate law of Creation. It is that ultimate law of Creation (the Cosmic Mind) that does the math’s, calculation and presses the ejection button on life when evolution stagnates. Therefore, life must continue to evolve or lose its status for life in the divine scheme of evolution. That which is created, must stay in sync with that which created it or be dissolved. A karmic sourced process linked to the thoughts, deeds, actions and creativity of mankind and the spiritual intelligence that underwrites life and its evolution.

The only species that has the creative power to disrupt the rhythm & pulse of life and evolution with its unique conscious freewill & creativity, is the human species. It is only our highly physically evolved species as co-creator in Creation, that creates devolution ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence out of our thoughts, deeds, actions and creativity. Karmic influence that enters the spiritual domain of Nature and interacts with the primordial intelligence that life & its biology has manifested out of. Karmic influence that when destructive and not life-supportive, accumulates to usurp the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the self-referral Laws of Nature…laws that are the balance line of Creation. Laws that are also responsible for maintaining coherence between the opposing negative & positive archetypal intelligence processing life. A delicate balance that becomes compromised by accumulative destructive human karmic influence; influence that does not support life & evolution…but decays it.

Explanation: Karmic influence is a creative spiritual by-product of thought & desire, influence that enters the spiritual domain of Nature and interacts with the negative & positive archetypal intelligence that orchestrates the biology & chemistry of life. Destructive human karma, is negative ‘cause & effect’ influence that undermines the divine workings of evolution and sets up the equation for a ‘day of reckoning’. A human created destructive influence that is drawn through affinity to the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature responsible for dissolving matter. This mankind created karmic equation, forces the alternating balance line of Creation to remain in the Negative pole of Creation. To then accelerate the dissolving function of the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature as a human created ‘cause & effect karmic result. As we sow so we do we reap, sums up the end product of its devolution equation in the interactive spiritual workings of primordial Nature.

Clarification: When the balance line of evolution remains in the negative pole of Creation, spiritual evolution spirals into decay and stagnates. As a ‘cause & effect’ result, the pulse of evolution & the Laws of Nature go out of sync and cause chaos in the negative & positive primordial intelligence orchestrating life and its evolution. A chaos that reflects through all life in the form of growing malfunction & disease and reflects through Nature as the upheaval of its physical elements and the destruction of life. We are currently locked into in this devolution cycle and, it is our dysfunctional civilization that has ignited its ‘day of reckoning’ fuse with our polluting toxic creativity…in all departments of human creativity. A slow burning fuse that also contains that destructive perpetuating karma of other dysfunctional civilizations out of the past. It is this combination of past and present destructive karmic influence, that has reached ‘critical mass’ in the spiritual system that underwrites life. To then create a ‘day of reckoning’ equation to arise on this planet, a fairy story that is not a fairy story in the eternal intelligence that created life & its evolution. Only a fairy story in mankind’s dissolvable human intelligence unknowingly destroying life & its evolution with its not life-supportive creativity & progress.

About the perpetuating destructive karma out of the past activity of mankind:
When one Nation conquers another Nation and commits terrible atrocities & subservience on its people, then big perpetuating karmic trouble becomes locked into the spiritual evolution of both Nations, not just the aggressor. It is this karmic equation, that is at the root of centuries old perpetuating conflicts in hotspots around the world…especially in the chaotic religion torn middle east. A re-occurring nemesis that because it remains unresolved, adds to the long list that triggers a ‘day of reckoning’ for mankind down the track of time.

Comprehend all our endless political talking and signing of peace treaties, will never resolve the re-occurring conflicts of mankind sourced to the past activity of mankind and its perpetuating karma. The only way to dissolve this mankind created nemesis, is to come out of the primordial structure of consciousness that perpetuates its destructive karma. That is where the teaching & collective practice of Transcendental Meditation in this civilization comes into the spiritual story line. According to Alf’s research, it is the only effective way to neutralise & ultimately dissolve this looming ‘day of reckoning’ that has come to our now global civilization.

The bottom line:
It is time to acquire the Absolute Intelligence that can & will dissolve/absorb the destructive karma out of the present and the destructive karma out of the past…and therefore extinguish the karmic fuse of the ‘day of reckoning’. But, only if we cultivate its silent transcendent intelligence into our dissolvable human intelligence. Because that Absolute intelligence, lies in the transcendental abstract field of Creation beyond the human mind. It requires the physical thought of the human being to rest on a vibration called a mantra, to then be able leave the entrapment of thought and gain access to that transcendent field of consciousness with our undeveloped awareness.

Note: A inward spiritual journey that requires no conscious effort of the mind, only the implementation of an intoned mantra to culture abstract intelligence into the human physiology . A simple uncomplicated process that captures the conscious thought of the thinker and automatically takes that thought to the source of thought and beyond, without being aware of the process. A inward journey that unknowingly traverses all the different strata (dimensions) of Creation that human thought has affinity with. Because all the buildings blocks of physical & spiritual Creation are contained in the human mind as a physical creation & reflection of the Cosmic Mind…the spiritual progenitor of life.

Manuscript 12. of 12. Translated by Stephen Gripes and narrated by Alf Gripes. CEO of spiritual boot camp.




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