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With Families In Mind.
Subtitled: Serious stuff with some humor.

First Introduction:
About a deeper understanding of ourselves & human created & perpetuated pathological disorders & re-acquiring, the lost spiritual self-referral Laws of Nature to solve the human created problems…especially in the family structure. That is the cornerstone of human Society & Civilization…and its future. Take that key cornerstone away with new age created social, business, entertainment & sexual innovation that does not compliment that family structure, then good night Mr Chips down the track of time for our species. Note, new age thinkers and social, political, academic, education, business, acting, scriptwriters, entertainment & sexual innovators, in the spin-doctor driving seat. Ably assisted by the power of the Media, to create a reality to become a reality in Society, through its 24/7 non-stop technology sourced saturation into Society…and therefore, into the family home. Also called reality brainwashing in spiritual boot camp, the psychological saturation tool of Communication Mediums…and especially Hollywood & Entertainment, to create & fuel any reality into Society. A psychological tool, that has become very unproductive to this Civilization, through saturating realities that do not compliment our individual, family & social spiritual evolution…but unknowingly, decay it. The out of control Commercial Media, Television, Hollywood & Internet, at the top of analogous St Peter’s finger pointing list in spiritual boot camp. Who, have taken over the human mind with saturated, socially thoughtless anything goes created realities, behavior, programs, reality shows, advertisements, promo’s & sexual closet & how-to information and sending us all to the Funny Farm…without realizing it. Now that is a great achievement, according to the Opposition to St Peter, located in the wrong end of Creation…the Funny Farm end. But do not despair, there is a way out.

Second Introduction:
What a complex subject to tackle…the way out, with words alone…and, the psychiatry/psychology/behavioural professions, have got bogged down as a consequence. In the author’s different understanding of the composite spiritual/physical workings of the human mind that is. Because physical thought/energy, has an untapped spiritual component underwriting & superimposed on its physical component…as does all life.. as does all matter & energy. Knowledge, that has yet to be uncovered, understood, realised and accepted by mainstream Academia, Education, Governments, Science & Society. That missing fact, also means we are not using our full potential as human beings. Because we have yet to acquire that spiritual potential and its reality, that invisibly underwrites physical life and its evolution. Our Education system is incomplete because of that missing fact. Therefore, we are teaching from only half the known facts of what we are teaching. Because spiritual & physical, are two sides of the same coin of life. One understood, one not understood. One seen, the other invisible. We have to individually & collectively, create the abstract means to solve that paradox. It is called spiritual evolution.

Note: The simple universal evolution structured tool, is called Correct Meditation. Not make it up as we go along meditation out of our endless human creativity, but out of the eternal Abstract Silent Intelligence that underwrites Creation. That knows not of the subliminal human ego or its childhood acquired complications, foibles, creative imagination, frustrations & unfulfilled desires….and commercial television & Hollywood content – ugh. Because at this point in our human evolution, the subliminal mind powers the conscious activity & creativity of the unexpanded adult mind to fulfill them. That subliminal mind, is also called Pandora’s Box of delusional ego tricks in spiritual Boot Camp. Correct meditation, gently lifts the lid. Because at this point of our human evolution, the subliminal mind and its depository of childhood negative & positive acquired experience & trauma, is unknowingly influencing/prompting/directing, the adult thought process of the conscious mind. Then we can deal with its unproductive childhood acquired content & trauma through the conscious awareness, intellect & adult maturity, without ending up at the delusional Funny Farm.

Note: That has also been called, the ‘state of denial’ in psychology. The main childhood acquired stumbling block of human adult spiritual evolution. Along with equally childhood & education acquired conceit…and when severe, also called hubris, narcissism, a lack of humility & ego delusion in spiritual boot camp. Where there is no necessary status, other than the Upstairs required status of being a normal polite considerate human being. A necessary protocol to observe, to also get past St Peter at the pearly gates. Very allergic to inconsiderate, obnoxious, ego inflated, motor mouth, over the top and into la la land extravert human beings. Having been successfully educated by the Commercial Media, Entertainment & Hollywood…according to St Peter that is. The writer is only the messenger. So complain to Upstairs – okay?

A funny farm analogy, that is also a boot camp descriptive, for what is currently being called progress & innovation in the top end of town. Who, are creating & in charge of all that material progress, constant change & technological & scientific innovation. Along with other new age social innovation we are living…and unknowingly, also deluded by. Because where its lauded innovation & accelerating toxic pollution out of our human creativity is taking us all too, no one has bothered to ask. Or perhaps when it has been asked, those in charge have definitely not responded constructively to that question. It would appear, when trapped in our human created ideologies for creating progress, those in the driving seat are far too busy creating all that material & social progress, technological innovation & pollution, to even consider its direction & outcomes…especially for those who come after us and the planet itself.

Note: A history repeating failing, in the human created & lived ideologies & progress affairs of mankind down through the ages…or so it would seem. Because according to our History books, we are no more spiritually evolved as a species, than we were thousands of years ago. We are still killing each other through wars, megalomania, greed and other pathological sourced entertainment saturated disorder. We are still creating weapons of destruction….but have upped the anti, to weapons of mass destruction. We are still glorifying the primordial based alpha gladiator, that can beat up others the best & receive three cheers & the thumbs-up as the winner….now called sport. We are still conquering anything and everything under the delusion of creating progress. We are still blindly following, worshiping & praising, those that conquer the best in the world…now called the winners & high achievers. We are still creating more sexually transmitted diseases through sexual promiscuity, one night stands, casual sex & orgies…and other ancestral inherited warped sexual practices. Linked to pathological inherited disorder, trapped in the genetic structure of the human species…and therefore, perpetuated through procreation in the human species. Such is innovative progress in the creativity of our species.

In fact in this chaotic century, we have decided that we can do whatever we like with life…and in life, in the name of innovative progress & conquering new frontiers. We have decided that males can marry males & females can marry females, that same sex families can have children, that a female can have a child without a male & vice versa. That the practice of surrogacy…physically and through the IVF science laboratory, is a progress plus for the parent…but unknowingly, a thoughtless spiritual minus for the child. That a mother can leave her child in a childcare center all week, while she goes off to work to survive and pay the bills. That the biological, chemistry & sexual differences between male & female…that make us uniquely different as male & female, do not exist…and that We, can usurp the spiritual eternal Intelligence underwriting that ordained physical biological difference, with our dissolvable physical intelligence…and humongous human conceit, self-aggrandizement & ego sourced delusion. That macho alpha females, watching too many Hollywood past the use by date blood & guts hero war movies and simulated computer war games, can go off to war and leave their offspring behind. That females can fight alongside males in the trenches and use the same ablutions and sleeping facilities as men. That same sex toilets and distributing condoms in schools, is creating innovative progress & gender equality etc. No wonder there are innovative celebrations galore, but in the wrong end of Creation…certainly not in the right end of Creation for a human being.

From a spiritual perspective, all these innovative thought bubbles…that have come out of the creativity of a few very influential creative individuals, have now become realties for everyone in Society through their saturation in the Media. But, they have come out of very poor quality of consciousness & creativity, divorced from the self-referral Laws of Nature. As such, they do nothing for the spiritual evolution of Society…but unknowingly, retard it and lower/devolve the collective consciousness of mankind on the ladder of spiritual evolution; through being out of sync with the spiritual Intelligence that underwrites, orchestrates, propels and evolves physical life. We need to understand, that we cannot do just we like as human beings, because there are spiritual Laws governing the evolution of all life and its miracle…that we did not create. Only perpetuate through procreation…yet another miracle we did not create. The list goes on of those miracles, sourced to eternal Intelligence & creativity we have no comprehension of…only of our own dissolvable human intelligence & creativity. That we, have well and truly become lost in. Because unknowingly, we are self-destructing in that dissolvable human intelligence & its creativity. Also called innovation and creating progress, by those in the driving seat creating it for everyone else on the planet. But, with no spiritual connection to the self-referral Laws of Nature structuring evolution…and a lot more we are unaware of.

According to the Divine Intelligence that created life, all the above spiritually blind ‘we can’ practices out of spiritual ignorance, are destroying the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature, processing the family structure, society & its evolution…and the biology of life. Yet, being called innovative progress & equality. Crazy? The writer thinks so…and so does Upstairs where it counts. But evidently, no one downstairs. Especially those blindly creating all that glorious innovative progress & equality and congratulating themselves in the process. The human created word delusion, describes all that thoughtless progress perfectly in Nature’s dictionary. A spiritual acquired dictionary, that is available to the human species. Just like the human created one…that needs updating, along with the human being. Unknowingly, going backwards with its spiritual evolution in all that human created innovative progress. In 21st century phrasing, its time for a big reality check. Especially for the born gifted few in the top end of town, creating all that innovative progress for everyone else on the planet.

It could also be said, that in this 24/7 Media saturated technology age, the mind has becomes a brainwashed slave to the content…and quality of that content, coming out of communication mediums. In the author‘s spiritual acquired understanding of life, it is the source & conveyor of all our new age social ills…unknowingly. It is time to take those responsible to task, because they are destroying the spiritual evolution of this civilization and calling it progress. Along with corrupting/dissolving the age old family cornerstone of Society in the delusional process. Out of control & deluded, is a polite descriptive for those in the driving seat of that innovative progress. But, obnoxious, delinquent, thoughtless, intellect deficit and operating with a pea-brain on the fruit-loop blink, is a not so polite boot camp descriptive for the Commercial Media….according to St Peter with the keys. Because they are fanning the psychological fire now burning out of control in society, with their contagious anything goes saturated creativity & innovative thought bubbles.

Note: Commercial thought bubbles, that have spread like a wildfire to other communication & entertainment mediums…and the family home. A most undesirable Pied Piper for our children sums it up. Along with its also out of tune with Upstairs cousin, called Hollywood. With a new addition from a galaxy far way, called the porn doused Internet. Unknowingly, all playing the wrong notes with the Laws of Nature from the wrong end of Creation…the non-returnable end. Time for a spiritual re-tune in its Darth tuned orchestra pit, before we all end up there and not the other nice place to be…the opposite of that nasty place to be. Where we are currently heading with our Media & Entertainment saturated human creative innovation & thought bubbles. That become everyone’s thought bubbles, through their Media delivered Pied Piper saturation in the family home…well nearly everyone. .

Part 1.

About expanding Conscious Mind, the Subliminal Mind and the Unconscious Mind…the Spirit?

Q: Can the incomplete knowledge & subject of psychology be expanded through a simple technique; along with all the other exacting Disciplines in Higher Education?
A: Yes, from another acquired spiritual structure of consciousness and its reality. Because spiritual knowledge and the silent practice of transcendent meditation, functions on the unconscious uninvolved level to expand the human mind and also, dissolve its acquired and ancestral inherited disorders from inside out. That is the exact opposite of the conventional method of psychology. That deals with understanding and expanding the human mind and dissolving those same psychological disorders from the outside in.

Note: A time consuming, highly involved lengthy complicated expensive process, requiring a minimum of two individuals. That also requires the expertise & acquired knowledge of one, interacting with the other. Correct meditation for the undamaged human being, requires only one individual in its process of expanding the conscious mind. For the severely damaged heart & mind, then one-on-one is still required. As well as the regular twice daily practice of correct meditation, to silently accelerate the process of repairing a damaged heart & mind. Along with also expanding a undamaged mind…but currently, a unexpanded mind. Realizing that fact and not denying it, gives the positive impetus to start the silent process of expanding the conscious mind.

Clarification: So as a solved paradox, both concrete methods should complement each other and speed the whole process up of expanding and healing a psychologically & emotionally damaged heart and mind. Because the qualities of the heart and the qualities of the mind in our existing structure of physical consciousness, are constantly at war with each other. Love and reason are the warring factions from the viewpoint and creativity of the poet. But in fact, the conscious mind and the subliminal (sub-conscious) mind, lacking communication through the conscious adult intellect, are the real warring factions from a spiritual viewpoint and understanding. An anomaly, that prevents the mind & spirit, being integrated and reaching its full potential in life…and afterwards.

Note: Because there is much more to life than death. A conclusion arrived at, through expanding the conscious ‘awareness’ of the mind to accommodate its truth. A spiritual expansion, that takes place on platform of acquired abstract silence in the mind… not through physical thought and its creativity or technological innovation & endless words. And, according to Commercial T.V.
advertisement & promo deafened St Peter, definitely not through the Media in all its non-stop talking configurations and ego delivered Hollywood inspired contortions. The relentless saturated ego turbo charged Media, the new age source of much seen & unseen chaos manifesting in mankind…especially in our children. Because it is operating without an Upstairs license and quality control.

According to reliable non-media sources, it is time for the Media to apply for that quality control license, before spinning us any further into chaos…especially the out-of-control Commercial T.V. and the Advertising & Marketing Media…and of course, Hollywood. The good news, is that there is a rumor on the Upstairs spiritual grapevine, that the real ‘Powers that Be’ are taking a Class Action out on the Commercial Media, Hollywood & Corporations, for corrupting & exploiting mankind and sending it to the funny farm forever. Those ’Powers that Be’, do not need downstairs Lawyers involved either. Some of whom, are also on their finger pointing list of ‘got it wrong‘ human beings without a social conscience. Referred to as Aliens in the long Brief. So do not initiate the usual downstairs sociopath or psychopath pay-back proceedings on the writer, he is only the messenger…and definitely not an Alien, but a ordinary family man.

About the path to integrating the mind and re-acquiring the lost spiritual Laws of Nature in the positive process.

Expanding our awareness (consciousness) is the path to acquiring that Upstairs license. Along with solving the unsolved enigma of life & death, tied to the primordial structure of physical/ego consciousness that we are born with at this point in our human evolution. The quantum leap we need to make on this planet, is to be able to leave that structure of biological physical consciousness behind when we reach adulthood. At this point of our species evolution, ego propelled physical consciousness/awareness is the norm for life.The regular twice daily short practice of transcendent meditation, is the spiritual path to overcome that evolution stumbling block. To then acquire/cultivate, a further structure of consciousness and the intuitive means, to understand how the Spiritual System that underwrites life works. Along with acquiring the abstract silent means, to stay in sync with the spiritual Laws of Nature structuring ‘order out of chaos’ in Creation and Life.

Clarification: Because all disorder in life, is due to the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the
spiritual self-referral Laws of Nature, not being in sync with life…and especially the human being. Where all pathological, psychological, neurological & biological disorder, is spiritually linked to that malfunction of human evolution. The human species have created that malfunction in the duel interactive spiritual archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature…nothing else is responsible. Comprehend when the realities/ideologies & lifestyles that we create and live our lives out in, are not in accordance with the spiritual duel negative & positive primordial Intelligence of Nature underwriting & orchestrating life, then its primordial system processing life malfunctions. Disorder inevitably comes to our biology and lived realities & lifestyles as devolution result. Yet not seen to be chaos, but called progress when trapped in the physical primordial structure of consciousness that we are born with. Also called biological created physical consciousness, to differentiate it from spiritual consciousness and abstract consciousness. A trilogy that permeates life…and therefore, the human mind and its thought process.

Note: That chaos, no where more obvious than in the family & social structure of human beings at the moment. Currently, both going backwards with their spiritual evolution and sourced, to accelerating chaos we are calling progress…especially those creating that progress. Because spiritual evolution, is the whole purpose for being born a human being in this Creation. Take it or leave it as a statement of spiritual fact in boot camp. The writer does not expect the negative accentuated human being to accept or even consider it. But, the he does expect the vast majority of positive accentuated human beings on this shared planet, will want to understand its spiritual fact. Along with acquiring the simple means to experience its fact. Because knowledge of its fact, requires culturing the experience of that fact to become fact in the human mind. In that understanding, the well worn Science war cry of ‘prove it to me first’, has gone past the use by date. We have to create its proof in other words.

Clarification: Physical & Spiritual, that are two different paths that need to converge into one path to accomplish living its transcendent acquired abstract fact. Correct Meditation is the tool…not words. Therefore, its transcendent path is open to all human beings…no one is excluded. Only those who do not wish to go down its path, because the human being cannot be forced down its inner path. By the same token, no other human being can prevent another going down its inner silent path. Only object and advise others not to go down its transcendent path….for whatever reason. That is the indication of a closed mind…not an open receptive enquiring mind.

That silent transcendent path, is also the abstract source of the invisible self-referral spiritual Laws of Nature, that are becoming increasingly out of sync with the thoughts & desires out of our primordial structure of biological consciousness. That is secondary (physical) intelligence and not primary (spiritual) intelligence. Fusing the two through the catalyst of Transcendent Meditation, is the solution to solving that anomaly and it’s separated incommunicado functions in the mind. The abstract transcendent intelligence acquired out of its regular practice, enters all parts of the human physiology to enliven those perfect self-referral spiritual Laws. To then help restore order where there is chaos in the primordial archetypal spiritual intelligence that our physical brain, biology, chemistry & archetypal personality has manifested out of.

Note: In effect, creating ‘order out of chaos’ is what we are doing with synthetic drugs on the physical biological level of disorder/disease, but we are not treating the spiritual located and karmic perpetuated pathological causes…only the physical seen symptoms. In fact the saturated use of those synthetic chemical drugs into life, are unknowingly creating a potential for more chaos to arise in the self-referral spiritual laws of Nature. Laws balancing the opposing negative and positive (dissolving and re-creating) spiritual archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature, that orchestrate & underwrite life. Because re-synthesized (lifeless) chemical drugs, have no interactive communication with the spiritual intelligence that life has manifested out of. They are an alien introduced synthetic ‘cause and effect’, to its primordial archetypal intelligence & self-referral perfect spiritual laws, structuring the physical evolution of all life.

About the disciplines of psychology and psychiatry:

There are a lot of dedicated humanitarian principled people in these very complex professions. Outside of the created character of Alf, the author has no wish to tread on their toes insensitively because of that altruistic fact. These dedicated disciplines, do much good in society and are well deserving of respect and appreciation for such. But unfortunately, there is also much ego deadwood, conceit & commercial exploitation of its integrity demanding disciplines…and, a growing number of empathy debilitated human beings in its branches at the moment; also located in a lot of other disciplines & professions. Notably, Science, Law, Politics & the Corporate, Banking, Commercial Media, Marketing & Entertainment professions. That have lost all connection with the spiritual Laws of Nature structuring ‘order out of chaos’ in life. A growing malfunction of evolution, created & sourced to the human mind not in sync with the spiritual Intelligence that structures life and its evolution. A hard Upstairs delivered pill to swallow for those perpetuating that growing malfunction of human evolution…especially the top end of town.

Note: Where a creative, charismatic, articulate…but hidden, dispassionate/ruthless/sociopath debilitated very clever mind, has become a sought after highly rewarded new age money making & winning managerial asset. Being born unaffected by emotions, empathy and concern for others…only themselves, also called narcissism. A ruthless divorced from Nature negative debilitated mind, very necessary for getting the worshiped winning result in this big business greed corrupted Media, Internet, Entertainment, Sport & Commercial Product saturated world. That, according to reliable uninvolved sources Upstairs, have lost the spiritual plot of life for this product & information saturated Civilization. Because its 24/7 delivered news, entertainment,
product information, how-to & what’s what, only contains the physical facts of life. Missing the spiritual facts that underwrite those physical facts, incomplete facts that we are being relentlessly bombarded/brainwashed with. From a spiritual perspective, that makes all that 24/7 Media delivered information we are being saturated with, very suspect & unreliable. To then become ‘factual reality’ out of its spin doctor delivered saturation for those on the receiving end.

Saturation, that is the power of the Media to create a reality…any reality, to become reality for others in Society. Especially commercial product realities, that have come to dominate every aspect of our lives, through the medium of television, saturated advertising & promo‘s. That has also come to be, the 24/7 nightmare of finger pointing St Peter with the keys. Whose aching finger is about to drop off with fatigue in the departure lounge, from ‘got it wrong’ commercial product promo indoctrinated human beings. Not forgetting Hollywood & Commercial T.V. entertainment promo indoctrinated human beings…talk about mass congestion at the Pearly Gates. No wonder St Peter is thinking of throwing away the keys for good…according to reliable sources. Because new age commercial product Religion and its promo worship, is not allowed in Heaven. It has no divinity in its human created manifesto, only dissolvable products & huge ego’s and many aliens promoting it. That have sold out to the Faust Enigma in its worshiped product religion.

More uncomplimentary boot camp delivered news from Upstairs, from a whistle blower downstairs.

Ruthless spiritless big corporate business…as a private enterprise influential saturated ideology/entity, is also leading our euphoric commercial product, promo, ego & greed charge to no-where land….called progress. It is also using the accumulating knowledge of psychology, for exploiting & manipulating Society…and not for healing damaged hearts & minds. Notably in Marketing, Advertising and also sociopath inspired, spin-doctor promoted, unconscionable business models/practices in the Corporate world. A unforgivable misuse of psychology, that is coming out of negative debilitated very clever creative minds, but without a social conscience. Along with new age gift-of-the-gab motivational charismatic business guru‘s…much admired in the Corporate world. A human created spiritless Corporate world going backwards with its evolution…and taking the real world with it. To no-where land….especially in the departure lounge.

Note: As a dysfunctional result of the commercial misuse of psychology, we have become obsessed with money, winning, products, material success, self-gratification, self-image, self-aggrandizement, the ego & greed. That now rules supreme, all-consuming and the worshiped material gods of all progress in the top end of town…but, to no-where land in the departure lounge. Because according to reliable sources, Upstairs is highly allergic to winning, material product & greed consumed sociopath debilitated human beings, operating without a conscience in Society. Having lost connection to the spiritual self-referral Laws of Nature, that structures ‘order out of chaos’ in life…and the human mind. Subsequently, lost the spiritual plot of life in the all-consuming plot of big corporate private enterprise business greed.

Explanation: Because the commercial misuse of psychology, is destroying the spiritual evolution of this global civilization. A big business commercial exploitation & manipulation of society, that is being called economic progress & innovation by those in the coveted driving seat. Along with taking those in the public passenger seat along with them, in its sociopath inspired exploitation & manipulation of society. Sourced to a primordial survival instinct called ‘follow the leader’ in the animal, insect, bird & fish kingdoms, but gone wrong in the human kingdom…especially in the top end of town. A ‘short term gain for long term loss’ corporate business driven, follow the leader consumer progress…that socially blind Governments, are rubber stamping as fast as they can stamp it into their open slather Free World Trade agreements. Being fulfilled by global Corporations with a Government’s blessing…certainly not God’s blessing.

Note: Socially blind Governments, that have become the tool of Big Corporate driven greed, takeovers, exploitation & manipulation called economic progress…created out of very clever, but spiritless minds. With no thought or concern for anything but their own all-consuming socially blind boardroom or political party agenda, merely clever lawyer-sharp lip service…just like many politicians. A harsh indictment maybe, but in time it will be found to be true. Possibly, when it is too late to change its greed driven ideology for creating economic progress…to material consumer no-where land. Certainly not the land of all possibilities for the consumer, only one possibility…a spiritual dead-end one.

Because greed, is a fast growing pathological/spiritual/psychological disorder, in this family & socially decaying greed corrupted Civilization. In Nature’s dictionary, unconscionable greed is linked to the pathology of the born sociopath…and the dangerous, criminal homicidal version of the sociopath, called a criminal psychopath. Also called, negative accentuated human beings divorced from the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the spiritual Laws of Nature. Therefore, those afflicted have lost spiritual connection with the Divine spiritual component of Nature. A divine component, that is found in the invisible self-referral spiritual Laws of Nature and the thought process & emotions of a positive born mind…but not a negative born mind. This multi-faceted, archetypal identified sociopath disorder, is a childhood acquired as well as a born/inherited malfunction, that comes in many archetypal shades of expression in the complex human being. Yet, all sourced to one common denominator that has created it…the human species. This human created growing pathological sourced malfunction of human evolution can be addressed – guaranteed. But, only as a global collective to achieve it. Knowledge that comes out of the missing spiritual facts of life and not, the incomplete physical known & Media saturated facts of life.

Psychology has identified many of these growing pathological sourced disorders…and full marks for doing so. Because the positive born human being, needs to be able to identify those disorders before becoming employed/involved/enmeshed/mesmerized/infatuated with/obsessed with/in love with, a born sociopath or psychopath versions of the sociopath. To then become under the negative karmic spell, of those displaying & those hiding sociopath & psychopath disorders. Especially where social, business, entertainment, sexual involvement, marriage & children are concerned, not afterwards. To then end up in the land of unhappiness & misery…certainly not joy, happiness or love for all the victims.

A spiritual understanding of the negative accentuated mind/psyche and the source of its debilitation.

This spiritual malfunction of human evolution, is sourced to the negative spiritual archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature. That has become dominant in the duel negative & positive primordial spiritual energies (archetypal intelligence) that create, underwrite, orchestrate & propel the biology and chemistry of life…along with the duel negative & positive thought process of the mind. When the negative archetypal energies, dominate that duel negative & positive interactive function of Primordial Nature, then chaos & disorder automatically arise in life…therefore in the human mind. The cause of that malfunction, is directly sourced to creative human beings, not being in sync with the spiritual Laws creating ‘order out of chaos’ in the mind. Specifically, the negative thought process of a sociopath & psychopath. Whose life…and spirit, is being processed solely out of the negative domain of primordial Nature responsible for dissolving life. Having lost all connection with the positive archetypal energies of primordial Nature. To then become lost from the Divine spiritual function of the self-referral Laws of Nature, that create order out of chaos in life…and therefore, the human mind and its thought process. Comprehend there is simply no Divine Intelligence operating in a negative accentuated mind. That malfunction of human evolution, is the visible indication of poor quality of consciousness & thought devoid of empathy & conscience. A lost soul and a pain in the butt to society & its spiritual evolution…and Upstairs, sums it up.

It is also important to understand, the difference between the born sociopath & the dysfunctional childhood acquired sociopath…that the saturated inescapable Media, have a lot to answer for. Because one is incurable and has exhibited the growing anti-social negative symptoms from birth. The other, has not exhibited the obvious symptoms in early childhood. Only later, during the so vulnerable volatile sexually charged teenage & adolescence emotional chaos period of life. A coming of age ritual, now being expertly initiated into adulthood by marketing geniuses, commercial television & the equally advertisement & porn clogged Internet…with sociopath sourced scams of all persuasions. Capped with dead brain glossy magazines & Hollywood movies to pass the initiation. No wonder many parents, have come to dread the puberty blues in adolescence in this century.

Note: The above big buck fueled toxic mix, adding napalm to the teenage/adolescent puberty flames. Flames being fuelled & fanned, from the saturated anything goes content of the Media…especially the commercial, entertainment & pop music content. Not to mention the new age out-of-control Utube visual Internet, stoking the coming-of-age flames to sexual boiling point. What a visual & audio communication lit bonfire, for young vulnerable minds & conscientious loving parents to have to deal with. It is time to douse the sociopath fuelled initiation flames, before we all end up as carbon and not just those responsible for creating & fuelling its bonfire. Called thoughtless sociopath human beings in spiritual boot camp and aliens Upstairs. But, successful innovative winners & high achievers in Big Business, Marketing, Advertising, Hollywood, Commercial T.V. & the gutter press & glossy magazine news Media. That have all lost the spiritual plot of life for themselves and those following them, through spreading their anything goes mantra for acquiring success and to be crowned a winner. A winner downstairs that is, but a big loser Upstairs for corrupting society with its Darth & Associates sourced mantra…inherited from their also dysfunctional ancestors. A contagious mantra coming out of the wrong end of Creation, where some of their negative sociopath debilitated ancestors have ended up. With an obvious conclusion for their like minded lineage. Summed up, as the waste of the divine gift of life and its spiritual potential for a human being. The good news, is that it is reversible destiny, but only for the living, not the dead.

About the new age pitfalls to avoid during vulnerable adolescence.

Adolescence, where pitfalls for acquiring unhappiness for life, are easily acquired from the born sociopath/psychopath now entrenched in society…especially in advertising, marketing, entertainment & the Corporate world…and now, the Internet. That prey on others either commercially, emotionally, monetarily, psychologically, physically, violently, sexually…or all seven at same time, when they are expert aliens. While invariably professing to want to be and/or, your friend, lover, benefactor, business confident, life-coach, health-coach, sports coach, sex-coach, one night stand coach, the day after coach, financial coach, astrological coach, fashion coach, entertainment coach, porn coach, product coach. Along with all the other commercial spin-doctor magnetic alpha experts & advisors, on whatever is currently in fashion that sells in society. Boot Camp rule 1. on anyone you do not know trying to sell you something, convince you of something, spin-doctor you into something, saturate you with something. They are definitely not your friend…they do not know you or you them. You only know their created image & non-stop talking, writing & visual product promo spiel – got it? Especially up your nose and into your product addled brain, saturated commercial television marketing & advertising product mentors. Along with those in the sociopath driving seat behind the viewing, promo & advertising scenes, creating the product scenes. Who, have got lost in commercial la la land on the Darth authorized sociopath blink…and got up St Peter’s nose because of it – got it?

Note: Their constant in your face…and behind the commercial scenes, entrepreneurial
interaction with you, is driven by one sociopath engineered purpose only…sell sell sell what the hell. That spiritless mercenary reason, is why those in the big buck driving seat of that product hell, have become a pain in the butt to the spiritual Laws of Nature structuring our spiritual evolution. Commercial greed driven human beings, do not make good friends, acquaintances, avatars or mentors, for that devolution reason. They have sold out to Darth in the departure lounge at the end of the human day…and not St Peter – got it? So switch the Commercial Television off for starters and place the reality shows…and all the other increasingly delinquent, macho, violent & sex saturated programs, shows, pop music video‘s & glossy magazines, in the compost bin via the shredder. Then go and celebrate the loss of those saturated mentor friends and find some new ones. That do not want to sell or saturate you with anything material and definitely not, sexual. Only sincere genuine friendship in their un-forced live social interaction…and not product, entertainment or Internet saturated, one-way ‘sell sell sell what the hell’ image interaction with you. Underwritten & driven by, the primordial predatory survival instinct gone wrong in the human species…but not other predatory species.

Note: Because Commercial, Entertainment & Internet product mentors, do not experience the positive spiritual empathic love value of sincere friendship…having become lost in Commercial product, entertainment & Internet Utube la la land and the ego, subsequently high on the Media sanctioned anything goes behavior blink sourced to the ego. That is why, trapped in pathological sourced disorders, they are mercenary, socially thoughtless, devoid of empathy, integrity & sincerity and prey on others without a conscience…and, also make excellent charismatic power brokers, lawyers, managers, fixers & high powered exec’s, super salesman and sales women, with much spin-doctor winning success…and big bonus’s to take home, of course. Yet, they can certainly smilingly mimic and act-out-of those spiritual qualities for sincere friendship & relationships. i.e. love, empathy, sincerity, honesty, integrity and a conscience. That born acting ability, is their superficial success camouflage. That quickly peels away after becoming involved with them…and its too late to walk around them. But, it is worth pointing that, that they are all employed by the real villains of Commercial product la la land. Organizing, administrating, managing & directing their employee’s, from the sociopath driving seat behind the viewing scenes….also called Television & Movie Studios & Boardrooms. Having all lost the divine spiritual plot of life, in the terminating Darth plot of power & control, greed & winning. Currently called innovative progress & success…and big bucks of course.

More spiritual information on the pathological sociopath & psychopath and the cause.

The growing sociopath & psychopath in this Civilization, are a absolute menace to the happiness of others in society & to the spiritual Laws of Nature, structuring order out of chaos in life. They are negatively/instinctively/unconsciously, driven to prey on others. Because the spiritual self-referral Laws of Nature, are not doing their ordained function in the thought process & emotions of a negative debilitated mind. Instead, we have growing sociopath & psychopath engineered numerous traps & pitfalls in society, that emotionally damaged & love deprived teenagers are especially blind too. Because the intellect that discriminates reality & reason, is not developed until early adulthood….and sometimes, never develops from a childhood damaged heart & mind. A catastrophe, sourced to the absence of emotional bonding and mature harmonious parental unconditional spiritual love in childhood. A necessary duel parental harmonious created bonding love in the child, starting from conception. That acts as a Laws of Nature structured invisible force-field, protecting them from harm. From many sources….not just physical.

Clarification: That invisible protection, comes out of the positive karma created out of the mature thoughts, emotions & stable parental love, of harmonious loving empathic hands-on parents. A invisible karmic created love bond and its protection, that does not come out of immature/ dysfunctional /thoughtless/emotionally mixed-up ambivalent parents. Having suffered the same unhappy ambivalent love inflicted fate in their childhood, that they are unconsciously inflicting on their offspring. A parental past-on fate to the child, sourced to perpetuating destructive ancestral karma, that is influencing the delinquent ambivalent actions of one or both parents & therefore, their offspring. Comprehend when a emotional or sexually damaged child reaches puberty, they will invariably be invisibly drawn to a born sociopath as a spiritual dead-end result. A magnetic attraction, sourced to the same destructive ‘entity’ that has commandeered the psyche of a emotionally & psychologically damaged child, as well as the negative psyche of the sociopath they have been drawn too.

About the magnetic attraction of a born sociopath/psychopath in the childhood playground & the adulthood playground.

Comprehend that invisible magnetic attraction, comes from the unconscious level of the mind. A unconscious sourced magnetic attraction to another…that when coming out of a negative psyche, can be very deceiving to the conscious mind of a positive child or adult. Especially if saddled with a damaged heart & mind and a dysfunctional unhappy childhood. Sourced to the traumatic experience of ambivalent, emotionally hot & cold immature parents, where stable parental love & emotional bonding from conception onwards, is missing. A must have stable mature love & emotional bonding for a child, so that they are able to create psychological & emotional stable & sincere…and not ambivalent, rock solid friendships with others, especially at school. A must have happiness creating period in their life…for life.

Note: Where friendship and bonding through social interaction & friendship, is a must have
psychological & emotional development for a child. When there is constant ambivalence & disharmony between parents in the family home…and also society, that chaos/experience becomes the ambivalent platform, on which the child’s structures its friendships with other children. Caused through missing the psychological & emotional experience, of parental acquired harmonious stable/mature unconditional parental love. Without that loving parental experience and its unconscious bonding, the child’s friendship with other children can be very ambivalent & destructive. Along with being very toxic & damaging to other children, who become or want to become, their friend in school. Comprehend, the experience of school friendships turned toxic, can last a lifetime for sensitive empathic positive children. As does the bullying experience, that also comes out of a love & affection deprived unhappy childhood…sourced to delinquent parents, that have suffered the same childhood fate.

It can be said, that emotionally chaotic ambivalent thoughtless parents, source emotionally chaotic ambivalent thoughtless children. A emotional chaos, that becomes a way of life and not abnormal to those afflicted. It becomes habituated ambivalence, that destroys future love relationships with others, through its destructive returning karma in their adult lives. Destructive karma/influence, inherited from their ambivalent chaotic parents in childhood…to then be perpetuated in their future offspring. A disastrous inheritance & fate, for a born innocent child. A fate that is being helped along the way, by the dysfunctional socially irresponsible content coming out of saturated communication mediums. The ensuing psychological & emotional damage can be rectified. The spiritual means have been given.

More serious rhetoric in boot camp for families.

Repeat: A dysfunctional unhappy love & emotional deprived childhood, that can lead to becoming the tool or victim, of a negative sociopath or psychopath in childhood and adulthood…that can be male or female. Entrapment, acquired through not having the unconscious bonding love of emotionally mature & harmonious loving parents, cemented in their childhood. A positive duel parental karmic created emotional love bond. That provides a spiritual sourced positive blueprint deep in the subliminal mind of the child. To then intuitively, be able shy away from becoming involved with a negative sociopath in vulnerable childhood & adolescence…and especially, the sexual predator version. And, the age old sociopath sexual predator, has really come alive & prolific in this Entertainment, Media & Internet sexually liberated Civilization. So have the malevolent contagious ‘entities’, underwriting its human created karmic influence.

Note: A invisible process we have called, a unconscious driven magnetic attraction to another sharing the same entity, that acts a invisible spell out of a dominant alpha psyche. And, a positive but childhood damaged human being functioning out of physical consciousness, is a prime target for those destructive entities, when becoming involved with a dominant alpha sociopath or psychopath. A karma transferred contamination, that also happens through having sexual intercourse with a sociopath sexual predator, without the victim knowing anything about its invisible karmic fate. Except for the growing misery, unhappiness…and quite possibly, sexual transmitted disease, that begins to permeate their life. That sociopath engineered sexual pitfall, can be dissolved for all victims…and they are accumulating fast, in this sexually liberated Entertainment, Internet & Commercial Media educated Civilization. The silent means to start the decontamination process have given.

Clarification: Destructive sexually charged euphoric negative entities, that are drawn to the activity of sexually dysfunctional human beings like a magnet…note Hollywood & Actors and other sexual performers on the Internet. Entities, that have no boundaries of time, place or space…thus everywhere but no-where. Until sexually dysfunctional human beings, give malevolent entities the sexual, behavioral and thought destructive means, to manifest in them. Along with contaminating future sexual partners with its specific contagious primordial located negative entity. Destructive ancestral created entities, that are locked/imprinted/superimposed, in the Negative spiritual archetypal intelligence of Primordial Nature…not the opposite Positive component. A duel interactive primordial spiritual archetypal intelligence, that underwrites, creates, dissolves, propels and orchestrates, the biology & chemistry of physical life. Along with its reproductive sexual processes and the primordial sourced human thought process.

Repeat: Without unconsciously sourced, mature positive duel parental love & emotional bonding…cemented & continued in childhood from parents, the vulnerable undeveloped immature mind of the teenager & adolescent, has no positive developed emotional & psychological anchor in their mind, to stabilize hormonal sexually charged adolescence and the ‘identity crisis’. i.e. emotional insecurity encountered when coming out of childhood into adulthood, gaining independence and creating an adult identity. They will invariably go off the sexual rails in their quest to be an adult & be drawn, to a dysfunctional sociopath relationship…and, end up in the land of more unhappiness as a result. This sexual disaster, is happening more and more in adolescence…especially in high school & universities. Where casual sex, one night stands, rape, gang bang sex, party sex and alcohol & drug fuelled orgies, are becoming a right of passage into adulthood for many delinquent adolescent males & females.

Note: The adolescent playground, where there is always a universal archetypal dominant alpha sociopath male…and increasingly a female, as the ring leader of this delinquent sexual gang bang & partying activity. Having become sexually educated out of Entertainment, Glossy Magazines, Movies, Television Programs, Scriptwriters, the visual Rock & Roll music rot world and now…to cap it off, the porn doused Internet. What a horrible human created new age communication fuelled mess, that conscientious loving parents are having to deal with in the family home. No wonder those responsible, are on analogous St Peter’s finger pointing list. Including the equally sociopath debilitated ‘freedom of expression’ intellectual brigade, with their ego warped version of how a society should function, i.e. doing, acting & saying what you like in it. That have graduated out of childhood, without being taught the necessary meaning of social responsibility to themselves & the society they live in. That is one of the ingredients, for being labeled a sociopath in the boot camp detention room…if not the society they live in and trash.

Note: A way of life, endorsed by the saturated Media. Along with adding & distributing, a big tick to new age anything goes sexual entertainment in Society. Also being called freedom of expression & I’ve got my rights, by socially blind thoughtless human beings in the Media driving seat. Well, the ground breaking spiritual news from Upstairs, for those responsible for creating, promoting, distributing & performing this contagious sexual chaos called freedom of expression, is not good. You have lost the right to be called a human being from Intelligence greater than yours. You are destroying the spiritual evolution of this Civilization, with this saturated sexual chaos in the name of freedom of expression. The means to turn that dead-end destiny around has been given for those responsible. You can start, with a big Reality Check on what you are claiming to be innovative progress. Because there is much more to human life than death…and, what we create in life is what we create in death and inherit…and thereafter – got it? A spiritual fact, that is currently missing in our downstairs education & freedom of expression.

The author, can assure conscientious parents from his acquired spiritual knowledge, that the saturated sexual promiscuity, sexual degradation, acted out emotional chaos, gratuitous violence & foul language, coming out of entertainment, movie, music, television mediums and the Internet, is adding self-destruct flames to those puberty blues. As well as destroying the spiritual evolution of this Civilization. It is a growing destructive karmic influence, that not only debilitates the consciousness of adults watching it, but the vulnerable delicate growing mind of children not watching it. This saturated delinquent sourced entertainment, is a sociopath created recipe for creating psychological, emotional & sexual delinquency to grow in our vulnerable children…and be perpetuated. It becomes a saturated destructive entity, that enters the National psyche through delinquent Entertainment & the thoughtless Media, to unconsciously debilitate the quality of consciousness of everyone in the Nation…especially vulnerable children. Comprehend that saturated sociopath sourced delinquent entertainment, sends our human consciousness down the ladder of spiritual evolution to collect a shovel, definitely not up that ladder to collect a harp…and a lot more heavenly gifts.

What to do about this Media, Entertainment & Internet created & saturated, socially destructive growing karmic influence in Nations….destroying our spiritual evolution.

It is time for responsible conscientious parents, to voice their disquiet to those responsible for saturating this thoughtless, sociopath inspired, inappropriate entertainment into Society. If…just like me, you wish your offspring to have a happy fulfilled productive positive life and not, end up
in the land of unhappiness & misery in adulthood. Because those responsible for writing, acting, creating, producing, directing & distributing this delinquent ‘anything goes’ behavior, are sociopath debilitated thoughtless human beings. That have lost spiritual connection in their creative minds to the self-referral Laws of Nature. Laws that structure order out of chaos in life…and therefore, the human brain and its creativity. The advice in spiritual boot camp, is for families to avoid this delinquent anything goes entertainment/communication like the plague and do not, give those responsible the red carpet treatment & worship them in society…ugh! That immature adulation, merely sends creative sociopath extraverts responsible for this socially destructive garbage, into more chaos with their Media, Entertainment & Internet saturated undignified anything goes creativity. Especially in the sexual department. Understand when we applaud anything goes behavior, those responsible, just keep raising the bar of its dysfunctional content. Just as a child does, when not checked for its anything goes delinquent behavior by conscientious parents. It is also called social responsibility…note Hollywood & Co; where it all started.

Note. These out of control & invariably motor mouth anything goes extravert human beings, need a verbal rap on the knuckles…not accolades. Along with a year on a desert island, for contemplation on social responsibility & possible rehabilitation back into society, after they have grown up. Because those responsible, have lost all connection with the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature in their thought process & creativity. That is why, these celebrity worshiped extraverts, are in the top ten of St Peter’s finger pointing list of dysfunctional human beings, on the anything goes Media, Entertainment & Internet saturated creative blink. They are no role models for our children…but a Darth tuned ‘pied piper’, taking our children to no-where land – got it? Therefore, do not let them into the family home through communication mediums. Where they have now taken up permanent viewing residence…along with their contagious entities. So until they get their anything goes act together on the big screen & elsewhere, go back to creating your own interactive family & friends positive entertainment & fun…and sanity. Your new age Media, Entertainment & Internet educated children may protest, rant & rave, but will thank you in the long run – guaranteed. So will Upstairs – got it?

Understanding the adult nemesis of childhood acquired denial.

For those already enmeshed/trapped, in the invisible karmic web/spell of a creative sociopath or psychopath, always expect them to immediately project back to you, what you are pointing out or accusing them of afflicting on you. Its illogical…but very effective instant verbal counter-attack, is sourced to childhood acquired & subliminal sourced habituated denial, a common habit/reaction in all human beings to criticism. A created self-esteem defense mechanism of the ego in childhood, to prevent the psychological disintegration of the created I of the child, when under verbal aggressive/shouting/domineering/emotionally immature behavior….especially from thoughtless parents. A ego survival mechanism (denial) that should not be carried forward into adulthood…but understood & replaced with adult maturity. Spiritual maturity that is acquired out of Correct Meditation, definitely not out of the Media…and especially anything goes Entertainment, that has reached socially destructive plague proportions in Society.

Note: But, the big difference between negative sourced/structured denial and positive sourced/structured denial, is that the negative sociopath human being (unlike the positive human being) will never consider/think about the complaint/criticism. But instantly/immediately, launch into a counter-attack and accuse the accuser, of the exact same complaint…and what is worse, intractably believe they are right. A delusion, sourced to the thought process, reasoning & logic of the sociopath/psychopath, functioning out of the Negative archetypal intelligence of Nature, missing the positive archetypal intelligence of Nature. Comprehend that positive structured thought, reasoning & logic out of a positive accentuated human being, is always the non-deluded one…and therefore the right one, to base a for or against decision of diametrically opposing views…note lawyers & juries. This bizarre instant negative structured verbal counter attack, is a prized intellectual effective negative logic weapon of a highly intelligent, narcissistic, articulate, non-violent sociopath. But, not so convincing from the not so intelligent hands-on sociopath/psychopath. Temper, rage, malice, violence & instant payback, will be mandatory instead. So prudently exit the sociopath relationship spell post-haste, in all childhood and adulthood social playgrounds…before all types of payback happens.

Comprehend, positive structured reasoning, introspection, empathy, compassion, consideration, coherent logic & emotional intelligence, is totally alien to a negative debilitated mind. Those positive qualities, have also become noticeably absent in the aggressive greed driven marketing & advertising industries…and totally absent, in a sociopath & psychopath. No matter how charismatic, personable, charming, harmless & innocuous they may appear. A sociopath will also, never accept the words ‘no thank you’ from what they are asking of you, mesmerizing you with, inflicting on you, trying to get out of you, or forcing on you. Unlike the positive born human being, who does accept ‘no thank you’ and politely moves on. It you believe you are immune to the following Marketing & Hollywood saturated essentials when dating or socializing, then think again, before its too late…male & female.

Re- Film star looks, perfect teeth, magnet smile, beautiful eyes, silky smooth hair, gorgeous body, sexual charisma galore, scintillating conversation, brilliant I.Q. mesmerizing vocal chords, exquisite manners, perfect dress sense & golden vocal chords. The catch 22. All are primordial (not divine) archetypal qualities from out of the impersonal duel functioning primordial archetypal intelligence of Nature, that manifests as the biology & chemistry of human beings. All are dissolvable physical archetypal qualities, that have nothing to do with the Divine spiritual source of Nature that has authored the spiritual essence of life & love. A Divine Intelligence, that also sources, structures and evolves, the spiritual qualities & evolution of a positive accentuated human being. Therefore, all those primordial physical mesmerizing ‘oh so beautiful’ qualities we have listed…and are physically drawn/attracted too, can be a dangerous smokescreen with a sociopath or psychopath hiding behind it. When the smoke eventually clears, it is too late for the victim to prevent getting burnt or often psychologically incinerated. The reason the senses of perception are drawn to those now Marketed & Hollywood saturated qualities, can be summed up in two words…saturation & procreation.

Notable notes from the boot camp detention room blackboard:

About the commercial driven human worshiped celebrity fame game & extraverts…to no-where land, spiritually speaking. Also called, the price of fame at the end of the human day. That is easily entered by a attention seeking talented extrovert, obsessed with fame & exhibiting those previous described Media, Hollywood, Commercial T.V. & Marketing mandatory entry requirements. But of course, very difficult to enter for those not born with those ‘oh so beautiful’ requirements. Unless you have the additional entry quality, of primordial animal magnetism or alpha magnetic charismatic power, as it is called in Boot Camp. A natural invisible primordial sourced alpha leadership power, found concentrated in a specific gene. That all social functioning animals, insects fish and birds share, for the purpose of survival…the concentrated charismatic alpha gene. That does not require those other mentioned ‘oh so beautiful’ qualities to become leader of the pack, famous, infamous, notorious, worshiped, applauded, followed, admired, bowed down too and spell-bound by. Just a born ability, to be able to unconsciously influence the minds of others…as in the playground alpha gang leader. Also called the host with the most in celebrity la la land, that has come out of Commercial Media created la la land. The ego toxic land of superficiality, image creating, saturated advertisements & promo’s, big bucks & lost souls in spiritual boot camp…and Upstairs. Where the commercial price of downstairs fame & adulation, has become a heavy burden indeed…according to St Peter with the keys.

Note: Having become a Commercial Media delivered household name selling products, their ego & over-the-top ‘anything goes’ extravert behavior, to catch the attention of others. Under expert sociopath sourced instruction from those behind the viewing scenes. Manipulating & egging them on & pulling the program & promo strings….and the ratings & advertising dollar of course. Because Commercial Television, Marketing & Advertising geniuses, will use every manipulative trick in their University acquired compendium of psychological knowledge; to grab the attention of the public and sell sell sell what the hell. The new age Commercial T.V. inspired ‘Reality Show’ among them. With a endless supply of hand picked obnoxious or just over the top extraverts, expertly plucked out of the public arena for entertainment consumption.

Note: Along with part 1. of their childhood unrequited dream of a being a celebrity, at last consummated. Should they then miraculously, become the big buck winner of the reality show, to also consummate part 2. and become a household name. Along with being fame primed, for commercial product deals & closet information in glossy magazines. But, part 2, can only be consummated, if they were born with the primordial sourced magnetic ability, to be able to unconsciously draw others too them in front of the T.V. cameras. Where more of anything goes extravert behavior, ensures longevity of their prized celebrity status and more product deals, chat shows and continuous closet information in glossy magazines…and big bucks of course, from the Commercial Sponsors. With a seemingly endless flow of big advertising bucks to the coffers of Commercial T.V. and Radio Stations. Where they throw it around like confetti in Quiz programs & Reality shows…and their own pay packets of course.

Note: A Commercial promo sociopath paradise, for uninhibited creative extroverts and continuous fame, adulation & celebrity worship downstairs…and now, demotion from Upstairs. Through becoming a non-stop Media delivered ‘anything goes’ extravert, on the downstairs sociopath anything goes blink. Who, when debilitated with sexual delinquency, over inflated ego disorder, a motor mouth and childhood acquired fame neurosis, will do anything to grab the attention of others and be the center of attraction…anything at all…yes anything. Especially in front of the T.V. & Movie & Cell Phone cameras…and back stage, tut tut. But, that anything goes behavior, means that the charismatic magnetic extravert, has fallen foul of the Faust enigma and therefore, lost connection with the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the spiritual Laws of Nature. Therefore, no role model for our vulnerable children – got it?

Note: A lost soul corrupting society and especially our children, is a kind descriptive…according St Peter. Because all publicity is good publicity, to a male or female extravert on the precarious worshiped road to fame, celebrity status, stardom & big product bucks. They are a new age discovered goldmine to marketing & advertising agencies…and reality shows of course. But, a big pain in the butt to the Laws of Nature and now, firmly ensconced in front of the T.V. & Hollywood cameras in the top end of town and from where, all attention grabbing delinquent progress happens in society. To become constant Media saturated, world breaking daily front page news & closet information, from out of commercial newsrooms, tabloids & glossy magazines….and now, the also anything goes Internet of course.

Note: The top end of town, where the extravert sociopath philosophy of ‘anything goes’ in entertainment…and, in the name of ‘sell sell sell what the commercial hell’ originated from. But, the big downside of that sociopath underwritten commercial worshiped philosophy, is that it has become visually saturated into society. To then become a anything goes reality & way of life for everyone…well nearly everyone. So that now, ‘anything goes’ is perfectly normal in society and not abnormal at all. As it once was, before we became Commercial T.V. Hollywood, Media & Internet educated, through creative extraverts on the downstairs ‘anything goes’ entertainment, internet, movie & commercial product blink. That according to St Peter, is not allowed in heaven. Only the other place that welcomes them in…but not out anymore.

Note: But, just like those other ‘oh so beautiful’ Media saturated qualities to be successful in life and always get the attention of others, that ‘anything goes’ Media & Entertainment behavior, is also sourced to the primordial negative & positive dissolvable workings of Nature. Where its sociopath fuelled anything goes behavior, has corrupted the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the self-referral laws of Nature….note Commercial Television, Hollywood & the Internet, the worst offenders. That translates, as even more chaos appearing in our primordial sourced ‘anything goes’ human creativity downstairs. Creativity that we call freedom of expression, entertainment, artistic expression & innovative progress…but, missing an Upstairs applied for ‘quality control’ license. As a chaos result, the self referral spiritual Laws of Nature underwriting ‘order out of chaos’ in life’, have gone out of sync with life…and therefore mankind. Especially, in the anything goes attention obsessed extrovert version on the worshiped celebrity fame game circuit. Having become lost from the Laws of Nature in new age Commercial Media created la la land, with their unexpurgated extravert creativity & behavior. Also called ‘freedom of expression’ in society without any social responsibility….compliments of the Media delivering it.

Note: Freedom of expression Media delivered contagious behavior, that is currently saturating society…and the impressionable minds of children copying it all. Therefore, sending that society to the land of lost extravert human beings in the saturated process…certainly not heaven. Because the world breaking news from Upstairs, is that we cannot do just what we like with our human creativity downstairs…especially in saturated communication mediums. We have not obtained an Upstairs given eternal spiritual license yet. Only a dissolvable downstairs human given license from the human ego. We are about to receive a disqualification to that downstairs ego issued license, because we have really stuffed things up down here with that dissolvable human given Media distributed license. But some will disagree of course, especially the winners & extraverts causing the disqualification from the top end of town. Along with the out of control 24/7 Media delivering it all – ugh!

Time for a tea break…to recover from the commercial shock jock inspired detention room notes.


Understanding how the Real System works and not our human created one…for a change

About the impersonal primordial spiritual domain of Nature & the personal spiritual Divine domain of Nature. Comprehend primordial archetypal intelligence, is the primal spiritual creativity that all life has physically manifested out of. It has its own domain, power, primordial physical laws and function or dysfunction in Creation…dysfunction sourced to the human species. As we sow so do we reap is one of its functions…note uninhibited creative extroverts, on the human worshiped celebrity fame game circuit. A karma sourced function, to create & process physical life for the ordained purpose of physical evolution. A primordial function, working in conjunction with the spiritual self-referral divine laws of Nature, for our spiritual evolution. Divine spiritual laws, that underwrite the physical laws of primordial Nature, to create ‘order out of chaos’ in its physical & biological domain.

Note: But, human beings have now become lost from that ‘order out of chaos’ divine function…especially the extravert version on Commercial Television and in Hollywood. Where they are paid big bucks for creating behavioral chaos in human society…and therefore in Nature. A contagious chaos, that is underwritten by other anything goes sociopath debilitated human beings, called producers, directors & actors…and of course, scriptwriters & literary geniuses, from out of the also anything goes sanctioned Book Club…if it sells. Who, are in all big trouble with St Peter at human closing time in the departure lounge, with their new age chaos from out of its anything goes creativity. That has come saturate society and not allowed past the Pearly Gates. No wonder St Peter has done his heavenly lolly and his index finger, is about to drop off with fatigue.

That primordial positive & negative structured dissolvable domain of Creation…that physical life has evolved out of, is entirely separate from the Divine domain of spiritual Creation that has authored it…that created it. Two different structures of spiritual Intelligence & Consciousness, separate those two related domains of Creation. Namely, Divine spiritual Intelligence & primordial spiritual archetypal Intelligence (that has been called the Occult) and that physical biological created consciousness & life, is a part of. That primordial domain of Nature, is underwritten by what we have called, the negative & positive interacting archetypal spiritual intelligence of Primordial Nature, that manifests as the physical biology & chemistry of life. It is that primordial domain of consciousness, that the highly physically evolved (but not spiritually evolved) human being, must now spiritually evolve out of, to reach its Divine spiritual potential.

Repeat: A divine potential, that is not possible to develop or acquire, when we go around worshiping other human beings, for their primordial sourced dissolvable physical attributes. Namely, facial, body, sexual, sporting, acting, singing, high I.Q. magnetic alpha charisma and non-stop talking. Along with other extravert ‘anything goes’ entertainment/behavior/acting in Society, sourced to poor quality consciousness & a over inflated Media pumped up ego. That has now become a necessary requirement, to enter the fame game and celebrity heaven and be crowned a worshiped winner…as described in detail. But, that human created celebrity heaven of anything goes & do, say & act how you like entertainment, is not allowed in the Real Heaven. Because through its saturation downstairs, our children have jumped onto its dysfunctional extravert bandwagon through its saturation…along with many adults, applauding the winners.

The serious bottom line from Upstairs out of the messenger’s pen.

The primordial human species, has now reached a crossroads in its Evolution. If we do not go down the spiritual divine path, but keep going down the all-consuming material primordial path we are on…and causing all the problems, then the human species will evolve no further in Creation. To then self-destruct with its Nature polluting all-consuming material toxic progress & innovative extravert creativity. What is causing our self-destruction, is being been explained in detail. The spiritual divine means to avoid that human created self-destruction, is also being explained in detail. It may take many reads and the regular twice daily practice of

Correct Meditation, to fully comprehend its information…along with many tea breaks. Because its information, is coming out of divine consciousness but, being interpreted on the level of primordial structured physical consciousness in the reader. That anomaly, makes its information difficult to digest & accept, without re-reads for the positive accentuated human being…and possibly, impossible to digest for the negative accentuated human being. Who will miss out on heaven because of it.

Note: That physical biological created primordial structure of consciousness, is the norm of our species at this point of our human evolution. Comprehend that biological created consciousness and its physical I.Q. potential, needs to acquire the spiritual I.Q. potential of Divine Intelligence. To then spiritually evolve further in Creation, to acquire the untapped divine potential of a human being. The transcendent means to accomplish that transition have been given. It is called Correct Meditation.

Coming back to the magnetic plot of physical mesmerizing qualities & procreation

Just because human beings have been born with those mesmerizing Marketing, Commercial T.V. & Hollywood ‘oh so beautiful’ requirements, does not mean they are exempt from being a born sociopath or psychopath. But, it does mean, because of their Hollywood & Marketed saturation in Society, the subliminal mind & ego identifies with those saturated physical archetypes and is sub-consciously, drawn towards those archetypal qualities for primordial driven procreation sex…as well as the products they are advertising.. Because as the sociopath Marketing Media have discovered, procreation sex is a unstoppable powerful survival instinct in the impersonal workings of Primordial Nature and, a advertising goldmine. A primordial driven instinct & physical dissolvable love in human beings to procreate life, but missing connection with spiritual lasting love. A primordial procreating instinct and its physical love, that has gone wrong in the sexual affairs of mankind, through the wrong sexual practices of our ancestors…and that their lineage, namely us, are perpetuating & accelerating. As we sow so do we reap, with our human sexual procreation creativity generation into generation – got it?

Note: After puberty, that primordial procreation survival instinct, is the unstoppable force unconsciously compelling a sexually normal male and female to interact & mate. The male or female physical qualities we are visually attracted too…and fall in love with, is that process being fuelled and driven, by the primordial driven Law of procreation. A identification process, that has nothing to do with the spiritual qualities of a human being and Divine Intelligence. Because procreation transient physical love, is sourced to that inescapable primordial instinct to mate and is physically dissolvable. It requires divine spiritual love…that is not dissolvable, for physical love not to evaporate between male and female. We can then call that fusion, lasting soul-mate love. Very rare in relationships at this point of our human spiritual evolution.

The logical spiritual point to be made, along with its understanding for teenagers.

On the above spiritual understanding, the most beautiful or charismatic
magnetic alpha individual in the world, is quite capable of being a born sociopath or psychopath. Along with being much more than a eventual pain in the butt to those mesmerized by them. Equally, the most ugly individual in the world, is quite capable of being the most divinely spiritually beautiful in the world. Understanding that spiritual fact…along with identifying the detectable symptoms of a sociopath & psychopath, should be a top priority before becoming socially, emotionally, sexually involved…or any other viewing & glossy magazine involved. The Upstairs rule of all new potential relationships on the boot camp blackboard, is go slow & do the home work first…especially before jumping in bed with whoever. Not when it is too late and you become trapped in the invisible spell of a charismatic sociopath or psychopath. Not wishing to inflict paranoia on the reader, they are growing fast in this spiritually decaying Commercial T.V. Internet & Hollywood entertainment educated civilization. We can reverse that sorry state of human affairs, the spiritual means have been given.

Not being able to accept ‘no thank you’ from another and desist & walk away from its situation, makes the born sociopath & psychopath potentially very dangerous acquaintances…and also, when in control of anything in society. Where ‘just do it’ is a sociopath mantra. Because wanting power & control over others or situations, is a pathological sourced psychological disorder underwriting that refusal to accept ‘no thank you’. Therefore, overwhelming self-confidence linked to narcissism and no humility, are trademarks & alarm bells to remember & hear, in all physical, image & audio interaction with those you do not know…of all persuasions. Before it is too late and the charismatic/magnetic alpha version of the sociopath/psychopath, has cast their invisible karmic web…and you are hooked. Rod, line & sinker into their karmic aquarium…and out of yours. Plus, you do not know the contents of that new acquaintances aquarium, to go blindly swimming around in it with them…without seriously knowing them first.

Note vulnerable teenagers on the new age anything goes Media, Internet & Entertainment instructed blink. As in, “cause I’ve got my rights and I know everything from out of the Internet, Utube and my computer, cam recorder, selfie cell phone, apps, musical dudpod & celebrity bugpod. Besides, what I don’t know, don’t matter anyway. ‘Cause all my BFF at school and on Facebook & Twitter and on the moon, don’t know either. So it can‘t be very important whatever it is…so lets have a party, but not at my house. ‘Cause I’ve been banned after the last one by the oldies”.

Note: Or go swimming around in other human stocked Commercial Television, Internet,
Hollywood & Glossy Magazine created, contagious karmic aquariums & ballrooms – ugh! Because according Alf’s research, many females suffer much lasting unhappiness at the hands of a magnetic/charismatic sexual sociopath or psychopath male…and sometimes vice versa, in the upwardly mobile rave-up part of town. Through not hearing the alarm bells & seeing other sociopath archetypal signals & inappropriate sexual innuendo warnings, when interacting, dating or blindly seeking partners on the Internet and from sexually mobile escort call-up agencies & night club venues. Therefore, No! No! No1 No! No! No! but, slow slow quick quick slow ‘getting to know all about you’, social non-sexual respectful interaction first…because respect is born of respect. Otherwise, it will be a short term high in the physical sexual department but, a long term low in the spiritual department of life – got it?

The spiritual advice in boot camp for all females, is no sex without mutual male love & respect and a committed relationship, underwriting its natural function. Comprehend in the spiritual workings of Nature, you are the child bearer and therefore you have the say, not the male. As in, right time right place but, do not abuse that spiritual procreation law, through immature clever ego rhetoric to the denied frustrated male – got it? If the male cannot understand that spiritual law and respect it, then look for another male that will…because they surely do not respect or love you, but want to use you…so walk away. Comprehend if the male does not respect you before marriage, then he is certainly not going to respect your after you are married…and especially if you jump in bed with him before marriage. Your happiness and your future children’s happiness is at stake – got it?

Note: The above is the right vertical slow live dance in all new interaction, to see how many times they step on your toes (behavioral & sexual boundaries) in the upright position. No times is best, before accepting a different new age promoted horizontal dance in a different overnight ballroom. Because the new age professional sexual predator…with many one night conquests, will step on more that your toes in that all-night ballroom – got it? Needless to say, they have become very prolific & skilled, in our Entertainment & Internet sexually liberated Civilization. Where one night stands & casual sex, have come to be considered fashionable & cool in adolescence, to prove you are an adult and one of the Hollywood instructed in-crowd. Where sleeping around is worn like a badge of honor but, with a one way ticket to No Where Land, invisibly written on the badge – got that too?

Clarification: Currently, a most dangerous Internet ballroom or aquarium to go dancing or swimming in…with some very nasty occupants. Swimming around in it posing as nice dancing or swimming occupants. Because the Internet, has become the new playground of the sociopath & psychopath for the unwary & innocent…especially the sexual predator version and the age old snake oil salesman/saleswoman version. Traveling the Internet now and not the Wild West anymore. With their entrepreneurial sell sell what the hell, new age potions & remedies (products & solutions) for all our new age acquired ills. Who definitely, do not make good dancing or swimming partners or advisors…and definitely not friends – full stop. It is time for society, to dissolve the growing invisible root cause of pathological ancestral inherited disorders,
underwriting & causing this chaos. To then also, dissolve the many physical/seen/exposed & hidden symptoms, growing fast in this spiritually decaying Civilization. Because we cannot dissolve pathological (inherited) sourced disorders physically. That will keep growing in this spiritually decaying Civilization, until we address & dissolve the invisible non-physical root causes as a collective. The means have been given.

Repeated message about sexual matters to families:

Parents, teenagers & young adults…the whole family, should understand that casual sex, party sex and one night stands, is fraught with irreversible consequences & incurable disease. It is like playing Russian Roulette, only with life threatening sexually transmitted diseases. That have become rampant in this new age sexually liberated Civilization. Understand, there is no such thing as 100% safe sex where STD is concerned, even with condoms…it is a myth. Perpetuated by spiritual ignorance, especially by the immature male. Those growing sexually transmitted diseases, can cause the female to become barren and the male to become infertile, as well as triggering terminal disease. Along with unknowingly, creating life long unhappiness and misery in life and after life – got it? Because there is much more to life than death, that existing Science and most on the planet, have no knowledge of. Understand that emotional maturity, a committed harmonious relationship and duel male & female physical love, must accompany the sexual act for your future children‘s sake…as well as your own. Outside of that positive parameter, lies a negative parameter that destroys our spiritual evolution. Especially when we degrade the Laws of Nature, that are underwriting sexual procreation and its function to create life. So avoid like the plague, those perpetuating that negative parameter. A negative sexual parameter, that is currently operating in the Entertainment Industry, the Music Industry, the Movie Industry and the Fashion Industry, along with the Media delivering its negative sexual parameter to everyone in society…especially from out of the Television, the Internet and Scriptwriters. This spiritual advice, comes with no other reason but to restore happiness in your families and restore the spiritual Laws of Nature to the family structure.

About the unexpurgated news Media and its contribution to chaos.

The growing pathological sourced disorders in our Civilization, also source the polarization of a Nation. Sourced to the opportunistic perception creating Media on social/political/religious & divisive issues, playing the Devil’s Advocate with opposing views in those contentious public issues. By expertly playing one side against the other, to generate debate, news and grab the public‘s attention…and big note themselves in the process. A negative news format, that merely inflames & polarizes conflicting contentious human issues…never resolves them…note America. The commercial T.V. created paradise, of non-stop talking, divisiveness, arguing & polarization.

Note: A negative manipulative news format, also called divide and conquer by opportunistic
politicians to get the winning election result. By all religious accounts, the Devil is very negative indeed. Because its creation & multiplying contagious destructive karmic influence, has come out of the negative creativity of mankind past & present, certainly not God. A destructive life-force, that is currently permeating in our human creativity & non-stop talking and causing chaos…especially in the top end of town creating all progress. Because its negative entity, unconsciously creates delusion in the unexpanded human mind. A delusion, that powers negative structured logic, reasoning, decision making processes & television programming, but not positive structured logic, reasoning & decision making processes & television programming. Correct Meditation and its twice daily practice, empowers the human mind to be able to tell the difference…because either negative or positive structured logic, can win an argument. To then also dissolve the contagious destructive entity, causing a Nation to polarize on contentious issues. To then make all decisions right decisions in a Nation and no need, for the inclusion of the Devil’s Advocate to never resolve them.

Resuming the topic of the sociopath & psychopath & entities.

From a spiritual perspective, the negative propelled sociopath & psychopath, has a born predisposition for chaos in its thought process, expression & creativity…through whatever medium of expression. A chaos creating potential, much admired in macho, destruction & chaos, violence & sex obsessed Hollywood action movies…and Television entertainment. Along with the smash, bash, trash, blow-up & obliterate everything, Computer Games Industry. Because that chaos, is the intrinsic evolution structured function of the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature…to dissolve/decay/corrupt & destroy life, to make way for new life. The more creative, extravert & intelligent the sociopath/psychopath are, then the more sophisticated, disguised & often acceptable, is the chaos they inevitably bring to society. Invariably being assisted and promoted, by new age product web spinning advertising, marketing & PR agencies…also on the sociopath blink, having also done a deal with Faust & not St Peter.

Note: Comprehend the born sociopath/psychopath, does not respect social boundaries of acceptable behavior or the values of others in their interaction. Even though the very intelligent variety, may be conveying the impression they do, from out of their magnetic charm & charisma. But, underwriting that disarming charm, charisma & self-confidence…is narcissism & chaos, that is never far away in a negative accentuated mind divorced from the Laws of Nature. That disarming charm, charisma & super self-confidence lacking humility, should register as a alarm bell in all interaction…not be ignored. It is sourced to a euphoria creating entity, but a destructive one residing in a negative psyche, i.e. the unconscious mind of a human being.

Magnetic euphoric attraction to another, be it in business, politics, education, science,
communication mediums, art, films, music, entertainment & new relationships, should always register as an alarm bell and go slow caution in social interaction. Because a magnetic creative charismatic alpha dominant mind…especially a non-stop talking one, is much admired by other not so creative minds in society. But, that primordial sourced magnetic euphoric attraction, can be powered out of either a negative or a positive unconscious mind. The latter being benign and the former the exact opposite. Where chaos resides in a born negative sociopath or psychopath. A chaos, not realized by those on the receiving end…until it is too late. Because creating chaos out of order, is a natural function of a negative psyche. They will always consciously or unconsciously, oppose the positive born normal human being and internally, rebel against all positive structured necessary boundaries of acceptable behavior, social conformity & rules. A sociopath trademark, hidden in a highly intelligent charismatic dominant alpha human being. When they gravitate to positions of celebrity, authority, influence & power in society, that society/civilization is in big devolution trouble without realizing it…like now. Because human beings, are instinctively compelled to follow the Leader, it is programmed in our primordial DNA for survival. As in all highly social species.

In Nature’s spiritual dictionary, the sociopath & psychopath are called aliens. That have not come from outer space, but from out of the human beings negative procreation creativity & dysfunctional chaotic families. Now reaching epidemic proportions in this so ‘got it wrong’ Civilization. The suggestion from spiritual boot camp, is to issue them a free one way ticket from NASA and send them to colonize Mars and annoy Aries. He will take care of the problem in conjunction with irritable Zeus…who currently has a raging toothache. The ancient Romans…before they went downhill, banished the chaos creating intelligent charismatic sociopath extravert corrupting their society, to the outer regions of their Empire. What a good idea that was, from out of the positive archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature and not the negative…for a change.

Clarification: When chaos is pathological (inherited) in origin…and not acquired through a dysfunctional delinquent childhood, this multi-faceted inherited psychological/spiritual disorder, is physically incurable. Only the destructive contagious karmic influence out of a pathological sociopath or psychopath’s activity/creativity …that contaminates others, can be dissolved in society. Thereby, check-mating the destructive many variable human created entities responsible. Negative ancestral entities, that are contaminating the negative archetypal spiritual intelligence of primordial Nature. A duel opposing process with the positive archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature, a negative & positive duality that sources, underwrite & propels the physical biology & chemistry of life…therefore the human mind & thought process. Human created entities, that are located in the interactive spiritual Universe that underwrites this physical one…and where life, has manifested from. Spiritual fact not physical fiction…note the Media…along with Science. Because a biological physical created virus, has its counterpart in the spiritual Universe that underwrites this physical Universe. They are called entities in Nature’s spiritual dictionary…and invisibly very potent.

Note: Specifically, negative human created entities. That are responsible for contaminating/subjugating/ influencing, the thought process/chemistry/biology/emotions/sexuality of a negative accentuated mind. In spiritual
understanding, those afflicted do not own their mind, spiritual essence or evolution. Their mind & spirit, have become the unconscious tool of a destructive, parasitic-functioning, contagious, negative human created entity. Entities, that are also archetypal and have karma perpetuated ancestral affinity, with the human species that created them….generation into generation. Thus, the human being is very creative indeed…spiritually, not just physically. That is also, why we can be said to be co-creator in this physical Universe.

Note: That unique physical & spiritual negative or positive creativity, is exclusive to our highly physically evolved human species. Comprehend in the non-physical silent Absolute Intelligence…that has created this Creation, that gift as co-creator, makes the human species totally responsible for what we create out of our human creativity & progress…both physically & spiritually. Therefore, we are also responsible individually & collectively for the returning influence (karma) and entities, created out of our physical & spiritual human creativity.

Time for a tea break to charge my rhetorical batteries.

About entities, karma & recapping part one.

More about negative & positive entities, that are a karmic spiritual creation/product, out of our species creative thought, desire, lived ideologies, lifestyles & ancestors. We could call them artificial intelligence, for they are created/born out of the impulse of creative-intelligence in the mind, that we call thought. There are benign (positive) entities, as there are destructive (negative) entities in the human system of life. For want of a descriptive, a entity could be likened to a harmless or destructive parasite, that invades and lives in its host. They can also spread like a biological virus to others, through association with the host. Comprehend negative entities, are drawn to the karmic influence created out of negative structured thought, desire, deeds & actions. As positive entities, are drawn to the karmic influence created out of positive structured thought, desire, deeds & actions. They act, as a unconscious sourced negative or positive life-force, that influences the thought process & creativity of our species…that created them. They owe their existence, to the spiritual creative product of karma. Karma, the creative spiritual tool of evolution in all brain structured life. Negative & positive entities, are ancestral inherited as well as acquired out of our lived ideologies & lifestyles. Spiritual fact & not physical fiction…note physical Science. With only half the accumulated physical facts, missing the other half of spiritual facts in their disciplines.

About the missing spiritual facts.

1. Out of all brain structured life, our human created karma, is the most creative in the duel interacting negative & positive archetypal spiritual intelligence of primordial Nature that underwrites life.
2. Our human created karma, is also damaging to us, when it is negative (destructive) not life-supportive created karma out of our thoughts, desires, deeds, actions, words, ideologies, lifestyles & sexual activity. Because all negative & positive created karma, returns to its initiated source, to either support our spiritual evolution or retard it.
3. Negative karma, also attracts corresponding negative entities to the unconscious mind, to debilitate the quality of our consciousness. Therefore, to influence the negative or positive quality of our thought, reason, logic, desires, creativity & sexual activity.
4. A negative debilitated mind, always functions in the reverse of a positive accentuated mind with its thought, reason, logic & sexual activity. Where wrong becomes viewed as right and right become viewed as wrong.
5. Bizarrely expressed, as diametrically opposing views & creativity to a positive accentuated mind. Understood, as the age old comic book goodies v the baddies in human society…the baddies are winning at the moment.
6. Because the baddies, have become saturated into society through communication & entertainment mediums. Notably television & movies, compliments of scriptwriters, directors & actors on the creative Darth authored blink, giving the public what it wants.
7. But not what Upstairs wants…and definitely not, St Peter with the keys.

Example: As in uncontrollable foul mouthed human beings, permanently displaying coprolalia Tourette as a adolescent retarded delinquent adult…that do not own their vocal chords anymore. A destructive ancestral entity has laid claim to them…and their negative debilitated mind. Time to dissolve it, because it is very contagious entity and not allowed in heaven. Including other dysfunctional sociopath debilitated extraverts, called method actors using them, also on the downstairs sociopath blink. Comprehend, it is not the swear word that is the problem, but the destructive karmic human created entity, that is drawn to its thought/speech out of its created negative karma. To then take up permanent residence in the negative mind of those proliferating them in society. Because like is attracted to like, where negative or positive karma and entities are concerned.

Explanation: All thought/words create positive or negative ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence. The destructive karma/influence out of negative structured swear words, are spiritually damaging & desensitizing to the innocent vulnerable open mind of children. Letting off steam when you have missed the nail with the hammer and hit your finger is one thing, using negative instigated destructive swear words continuously in everyday conversation, is quite another. Time to tell the civilized difference and act upon it in society. If we wish to collect our harp in the departure lounge…and not a shovel. In other words, we have to evolve out of the primordial jungle in this century…note Hollywood, Actors, Scriptwriters, Literary geniuses and the Media, as the cheerleader.

In those that have inherited destructive entities from their ancestral tree, the delicate biological structured physical brain, does not develop/grow normally in childhood. In spiritual understanding, it means the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the spiritual Laws of Nature, has ceased to be self-referral in the interactive chemistry & biology of the growing brain…the cause. That translates as malfunctions appearing in the physical biological components & chemistry of the mind…and body. Also, the biological created & chemistry activated components of a positive born infant mind, never co-ordinate coherently in a love & emotional deprived infancy…through its severe psychological & emotional trauma in a born sensitive positive child. As a chaos creating result, the brain of the child does not develop in infancy, the neurological platforms for language, motor, co-ordination, reading & writing, communication & interpersonal social skills. A biological development in infancy, so necessary to form the positive foundation of their adult life…and for developing, positive and not negative potential in that life. Comprehend a child needs to be nurtured in duel parental mature love, or do not bring them into his world.

Clarification: Only negative potential arises out of a child’s damaged heart & mind through emotional deprivation. A negative potential, that becomes self-destructive to a positive born mind, that has not emotionally bonded with mature love from both parents at birth. Especially if the mother is depressed, delinquent, anxious, insecure & emotionally immature. In a positive born but emotionally & psychologically damaged child, the trauma of depression, melancholia & sadness, manifest in that child’s undeveloped innocent mind. That negative experience becomes trapped, hidden & repressed, in the subliminal layers of the child’s growing mind. As a negative result…notably from puberty onwards, that trapped repressed/denied experience & its trauma, can manifest in the conscious mind as unstable emotions, behavioral disorders, personality defects, withdrawal, fatigue, lack of concentration, self-harm, suicide, drug taking, thrill seeking, sexual promiscuity.

Note: All are psychological created malfunctions, that a positive accentuated child, having been deprived of mature non-judgmental parental love & affection…and a happy psychological & emotional stable family environment, can suffer miserably in their unhappy life…without knowing why they are suffering. The negative accentuated child, does not feel those negative created malfunctions the same way as positive accentuated child…and may not even exhibit or recognize them. Empathy being non-existent in their negative accentuated thought process & emotions. A negative debilitated mind, that magnetically attracts destructive entities to unconsciously contaminate their psyche, their thought process & primordial creativity of the mind. The mind, then becomes a slave of destructive karmic influence/entities…unknowingly.

This is the invisible root cause, of all life destructive aberrations & delusion appearing in a human being. The spiritual means to dissolve that delusion & the negative karma causing it, has been given. A delusion, that causes right to be wrong and wrong to be right in the thought process & creativity of the human mind. A delusion that happens to us all at times, but a positive mind never stays in that delusion…but, a negative accentuated mind does. That becomes apparent when investigating their life history…note the legal system and the disciplines of psychology & psychiatry. Re- the best indicator of future behavior is in past behavior tied to invisible karma. The negative karma can be neutralized…but not physically.

Telling the difference & about the cause.

The big recognizable difference between a negative accentuated child and a positive accentuated child, is that the positive born…but childhood emotionally & psychologically damaged child, turns inwards and blames & harms itself…seldom others. Whereas, the negative accentuated child, turns outwards & blames and hurts others out of its malfunction in the mind. That malfunction of the mind, is growing fast in this family & socially decaying civilization. Parents should understand, that a child’s fate starts from conception onwards. A conception, that should always take place out of a committed loving relationship. Underwritten by mature love & respect for each other…not emotional immaturity & adult delinquency. As promoted, in so-called adult entertainment & gripping drama in the movies and on television. With the mandatory new age simulated sex, rape, violence, foul language, gory details and other delinquent emotional chaos in the applauded acting mix…and, a sociopath & psychopath’s delightful primordial viewing of course. Along with re-enacting that scriptwriters & actor’s delight on others in society. Much chaos creating progress to pass on to our children, in this endless adult dysfunctional negative creative department…called entertainment. The sociopath Faust enigma, alive well in the anything goes entertainment Industry…and elsewhere.

About the importance of emotionally mature love, affection & harmony between parents.

Comprehend that a loving underwritten conception, is the greatest gift we can give to our child…before they are even born. That parental spiritual created love bond at conception & birth, is the secret to having a harmonious loving bond with the child for life. A child with that gift, will always love its parents & other family members unconsciously…naturally. Chaos is never present in the family structure because of it. Even through the dreaded hormonal driven teenage macho adolescent male & female puberty blues…that do not arise in that loving harmonious family. A permanent harmony, that should be the norm of all families. But its harmony is not given, but spiritually acquired. The means to spiritually acquire it, have been given. But definitely not acquired out of the Commercial Media.

From a spiritual perspective, the dysfunctional lifestyles we are currently living in affluent
Nations, are a great contributor to growing social & family decay and the so-called puberty blues; but considered normal by many statisticians investigating social development in families over many years. Physical facts derived, dissected, assembled & reported, out of physical consciousness but, are missing the spiritual facts underwriting those physical facts. That would give a different picture & understanding, to those incomplete irrefutable physical facts from statisticians, that become the unchallenged gospel for society. One of those missing spiritual facts, are our dysfunctional lifestyles. That are being saturated into society…and especially into children‘s minds, through the medium of dysfunctional/delinquent new age entertainment, movies, pop music promo‘s & television programming…not forgetting Hollywood and the Internet.

Note: Lifestyles & behavior, coming out of those who write it and act it out the best in saturated communication mediums. Also called freedom of artistic expression and the democratic right to say, do, act, write and behave how you like in society. Sanctified by the new age Media self-given golden rule, of freedom of expression without social responsibility. Along with a lack of thought and concern, for the psychological damaging consequences in society…especially in the
vulnerable impressionable minds of children. An observation, obviously not shared by those sourcing & creating its anything goes behavior in society…to no-where land, especially in the departure lounge. Notably, overpaid human worshiped producers, directors, scriptwriters & actors and those financing it to make money…the real greedy villains of the piece.

Clarifying why finger pointing St Peter, is allergic to Commercial T.V. & Hollywood.

The reason for our growing family & social chaos, is because the Media, Commercial T.V. & Hollywood…along with the Internet, have become choc-a-bloc with in your face extraverts on the celebrity, very wonky, look at me fame game circuit. Also called, a new age over the top exhibitionist on the ego blink in boot camp. Now obviously, not all are sociopath debilitated human beings, but those in charge of its entertainment programs, advertisements, promo’s and writing, directing & delivering them, definitely are. That means, they have turned into unacceptable ‘got it wrong’ thoughtless human beings…and therefore, not allowed entry into heaven…only the other non-returnable place for ‘got it wrong’ human beings. The author for one, does not want his offspring and their offspring going to that other non-returnable place. Because according to Alf…through his spiritual travels & research, it is the most undesirable place in Creation. Excepts perhaps, for the born sociopath & psychopath, where they would feel at home from home.

In further boot camp language, creative extraverts have gone potty and unknowingly, driving us all potty with their anything goes creativity out of poor quality consciousness…divorced from the Laws of Nature. Its new age extravert anything goes mantra, is a sociopath created, fuelled, hummed, delivered & promoted contagious mantra in this Civilization. As a ‘cause & effect’ result, that anything goes creativity has become applauded, rewarded, worshiped & copied in society. The news from Upstairs, is that ‘anything goes’ with our human creativity, content & Media delivery, is not the mantra for spiritual progress…but psychological chaos. A chaos reflecting in the family & social structure. Having done a full circle out of saturated communication and entertainment mediums. Compliments of Commercial Television & Hollywood and ‘got it wrong’ anything goes so-called adults, called successful human beings & winners downstairs…and aliens Upstairs. Along with other so-called adults, bleating about censorship and restriction of adult content, when that content is brought into question by other positive adults…especially conscientious parents. Because children, do not have to see that content, to be debilitated & desensitized by its negative karmic influence…that touches everyone – ugh!

The bottom lone: Only psychological, emotional, personality disorder & unhappiness develop, to accompany a love & emotionally deprived unhappy childhood…along with anything goes delinquent behavior. It can be said, that mature duel parental love, nurturing & positive interaction/bonding with all family members & other children, is the greatest lifestyle gift we can give to the child…starting from conception. A positive child starts here. Future family harmony starts here. Education starts here…not at school. Success for life starts here…not at school. Happiness for life starts here…not at school. Relationships start here…not at school. Note all those immature parents obsessed with Education for their child to become a winner. Having become lost in a material educated, competing, winning & material success worshiping Society themselves…and lost from the spiritual source of love as a result. Just like those promoting it in Government, from out of very intelligent but unexpanded minds. That are not in possession of the spiritual facts of life, only the material physical facts of life with their incomplete Education policies. The blind leading the blind, is not an unfair conclusion, only a uncomplimentary one.

About Education, including positive suggestions.

Societies indoctrinated obsession with Education, has become a ego sourced & driven delusional reality, to fuel self-esteem out of the primordial survival functions of the ego. It does nothing for the divine spiritual happiness of our children, in fact it can destroy it. Along with fuelling depression, inadequacy, self-doubt & unhappiness, in many children with average I.Q. & average talents. Obsessive adult driven Education practices where homework, study & tests are concerned, suit the very few not the many. Children, learn the many necessary life skills required to be naturally happy, through positive structured play…and the freedom to play. Without immature parental/social/status/classroom pressure, to be a genius & the best in the classroom or on the sports field. Where winning, has become an all-consuming ego driven worshiped neurosis…now saturating mankind. A neurosis fuelled & sourced, from sociopath debilitated alpha dominant must win all-conquering minds…got it wrong minds. To be found in the driving
seat of all-consuming Business, Sport, Politics, Education and anything associated with winning.

Note: Adult pressured study, homework & stressful tests…driven by a society indoctrinated ego delusion to be successful and a worshiped winner in life, should not be a part of any child’s life. All material acquired success…through whatever Education Discipline, is dissolvable. Therefore, should not become all-consuming & worshiped as the pinnacle of human achievement. Only if its discipline helps all of mankind…and not just part of mankind, should it be respected for its valuable contribution to furthering the knowledge of mankind. Even so, our existing Education System has nothing do with acquiring spiritual success & happiness. A non material achievement & success, that is not dissolvable and becomes a lasting success in the spiritual evolution of mankind. A spiritual evolution, that is the divinely sourced birthright of a human being. As such, it is the whole purpose of human evolution. To become lost in Material underwritten Education to the exclusion of our Spiritual underwritten Education, is a waste of the Divine potential of a human being. A untapped potential, that contains an eternal status for the spirit of a human being. But, we have come out of our existing primordial processed physical evolution, to acquire that untapped spiritual potential. The means have been given.

Suggestion: Wait until children are more emotionally mature to deal with Education stress in early adolescence & at University, where its academic practices are required in its exacting higher education…but not lower education. A child is born with its I.Q. content, those that have exceptional I.Q. necessary for higher education, are obvious through their born academic aptitude speed of learning & quality of school work to a diligent teacher. Without subjecting every child to high pressured exams, adult expectations & over loaded homework to find out. Those with high I.Q. will still possess that born potential & ability, when they apply through teacher recommendation for higher education subjects. Because happiness and its development in the child, comes through emotionally mature & loving interactive harmonious parents…and teachers. A must have parental & teacher sourced coherence for a growing child, a coherence not acquired through stressful adult pressured education in childhood. So let them have a stress free childhood education first…especially those with average I.Q. that are the many. Those with gifted high I.Q. will benefit also, by not becoming lost in childhood education to happiness & joy. That is a must have education, that also comes out of teacher structured learning through interactive projects, play & fun (and thoughtful fair discipline/rules) in the classroom…as well excursions outside of it, to cement practically what is being taught in the classroom.

Note: A teacher, that has a natural indemonstrable love, understanding & empathy for children underwriting their academic abilities, are worth their weight in gold in the Education System. They are a priceless happiness creating commodity in the classroom to children…and for parents. Because children, intuitively pick-up on those inner spiritual qualities in the teacher and unconsciously, thrive on them. They interactively bond with the teacher through those spiritual qualities and what the teacher is teaching. Therefore, to acquire classroom learning underwritten by happiness and a dedicated teacher…a natural teacher, that is also a born gift. A happiness, that is not acquired through exams & endless tests to see who is the best in the classroom, but invisibly through at born teacher, that loves their vocation and working with children.

Note: That school acquired happiness learning in childhood…as well as family acquired happiness & love, forms the unconscious spiritual foundation for natural happiness & joy in adulthood. Not from obsessive, joyless, sterile, stressful, Education academic practices and giving accolades, praise & prizes, to the few who do it best in the school classroom. But invariably, miss out to the spiritual joy of life and its education & learning. That happiness is missing in sterile academic compiled school curriculums that some excel in…but many others do not. Play & fun learning, incorporated into the essential three rs…and definitely not, through idolizing the brainy winners of the three r’s. A unrealized psychological unproductive primordial ego practice in the classroom. Gone way past the use by date in the Education System…and Society. Nothing divine in its practice whatsoever, or the ego practice of acquiring self-esteem out of incessant competition and worshiping the winners. Because there can only be one winner and everyone else, automatically becomes a loser. That does nothing for the self-esteem, happiness & well-being of the constant losers, only the constant winner and those handing out the prizes.

It could also be said, a child born out of pathological debilitated loveless parents, becomes a lost soul not only in the classroom but in Creation….its pathology perpetuated through procreation. Human beings are responsible for that calamity, that has sourced inherited pathological disorder generation into generation through procreation, certainly not Nature or God. The disorder is
located in malfunctioning genes, that are the physical manifestation of the duel primordial archetypal spiritual intelligence, that underwrites the biology & chemistry of life. The self-referral aspect of the spiritual Laws of Nature…that is structuring ‘order out of chaos’ in the interactive genes, is missing in those genes. To then cause perpetuating malfunctions to arise in the biology & chemistry of life. As in the physical, psychological, emotional, neurological & biological, seen malfunctions appearing in life.

Understanding Ancestral Karma & Entities.

Psychological, emotional, sexual & biological malfunctions, become perpetuated & processed, through ancestral returning karmic created entities. Destructive ancestral inherited entities, that can miss one generation and appear in another. Also called the ‘black sheep of the family’ syndrome. Because as our ancestors have sown with their thoughts, desires, deeds and actions, so
do their lineage inescapably reap the product of its returning family tree inherited entity. As there is positive inherited karma and its positive entities, so is there negative inherited karma and its destructive entities from our ancestors, locked into the system of life & its evolution. In simplified understanding, good times when positive & bad times when negative. A cyclic phenomenon, that we could equate to good luck & bad luck and good health & bad health appearing in our lives.

In spiritual consciousness, it is possible to trace the individual karma of a living human being, through their actions, deeds, expression & life-history. But, spiritually tracing the ancestral karma of another, without the written recorded life history of all their ancestors, is not possible. Only the positive & negative entities, that follow the family tree through bloodline, are spiritually identifiable. Negative entities that can be physically identified, through inherited biological, physiological, neurological, psychological & sexual traits, locked in the genetic structure & biology of life…and therefore procreation. All are sourced to spiritual family key signatures & ancestral entities. Innumerable have those diverging family key signatures & ancestral created entities become. That makes its ancestral subject so complex, as to be unfathomable in its complexity for the author.

Spiritual family key signatures, are located either in the positive or negative planes of primordial Spiritual Creation…the Occult. That spiritual domain, is invisibly interactive with physical primordial Creation and collectively, called Quantum Creation by the writer. Negative or positive returning ancestral karma and their entities, are superimposed in the spiritual composition & planetary cycles of our solar system…as is our individual karma. It is that duel negative & positive planetary underwritten spiritual archetypal intelligence, that sources, underwrites, propels & manifests, as the biology & chemistry of life. Along with sourcing the inherited pathological disorders of the sociopath & psychopath, from out of the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature. Along with other psychological, physiological & neurological disorder in the human being. None of which, should be in the spiritual or physical system of life. They have come out of the primordial sourced negative creativity of mankind, not the perfect spiritual creativity of Almighty Nature…the Divine spiritual progenitor of primordial physical life…therefore, the human being.

We should understand, that biological life was perfect in the first instant of its creation, it has become imperfect in the second instant of its creation. Human beings out of their creativity, have created that second instant to arise in the biology of life. In simple understanding, we sow its karma we reap its karma out of our human creativity in Creation. It is how our individual & collective evolution, is processed, from out of the interactive impersonal Unified Field of Creation that underwrites Quantum Creation. That Unified Field, is another name for the Cosmic Computer structuring the evolution of everything in Creation via the physical & spiritual Laws of Nature. A Cosmic Computer & its Laws, that we have to make personal for it to become
personal. The simple means have been given. It is up to the individual, to act upon those means to prove what is being explained. That can only come through experience…definitely not words

Explanation: No human being can physically disprove or prove to others, what has been explained…including the writer. The proof lies in experiencing what has been explained with the expanded awareness… not through words. Or the creative imagination of the unexpanded mind through thought, that creates words, languages, the ego and the self…the individual I. But does not create the spiritual Self….the true self. The difference between our physical created primordial self and the spiritual divine real Self, is what the enlightened sages mean by “know thy Self and be true to thy Self and no other”. Very few human beings in this Civilization, know the spiritual Self. Only the created self, that has come out of the creativity of the impulse of creative-intelligence we call thought. We have to evolve out of our primordial physical sourced consciousness, to acquire that spiritual miracle. Along with neutralizing destructive negative created ancestral inherited entities. The spiritual means have been given.

More about the negative accentuated spiritually debilitated mind.

The core symptom of a negative accentuated mind, is a deficit of empathy, compassion & positive thought & concern for other human beings…only lip service at best in the grown adult, to get what they want out of others. A malfunction of evolution, that also sources contempt, antagonism, no conscience, anti-social behavior & the parasitic targeting of its opposite counterpart in human society. Namely, the normal positive accentuated human being. Whose spiritual essence, is born & being coherently processed, out of the duel negative & positive archetypal spiritual intelligence of primordial Nature. Not exclusively, its Negative interacting primordial counterpart…that is sourcing & fuelling the pathological disorder. It means the spiritual evolution of the born sociopath & psychopath, is being processed solely out of the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature responsible for dissolving life. A malfunction of human evolution, where the individual thought & spirit of the human being, has no connection to the positive Divine source of Nature and its self-referral spiritual laws. They become a law unto themselves, with catastrophic destructive consequences to others in society.

Example: All wars & criminal activity since the year dot, can be attributed to the born sociopath & psychopath. We have them as Leaders of dysfunctional chaotic corrupt Nations, even as I write. A psychopathic ruthless very intelligent mind, is a great tool for getting to the top of any power tree in human society. They eliminate opponents along the way, psychologically, physically & sexually, without any remorse. Comprehend the negative born human being, can always corrupt the positive born human being…but not the other way around. Because it is the intrinsic function of the negative archetypal intelligence of Primordial Nature, to dissolve/decay/corrupt life. To then allow new life to be born out of the positive archetypal intelligence of Primordial Nature. It’s duel evolutionary function to regenerate & process life, only goes out of control through destructive human created karma. That also sources the creation of destructive perpetuating entities. That fuel wars, violence, genocide, patricide, murder, rape, sexual degradation, brutality, senseless killing, pathological & psychological disorder and family chaos. All have their age old origin, out of the creative human beings destructive thought & desire, divorced from the divine spiritual component of life and the Laws of Nature.

In spiritual understanding, it can be said that contempt, jealousy, hate, vindictiveness & malice, that source wars, violence, brutality, destruction & murder, have become human created & karma perpetuated entities…not just words. That have expanded in the system of life down through the ages, out of mankind‘s accumulating dysfunctional creativity & chaos. They were never in the system of life, until our species created them. Human perpetuated negative created life-forces, totally alien to the self-referral spiritual Laws of Nature structuring ‘order out of chaos’ in life. That cease to be self-referral in the thought process of a negative accentuated human being, emitting those destructive qualities as karmic influence. The intuitive conscience, that is linked/sourced to the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the spiritual self-referral laws, does not exist in the thought process because of it. Remorse & empathy, also have no emotional meaning in that spiritual malfunction. Although primordial processed positive & negative emotions sourced to impersonal archetypal intelligence, can be acted out, but they have no connection with the divine self-referral spiritual Laws of Nature….note actors.

Explanation: The primordial sourced & processed archetypal emotions/instincts, still function in a negative debilitated mind, but they have no meaning to a negative mind. Because they have lost spiritual connection to the divine component of Nature and therefore, the coherent value of its self-referral spiritual laws structuring ‘order out of chaos’ in life. In that acquired or inherited spiritual debilitation, love & emotions are but empty shells. That have no inner spiritual divine substance, only outer physical primordial substance, (that can be physically attractive/seductive/captivating/charismatic) but, devoid of the divine spiritual component of life. That is the common denominator of the born & acquired sociopath & psychopath psyche, that can be male or female…but predominantly male. As the male, is the natural negative as the female is the natural positive in the impersonal primordial workings of life…the female gives birth & nurture to life. That is a divine function, not a primordial one.

Note: A procreation divine function, that when not psychologically & spiritually impaired, is definitely positive in its divinely sourced maternal instinct…or it should be. But it has all gone wrong in our human species, the reasons are being explained. The female becoming more aggressive & violent, is one of its ancestral inherited symptoms coming alive in spiritually decaying Nations. The malfunctioning negative alpha male, sourced that inherited female malfunction in our species, commencing many millenniums ago. When the then subservient male, collectively ran amok with violence & rape in the late Bronze Age. To then overturn, dominate & subjugate, the existing matriarchal female social order and way of life. Its destructive karma & corresponding negative entities, have been percolating in the male & female biology/genes ever since. Its pathological disorder & ancestral inheritance can be dissolved. The spiritual means have been given, to dissolve that ongoing war of the sexes. Evolution gone wrong in the male & female, is another description for that on-going war of the sexes. Created out of collective male violence, brutality, murder & rape long ago. That erupted in Europe, the Middle East & the Far East…spiritual fact and not physical fiction. The female, has been subordinate to
the male in many Cultures ever since.

The spiritual function of the divine spiritual self-referral Laws, also source what we call a ‘conscience’. Therefore, the intuitive ability to be able to sensitively feel injustice, unfairness & wrong harmful negative doing by ourselves & others and respond, through positive emotions to its doing…even as a child. That intuitive empathy, is both Nurture & Nature at work in our complex physical mind & biology. Developed/sourced, through mature unconditional parental love, nurturing & affection in childhood and its bonding karma. Linked to self-referral spiritual Laws, that structure ‘order out of chaos in our mind & biology. A physical & spiritual interactive process, missing in a sociopath and psychopath debilitated mind. As a result, the spiritual ‘order out of chaos’ function of those Laws, have ceased to be self-referral in the thought process & emotions of a negative accentuated mind/psyche. Creating chaos out of order, becomes a driving negative driven force in that lost soul, sourced to the negative archetypal intelligence responsible for dissolving life.

The spiritual cure for all human malfunctions, especially ancestral inherited ones.

The only way to reverse the human created malfunction of evolution, is for Society as a collective, to practice Correct Meditation. The silent abstract product acquired out of its twice daily short practice, will silently accumulate in the collective conscious of mankind, to invisibly neutralize and dissipate destructive karmic influence and associated entities. That are at the spiritual/unconscious root, of growing pathological disorder in this Civilization. It is the only means, to invisibly check-mate the destructive activity of the growing sociopath and psychopath in Society. Because left unchecked, this spiritual disorder that has plagued all past civilizations, will terminate this global one also – guaranteed.

Summing up the growing sociopath negative human being in this civilization. That come in non-violent, charismatic, charming, creative, obnoxious & violent expression in Society. A violent malfunction, prevalent in the testosterone activated male and not so prevalent in the estrogen activated child bearing female. Like talented professional actors, those with high I.Q. learn to mimic/copy the positive archetypal qualities of the normal empathic human being and that makes them, extremely difficult to detect and very psychologically dangerous to others. Places of power in human society, is a magnet for them. Power & control & subjugation of others, is their negative must-have ego aphrodisiac. Especially for those born with high I.Q. that have gravitated to positions of influence in Society, with their superior but negative debilitated intelligence.

A spiritual explanation & understanding of the phenomena of acting.

Just like chameleon gifted actors & the creative minds of scriptwriters, the talented
very intelligent sociopath/psychopath, can switch/alternate their impersonal Jekyll & Hyde
primordial sourced creativity off and on at will. Because unlike most human beings, born actors & scriptwriters can create a archetypal personality at will…and also become it, if they become lost in it. That is why, in the lauded writing & acting profession, some are able to create & play at being a sociopath or violent psychopath with very convincing realism. That Hyde of Jekyll dark side negative creativity, comes out of born or acquired affinity, with the impersonal negative primordial archetypal intelligence of Nature. But, devoid of the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the self-referral Laws of Nature, in its negative sourced destructive creativity & karma…note actors.

Note: That creative Hyde of Jekyll phenomena, is a very fine & precarious line to cross & return, in a uninhibited unexpanded creative mind…note anything goes actors & scriptwriters again. The karma that comes out of a acted out negative destructive archetype character, also returns to the individual that created it. To then perpetuate it in their evolution…and not good news for the actor or society, out of its acted out self-gratuitous violent entertainment. Time for actors, scriptwriters, producers & directors, to come out of the primordial jungle and dissolve that accumulating destructive karma, that also contaminates others in society…especially those worshiping them. Ugh!

Note: With that chameleon/lyre bird creativity, actors have a potential to become superficial, hollow & spiritless, when it comes to genuine spiritual underwritten empathic emotions & love in relationships…but physically, very convincing & captivating. That superficiality and spiritual loss of genuine emotions & love…only acted out ones, is the possible fate of born actors, that can become lost in the primordial archetypes they act out of…and their own. Creativity that has nothing to with the Divine of Nature & the spiritual essence of a human being, but linked to the primordial sourced creativity of human thought. When they are destructive created archetypes, the mind loses the divine spiritual foundation of life in its thought process. Those acting them out, become archetypal hollow holograms devoid of divine spiritual substance, only superficiality & pretence…called acting. In spiritual fact, saturating society with acted out self-gratuitous violence, emotional hysteria & sexual degradation…called entertainment, is definitely sociopath sourced creativity. From a spiritual perspective, awarding gongs & accolades to those who do it the best…called the winners, is a sign of a spiritless society. Note, Oscar & Emmy & Logi & Bafta & Co; and human worshiping dotty Hollywood…where it all started? The news from St Peter, is that the long Red Carpet that you walk the walk, has been rolled out from the wrong end of Creation by Oscar. The human created and worshiped one that is, that definitely does not talk the talk or walk the walk of analogous St Peter. Who is definitely not a method trained actor or artist on the Darth authorized creative blink.

The Entertainment, Movie, Marketing & Commercial Media, immediately comes to mind writing this expose. From the author’s viewpoint, it is not wise to become besotted and addicted to entertainment and lost, in the superficiality & fantasy primordial creativity of others…and their karma. Because spiritually speaking, it does nothing for our own personal evolution into higher structures of consciousness. In fact at the moment, much of entertainment is retarding our spiritual & social evolution and contributing to family & social chaos. We need to develop out of our own individual creativity, not someone else’s. Especially young minds, that are so vulnerable to exploitation & manipulation with no adult experience of life. Exploitation & manipulation, that are very destructive sociopath qualities. That have also become rampant in this entertainment educated, commercial product saturated, consumer brainwashed Civilization.

Unknown spiritual facts repeated, that urgently need to be understood and acted upon.

That creative acting quirk of actors, comes out of Nature’s primordial archetypal intelligence and the creativity of thought and the ego…and why, we should never worship & idolize human beings out of ego sourced sycophancy. Because the powerful karma/influence out of the actor’s/artists primordial sourced creativity, is very socially contagious through communication/entertainment mediums. That is why all influential communication mediums, have a great responsibility not to corrupt society with anything goes delinquent creativity & behavior from them…and their sources. Comprehend if it is destructive undignified delinquent content, its negative karma/influence also unknowingly debilitates the consciousness of not only themselves…but when saturated out of movies & communication mediums, the public. The vulnerable growing undeveloped mind of children most of all….without them ever seeing its source.

Note: That is the unknown invisible power of collective karma in human society, that is synchronous in its power, to influence society negatively or positively as a whole from the part. A spiritual sourced creative tool of evolution, linked to an impulse of creative-intelligence that we call thought…operating in all brain structured species. But, it is only the human species, that creates destructive karma out of dysfunctional delinquent obnoxious creativity. Delinquent negative creativity & behavior, that does not compliment the Laws structuring ‘order out of chaos’ in our biology & thought process. Enter delusion into the human mind, of what is right and what is wrong & what is life-supportive and what is not life-supportive. Along with other psychological disorder, that is growing fast in this decaying global Civilization.

Time for another tea break, to recover from its detention room rant.


Returning to the negative accentuated human being.

The non-violent chameleon charismatic sociopath/psychopath with high I.Q. being the most invisible in society. From out of their exceptional intelligence and its power to manipulate & psychologically destroy, other empathic human beings out of pathological sourced contempt for them. They will always unconsciously and/or consciously, negatively oppose the empathic positive born human being…their opposite positive counterpart in human society. Often without the target, being aware they are being trod on with malevolent relish from behind the scenes. It is a growing psychological/spiritual disorder in human society. Now prolific in Big Corporate Business, that has come to function without a conscience in this greed driven world because of it. Evolution gone wrong in the human species sums it up. The myth, that all human beings are intrinsically good, is but a indoctrinated myth out of religion…and very naive. We should all be born intrinsically good, but we certainly are not. Mankind has created this pathological perpetuating problem, locked into the procreation genetics of primordial Nature. A human created chaos, definitely not a part of the Divine Intelligence that has authored life.

Note: Therefore those afflicted, naturally & insidiously exploit, manipulate and control others for self-gratuitous thrills, from out of ego sourced megalomania linked to a destructive ancestral entity. The destructive karma from out of power & control megalomania, in turn subjugates the primordial predatory survival instinct in a negative mind. To then divorce that predatory survival instinct, from the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the spiritual Laws of Nature. As a destructive result, those afflicted instinctively prey on others physically, emotionally, sexually & in every other way. Predatory behavior, that can be passive & charming in its expression, not just violent & obnoxious.

Note: Therefore, a human being that has become the definition of a predatory sociopath in psychology…and a lost soul in Nature’s dictionary of human malfunctions. The predatory manipulative marketing/advertising industry, is also another out-of-control profession that the talented sociopath has gravitated too. The money markets, public relations, lawyer and political arena are others. Where empathy & emotions are not required, but ruthlessness & all-consuming ambition & winning is…and, the eventual detectable obsessive trademark of a hidden sociopath. Just do it…whatever, is another sociopath trademark. With no thought or concern for how it may effect others in society. A total lack of social responsibility, being yet another trademark of the sociopath/psychopath version of a human being.

Explanation: Because positive structured logic & reason, do not exist in a sociopath/psychopath, only negative structured logic; i.e. the paradox of opposing views in any argument or debate…where either positive structured logic or negative structured logic, can prevail and determine the outcome. Where the difference of I.Q. & charisma, between the alternating argument of defense & prosecution lawyers, can also be the difference that determines the outcome of a jury’s verdict. That is why Court cases & jury verdicts are so unpredictable, despite all the evidence pointing one way in a trial. The mind, when divorced from the laws of Nature, is very vulnerable to seeing black as white & white as black with their negative or positive structured reasoning & logic. A duality of logic, that can be influenced either way out of a articulate powerful magnetic charismatic mind with high I.Q. A primordial sourced alpha leadership power, that influences/attracts/captures the mind of others in society. A duality of negative & positive logic & reasoning, that also causes a society to polarize on contentious issues via the news media. Invariably playing the Devil’s Advocate and pitting one adversary against the other, in differences of opinion on a social/political issues.

Note: To then create/control/fuel/instigate/influence, the negative or positive direction of the volatile public issue…not report it. To invariably add chaos to the polarization of a society and big note themselves into celebrity status in the process. A clever negative method of delivering/ controlling/presenting volatile topics, from out of very articulate lawyer sharp minds…called balanced reporting & interviewing, for some strange reason. This play-one-against-the-other, ego sourced wooden-spoon-stirring format in the news media, has become a negative format for aggravating division, dissention & polarization in society, that never solves contentious issues. Just keeps them on the boil in society & unresolved. As well as providing continuous news fodder, for the opportunistic/manipulative/perception creating Media. Pulling the strings of public perception anyway they wish…especially at Election time.

About putting a stop on rewarding the winning talents of the gifted sociopath in big business. Greed being one of them.

In this greed contaminated civilization, the highly intelligent gifted sociopath, are well rewarded in the top end of town for getting the winning result…especially in the Corporate world. From out of powerful charismatic minds, divorced from the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the spiritual Laws of Nature. It is an indication of poor quality consciousness in very clever human beings, that possess high I.Q. but, are devoid of positive qualities in the spiritual department. A mind divorced from the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature with its thought process, sums up the growing predatory greed driven exploitation and manipulation of Society, in this big business greed corrupted World. Greed, that is reaching plague proportions in the top end of town. Because those responsible for that unconscionable greed, are in the coveted driving seat. It is time to verbally eject them off their worshiped throne, if this global civilization wants a future for those who come after us.

A personal view as a concerned citizen: The public, should decommission huge private enterprise Corporations into smaller ones…back where they started. By not supporting its ‘bigger is better’ takeover ideology, through a democratic processed referendum on this doomsday subject of big and more corporate big. If the answer is predominantly yes and governments/political parties, do not respect its public voice, then look for alternative political governing systems at election time. That do respect the will of the majority and the meaning of democracy. Initially very painful for the economy, banks, governments, shareholders, investors, speculators, developers, hedge funds and the good life for many. But out if its ashes, will come many more jobs from smaller sensible private enterprise business & especially, co-operative business structures. Along with sensible salaries less the obscene bonuses & perks. There is nothing positive to be said, about obese private enterprise greedy Corporations. Spiritually speaking, they are in the top ten of finger pointing St Peter’s hit list.

Note: Sensible business & practices that once existed…especially co-operative business, but have been swallowed up by greedy ruthless takeover Corporations and equally greedy shareholders & speculators. Because private enterprise huge Corporations, have gone way past the use by date with their ideology of bigger & better for creating progress. This big and ever more big private enterprise Corporate ideology, is now destroying the spiritual evolution of this Civilization with unconscionable greed and abuse of power. A faceless money making giant rampaging out of control, is a fair descriptive…from a spiritual viewpoint that is. But obviously not, from all those living its human created reality. Gone way past the use by date, with its all-consuming greed driven ideology for creating economic progress in the world.

Explanation: A negative spiritless World, in which everything has become a product for sale and everything has become equated to money and what it buys. At the moment, it is unknowingly fuelling social & family psychological disorder and a dead-end destiny for this consumer driven Civilization. There is absolutely nothing positive to say, about this all-consuming addictive human created Corporate money making ideology. Especially where huge private enterprise corporations, banking institutions, hedge funds and those running them on obscene salaries & bonuses are concerned. They are functioning out of a human created reality (delusion) that has become totally divorced from the divine workings of Nature and its Laws, through unconscionable sociopath sourced greed & abuse of power.

Note: A euphoric greed entity, that contaminates others and fuels a delusional self-esteem that destroys the spiritual evolution of the individual and Society. Wall Street, is top heavy with this pathological greed disorder…along with the clever corruption that goes with it. A karmic entity, that has spread around the world like a virus in this big business run & owned world, sanctioned by socially blind governments. Also infected with its contagious karmic driven virus/entity. It is time to dissolve contagious unconscionable greed and its contagious entity, if we want a positive future and not a negative future for this civilization…..because unconscionable greed, is a dead-end where our spiritual evolution is concerned. A directive that comes from Upstairs, the writer is only the messenger delivering & agreeing with its directive. Because as a family man, he wants a positive future to inherit not only for his offspring…but all families.

Summarizing the subject of pathological sourced greed.

Sociopath driven greed, has come to be accepted as being normal in our big business consumed Civilization without Corporate & Money Market restraint. Psychologically impaired and socially blind, is not an unreasonable descriptive to apply to those who consider this insatiable all-consuming greed and acquisition activity, is normal behavior for a human being. It has merely become normal behaviour for a human being, through its business indoctrination/saturation into society and the misuse of born business acumen to serve self-interest…and the hip-pocket. The destructive euphoric entity of greed, has boomed out of big & ever more big Corporate Business. Through being given a free hand by irresponsible economy obsessed Governments in all Nations, to do so. The thoughtless result being, that Governments have now become an amalgam with big Corporate Business in their thinking…the unstoppable unregulated free-for-all global economy, is the result. A global economical disaster waiting to happen, is a fair assessment. Because the greed entity of Big Corporate out of control Business, has magnified to absorb the political entities of Governments, in the primordial workings of Nature that underwrites & orchestrates life. That can only result in chaos in the affairs of mankind. Comprehend the accumulative primordial power of private enterprise Corporations and their entities, should never exceed the primordial power of Governments and their entities, the are governing a Nation’s people. It is an unworkable amalgamation, in the Laws of Nature structuring ‘order out of chaos’ in Nature…and therefore human consciousness.

The unknown end result of greed…spiritually speaking.

The wasted path of life to no-where land in the departure lounge, is the spiritual epitaph of
this out of control all-consuming greed driven money making ideology. The naive philosophy, of ‘let the market place take care of itself without regulation’, along with the paranoid cry of a Nanny State, by socially blind supporters, is an unworkable one in the existing primordial structure of consciousness mankind is functioning out of. We need to climb further up the ladder of spiritual evolution first, for it not to be abused by sociopath debilitated business acumen gifted minds. That have lost all connection with the ’order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature in their greed corrupted minds. Along with taking everyone else along with them, to its ignominious conclusion in the departure lounge. What a waste of the gift of life, sums it up in spiritual boot camp.

Greed, like all pathological sourced disorder, has it age old spiritual roots in a loveless conception & a childhood without mature parental love, affection & emotional bonding. . Therefore Nature as well as Nurture is involved, because as we sow so do we reap in the procreation department, as well as the karmic department of primordial Nature. That returns all influence/karma we create in its impersonal spiritual workings to our biology & procreation functions. In simple understanding, we sow it we reap it as individuals & as a collective, living its reality of greed. Therefore greed is not just a word to describe avarice, it is an age old accumulating mankind created destructive entity. That is drawn to the minds of those that become afflicted with greed out of its ancestral inheritance.

There is only one solution to dissolve this growing entity of greed in the world, it is called transcendent meditation. Because greed…along with sexual degradation, exploitation, manipulation & corruption, has reached ‘critical mass’ with its karmic influence/entities, in the spiritual Intelligence that underwrites life & its evolution. The good news, is that if correct meditation becomes a global practice, many of the now greed driven ideologies & lifestyles we are living, will automatically come back to being positive in their function & expression – guaranteed. But only if we implement it and not ask for proof first. The proof, will come out of its sustained practice in society, not before.

The bottom line: This age old entity of greed, has captured this Civilization and its dead-end consumer direction and destiny. It can be compared to the contagious euphoric fever (karmic influence) of an 18th century Gold Rush, only a hundred times more globally potent, destructive and contagious. Especially in a World, that has become the exclusive playground of entrepreneurial money making geniuses, big corporate private enterprise business and born gifted worshiped human beings, that are hailed as winners in society. Winners, that have also become the primary focus of the Media, to create news out of and glorify at every opportunity. As well as the obscene amounts of money being paid to all the winners, in this very greedy Civilization. Ugh!

The rise & the inevitable fall, of the out of control Commercial Media corrupting Society .

Opening with a boot camp explanation & not a academic explanation, and why the word inevitable has been included in the title. The reason for the boot camp terminology & expression, is because spiritual knowledge is not in our existing Education System…and definitely not, in the Corporate World. That means, the difficulty of explaining spiritual knowledge, can be compared to the difficulty of explaining to the uninitiated, the new age technology of algorithms to scramble & reassemble transmitted data. It would all sound like technical gobbledygook.

Comprehend there is nothing complimentary to Nature’s Laws or life, in glorifying and worshiping material achievement acquired out of self-interest for individual gain. It is accomplishment driven by the primordial ego, to acquire power and a delusional self-esteem and self-worth. Glorifying winning, self-interest and individual achievement in society, has become a Media & Education saturated misconception, that has fragmented society and retarded its social evolution. When we turn twenty one and become an adult in Nature’s Laws, individual self-interest unquestionably becomes unproductive to the spiritual evolution of a society and a human being. Both stagnate on the ladder of spiritual evolution as a dead-end result.

The worst offender for spreading this contagious influence of euphoric greed, consumerism, winning, self-interest & self-aggrandizement…that destroys positive social values and corrupts the social evolution of society, has unquestionably been the ideology (created reality) of the do-what-you-like Commercial Television/Radio & Glossy Magazine Empire. With its product financed port folio of cheque book journalism, pea-brain commentary, immature glitz & glamour, saturated product advertising, socially retarding reality shows, other poor quality adolescent targeted programs, intellect deficit creativity, sociopath sourced entertainment called drama & endless in-your-face promo’s & advertisements – ugh! Supplemented with over inflated ego fuelled, Hollywood copied, adolescent presentation and delivery. That is the socially irresponsible product of immature adult human creativity and expression, becoming totally out of sync with the Laws of Nature. Laws that are responsible for structuring order out of chaos in the human mind. But have ceased to do so in a greed & power consumed ego intoxicated mind.

Therefore a uncomplimentary spiritual boot camp assessment, of this now socially and psychologically damaging, ‘anything goes if it wins & sells’, out-of-control Commercial T.V./Radio/Medium. That originally started off being positive in its function in the affairs of mankind, but has ended up being totally negative in its function and therefore, destructive in the affairs of mankind. Because its entity/ideology, has become underwritten by greed, corruption & abuse of power, from out of sociopath debilitated negative human beings in the driving seat. Also accumulating fast in the Boardroom of greed driven private enterprise Corporations. That only employ like minded lost souls to carry out the boardroom minutes. Called aliens & greed driven human beings on the boot camp detention blackboard…and in the departure lounge. Short term downstairs gain for long term Upstairs loss, sums it up.

The spiritual numbers game:
1.When a ideology…any human created ideology, is created, lived, followed and worshiped in the affairs of mankind, it automatically creates a spiritual key-signature in the duel negative & positive primordial spiritual workings that underwrite physical life.
2. That karmic created key-signature, is its created entity. All those functioning out of that specific ideology, also become bound through karma to that created entity. Therefore,
unconsciously influenced & subjugated, by the human created karmic qualities of that specific entity.
3. The karmic power of that entity to influence others, is directly proportionate to the volume of human beings living and following or worshiping its ideology.
4. The concentrated karmic power/influence of that entity, also grounds out in those at the top of its power tree…in the driving seat. Or the Boardroom or Political party room as it called.
5. The qualities of those in the driving seat of that ideology, then become the qualities of all those following its created ideology. That phenomenon, is driven by a primordial sourced survival instinct/law in a social species, called ‘follow the leader’.
6. If those in the driving seat of that human created ideology, become corrupted by power &
greed, then its destructive karmic influence, automatically & unconsciously lowers/degrades, the quality of consciousness of all those administrating its created ideology. Including the Public being saturated with its ideology.
7. That accumulative negative propelled corruption of human consciousness, creates chaos in the negative & positive primordial archetypal intelligence that underwrites, propels & orchestrates the biology of life…therefore the human mind.
8. The result of that human created chaos, prevents the spiritual self-referral laws of the Divine component of life, from structuring ‘order out of chaos’ in the duel negative & positive workings of impersonal primordial Nature orchestrating life.
9. The spiritual evolution of the human species, then comes to grinding halt in the corrupting process…that can only lead to calamity & chaos in the affairs of mankind.
10. When abuse of power, corruption & greed underwrites any lived ideology, it is only a matter of time before it self-destructs…it is inevitable. Consult out history books for confirmation.

This now saturated over-the-top commercial communication medium, with the manipulative help of new age sociopath debilitated marketing geniuses and advertising guru’s, has come to dominate the Market Place and every other place in Society. The most psychologically damaging and far reaching of all, being the Family Home and therefore, the unexpanded minds of every Commercial T.V. indoctrinated generation since its inception. Therefore, its psychological exploitation & manipulation of our human fallibilities, vulnerabilities, needs, desires, sexuality & primordial instincts. That are being fuelled through saturated advertising, poor quality creativity, presentation & adolescent targeted programs & entertainment. The immaturity of which, is retarding the spiritual evolution of all those brought-up on its valueless viewing diet in the family home. Also called, giving the public what it wants from the private enterprise Corporate Boardroom.

Note: That saturated reality, then become a perfectly acceptable part of life, locked within the subliminal workings of every adult mind brainwashed by it all in childhood. Sourced to its unrelenting commercial diet of products, promo’s, superficial values, self-promotion, self-aggrandizement and hubris gone into ego implosion in front of the T.V. Camera. The saturated spiritually unproductive karmic influence of which, is preventing mankind from coming out of the primordial jungle. Where commercial television…like Hollywood, currently resides and is based. With no intention of coming out of it…according to the Upstairs non-corruptible Media.

From a spiritual perspective, commercial television & saturated advertising, represents a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing, that has invaded the family home and brainwashing it 24/7 with saturated garbage creativity. In Nature’s Laws…that have nothing in common with human created Media Law, no ideology has the right to brainwash, exploit, corrupt and destroy the spiritual evolution of a society/civilization. There is no defence for exploitation, manipulation, greed and abuse of power, in those self-referral spiritual laws and the status-quo intelligence of this Creation that
underwrites them. It is the wasted path of life that has more to offer than life, but not when we exploit society to make big bucks and fuel the economy out of consumerism, greed and blatant consumer saturated advertising, manipulation & rip-offs. Sociopath sourced rip-offs & scams, coming out of very clever gift of the gab opportunistic greed driven commercial spin-doctors., that have lost the spiritual plot of life

As a commercial spin-off, scams & rip-offs have really skyrocketed in the porn & advertisement saturated new age Internet. It could be said, the instant Credit Card, has become a goldmine for unscrupulous entrepreneurial sociopath business minds on the Internet. The vulnerable adolescent impressionable mind, has now become the target of unscrupulous sociopath opportunistic business geniuses embedded in the Internet. Compliments of the out-of-control Marketing & Advertising Industries, spreading their glittering ‘come into my parlor’ wings in the Internet. Such is progress in the evolution of the human being, but to no-where land spiritually speaking.

Clarification: It could be said, that the promotion of saturated advertising and its commercial superficial values, has taken on plague proportions in this communication saturated world. We have unknowingly, ended up at the Funny Farm as a Civilization because of it. Saturation is not in Nature’s spiritual dictionary…only our human created dictionary. Apart from recommending the practice of Correct Meditation, to dissolve its delusion creating karmic influence in Society, the public can certainly help Upstairs and themselves, by boycotting Commercial Broadcasting Mediums. They have become a ‘plague not only on your house…but in your house’. They are a new age Pied Piper to a child’s defenseless mind. So switch the Commercial saturated T.V. off and read them its fairy story…and other timeless fairy stories while you are at it. They all have meaning a child can understand…but obviously not many adults. Except in the Boardroom hiring all the pied pipers.

The psychological & spiritual bottom line:

The subliminal component of a Commercial T.V. product indoctrinated mind, has become its $ barcode. Constantly being activated and manipulated, without the vast majority being consciously aware of it. That is why Alf, has given them and other big buck consumed socially exploiting ideologies, the analogous sociopath title of Darth & Associates on the spiritual boot camp detention room blackboard. Because these out of control, greed driven, socially destructive ideologies, are functioning out of the dissolving negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature and not, the evolution supporting positive archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature. That means, everything associated with the Commercial Media has become negatively accentuated .That reflects in its crappy dead brain programs and equally immature, Hollywood inspired presentations. That psychologically & spiritually speaking, has unknowingly sent us all to the Funny Farm of lost human beings, on the commercial product, promo & entertainment consumer blink. No wonder St Peter is allergic to Commercial Radio, T.V. & Glossy fruitloop Magazines…not just Alf.

Clarification: Because this mankind created ideology driving consumerism & underwritten by greed, has usurped the self-referral function of the spiritual Laws of Nature, to create and maintain order out of chaos in our human intelligence and creativity. From a spiritual perspective, this product saturated consumer World is in social & psychological chaos, from out of its human created reality sourced to greed & abuse of power. A commercial brainwashed World, that has unknowingly become a dysfunctional, shallow, superficial, self-gratuitous, greedy, all-consuming spiritless World because of it. This saturated advertising/marketing ideology, has insidiously inserted itself into every aspect of our lives…and especially, the subliminal/sub-conscious component of the mind. Where the child of the adult resides…and the child, wants everything in its innocent immaturity…at any cost of reason. Time for that lost child in the adult to grow up. Especially in the Marketing & Advertising Industries, where it has gone out of control in the adult. Along with infecting everyone else in society out of its saturated ideology & creativity, now gone way past the use by date for creating real progress. Only delusional progress to the Funny Farm for this civilization out of its saturation.

Repeat: There is absolutely nothing positive to be said, when exploring big business money making ideologies, possessed by the age old influence/entity of human created greed. Commercial driven consumerism, on the scale it has become in this decaying Civilization, is a human created karmic influence (entity) that has infiltrated the interactive workings of primordial Nature and diffused the Laws of Nature structuring ‘order out of chaos’ in its primordial archetypal intelligence…and therefore our biological human intelligence. The result of that human corruption of the function of the spiritual Laws of Nature, translates as human thought & behaviour becoming ever more dysfunctional, ego-driven, irrational, all-consuming, selfish, thoughtless, sycophantic, self-gratuitous and socially destructive without realizing it. In the Spiritual System that underwrites life, it means our social and spiritual evolution, has stagnated out of its accumulating destructive karmic influence.

The Commercial Media fuelling the above saturated influence/entity, need to take a big reality check and stop promoting delinquent behaviour and eulogizing human worship & products in their communication and entertainment programs. It is called social responsibility, sensible business, adult maturity, dignity, integrity, common sense, setting a good example to young minds, professionalism and obtaining a ticket to Upstairs and not the Opposition at the end of the human day. To go around worshiping human beings and endorsing dysfunctional behaviour to sell products, create news and entertainment out of, is the sign of spiritual decay taking hold of a Society. Created from out of those promoting its delusion to acquire power, money, self-esteem, self-importance and preen the immature ego they have become lost in…along with big bucks and big reputations of course.

Note: Before those in the driving seat start jumping up and down, protesting that they too, give to charities and help very selected disadvantaged individuals…as advertised in their promo’s & rare charity programs. According to St Peter, it is but one positive drop in the ocean of negative dysfunctional creativity, that underwrites its other programs. Plus, when trapped in the entity of greed, giving does not come from the heart, but the opportunistic mind and a business means, to an applauded end. Therefore, that minute drop of benevolence, means nothing in that ocean of Commercial greed your ideology has created. Along with being very contagious, out of its saturation in the progress affairs of mankind.

More psychological sociopath disorder in the top end of town:

The totally absurd logic, that assumes business can keep doubling profits each and every year ad-
infinitum, is the same irrational logic, that assumes the irreplaceable finite resources on this planet (that become re-synthesized into polluting products to make profit out of) are in-exhaustible. It is a greed addiction (forever doubling profits) cemented in the acquisition minds of entrepreneurial power addicted business gifted sociopath human beings, that have lost the spiritual plot of life in the plot of greed.

Note: These born clever business acumen gifted human beings, have bizarrely come to be followed and worshiped and awarded endless Media accolades in society for being unconscionably greedy…and like ambition consumed politicians, possess no thought or vision for the future, only the immediate opportunistic present. Very weird logic indeed, because its human created contagious reality and way of life, is fuelling psychological disorder and family & social decay in our global Civilization.

Clarification: There is no room in a civilized society (or Upstairs) for power consumed millionaire/billionaire moguls, shareholders, speculators, hedge funds, piggy banks and Corporations, buying up the planet and lost in their own immature ego space in tall buildings, sumptuous boardrooms, private jets, obscene bonuses and self-interest. How much is enough? For those afflicted with its sociopath linked psychological delusion it will be never be enough…and therein, lies the perpetuated karmic sourced problem. This contagious euphoric psychological spell, is sourced to the influence of greed, conquering, acquisition and winning to acquire self-esteem and power. It is also the cause of the positive reasoning processes of the human mind, becoming non-existent and delusion taking its place.

To restore the spiritual plot of life and sanity to this World, Big Greedy Business and those in it, should be relegated to non-descript status in society, not placed at its head and Media worshiped. This top end of town indoctrinated ego driven self-interest and personal gain mentality for acquiring power & self-esteem, are far removed from the mature civilized qualities required to lead in society. Until those with born business acumen, are able to function for the good of the whole without thinking about it, they are a constant potential to create psychological disorder and social chaos in a society. As those that have succumbed to worshiping greed, power, money & acquisition, are doing right now. Along with being applauded for it.

Summing up the above chaos called progress.

The Age of the Sociopath is upon us. It is an Age that has come at the dysfunctional end of all past Civilizations. Its human perpetuating karmic influence is as old as Civilization itself. There are also many human created factors, that fuel that perpetuating destructive karmic influence/entities that corrupt a Civilization…sexual degradation among them. But the root cause, can be traced to human procreation divorced from the spiritual source of love. When a child is not conceived & nurtured in male & female physical love, the spiritual self-referral laws of Nature responsible for ‘order out of chaos’ in life, go out of sync with the primordia intelligence structuring the chemistry & biology of life. The human mind, loses intuitive connection with the coherent value of the spiritual self-referral component of life as chaos creating loveless result. The mind, then becomes a law unto itself with the psychological disorders associated with the sociopath & psychopath, that take root in a divorced from Nature human mind. Along with narcissism & megalomania

The bottom line: The sociopath & psychopath, that have always plagued and eventually destroyed all past Civilizations, have their origins in a loveless conception. It is that simple. So is the simple cure, practice twice daily transcendent meditation to neutralize the karmic influence/entities perpetuating its malfunction in the human being. Along with acquiring emotional & sexual spiritual maturity, before bringing children into this world. The nucleus of those destructive entities, the author has called Darth….from Star Wars. So that its analogy is easily understood, but not necessarily accepted by a negative debilitated human being. Who always openly or clandestinely, oppose the positive human being from out of a divorced from Nature negative debilitated mind. The Correct Meditation cure has been given.

More of the same and a bit more on top…and over the top.

Delving deeper into understanding ourselves on the boot camp detention room blackboard. Boot camp rhetoric however not well received, comes with no other purpose than to Right Wrong in this spiritually decaying Civilization. Because that Wrong is invisibly…as well as visually, destroying a future for this global civilization…as well as the planet we all live on. Therefore, more about megalomania, winning, conquering, self-aggrandizement, human worship, greed, self-obsession, self-aggrandizement, narcissism and social decay, that have become rampant in this consumer driven civilization. Along with marital & family chaos…and many very unhappy children & teenagers, as a negative result.

When addictively trapped in the euphoric influence of greed & power, the human being becomes lost to any perception of right and wrong in its actions. The intuitive ability to question our own motives and actions, becomes non-existent as a result. In its thoughtless place, comes endless irrational justification out of negative structured logic, that becomes indisputable and impenetrable, when those motives and actions are questioned by others. Politicians, Bureaucrats and Executives, have become a prime example (bouts of amnesia and incompetence) where their accountability has come into question in Nations. It is sourced to growing narcissism and abuse of power that like greed, has become an acceptable way of life in this big corporate business dominated civilization.

Explanation: The root cause of growing abuse of power and corruption in the World, is from a destructive accumulating karmic influence/entity. That has become dominant in the primordial workings of Nature and its self-referral laws that life and its biology are sourced too. Those afflicted, become lost to the coherent qualities of the spiritual self-referral laws and illogical behaviour and delusion, gains Napoleonic proportions in many who have acquired power, position and wealth in society…and especially those being worshiped in that society.

Note: When trapped in the psychological disorder of megalomania, the immature ego of a dominant alpha becomes enigmatic, bland, condescending, supercilious and/or obnoxious, in-your-face & over-the-top. Along with…and full of, their own dysfunctional reality, belief system, self-importance and loses any semblance of dignity, empathy and genuine consideration and thought for others. Humility, self-evaluation and introspection become non-existent in their thoughts, vocabulary and expression…and the World, truly revolves around their immature ego in its deluded lost-in-my-own euphoric power reality. It is the age old conquering nemesis of the born negative dominant alpha of our species. When success, adulation and acquired power, has corrupted the mind. Such are the narcissistic symptoms of megalomania and its psychological pathological sourced disorder.

Explanation: The alpha primordial survival instinct to conquer, subjugate and have power over other human beings, goes out of control when the individual becomes divorced from the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the spiritual Laws of Nature with its thought process. This primordial governed instinct, then become the tool of a human created karmic influence in the form of an entity. A human created entity (life-force) that has contaminated the function of those spiritual Laws of Nature. Laws that create ‘order out of chaos’ in the primordial archetypal intelligence that orchestrates the biology, consciousness & thought process of the individual.

Megalomania, is the psychological disorder that manifests out of a human created karmic sourced entity, that has contaminated the mind. A negative entity (life force) that is drawn like a magnet to a power & ambition corrupted mind, from out of the negative primordial archetypal intelligence that underwrites & orchestrates the biology/chemistry of life. That is why the primordial human mind, needs to be understood much more that it does at present…and forms the serious nature and impetus for this article. Because out of the affliction of megalomania, comes pathological, psychological, social and behavioural disorder, that becomes a contagious norm in our human species.

Clarification: From the interactive spiritual workings of primordial Nature that underwrite the biology of life, it is the animal charisma/charm/magnetism of a powerful alpha mind, to unknowingly influence the subliminal (sub-conscious) mind of others. Where they lead, others of similar quality of consciousness will instinctively be compelled to follow. This synchronicity of similar consciousness, has it primordial origins in the animal and insect kingdoms and, “birds of a feather flock together”, describes its survival process at work in all social species perfectly.

Note: This instinctive‘follow the leader’ phenomenon, reflects the hierarchical processes of primordial archetypal intelligence & the Laws of Nature, creating ‘order out of chaos’ (survival) in a social species. But, it is only the power corrupted human being, that is able to usurp its Laws of Nature governed process, by subjugating and exploiting others with their born primordial sourced charismatic alpha leadership power. Such is the root cause of megalomania, that has forever plagued the ‘follow the leader’ all-conquering primordial affairs of mankind. Medieval Monarch Neurosis, is a historical descriptive for its power corrupts affliction in our all-conquering human species.

About the spirit and psychology of a human being:

In the physical structure of ego consciousness, it is not possible to clearly see/appreciate/cognize/evaluate, the qualities of the spiritual psyche of others, until one cognizes and merges with one’s own spiritual essence. In this respect, the psychology profession is found wanting in its present incomplete knowledge of the mind and claims of what is normal and what is abnormal behaviour in society. Information (statistics) gathered out of a decaying dysfunctional civilization to begin with…a bias & factor, that automatically prevents impartial analysis of its gathered information. Especially if those statistics, have been assembled out of a sociopath debilitated clever mind. Because there is a negative logic process, as there is a positive logic process operating in the human intellect. That is why Juries, can go wrong with their verdict and academics & scientific minds, can become very divided in interpreting the same information & gathered statistics.

Bluntly stated, psychology is the blind leading the blind with respect to gaining a full picture of social abnormality. Abnormality that has become endemic in affluent commercial T.V. entertainment addicted Nations. Where many have become manipulated, product brainwashed, information and entertainment addicted human beings without realizing it. It is possible however, for the mature positive born psychologist, to assess the negative or positive quality of the unconscious of another human being. Information acquired from unobtrusive (uninvolved) intelligent observation of their natural (unforced) actions, deeds & past history and its quality of expression…through whatever medium of expression. The best indicator of future behavior is from past behavior, is definitely a golden truism. That requires no complicated tests & programs to reach its conclusion…just their past history. Especially where a sociopath & psychopath debilitated human being is applying for bail in Court. Along with applying for early parole, after a stint in prison & self imposed good behavior to get the result. The negative born human being (but not necessarily the positive born interred human being) will always re-offend. It is in their DNA underwritten by destructive ancestral entities…and physically incurable. Note the Parole Board?

The natural giver (empathic) and the natural taker (non-empathic) is one such example in human interaction. That is an indication of opposing archetypal qualities and the differing, negative or positive quality of consciousness of the mind…and not necessarily, the product out of childhood learning and nurture, as is currently assumed. The split Jekyll & Hyde personality, that can surface under extremes of stress and excitement, is also another story. Because the individual concerned, does not realize this unconscious spiritual sourced malfunction. Created by acquired psychological disorder & linked, to affinity with the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature. That is a pathological sourced problem (ancestral inheritance) that has nothing to do with a present life, but ancestral returning entities tied to the family tree. That can be negative or positive entities, with their karmic influence on their lineage, i.e. succeeding generations.

Back to out of control anything goes extraverts …oh dear, not again?

Very creative extraverts, are often unknowingly afflicted with this karmic inherited pathological/psychological split personality disorder, exacerbated out of emotionally unstable, love ambivalent, dysfunctional parents. That reflects, through the negative (Hyde) of their positive (Jekyll) gifted creativity, becoming dominant in its expression in their split personality. Not good news for them or those worshiping, following and praising them also. Note the media, scriptwriters, actors, producers, directors, artists, comedians, minstrels and authors. That create reality, perception and direction (and karma) for others in society, out of their Media saturated negative or positive (Jekyll or Hyde) creativity. Those words Social Responsibility, Positive Creativity and Adult Maturity, are up on the detention room blackboard again for your consideration. Because where you lead, others and in particular children & adolescents, follow.

The escalating anti-social destructive teenager in society (budding sociopath), is equally not always the product out of a dysfunctional childhood and/or a dysfunctional society either…although they are great igniters. The born content of positive or negative archetypal qualities in the individual…the authors the personality, is the determining factor in this spiritual/karmic equation. It is this born factor (inherited negative and positive ancestral karma) that ultimately, determines the quality of consciousness and expression of the grown adult, irrespective of their upbringing and its environment. Positive born human beings, invariably come out of their dysfunctional family acquired delinquency in adulthood, if they survive adolescence and its pitfalls.

Fact: This spiritual ignorance in the legal and psychology professions, means that introducing reduced sentences for acts of brutality, rape, pushing drugs, pedophilia and murder, because of a dysfunctional childhood, is entirely misplaced in a Court of Law. This recidivist anti-social destructive behaviour, is as much a part of karmic ancestral inheritance, as it is of a parent warped dysfunctional love deprived childhood. A negative family environment, merely releases its inherited potential in a negative accentuated human being, to become habituated expression and disorder in the child or adult.

The positive born human being, even when subjected to a chaotic childhood, invariably comes out of its delinquency in adulthood…compliments of the Laws of Nature, functioning in a positive born psyche and processing spiritual sourced maturity in the grown adult. A maturity process, that is non-existent in those afflicted with a negative psyche at birth. Comprehend to subjugate, terrorize, bully, dominate and inflict harm & violence on other human beings and animals, is a karmic sign of a accentuated negative psyche and poor quality consciousness divorced from the Laws of Nature. It is also a rectifiable inherited and acquired, karmic sourced defect in those afflicted , but not all.

Note: The psychopathic serial killer for one, that has come under the influence of a malevolent ancestral entity and kills for pleasure and/or power and/or malignant ancestral inherited hate because of it. A totally negative born psyche and what we would call, an evil mind. A mind/psyche, that has become the total tool of a malevolent ancestral entity for life. This born psychopathic individual, just does whatever comes up in their conscious mind, prompted from that parasitic malevolent entity…without any conscious reason. They do not know why they kill, they just do it without any thought or emotions attached to its killing. No cure is possible…absolutely. We can only dissolve the influence and check-mate the malevolent entity, causing the evil out of a deranged psychopath in society. That may not look or sound deranged either, but harmless. In fact they can be charismatic, very intelligent, gifted and attractive and not hands-on, but also hands off. This version, magnetically attracts other negative minds to them, to do the hands-on part for them.

Mankind has created this perpetuated dormant and active evil in the World, not Nature. The spiritual way to checkmate this malevolent karmic influence/entity and ultimately, dissolve it out of primordial Nature’s negative archetypal intelligence, is for Society to practice Correct Meditation twice a day every day. Otherwise it’s growing influence/entity in this decaying Civilization will be dissolved for us. But unfortunately, dissolving our currently ‘got it wrong’ Civilization in the Upstairs rectification process.

Repeated fact: Those possessing high I.Q. with ancestral inherited born pathological disorder, are often excellent actors. Creating a socially acceptable persona to reach high positions of influence and power in Society with their born skills, animal charisma (magnetic charm) and brilliance. Dangling carrots (using psychology) to achieve their manipulative ends (not brutality) is their preferred method (not violence) to dominate and subjugate others for the power, thrill and euphoric high, it generates in a negative accentuated mind. This exploitation (sociopath activity) is now rampant in the World and is being fuelled through the contagious karmic influence (entity) of greed. A destructive ‘entity’, that has subjugated the ideology of big predatory Corporate global business. That has come to own and rule the Market Place and now the World and its direction, through the almighty dollar and socially blind Governments.

Back to big greedy business financing everything on the planet.

Concluding with the growing sociopath/psychopath element in the Marketing/Advertising Brigade, high on the detention room blackboard, for its out of control psychological manipulation and exploitation of Society. Commercial manipulation and exploitation of society, that has gained momentum, ever since Pavlov (psychology) published his findings, that original stimulus can be replaced by secondary stimulus in the behavioural patterns of man and dog. More succinctly, conformation of the dangling carrot method to elicit a manipulated repetitive response in the donkey. Renamed the ‘dangling product method’, to elicit a repetitive manipulated response in the human being. Namely, a must have, must buy, must consume automatic response, from out of a product addicted Commercial T.V. & Glossy Magazine brainwashed mind.

Clarification: Pavlov’s light bulb revelation, that took on new meaning (how to make big bucks out of it) with its ignition of a commercial light bulb revelation…sourced to abuse of psychology, that created the rampaging marketing/advertising Industry. The origin and development of which, had its opportunistic home in none other than the good ole U.S. of A. The euphoric light bulb land of free-enterprise, glossy magazines, extraverts, celebrity heaven, media moguls, products galore, worshiping money and what it buys. Along with doing what you like in society to get rich quick and claim Millionaire status in the land of opportunities and big business. Then subsequently found (Pavlov’s revelation), to be a very effective tool indeed for manipulative persuasion in the modern Political & Science arena, to get your agenda through the congested system and into public circulation…through saturation..

Fact: With the additional help of the non-stop news, information and headline creating Media, to then spread the science and political carrots around in society. To then have everyone chatting about the carrots and push the contents of the science and political cart of light bulb ideas to fund its agenda. Such is great Darth sponsored progress achieved in this new age of manipulation, exploitation and psychological innovation, to get what you want out of the tax coffers. But what has it got to do with God’s name being on the American currency, that is what Upstairs and amnesia prone St Peter with the keys wants to know?

To be continued…but first the dog is demanding a walk & sniff again. As well has having a canine tantrum and mumbling about it being Easter and no one has given him his non-chocolate bunny to chase yet. I think he has been sneakily watching the Commercial T.V. behind my back again.


Continuing a deeper understanding of ourselves on the detention room blackboard, for those on St Peter‘s finger pointing list.

About the nasty subject of bullying and it’s cancelled down primordial origin. Bullying, that should definitely not be acceptable practice in the highly intelligent human species. Bullying, that encompasses intimidation, sledging, name-calling, domination, subjugation, power, control, victimization, manipulation, exploitation, cruelty, violence and brutality. Primed/sourced/instigated/acquired, from ancestral perpetuating karma in one or both parental family trees. This pathological trait, is visible/obvious in some and invisible/hidden in others, that underwrites a controlling, uncompromising, unforgiving, ambivalent, immature dominant alpha parent…male or female. That have suffered the same childhood inherited fate from their parents & ancestors. With that pathological sourced fate, the quality of physical love becomes uncontrollably ambivalent in the parent. Ambivalence & emotional chaos that in turn, is psychologically passed on to the offspring in the family environment. Alternating love/hate volatile relationships is a symptom in marriage…and a psychological, emotional & spiritual disaster, where children are concerned. The offspring, can never unconsciously/spiritually bond with their parents or future friends and lovers as a negative result. A recipe for unhappiness & misery to grow in society, sums it up.

Note: A malfunction of human evolution, that is a ambivalent trademark of the negative debilitated dominant alpha of our species…male or female. The dominant alpha, that instinctively identifies with power & control & winning, to acquire self-esteem & self-worth. The birth of a sociopath on the power & control blink, sums it up in the family environment, the
school playground and then onwards, into the adult playground. A malfunction of evolution, that is growing fast in the 21st century. Where winning, has become a neurosis in the ego driven competitive affairs of primordial mankind. Notably, in Media saturated big money making worshiped Sport. To become a commercial goldmine for many…notably, big greedy business. Where only dominant alpha’s survive the ruthless competition & corruption to be a winner. That has all gone past the use by date in the affairs of mankind and certainly not progress….according to finger pointing St Peter.

More spiritual facts missing in our present understanding of bullying in the human species.

1. Bullying has it primordial roots in both Nurture & Nature. Therefore, its trait can be
pathologically inherited from ancestors or acquired/copied from one or both parents. As a delusional result, not seen to be abnormal in that family environment. Who, when
questioned, inform others that bullying at school is a necessary right of passage into adulthood, for other children on the receiving end. Such is clever denial out of clever minds and poor quality consciousness…with no connection to the spiritual Laws of Nature causing the problem.
2. Bullying, is a instinctive trait in the born dominant alpha of all animal social species, that only
goes out of control in the human species. Linked to poor quality of consciousness, that does not exempt high I.Q. or academic abilities or a genius with its spiritual malfunction.
3. The reason it goes out of control in our species, is because the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the self-referral Laws of Nature, has ceased to be self-referral in the human thought process.
4. The reason for that malfunction of the Laws of Nature in the mind, is because the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature, has become dominant in the primordial orchestrated human though process. The emergence of the negative accentuated sociopath dominant alpha delinquent human being in society, is the dysfunctional end result. To then become perpetuated through procreation and ancestral entities. A malfunction of evolution that can be dissolved…for the living, not the dead.
5. Therefore, the duel negative & positive spiritual archetypal intelligence structuring, orchestrating, & propelling the thought process…and life, has ceased to be balanced in the thought process. Sourced to the spiritual disorder of poor quality of consciousness, that is fuelling its malfunction through a destructive ancestral inherited entity.
6. As a destructive result, negative structured thoughts, actions, logic, reasoning, deeds and desires, arise in the thought process. Bullying, becomes one of its symptoms in a negative debilitated alpha dominant mind… male or female. A primordial sourced survival instinct, that underwrites born leadership potential and its magnetic attraction, for others to be drawn to them…and can be subjugated & intimidated by them. When its power is misused…as in bullying.
7. Therefore, without the self-referral ‘order out of chaos’ function of the spiritual Laws of
Nature, balancing the duel negative & positive archetypal intelligence structuring the thought
process & emotions, the human mind loses the spiritual self-referral coherent value of the Laws
of Nature. As a negative result, the mind becomes a law unto itself divorced from the ‘order out of chaos’ function of those spiritual Laws…along with the absence of empathy & conscience.
8. Only chaos can arise out of that pathological malfunction of evolution…as in violent hands-on bullying (malicious male) non-violent hands-off verbal bullying (malicious female), through the debilitation of a negative mind and its poor quality of consciousness, divorced from the spiritual Laws of Nature.
9. With that malfunction of evolution, a negatively accentuated magnetic alpha mind, is
unconsciously driven to prey on others…to control others…to subjugate others. Because the primordial universal predatory survival instinct, has also lost connection with the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature in the thought process. Unlike other predatory species, who also function out of that Laws of Nature governed primordial survival jungle instinct. But, only prey on other species for food…not for power & control, self-esteem, subjugation, ego gratification, sexual gratification, money or any other negative sourced purpose. Ugh!
10. From a spiritual perspective, if there is no stable love & mutual respect, but constant ambivalence/bickering/arguing between immature parents, then expect big unhappiness & delinquent problems in your children…that the parents have created and are responsible for. The legacy of which, follows them through their childhood/adolescent friend relationships into adulthood love relationship & marriage, to be perpetuated in society.
11. When the family environment is underwritten by negative karma/influence from one or both negative debilitated love & empathy deficit parents, then the family home/atmosphere attracts destructive ancestral entities to permeate the family home. To subsequently, impede the growth of emotional intelligence & love in the growing minds of their offspring. That in turn, sources delinquency and ambivalent interaction with their parents, other children & adults. They then bring unhappiness and can sow unhappiness, in all those they interact with. Starting in the school environment.
12. The means to rectify that pathological sourced malfunction in the family structure, along with the poor quality of consciousness underwriting it, has been given.

About the primordial source of bullying, that only goes out of control in the human species.

Bullying, that has its instinctual roots in the archetypal quality of aggression to overcome adversity and comes under, Nature’s impersonal laws of the primordial jungle for survival…along with a ‘predatory’ survival instinct/law. Bullying, that strange as it may seem, is to establish a natural pecking order in a highly social species for its hierarchical organized cohesion, collective social functioning & survival. Bullying, a rough and tumble often playful process to be found in the canine species and established while still in the puppy stage, and therefore not harmful. It is sourced to an instinctual natural process that, through play, develops into an accepted hierarchical pecking order in the litter and establishes its natural alpha dominant leader recognized by the litter.

Note: But not accepted by other born dominant alpha’s in other canine packs, once they have left the puppy stage and their born archetypal dominance/superiority/leadership, has become habitual in their adult expression and personality. Reflected through testosterone raised hackles, penetrating stare, coiled reflexes and macho growling, when coming across their counterpart born-to-lead dominant alpha in the doggy jungle. Just like the dominant alpha in the human workplace jungle, that substitutes the growling for a loud mouth, intimidation and aggressive comments to establish supremacy. Animal bullying behavior, that is often mirrored in dominant alpha’s in charge of their workplace lower branch of the power tree in human society. Patterns of instinctual bullying, that become much more intellectually sophisticated, in those with high I.Q. further up the pecking order of the primordial power tree in human society.

In human interaction, this primordial authored pecking order process…and the bullying that goes with it, means there is always the potential for an instinctual driven ‘rumble in the power jungle’ and ‘who’s the leader’ scrap between 1. A positive and a negative dominant alpha. 2. Between a negative and a negative dominant alpha. 3. but seldom between a positive and another positive dominant alpha on the same power ladder. It means that 3. have a intuitive connection to the Laws of Nature, the sign of a mature positive empathic adult. That is also the secret to maintaining harmony in a highly structured organization…starting in the family environment. To be reflected in all floors below in a hierarchical governed organization, created from following the mature expression & qualities of the consummate alpha leader. Therefore, not power & control, bullying and intimidation, bowing and scraping and not, huge obscene bonuses and ego status perks galore to those that do it best. Also called the winners, high achievers & successful human beings….downstairs, but definitely not Upstairs – got it?

About the Faust enigma and the worshiping of human beings by other human beings.

In the structure of primordial orchestrated ego consciousness (but not divine spiritual consciousness) the dominant positive alpha, still has a ancestral linked karmic potential, to go on the ‘blink’ and swap sides to the dark side. Because some of our ancestors reside in the Negative planes of Creation, as others reside in the Positive planes of Creation…hopefully most. What accumulative negative & positive karma we create in our lives, draws a corresponding ancestral entity, to influence the individual and the family. So even a born positive psyche, can become corrupted, especially at the very top of the power/success ladder. Where, winning/successful/born gifted human beings, come to be unwisely worshiped and idolized by other human beings…note the opportunistic Media Circus. As the sycophantic cheerleader of its got it wrong method for acquiring self-esteem in Society…i.e. the worshiping of winners & celebrities to create news, closet information & self-importance out of. Along with preening the immature ego, of those distributing its sycophancy & human worship in society. To then big note themselves and also, become a celebrity & household name in the ego driven deluded human worshiping process. Sycophancy, that is definitely a negative generated karmic influence, even
though it triggers euphoria in those being worshiped – ugh! It is also called delusion, in the primordial driven ego affairs of mankind in Nature’s dictionary…and boot camp..

Catch 22: The Faust Enigma. Comprehend the euphoric ‘cause & effect’ influence (karma) generated out of immature worship and adulation, contains the potential to corrupt the subliminal ego of those being worshiped. Where narcissism, conceit, invincibility, ambition, desire and delusion, find fertile ground in the human created contagious euphoria created out of worshiping human beings…and so does megalomania. Enter the karmic cause of abuse of power and why power corrupts, i.e. euphoric driven ego aspirations for more and more power…more and more control…more and more success…more and more adulation. Enter megalomania in all its shades, into the immature workings of an ambition & power consumed negative mind, with no intuitive connection to the Laws of Nature. Delusions of grandeur, gross excess, self-aggrandizement, invincibility and stretched limo disorder, invariably become its ego constructed signpost in a worshiped human being.

Back to our canine example mirrored in our human example:

Especially when two separate packs/groups come together over territory rights, jungle power, boundary disputes and mating issues. In accordance with the instinctual laws of the primordial jungle, the strongest and/or intelligent and/or most cunning will prevail, exactly the same in the human species. Except in the human species, this instinctual primordial driven dominant alpha ‘rumble in the power jungle’ activity, becomes much more complex, sophisticated, hidden, camouflaged, denied, devious and clever, in its subliminally driven (habitual) expression in politics and big corporate business. This leftover from the school classroom & playground, goes into camouflaged (females) & blatant (males) ego polished sophisticated overdrive in adulthood.

Note: Ditto in other influential areas of human society, where dominant alpha’s congregate and instinctively duel for primordial power & control of their aspired Castle…we call it ambition & personality clashes, it sounds better. Of which, the twin alpha power packs of big business and politics, own the exclusive big dog territory rights at the top end of town and, through higher I.Q. and born gifts, naturally rule the activity and direction of the bottom end of town and it’s less desirable territory outside the castle walls.

Note: But very important to own and control for the status, power, adulation, subservience, euphoria and sycophancy it brings, to its human worshiped and Media glorified or persecuted winners. A phenomenon, that just happens to be the Media amplified source of the contagious karmic influence of winning & conquering and its delusional euphoria. That has now captured the collective consciousness of our winning obsessed human worshiping Civilization. Fuelled through the pen, voice, newsroom and image creating camera, of the also winning intoxicated Media. Who naturally, also become winners themselves as the exclusive reporter of human winners. Through being in charge of the information highway responsible for documenting, reporting, eulogizing and worshiping all the winners in society.

Note: It is also called a big buck win win situation in the Commercial Media (exclusive promo winning rights of winners) and much prized, in our product & advertisement bombarded commercial T.V. and sport inundated civilization…on the human worshiping & product blink. Because then everyone is deliriously happy and content with life and what it has to offer, from worshiping winners & buying the commercial products recommended by winners. Having been Media instructed (brainwashed) to identify with winners in childhood, to acquire success, self-esteem & big bucks in adult life. To then also live happily ever after in its Media saturated winning euphoria, to fuel that all-important self-esteem accomplishment & winner status.

Explanation: A human created and now Media fuelled winning euphoria (delusion), that has gone way past its use-by-date in our species social evolution, because it has sent us to the funny farm of weird human behaviour without realizing it: e.g. addictively worshiping winners, products & created images, celebrity obsession, flipping through glossy tittle-tattle magazines at the Supermarket checkout, movie star gazing and copying their winning human extravert blinks. Unfortunately, the spiritual qualities of dignity, maturity and humility vanish out of adult society as a dead-end result…along with its spiritual evolution.

More Commercial Media bashing on the boot camp detention room blackboard.

Uncomplimentary remarks about human worshiping behaviour, that will not be taken kindly by the dented ego of all the winners. That have fought hard and long and vanquished many other losers, to claim the winners crown of whatever coveted power tree in society. To then be pounced on by the Media to create 24/7 news and all-important winning, product & closet information out of. A now much prized achievement, that leads to commercial heaven and the big buck good life pressing the ‘Simon Says’ product buttons here, there & everywhere. Labelled, ‘to the victor go the commercial spoils of fame & adulation…press wisely’, but seldom read.

The above achievement, driven by the alpha conquering power & control primordial instinct, along with the psychology documented ‘sibling rivalry’ factor in human nature, is the truth of this instinctual conquering, competing & winning dominant alpha activity to acquire power…and a deluded self-esteem. It is why, there is constant never-ending power struggles, infighting, takeovers, rumbles in the boardroom and party room, power broking, wheeling and dealing, dirty tricks, skulduggery, deviousness and nastiness, behind the scenes of power politics and big greedy business. The Media, acting as the supposedly cough, mutter and splutter impartial referee, thrive on stirring up the smoldering ego fuelled mix and reporting its sophisticated ‘rumble in the power jungle’ primordial winning activity, to all areas of land, sea, air and Upstairs.

Note: Along with informing the rest of us in society with great gusto and unrestricted abandon, what they think about the warring/sledging/ego clashing dominant alpha opponents in its commentary and which party, they vote for. Hidden in-between the adrenaline spiked ‘perception creating’ lines, of their unprofessional and bias Media communication. The wooden spoon stirring Becky Sharpe variety of news reporter (usually accredited and trained in Hollywood), adding a few tall tales and fantasy of their own. This to keep their News Editor and Legal Department on their toes and ringing each other on overheated cell-phones.

Note: This keeps the public entertained and its Media information permanently on the boil in our 24/7 Media saturated winning cooked brains. So that we will all know, who to vote for next time around in the political election stakes or any other Media influenced voting stakes –therefore, the much publicized and Media saturated and private enterprise PR indorsed, winner of winners. The negative accentuated dominant alpha of our species (sociopath), excels in this Machiavellian vote influencing activity and usually, comes out on top to claim the winning spoils, simply because they have no rules of engagement or social conscience. They also have no intuitive connection to the self-referral Laws of Nature with their thought process, that is the root cause of all social ills. It also means, they can do no wrong in their deluded reality and belief system. A sociopath delusion, that translates as being bad news for the rest of society in one contaminating form or another. Because the gifted sociopath alpha, excels in creating division, polarization and chaos in society, under the banner of progress, giving the public what it wants and freedom of expression…note Media Moguls, Advertising Guru’s and Political advisory geniuses?

Comprehend destructive divisive Media delivered information, is a pain in the butt to the Laws of Nature responsible for creating order out of chaos in our collective conscious…and therefore, Society decays because of it. This accumulating destructive karmic influence out of sociopath components (the gutter press) of the Media, does nothing to further the spiritual evolution of mankind, but retards human evolution and creates disharmony, polarization, division and social decay in a Nation. Its evidence is rampant on the planet…if we look for it underneath the delusional veil of winning euphoria, human worship, greed & megalomania, camouflaging its Media delivered content called news.

Explanation: This age old negative karmic influence (megalomania), is behind the perpetuated sociopath activity of corrupt politics and big greedy business, to then contaminate society with its destructive karmic influence. Because in the archetypal workings of primordial Nature that underwrites and propels life, those in the castles of power are leading and those outside the castle walls, are instinctively compelled to follow. Comprehend all karmic influence returns to its point of origin, to either compliment the source or initiate its collapse, through saturating that source with more destructive karmic influence. A destructive result, that instigates and triggers premature entropy & social decay, in a human created ideology that does not compliment
Nature…the domino effect?

Conclusion: We need to clearly understand, that this forever repeated ‘rumble in the power jungle’ activity to claim the winners crown of power in Society, is sourced to a primordial driven bullying instinct in the dominant alpha, to control the activity and direction of Society and be leader of the pack. If the dominant alpha is a negative accentuated human being and not a positive accentuated human being, then where they have power & control, there is always corruption, nastiness, backstabbing and bullying in one form or another. It is their pathological trademark and karmic key-signature for others to either deal head-on with…and probable lose, or avoid like the plague. Alf prefers the former method, because left unchecked, things just go from bad to worse in all playgrounds, like now.

Recapping the non-delusional spiritual facts on the subject of bullying:

This bullying, controlling and dominating activity in the animal kingdom, is a perfectly
structured primordial instigated pecking order process, a survival process that only goes out of control in the human species. Because we have the most complex developed brain of the animal kingdom and the conscious freewill, independent thought and unique creativity, to usurp the Laws of Nature governing its primordial structured process. Enlivening/restoring those self-referral laws of Nature in the human mind, is a miracle that comes out of the regular practice of Correct Meditation to cure this destructive bullying nemesis…and many more pathological sourced disorders rampant in our species.

Bullying, that is very noticeable in the formative school playground years. Bullying, that when it goes unchecked in the school playground, is a cause of constant misery and unhappiness to those on the receiving end of the negative dominant alpha. Asserting its primordial driven instinctual control of others to acquire power, control & self-esteem. If the dominant alpha has a born negative psyche, then things just go from bad to worse in that school playground and chaos, constant bickering, violence and nastiness begins to rule its activity. As it does in the workplace playground, the political playground and the big business playground…after their graduation into adulthood.

Back to the Media again…where else?

Bullying, that has got out of control in affluent greed driven so-called civilized Nations, through social & spiritual decay. It is accelerating social entropy, that unprofessional irresponsible thoughtless communication mediums, have a lot to answer for. Because the macho ego motor mouth content coming out of them, can politely be described as immature adult expression, creativity and presentation…and no role model for our children. Motor mouth shock jocks, the gutter press, actors & sport commentators have a lot to answer for, in fuelling this accelerating immature gladiatorial macho behavior in society. That destroys positive values, manners & harmony in society, lowers the collective consciousness of a Nation & negatively, influences vulnerable impressionable adolescent minds. Who copy its aggressive behavior, to then send them in the wrong direction in life to find maturity, happiness, harmony and the spiritual plot of life.

Comprehend bullying, confrontation and other domineering aggressive macho behaviour, is linked to the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature. A negative, that has become dominant in its duel negative & positive function, that orchestrates & propels life…including the human thought process & its creativity. Comprehend the quality of the influence/karma, coming out of Communication Mediums, enters that duel negative & positive function of primordial Nature. A plus or minus quality, that reflects back in our species collective consciousness, to be expressed through our human creativity and expression. The Media has become so powerful in the 21st century, as to directly influence our collective consciousness with its negative & positive karmic created influence and corresponding entities…as does big corporate greedy business. Those entities, have become increasingly negative and not life supportive to the spiritual evolution of mankind. As a unrealized result, the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature, now dominates its duel function…and therefore, our human consciousness, thought process & creativity. To then also destroy the spiritual divine evolution of mankind.

Another unknown catch 22 in the communication affairs mankind.

Clarification : A negative & positive alternating function of primordial Nature, balanced through the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the divine spiritual Laws of Nature. When those spiritual Laws go out of sync in our human consciousness…and therefore our thought process, then they also go out of sync with the alternating pulse of the negative & positive energies of Primordial Nature orchestrating life. Comprehend we have created that malfunction, out of our human creativity, lived ideologies, lifestyles and their entities, not being in sync with the Laws of Nature. The powerful Media & Big Corporate Business, have been major players in that malfunction. Having become increasingly negative & not life-supportive to life and its ordained evolution. Comprehend their human created entities, have become negatively accentuated and causing chaos in the spiritual Universe that underwrites this physical Universe and life. One of its symptoms, is reflecting in the macho, confrontational, gladiatorial worded & presented sport & political commentary, coming out of the motor mouth component of the Media. A growing negative aggressive immature macho script, the karmic influence from which, is contagious in society. A negative destructive influence/karma, that also fuels instinctive bullying, road
rage…and all the other new age rages, delinquent macho behavior & aggressive confrontational interaction in Society. Called method acting, a specialty of Hollywood a actors equity not required in boot camp…or the family home. Because it is not allowed past the Pearly Gates.

Bullying, that progresses from the school playground and on into the adult playground and where, a negative sociopath dominant alpha, becomes a confrontational predator and big devolution trouble for society. Repeat: Correct Meditation practiced collectively in society, is the simple solution to invisibly checkmate this growing destructive influence/entity in Society…and a lot of other endemic new age social problems. Fuelled through poor quality immature communication & entertainment mediums, writing & delivering its contagious script in society…especially the family home.

Bullying and its nasty anti-social behaviour, that is attributed to a dysfunctional family
background, sibling rivalry and poor parenting by the psychology profession, but it is not the full story by any means. Some are born with this archetypal malfunction, operating in a negative accentuated psyche. In this instant, this consistent destructive aggressive anti-social dominant alpha behavior, is sourced to inherited ancestral karma and the family gene pool. Its inherited trait (like sexual deviancy), is locked into the human gene pool from the dysfunctional activity of past civilizations. Some of whom, revered and cultured its instinctive dominant alpha archetypal trait (bullying) as rite of passage into macho status in its warrior elite. Along with practicing homosexuality on losers, as a winning ritual to humiliate, belittle and destroy their dignity.

Fact: The ancient Assyrians and Spartans excelled in this department of human cruelty and sexual degradation. Karmic influence that is still percolating as a human created ‘entity’, in primordial Natures interactive workings and therefore, as an ancestral inherited legacy for their lineage. Consequently, it is still percolating in Nature’s procreation genetics and our human biology as a result. Because all ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence we create, returns through procreation from the primordial Spiritual System that underwrites physical life…that includes our biology, genes, archetypal personalities and reproductive processes…as well as thought. What one generation sows with their karmic influence into that Spiritual System, is what another generation will inherit through ancestral karma created entities. As we sow so do we reap, is definitely not a fairy story in the ancestral inherited karmic affairs of mankind.

Sadistic pleasure, derived from subjugating and inflicting cruelty and sexual degradation on others, became the collective karma of those deceased Nations as a spiritual dead-end result. It should be firmly understood, that deriving pleasure from bullying, intimidation, subjugating, exploiting, controlling, enslaving and inflicting pain and suffering on others, is categorically and unquestionably, abnormal pathological sourced behavior for the human being. So is eulogizing (re-enacting) its destructive behavior in society, through books & movies and awarding gongs to those who write it and act it out the best…also called winners.

More unpalatable spiritual facts from Upstairs in the detention room.

Understanding the age old sexual abnormalities in our species.
Abnormalities that have now peaked in this ‘got it wrong’ Civilization. As a result, are becoming normal and even fashionable…and woe betide anyone, who thinks differently. Who have of course, become abnormal themselves and very unfashionable. But, if this Civilization wants a future, it is time to understand without prejudice or rancor, the cause of all ancestral inherited pathological sourced sexual abnormality. That human beings, have now decided are a perfectly acceptable part of life and should be eulogized in society & worn as a badge of honor. Along with vilifying and verbally tearing apart, anyone who disagrees. That is an indication, of how serious this devolution problem has become in this Civilization. Because unknowingly, those wrong to Nature sexual practices, prevent the human being from evolving further with its spiritual evolution. Because its sexual activity…and the created karma from it, prevents the spiritual self-referral laws of Nature from structuring our spiritual evolution.

Take it or leave it as statement of spiritual fact, because that is the non-delusional truth of the matter. The writer as the messenger, has no intention of debating the matter. It is either understood and accepted or not understood and accepted in spiritual boot camp…and outside of it. The writer, has no power to change the sexual activity of others. He only has the power to inform others, of its consequences in the spiritual workings of Nature and their spiritual evolution, Summed up as, ‘to be or not be’.

Comprehend all human activity…and especially sexual activity, that does not compliment the Laws of Nature & life, is ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence that usurps their self-referral function to create & maintain ‘order out of chaos’ in life. When we are in sync with those perfect spiritual self-referral laws with our biology, thoughts, emotions, desire and reasoning processes, then the impulse (karmic influence) to mate with the same sex is non-existent. Sexual activity that has nothing to do with spiritual love…note deluded scriptwriters, actor’s & directors. Only a karmic fuelled delusion and genetic sourced malfunction, inherited out of the wrong sexual activity of previous generations. That the anything goes entertainment industry & scriptwriters, have been responsible for saturating into society. To then become a unquestioned reality for everyone through its saturation…not just themselves.

Note: Along with other growing sexual degradation in this decaying civilization, the above is sourced to ancestral inherited entities. Inherited from their ancestors wrong sexual practices and bequeathed to their lineage. A karma inherited psychological, physiological, pathological, biological, genetically sourced disorders within the human race, that the human race has created. Nothing to do with the divine intelligence that has authored the spiritual essence of human beings and the sexual means to bring life into this physical world. Its destructive entities will be dissolved one positive way or one negative way in this century, we hold the choice as human beings with our evolved gift of conscious freewill. Comprehend when we contravene the ‘order out of chaos’ divine function of the Laws of Nature with our sexual expression, we become lost to our spiritual evolution and create the means for devolution, from creating chaos in the primordial archetypal intelligence underwriting our biology and sexuality. We, are the only species with the karmic power, to create ‘chaos out of order’ in this interactive Creation from out of wrong sexual practices and spiritual ignorance.

Thus do future generations, genetically reap the karmic result of the wrong sexual activity of past generations, that have usurped the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature responsible for procreation. e.g. same sex mating, that in this chaotic century, we have come to consider as being normal and merely a part of human nature. Therefore, nothing to do with us as human beings, but perfectly natural …according to new age thinkers in Society. But obviously, with no intuitive spiritual connection to the Laws of Nature in their thought process, reasoning, logic and sexuality. The spiritual positive advice in boot camp, is to have another think about the matter where our spiritual evolution is concerned. Along with other sexual behavior that does compliment the Laws of Nature, also being saturated into Society through the Media, Entertainment and the new age also anything goes Internet. Where, a ‘got it wrong human being can also join in for their moment of unexpurgated behavior and fame in the public arena…such is progress and innovation.

Returning to the subject of bullying…sorry about that, but a must.

Bullying, conquering, controlling and subjugating…along with sexual degradation, are not natural in a mature adult in sync with the Laws of Nature with its thought process. This instinctual, primordial, inherited, acquired, learnt, copied, entertainment eulogized & indoctrinated behavior in the human species, should not be carried forward into adulthood. Bullying, as an instinctual driven dominant alpha activity, needs to be consciously recognized though the conscious mind, to dissolve its subliminal located destructive habit and impulse. The regular twice daily practice of transcendent meditation, is the simple tool to make it happen and restore the spiritual plot of life to the individual & society, in the silent rectification process.

Fact: When bullying, confrontation and aggressive behavior, gains dominance in the expression of a society, it means the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature, has become dominant in the evolution and collective consciousness of that society/civilization. It means this accumulating destructive karmic influence, has created imbalance in the Laws of Nature responsible for ‘order of chaos’ in Nature’s primordial workings and our human biology & consciousness. Disorder is the end result, in the form of growing social chaos and psychological disorder manifesting in that society/civilization. This is the negative karmic fate, that has befallen past all-conquering, winning, greedy, narcissistic, sexually dysfunctional civilizations.

Conclusion: Bullying, exploitation, subjugation and sexual degradation, should receive zero
tolerance at all times in civilized society. This instinctual dominant alpha bullying trait, has now taken the form of psychological manipulation of the public. From out of the unconscionable misuse of psychology in the marketing and advertising industries. Its commercial T.V. saturated product brainwashing, has become an integral part of the workings of the subliminal mind, of everyone brought up on its saturated advertising in the family home. That television saturated diet of product consumerism, has caused growing psychological disorder and social decay to manifest in Nations, without being aware of its human created cause.

The spiritual cure for bullying in all its forms.

All its physical hands-on exponents, must learn to meditate correctly and consistently, to dissolve its karmic fuelled habitual trait in the adult…along with its destructive entity. Ditto its very intelligent hands-off exponents, that use psychology and abuse of power to bully, control, exploit and manipulate others. Otherwise they will never evolve to higher states of consciousness and worse, sent to stoke the boilers in the non-returnable end of Creation in the departure lounge. Where like is attracted to like, in its human created afterlife domain. Because in the Real System, as we sow so do we reap and what we create is what we become…and where we end up as human beings.

Repeated fact: Those born with the pathological/karmic inherited disorder of needing to conquer, subjugate and have power & control of others, will always self-destruct with their spiritual evolution. Simply through its negative karma, being inseparably tied to an inherited not life-supportive destructive human created ancestral entity…its quantum located karmic cause. Therefore, from destructive karmic influence locked in the negative (dissolving) archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature and tied, through karmic affinity to the individual’s spiritual essence…the unconscious component of the physical mind.

Note: To what degree this effects the human being in a current life, is dependent on the negative & positive qualities, of the ancestral ‘entity’ that has claimed the evolution of that individual. But it can be guaranteed, that if negative, it will always be destructive in its expression in a human being. Because it’s negative ’cause & effect’ karma, subjugates and influences the human beings thought, desire, creativity and expression. Destructive expression and activity, directed towards themselves or others or both, e.g. deluded suicide bombers, violent sociopath‘s, homicidal killers, psychopathic murderers & terrorists. Because contrary to myth, it is most abnormal for one human being to kill another in the divine workings of evolution. It is a form of insanity, where the spiritual evolution of a human being is concerned. Our species has created that perpetuating insanity…certainly not the Creator.

Clarification: It is the inherited (but dissolvable) nemesis of a negative born human being, to be destructive with their expression and creativity. That have this potential for self-destruction in their inherited ancestral karma. It only needs the trigger of extremes of social/family/work/emotional stress, a dysfunctional unloved childhood and the charismatic influence of a (Simon Say’s) powerful negative dominant alpha, to release this destructive potential in a lost soul. This negative accentuated greed driven chaotic Civilization, has become a primer for these past ‘entities’ to enter this Civilization through its created spiritual decay…and that we are calling progress.

Note: This inherited and acquired karmic problem is solvable and dissolvable, through
understanding the word humility and then acquiring its silent quality through the long-term practice of transcendent meditation. Along with its infusion of Abstract Intelligence into the human mind, that silently dissolves (absorbs) the destructive entity (karmic influence) that has subordinated and claimed, the spiritual essence of a negative accentuated human being.


More boot camp delivered facts, notes and observations on the detention room blackboard and going over old ground.

Repeated definition of a sociopath in Nature’s Dictionary.
A budding sociopath (that is a growing psychological disorder in this decaying civilization), is a delinquent ‘anything goes’ mind that has no sense of social responsibility & empathy with others. Without any respect for others in what they say, in what they do, in what they write, in what they produce, in what they create and in how they act. Has no concern or thought for its destructive influence and negative effect on others, on society, on Nature and ultimately themselves: Because as we sow so do we reap with our created karmic influence, especially when we depart this planet.

Understanding the dominant alpha primordial power stakes in human society:
Repeated fact: It is a primordial driven instinct of the dominant alpha, to own those primordial power stakes in society. Activity mirrored in the eternal ego quest for power & control to conquer and to win in society…and whatever it takes to achieve it for the accentuated negative dominant alpha. Who are to be found camouflaged and unexpurgated, in every sphere of human activity. Therefore from sociopath sourced thoughtless behavior and creativity in society, that is the recognizable delinquency of the accentuated negative version of a human being.

Note: This visible…and hidden, anti-social delinquent behavioral activity, is found in all
configurations on the rungs of the social/status/success/power ladder. That historically, leads to the corruption of themselves and the society they live in. When we eulogize its delinquent behavior on the big screen and call it gripping entertainment and explosive drama and award gongs and plaudits to those who do it best, that society has lost touch with the spiritual Laws of Nature…definitely.

Clarification: Sociopath activity, that also translates as our age old forever repeated greed, corruption, ruthlessness, nastiness, vindictiveness, manipulation, exploitation, sexual degradation, self-aggrandizement and abuse of acquired power, sourced to the negative dominant alpha of our species. The accentuated negative human being, that inevitably rises in power in a decaying civilization, to initiate its self-destruction and curtail the spiritual evolution of that society/civilization.

The unpalatable spiritual facts of the doomsday matter, another Catch 22.

A history repeating terminating fate of civilizations, that has nothing to do with the spiritual Laws that govern ‘order out of chaos’ in life, but everything to do with the degradation of those Natural Laws by the wrong accumulative activity of mankind. A devolution fate, that can be traced back to the rise of the born gifted, power driven, narcissistic do-what-I-like Machiavellian sociopath version of a human being. That has come to own the status quo in a decaying society/civilization and is dictating its direction from the top end of town, from out of their born I.Q. content, gifts, talents and acquired power.

The above, is a devolution fate poetically aligned to the seven deadly sins of mankind, but only half the Faust story and signature, of the perpetuated cause of social decay and the demise and exit of a dysfunctional Civilization. A terminating chaos fate, caused through the negative Hyde of human creativity, becoming dominant in those who have claimed the primordial power stakes in a nation/civilization. To then ‘rule the roost’ and create reality, perception, direction and destiny for the remainder. Because ‘follow the leader’, is a primordial sourced survival instinct in a social species. A instinct, has become the commercial tool of sociopath Advertising & Marketing geniuses…along with the also primordial sexual procreation instinct.

Such is the acquired power of the Commercial Media, Global Corporations, Piggy Banks, the Money Markets and Big Greedy Corporate Business, as a collective greed ‘entity’ saturating this global Civilization. To then lay the golden eggs and rule the roost in our $ and product driven human worshiping Civilization, currently mortgaged to Darth & Associates. That unknowingly, equates to a dead-end destiny with our spiritual evolution as a Civilization. A destiny, created out of the accumulative destructive ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence of those in the driving seat. That in turn, has created a destructive entity in the interactive workings of primordial Nature, that underwrite and orchestrates life & its physical evolution…but not its spiritual evolution.
Clarification: A destructive entity (influence/life-force), that grows in the opposing negative and positive primordial archetypal intelligence that life has manifested out of. To then usurp the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the spiritual Laws of Nature operating in mankind & life. Therefore a human created negative karmic influence, that has become a destructive ‘entity’ percolating in the spiritual archetypal intelligence that underwrites life. Located in the spiritual dimension that underwrites this physical world, that contains the karma and created entities of mankind in its interactive quantum structure.

Note: Where there are no barriers of time, space or place and where ‘entities’, are everywhere but no-where in its opposing archetypal intelligence, governed by the self-referral Laws of Nature. In that spiritual system that underwrites life, ‘like is attracted to like’ in the negative & positive’ primordial archetypal intelligence that life has manifested out of. What quality of karmic influence we human beings create in the spiritual primordial workings of Nature, is what quality of karmic influence we receive back in our environment & physical surroundings. Garbage influence in, equals garbage influence back out. Comprehend mankind reaps what is sows in the creative intelligence of primordial Nature that underwrites life, generation into generation into generation. It is called karma, the processing tool of spiritual & physical evolution and destiny, where mankind is concerned.

The point to be made:
It is the destructive ancestral ‘entities’ out of a past civilization, that are drawn to negative tainted ‘entities’ in a present civilization. To then infiltrate/subjugate/contaminate and unknowingly, cause a domino effect in its lived and followed ideologies. When this destructive karmic influence becomes saturated in the collective conscious of mankind, it takes the form of a psychological negative spell/delusion. A karmic process, that we are not aware of in our existing physical structure of ego consciousness. We could call this invisible negative spell contaminating mankind, a karmic created shared delusion. A contagious delusion that becomes amplified, out of pursuing the spiritless values of greed, acquisition, winning, conquering and worshiping those that do it best.

Explanation: This greed, winning, acquisition and conquering behaviour, is now sourced to a destructive yet euphoric ‘karmic influence’ fuelling the unstoppable Global Economy. That Governments and Big Corporate Business & therefore the World, are functioning out of and calling progress, affluence, free trade and creating the good life…but, at the expense of the future of this civilization and the planet. A karmic authored spell and human propelled delusion created out of endemic greed, that those in the greed driving seat have contaminated the public with; because they lead as powerful entities in our global civilization and we (the public), are instinctually compelled to ‘follow the leader’ as a social species in the primordial workings of Nature…but not in the divine workings of Nature.

The spiritually acquired divine workings of Nature, are where we acquire true freedom from the karmic influence and created realities of others and from the destructive influence of human created ancestral ‘entities’. It is called ‘divine spiritual consciousness’, created & processed out of transcendent meditation. A silent structured process, that is sourced to the Absolute status-quo intelligence of Creation that in turn, underwrites the Laws of Nature and the primordial archetypal intelligence that sources the evolution, biology and chemistry of life.

The point to made:
This contagious delusion of greed underwritten by megalomania, is why private enterprise global corporations, piggy banks, the money markets and blind irresponsible governments, have come to think alike. Example: wholesale privatization and de-regulation and the selling off of a Nations public assets & infrastructure. To then undoubtedly sow the seeds for monopolization, corruption and disproportionate obscene wealth for the few…the ever repeating story of Mankind’s progress down through the ages? A delusion driven by euphoria out of greed, acquisition, conquering and winning, that does not compliment the Laws of Nature, but usurps their divine function to create order out of chaos in our collective human consciousness. This is the age old karmic authored (and human created) contagious perpetuated influence/entity, that we need to urgently dissolve, through the collective practice of transcendent meditation in the World.

Clarification: A human created ‘entity’ (e.g. greed) once established in a past civilization, becomes locked into primordial Nature’s interactive spiritual workings. To then remain as a karmic potential, to manifest in every subsequent Civilization through the lineage of those who created its entity. That includes the malevolent occult created ‘entities’, out of pre-history illiterate occult worshiping civilizations. That have come to be called the Devil and his works, in the frenetic writing and imaginative literate minds of later religion dominated Societies.

Note: Along with a literary smorgasbord of what the Devil and his emissaries get up to down here on terra firma, from out of the creative pen and deluded mind of many a past manic-depressive author. Drawing their inspiration, from their karmic ancestral inherited dark side sponsored creativity & imagination. Just as our new age Hyde deluded authors and scriptwriters, that are also on the destructive Darth blink with their Media eulogised & distributed negative creativity in society. Also called entertainment & artistic freedom of expression, to sanctify its distribution into the minds of others in society. Along with collecting gongs, accolades & human worship, from other equally negative debilitated minds on the sociopath blink. That are also trapped in its contagious negative karmic influence/entity. A entity, that St Peter with the keys is highly allergic too in the departure lounge. Along with the human beings that have succumbed to its Faust enigma in their lives. Also called, as we sow so do we reap in its epitaph.

Explanation of the above fate:
The human created karmic processed ‘cause and effect’ ancestral inheritance out of the past, applies to all ‘entities’ that have been created out of past lived and followed realities/ideologies of mankind; i.e. a benign or destructive ancestral entity, that is drawn through ‘karmic affinity’ to influence the thought, desire, direction, creativity and behavior, of succeeding generations and civilizations. As we sow so do we reap with our human created karma generation into generation into generation. That is how the past is connected to the present and the future, where human beings & their spiritual evolution and the creative intelligence of primordial Nature, are interactively concerned.

The point to be made:
This is the common denominator (ancestral entities out of past civilizations) that source the forever repeated, pathological self-destructive activity of negative accentuated human beings. Identified as a plethora of inherited psychological, sexual, physiological, karmic and spiritual malfunctions perpetuated in mankind. A legacy, that is the inherited product of negative karma out of the destructive activity of past lives, past generations and past Civilizations. Ancestral inherited karma, that is tied through affinity to powerful entities out of the past history of mankind. As we sow so do we reap with our negative and positive human karma on the ladder of spiritual evolution, is not a fairy story, but a yet to be understood invisible spiritual fact of life.

Example: It is a malevolent ancestral entity (karmic influence) out of the past, that is responsible for fuelling insane acts of genocide, ethnic cleansing, religious fanaticism, racial hatred and mob violence, manifesting in a Nation in the present. A destructive entity, that always grounds out in the destructive actions of a powerful corrupt minority, that has gained political control of a dysfunctional Nation. Rwanda, Bosnia, Palestine, Iraq and now the Sudan, are all modern examples. That just keep repeating on this planet in those Nations, with a bloodthirsty violent history and a legacy of despots, brutality, murder and corruption. Comprehend this ever repeating chaos, is sourced to negative ancestral entities out of the past activity of mankind. That underlie and underwrite our age old perpetuated greed, corruption, warmongering, megalomania and abuse of power. Along with prostitution, sexual degradation, paedophilia, the recidivist criminal mind and the born psychopath, sociopath & archetypal Machiavellian and their destructive anti-social behaviour. Pathological delinquency forever repeated in our human species, because it has become locked into the primordial system of Nature that underwrites & orchestrates life.

Example: The born destructive negative psyche. With a natural Machiavellian bent for skullduggery, nastiness, deviousness, manipulation, exploitation, telling untruths, spin doctoring, creating social chaos, twisting public perception & sowing the seeds of discontent in society. Along with destroying the credibility of others from behind the scenes dirty tricks, to acquire what the individual/corporation/government wants. That is the sure-fire negative sign, of the super intelligent archetypal sociopath Machiavellian dominant alpha. Contaminating high places and gone off the rails with its spiritual evolution …and, taking those inside the castle and the gullible public outside the castle, along with them.

Fact: A born scheming very clever often undetected dominant alpha sociopath sums it up. The talents of which, become much in demand in the decaying period of a civilization, to practice their born skill for creating and fuelling social decay. Master of devious intrigue and corrupting others and society, is a karmic inherited title to be claimed downstairs, definitely not Upstairs. Being ruthless and dispassionate and having no scruples because of it, they inevitably come out on top where competition for power and influence & doing the deal and making money is concerned. We call it success and achievement in society and award gongs, titles and accolades, to those who do it best…the winners. Especially the new age entrepreneurial oligarch version, currently playing monopoly games with Nations economies, resources and infrastructure, out of greed authored megalomania. Greed activity, sourced to a ancestral inherited negative entity located in the wrong end of Creation. Along with the other six deadly sins that mankind has created & perpetuates generation into generation….certainly not the Creator.

Coming to grips with those responsible for fuelling unconscionable greed & abuse of power.

The defining karmic characteristic of those afflicted with greed megalomania, is that they see no wrong in their anti-social unconscionable greed activity; that has become habitual and natural. Their created reality is the only reality…and the cleverer the mind, the cleverer is the convincing justification for their corrupt actions & greed, when brought to task by the pricking conscience of others. If they are exceptionally gifted, intelligent and charismatic, then they will run intellectual rings around any argument and create/weave a reality, that becomes the reality of others. The alpha charismatic business genius, lawyer, politician, power broker, super salesman, spin doctor, Hollywood impresario/dictator/despot, all possess this born alpha leadership talent. Sourced to the phenomenon of auto-suggestion and primordial located magnetic animal charisma…and a powerful highly intelligent alpha dominant mind. But, functioning out of very poor quality consciousness. That is not a desirable attribute for leadership… but an impediment to others following them. Also called a spiritual no no, in boot camp rhetoric. But not in the castles of power in the top end of town at the moment.

Note: Because none of those qualities mentioned are divine in their physical content, but come out of the spiritual primordial domain of impersonal Nature that underwrites physical life. Also called, the primordial lower house of Nature in boot camp…the bottom floor of Almighty Nature’s creativity. That should never be worshiped by human beings, as in human beings worshiping & bowing down to other human beings – ugh!. Climbing the ladder of spiritual divine evolution through transcendent meditation, is a path out of that primordial sourced entrapment sourced to the human ego. That should be a automatic unconscious spiritual process in the life of a human being without meditation, the reasons for it not being a automatic process in the life of a human being, have been explained. The spiritual process to rectify the devolution problem, has
also been explained.

More: Some brilliant Lawyers at the summit of legal power, also have this born gift for subliminally creating/weaving a reality, that becomes the reality of others. That is the subliminal mind power (auto-suggestion) that sources their phenomenal success, to win over the less powerful mind of a jury, to their infallible Perry Mason argued reality. In what is initially deemed, as an impossible case to argue and win on the glaring evidence presented. The flamboyant ego driven version, invariably graduate to the billionaire high flyer Corporate world. Where their powerful articulate creative Lawyer sharp alpha minds, find big business like-minds to defend, council, advise and add legal background clout, to their non-stop money making wheeling and dealing.

Note: To be likewise paid and worshiped accordingly in this Corporate owned world. That loves
winners, celebrities, created images, the good life, centerfolds, millionaire’s & big bucks. Gordon got-it-in-the-bag Gecko activity, that revolves around sumptuous boardrooms, private jets, money, bonuses, lurks & perks, status, oil barrels & minerals, the stock market and stretched limo combined with stretched ego neurosis. It is defined as the much sought after ‘American Pie’ in Nature’s Dictionary of Corporate and Wall Street definitions, tied to big business purgatory in the departure lounge. This shock jock inspired boot camp detention room rant, may well sound like sour grapes or the tall poppy syndrome from a have-not. But, the writer can assure the reader he has-got, what those mentioned have not-got…and very grateful, for what he has-got. Namely, a conscience connected to the Laws of Nature. That is a very valuable spiritual asset at the end of the human day in the departure lounge…if not before..

Fact: It is also not possible to reason with a born dominant alpha human, with this ancestral inherited pathological disorder of greed megalomania. Because their often brilliant conscious powerful mind, has no intuitive connection to the divine component of the Laws of Nature…only their super narcissistic ego. Therefore, they have no connection to Upstairs, but decidedly big karmic negative connections to destructive ancestral entities downstairs. Therefore, they have no intuitive self-referral connection, to what we call a conscience in their negative accentuated mind and spiritual psyche. Their belief system and created reality is the only reality and power & control…and the Teflon coated ego, rules supreme within it. The top end of town, is top heavy with the Midas money making version at the moment. Thanks to Darth & Associates, becoming ever more active in the power playground of big business, politics & making money.

Repeating the invisible cause of the above chaos.

The karmic located cause of this contagious greed disorder, is sourced to the influence of a destructive contagious ‘entity’, locked into the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature. A entity, that has claimed the direction & evolution of a negative accentuated power obsessed mind. The ruthless activity of which, has come to be accepted as par for the course to negotiate in politics and Corporate big business. To be vigorously denied by all parties and immediate behind the scenes powerful steps taken, to stamp on any responsible for spilling the beans on their abuse of power & corruption. The long suffering informer, having finally defected to the ‘whistle blowers’ club located up St Peter’s end of Creation, to appease their conscience.

Note: For those fallen from great heights of power, through being sprung by the whistle blowing goodies in the top end of town, then vengeance becomes the operative word and pay-back, becomes the mandatory sentence, for those deemed responsible. This is where the big buck Commercial Media Empire, are really able to flex their public perception creating muscle and naturally, come to the rescue and defense, of those born out of the same sociopath mould. United we stand divided we fall, is not only the ‘catch cry’ of Unions, but also of those who have acquired more power than Unions…and more than willing to flex it, to retain their status-quo power in Society.

Fact: It is time for a cup of tea and a biscuit. My fact chewing tree sniffing alpha dog just said so…and he’s one of the bosses here.
Observation: It’s just a law of the household jungle, so I have to comply.


Concluding and re-capping a deeper understanding of ourselves as human beings.

More about to the primordial power & control winning stakes in human society. Spiritually defined, as the ego driven conquering nemesis of mankind, in Nature’s dictionary of dominant alpha definitions. Ear plugs recommended outside of the detention room, but not for those mentioned in dispatches to St Peter in the detention room.

Conquering, winning and acquiring power and control, is instinctual in the born dominant alpha of our species. Once acquired, power becomes the addictive ‘elixir of life’ that, in a negative debilitated mind, leads to a neurotic obsession to have more and more power, more and more control, more & more fame, more & more of everything. To make its obsession acceptable practice in society, we give it the harmless title of ambition and then openly worship its self-esteem ego driven attainment. That becomes the primordial crown of acquired power, to dictate the status quo in society and called success and achievement…or simply winning.

This dominant alpha conquering/winning primordial sourced instinct, has the potential to become the karmic driven foundation and fuel for megalomania. A psychological disorder, that becomes amplified through the immature undignified practice of worshiping human beings. Especially those that have acquired power, success, influence, money and winning status in society. Media saturated achievements, that then qualifies the worshiped winners, to be clearly recognized in society, through a status manufactured elongated automobile. With a bumper bar sticker labelled,
‘stretched limo equals stretched ego’ and a rear window label with, ‘look but don’t touch…unless you belong to the Media created celebrity winners club’.

Note: A exclusive newsroom winners club, with automatic entry to the product saturated pages of glossy magazines & the tabloids. Filled with other deluded scantily clad human beings, that have contracted Aphrodite I love me, my body and created image neurosis. That you can gawp at, speculate on and do other fantasy things with, but not touch in the physical sense. But, the distanced spectators, certainly do touch in the invisible karmic sense. Karmic influence from the gawping and thinking of other human beings, that returns to the evolution of the reveal-all female…and now male, Aphrodite centerfold and other winners. A accumulative plus or minus karmic influence from the thoughts of others, that become a ‘cause and effect’ karmic equation in the life…and afterlife, of the body beautiful centerfold and other worshiped winners.

Such is the unknown karmic price, of sexual & winning fame for the fame & winning obsessed female & male. To be found anywhere there is power, money, glitz & glamour in the top end of town. The irresistible magnet, supplied by other entrepreneurial winning dominant male & female alpha’s in the actual driving seat. That have reached the summit of human material success and the power it brings. To then issue all the Simon Says ‘just do it’ instructions, from the different ‘castles of power’ they have acquired in the top end of town. Castles that have no spiritual foundation to their structures, only dissolvable material foundations underwriting their structures. Which, as we know from our history books, are spiritless foundations. Thus are very temporary & ephemeral, in the quicksand located material, greed, winning & worshiping affairs of mankind.

Has the destiny penny dropped yet, for the winning & fame deluded tribe of male & female camera mesmerised, glossy magazine & Media distributed, image intoxicated Aphrodite’s male & female offspring. Pimping for big product business and strutting their facial, sexual & body symmetry here, there and everywhere in Society, for big bucks & ticket to no-where land. Through sending its wrong message to impressionable young minds, that think that the sun shines out of its superficial Media saturated worshiped lifestyle. A way of life, underwritten by greed & the commercial exploitation of society. A delusional winning lifestyle, that does compliment Nature and life…and therefore, the spiritual evolution of the individual or Society…but degrades it. A euphoric winners lifestyle, that equates to short term fame & product & monetary gain downstairs, but for long term spiritual loss Upstairs. For upsetting commercial product, greed & winning allergic, analogous St Peter with the heavenly keys. With a finger, that is about to drop off.

The point to be made and the catch 22.

That spiritually dead-end winners path, is why it is very unwise to worship and idolize human beings for whatever deluded reason. Because in the interactive workings of primordial Nature, the worshiper automatically becomes a karmic power source for those they are worshiping. They also, become subliminally hooked into the created reality and karma of those they are worshiping. To then become lost to their own personal spiritual evolution in the deluded process. As a devolution result, those paying homage & bowing status to winners, also become trapped in the entity/life-force that underwrites the belief system/lifestyle/ideology and created reality, of those they are worshiping. Comprehend for those adults addicted to worshiping and being besotted by other human beings, ‘get a life’ is not rude, but sound sensible evolution saving advice…spiritually speaking.

Explanation: It means in Nature’s primordial interactive workings, the worshiper has
unknowingly given their individual power, spirit and evolution over to another. To then create and fuel their destiny and direction in life. As a deluded result, they become the unwitting karmic property of those they are worshiping, where their own individual spirit and its evolution is concerned. Therefore, it is definitely not wise to give that worshiping power, to another human being functioning out of ego propelled consciousness. Comprehend identifying with a Media created downstairs winner/celebrity to fuel our self-esteem and childhood dreams, is a delusional undignified spiritually unproductive no no. Especially if we wish to claim our spiritual harp in the Real System that underwrites life. Comprehend, you have to find you in life with your creativity and uncover your spiritual Self, not copy someone else. Especially someone out of Media created delusional la la land, invariably on the ego created look at me celebrity fame blink…and have a cell phone selfie yourself while your at it. St Peter is looking, that‘s for sure. Because celebrity worshiping neurosis…created by the Media & fuelled by the Media, is a spiritually unproductive ego delusion in the spiritual evolution of a human being. Both for the worshiper & the worshiped – ugh! .

A more detailed explanation of the Media created & fuelled, winning worshiping delusion.

At the quantum spiritual level of life, the concentrated karmic influence from out of those worshiping other human beings, grounds out in the unconscious mind of those being worshiped and triggers, a chemical brain high we call euphoria. A euphoria, that is but a chemical induced addictive delusion in ego consciousness and nothing to do with happiness or the spiritual plot of life. But, everything to do with those fuelling it and those cashing in on its human created karmic influence & sycophancy. Comprehend it is this human created euphoria, that has the potential to fuel megalomania and delusions of grandeur and self-importance, in the unexpanded mind of those being worshiped. To invariably send them into I love me & my worshiped status neurosis….powered by Darth & Associates. Sold out to the Faust enigma, is another boot camp descriptive.

Understand those being worshiped, become high on its euphoric karmic influence, that becomes addictive and creates the potential for megalomania, conceit and stretched ego disorder. That leads to stretched limo disorder and permanently, traveling the dead-end delusional highway of self-aggrandizement…with those worshiping them locked in the luggage boot – got it? The Upstairs path out of that downstairs Media, News Room & Glossy Magazine saturated delusion, is to practice Correct Meditation twice a day every day and silently, acknowledge the Creator…and not, Media created, winning acclaimed, dissolvable human beings downstairs on the ego blink.

Repeated fact: At the spiritual level of life and its interactive karmic workings in the human being, the part influences the whole and the whole influences the part. Where a shared ‘entity’, is the common denominator that binds both. Just as the karma of both, also becomes intertwined and is called ‘affinity of consciousness’ in spiritual understanding. Therefore, ‘like is attracted to like’, where quality of consciousness and quality of inherited karma and ‘entities’ are concerned. Birds of a feather flock together, sums it up with human beings as well as birds in the primordial system of life.

Another boot camp shock jock inspired detention rant…sorry about that, for those not in the detention room.

Obviously the more powerful, creative, gifted and charismatic dominant alpha mind, will own the primordial power stakes. To then dominate that karmic sourced affinity with those worshiping them. To then be able to dictate and press the ‘Simon Says’ follow the leader buttons, to subliminally influence the like-minded …but less powerful, subordinate minds of others following them…especially young impressionable minds. Synchronicity of consciousness, is the primordial produced effect. Psychology has labelled its phenomenon ‘auto suggestion’, that has more than one path of delivery from one human being to another, i.e. the voice, the mind, the visual, the sexual, the emotional, the literary pen…and especially, the image creating T.V, Movie & Glossy Product Magazine Empire. We could also call this magnetic alpha animal charisma, the charm-tool and success of the super salesmen/the super celebrity/the invisible but tangible magnetism of the big business Mogul/the persuasive gift of gab non-stop talking spin-doctor, the highly energized verbally Teutonic firebrand shock jock/the ‘pied piper’ magic of the singing star, the film star, the sports star, the fop star and all the other Media created human worshiped stars. Merrily twinkling away in commercial product la la land…and called, Darth’s Empire for ‘got it wrong’ human beings in spiritual boot camp.

Note: Winning and worshiped human stars, that the commercial Media have created into marketed products to sell products and, as the hounded means to create headline news and glossy magazine, intellect deficit, endless closet gossip and centerfold body beautiful boobs, bums & abs sexual information out of. No wonder Upstairs & St Peter, has had enough of it all and issued an ultimatum – GROW UP, or be become a real end-product in the departure lounge. With no eternal prospects for re-circulation downstairs, to be able collect our spiritual harp on this living evolving planet. That, believe it or not, is a primordial staging post for the human being to spiritually evolve and get past the ego, the body beautiful, the Commercial Media, Hollywood, Glossy Magazines, created images, worshiped human beings, big bucks and into heaven and the Real System – got it?

We have defined this born ‘pied piper’ gift of ‘follow the leader’, as primordial sourced archetypal magnetic alpha power. A born archetypal phenomenon, that should never be worshiped by others not born with its concentrated gene in their physiology. But note, are primordially compelled to instinctively follow those who possess its leadership gift. Therefore those being worshiped, have acquired the primordial power to subliminally influence and claim the reality, direction and subliminal mind, of those who are following & worshiping them. The growing neurosis of contagious celebrity worship, has its psychologically unhealthy roots in this primordial located phenomenon. That is fast becoming a pathological disorder in this deluded human worshiping Civilization…compliments of the opportunistic ‘got it wrong’ Media fuelling it.

The spiritual point to be made about leadership:

When charismatic primordial alpha power, is used to further the collective evolution of a society…and not individual self-interest, self-gratification, self-aggrandizement & the ego…then and only then, should we respect, compliment & follow, those using its leadership gift wisely, productively and maturely in society: Therefore, for the good of the whole and not the self-gratuitous ego deluded part. A privileged top end of town part, that is currently functioning out of poor quality consciousness & creativity with their leadership. A leadership, that has become totally divorced from the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the spiritual Laws of Nature. That is why, the World is sinking into chaos, turmoil, unrest and unhappiness. Sourced to powerful gifted minds in the driving seat of that progress. That are only functioning for the part and not the whole, in the realities/ideologies they are functioning out of. Nature’s self-referral spiritual laws cannot function in that poor quality of consciousness, that debilitates empathy, wisdom, foresight & positive vision, so necessary to be a leader in any field of human expression.

The spiritual located qualities of empathy, wisdom, foresight & positive vision…along with thought & concern for the well-being of others less fortunate, is the mature expression of a civilized evolved society. But not an immature human worshiping and winning obsessed society, that has fallen off the rails of spiritual evolution and become lost in self-gratification, individualism and the seven deadly sins promoted out of Hollywood. As did the body beautiful, ego obsessed, human worshiping sycophantic Athenians. Who also fell in love with themselves as images of the Gods…note the Commercial Media. Cashing in on its contagious delusion, psychological disorder and euphoria, to sell themselves, products and superficial values. That do not support life or Nature…or anything else in Creation for that matter. It is those superficial values, that have become saturated in this Civilization, causing the devolution problem of poor quality consciousness everywhere, not just in the top end of town. Although that is where the rot started, from those in the commercial driving seat.

Repeating the spiritual facts of life missing in our lived ideologies:

It is the primordial power of the archetypal charismatic dominant alpha, to subliminally influence the thoughts and actions of others. It is also a primordial power, that becomes amplified in them when we worship, idolize, follow and copy them. A karmic power, that accumulates in those who control and direct the ideologies (realities) that we (the public) are compelled to live and function out of in society. This euphoric karmic influence (power) has now become the Pied Piper tool, of the saturated Commercial Media, Marketing & Advertising fraternities. That openly exploit, manipulate and cash in, on our human vulnerabilities and primordial instincts…notably the procreation & self-gratification survival instincts. It is this unconscionable greed driven commercial exploitation of Society, that has come to psychologically fuel consumerism on a scale that is unsustainable & self-destructive not only to human beings…but the planet we all live on. Through saturated commercial product brainwashing and wrong values in childhood. To then become so-called ‘normal values’ in adulthood – got it?

Clarification: It is the saturated brainwashing of a human created ‘reality/ideology in early childhood, that comes under the heading of ‘indoctrination for life’ of its content. Commercial dominated T.V. Nations, have been brainwashed and indoctrinated in childhood to become all-consuming, product addicted, self-gratuitous, self-everything adults. Religious obsession and fanaticism in adulthood, also have their qualifying indoctrinated roots, in the psychology of brainwashing a child’s delicate mind in early childhood.

Explanation: The child and its childhood acquired content embedded in the subliminal mind, that we do not lose in adulthood. It’s embedded content and belief system, locked in the subliminal mind, merely becomes lost to conscious view in adulthood. Yet those subliminal childhood acquired contents, are still influencing the conscious actions, desires and belief system of the grown adult. Sub-conscious fuelled activity (thought patterns) triggered from powerful internal and external sources. Comprehend in the structure of ego consciousness, the information coming into our minds from the senses of perception, registers with the subliminal mind and its contents first, and the conscious mind and its adult intellect that discriminates reality and logic, second.

The point to be made:
When the unworkable content of a childhood indoctrinated reality/ideology, is locked in a conflict ridden subliminal mind, the adult is not in harmony/sync with the Laws of Nature with its thought process. A spiritual debilitation, that fuels megalomania, conflict, irrational behaviour, illogical reasoning, unhappiness, depression and the potential, for severe psychological and emotional disorder, to becomes manifest in adulthood…and therefore in society. Comprehend what we create as human beings, is what we become and are responsible for…nothing to do with the Creator of life. Note all those in the driving seat in the top end of town. Who are creating and fuelling, all the realities everyone else has to function out of…including all the other species, that share this planet with us.

Recapping megalomania and other psychological malfunctions:

Megalomania & its euphoria, is a karmic fuelled neurosis that eventually engulfs the ego and subliminal mind, of a power consumed negative debilitated human being. Therefore a gifted sociopath, that has stopped at nothing to claim its alpha primordial power crown and coveted title of king of whatever castle…and the privileged power, lifestyle and influence it brings. A power addiction in a negative accentuated dominant alpha, that inevitably leads to paranoia, irrational behaviour, illogical reasoning, self-importance, delusions of grandeur, gross excess, narcissism and unquenchable thirst for adulation, immortality and more and more power over everything around them. Medieval Monarch Conquering Neurosis, is an apt historical descriptive for full blown megalomania…and is also, a perpetuating ancestral entity in mankind.

Clarification: The history books, are full of these worshiped and glorified primordial ego and
power driven dominant alpha conquerors of Peoples, Nations, Cultures and Civilizations. Most have come to a very sticky end according to our history books…a common epitaph. They also never get past analogous St Peter at the pearly gates, but are given the finger and re-directed elsewhere for eternity. It is called short term earthly gain for long term heavenly loss in boot camp terminology. A waste of the gift of life and the born gifts that came with it, sums up its ignominious king of the castle and all that belongs to me dead-end destiny…spiritually speaking.

About others areas of megalomania operating in this Civilization.

This Civilization, is no exception to the megalomania incurred fate, that has befallen other human worshiping all-conquering civilizations before it. Except those with that karmic ancestral inherited potential for this pathological disorder, now have the added technological created potential at their powerful finger tips, to destroy the planet through the gifted brains and negative creativity of science. Namely, weapons of horrendous mass destruction and changing the ordained evolution of life from toxic pollution, synthetic pills and genetic and virus engineering, in the divorced-from-nature synthetic science laboratory…and Nuclear Reactor. A deluded blind progress, that has come out of brilliant, but power & ambition consumed minds with poor quality consciousness. Minds that have no intuitive connection to the spiritual Laws of Nature…and therefore, no connection to what we call a conscience because of it. Because a positive accentuated mind, does not go down its destructive path…only a negative accented mind does. The reasons for that blind negative creativity have been explained.

Note: That is why, we should only ever give our individual power e.g. our vote, our viewing time, our thoughts, our direction, our destiny, to those in the driving seat of progress functioning for the good of the whole and not the part in their expression, creativity, reality and ideology. Because when we give that karmic power to others through worshiping, idolizing & following them, then our personal evolution & reality, automatically becomes locked into the entity, ideology & reality of those we are following. The simple non-violent method to dissolve this primordial located…but human authored delusion and its entrapment, is for the public to stop worshiping & following the thoughts, desires, innovation, whims, creativity, ideology, lifestyles
& realities, of those in the coveted driving seat of existing progress. Currently called high achievers & winners creating the reality, perception, direction, lifestyles and destiny, for those without power or any say in that 24/7 Media saturated innovative material progress…sourced to poor quality consciousness. That are underwritten by ancestral inherited negative entities and definitely not, positive ancestral inherited entities. As we sow so do we reap in all departments of life, is definitely not a fairy story, but a spiritual fact of life in our human evolution – got it?

The point to be made: In our existing structure of ego consciousness, it is only a question of time, human created circumstance and returning karmic influence from mankind’s wrong actions & creativity, that will trigger the use of doomsday weapons on this shrinking polluted planet. A historically ever repeating scenario (war & destruction) that will be engineered, out of a born negative dominant alpha. One that has claimed absolute power in a volatile, corrupt, socially chaotic, irrational Nation and acquired the Science created means. Especially in this greed and $ driven world of self-interest, self-aggrandizement, worshiped individualism, diminishing resources, endemic corruption, overpopulation and age old continuing clashes of religion and culture, sourced to destructive ancestral inherited ‘entities’ out of the past dysfunctional history of mankind.

Clarification: Comprehend entities created out of past religious/cultural conflict and chaos, return to mankind to ignite and fuel, future religious/cultural conflict and chaos, in the lineage of those who created it. That is why this perpetuated mayhem (senseless war, death & destruction and fanatical religious mayhem out of megalomania), will never be resolved. Until we dissolve the human perpetuated destructive karmic influence & ancestral entities responsible. Transcendent meditation, practiced collectively in a Nation, is the one stop spiritual shop to acquire the silent product, to dissolve this terminating nemesis and other inherited pathological/psychological disorders…that continuously plague every Nation and every generation. The proof of its remedy, comes after the practice and not before, note born skeptics?

The point to be emphasized:
While those elected to power in Nations, remain in that primordial structure of ego consciousness and its history repeating human ego failings of megalomania, abuse of power and delusion, then the primordial driven instinct of a born negative dominant alpha to control and dominate others and the world, makes a doomsday scenario inevitable. Because it is instinctive & natural, to follow the dominant winning alpha in any area of human expression and creativity in Society. Comprehend in our existing structure of unexpanded ego consciousness, we have not learnt the historical lessons of the dysfunctional political & religious past. We vote on created images and Media saturated personalities, we vote from the hip pocket and a what-is-in-it-for-me selfish dictum. We vote on the perception creating talents and interpretation of the Media, political spin doctors, private enterprise PR consultants & power brokers…and other specialists in the mind manipulation department.

Clarification: In our existing structure of ego consciousness, we vote from the subliminal contents of the unexpanded mind and its indoctrinated belief system and created realty. That human failing, is why it is time move on in the spiritual scheme of creating real human progress, by creating a World Government. With all Nations participating, to oversee the individual activity of all Nations from out of International Law. Comprehend there is no room in the 21st century, for the megalomania title of ‘Super Power’ for any one Nation pressing the ‘Simon Say’s’ buttons on the World Stage. Invariably for their own personal agenda, economic power, wealth and self-interest…the never ending story of mankind’s progress?

The point to be repeated:
The only way to prevent a global doomsday inevitability…that this technological scientific consumed synthetic polluting civilization has created, is to abolish weapons of mass destruction lock, stock and barrel…and that includes Nuclear Reactors and its accumulating ticking toxic radioactive waste. A ticking time bomb, that the future will inherit from the thoughtless legacy of this technologically consumed synthetic polluted greedy present. A Nuclear Reactor and weapons of mass destruction reality, that has come into existence on this planet out of negative human logic and creativity. Therefore, from spiritually debilitated unexpanded brilliant minds, but with no intuitive connection to the spiritual Laws of Nature. That structure order out of chaos not only in life, but the whole of Creation.

Note: That debilitation of negative creativity in a gifted human being, is dissolved through acquiring a further structure of spiritual consciousness to function out of. We may be technologically expanded, but the same cannot be said of the fickle primordial human mind. Currently trapped in the structure of ego consciousness and all-consuming ambition, called dominant alpha winning neurosis in boot camp. Ambition, desire, creativity and self-esteem, that when centred solely on the physical objects and sensations of the material world, can never be satisfied in the structure of ego consciousness…and when unrequited, will always lead to unhappiness and un-fulfilment. Along with a potential, for psychological disorder to manifest in
a power & ambition consumed mind on the megalomania blink. That are also the psychological trade marks, of the pathological sociopath & psychopath. Growing fast in this spiritless, decaying, got it wrong in all departments, dysfunctional Civilization.

Clarification: A spiritual boot camp statement, that many in the powerful top end of town are going to turn a blind eye & deaf ear too. But hopefully, not the vast majority in the powerless bottom end of town. Who definitely throughout history, have never had a say in the privileged top end of town. Except through age old repeating anarchy, revolution and bloodshed, caused by those in the top end of town blindly abusing their acquired power. Correct meditation in society…and especially in families, will solve that age old repeating chaos in mankind. Because its karmic storm clouds, are gathering once again in this now global decaying Civilization.

The point to be understood:
The best indicator of mankind’s future behavior, in this historical department of repeated self-destruction, is in our past human behaviour of self-destruction. Destructive all-consuming ego driven conquering & winning behaviour, to be found documented over and over again in our blood soaked religion and politically torn history books. History books, that we have not learnt the bitter lessons of the past from, that is why we keep repeating that past in the present.

Explanation: In that well-documented past history of conquering, winning, greed and megalomania…operating in the instinctive dominant alpha quest for power and control, is found the indisputable reason, to remove and stop manufacturing doomsday weapons on this planet. Because that is what they represent, in karmic terms of ‘as we sow so do we reap’ in the interactive workings of primordial Nature & our existing structure of biological created consciousness. A primordial structure of consciousness, that our species has yet to come out of in its on-going evolution. A primordial structure of physical consciousness, that is causing us to keep repeating that past conquering, winning, greed and megalomania activity. Sourced to our ancestors, who created its perpetuating negative entities…that their lineage, inherit in every generation. As we sow do we reap – got it? It is how our human evolution is processed…both physically & spiritually.

Conclusion: The spiritual path to come out of that unexpanded physical consciousness and to be free of those destructive ancestral inherited entities, is to collectively practice transcendent meditation in a Nation. Along the silent way of that spiritual path, we will slowly but surely, dissolve mankind’s perpetuated pathological & psychological disorders…including greed, sexual degradation, megalomania & bullying in all its shades. Along with the immature undignified practice, of worshiping & idolising human beings called winners. Gone way past the use by date in the immature ego affairs of mankind.

Final word to families.

The writer cannot explain, just how spiritually toxic, is the negative influence coming out of the Media, Entertainment & Big Corporate Business. But he can explain, that when your families begin to practice Correct Meditation regularly & consistently, you will come to realize just how much that toxic karmic influence…that is accelerating, has debilitated your consciousness & happiness. In the meantime, the boot camp advice, is to keep the Media in all its configurations, to a absolute minimum in your family home. This action, will convince those responsible in the Media, to implement quality control in themselves, their programs, presentation, creativity and saturated communication mediums. Especially the Commercial Media & Entertainment component and its anything goes Hollywood inspired creativity and presentation. Assuming they want a future in Society…and at the end of the human day. I am sure if St Peter was in charge, he would sack a lot of them and start again. The writer, after his spiritual research & long investigation into why this Civilization is in spiritual decay…surely would.

Repeated finding concerning social & family decay.

Comprehend creative extraverts in all Communication Mediums, have gone potty and unknowingly, driving us all potty with their anything goes creativity out of poor quality consciousness…divorced from the Laws of Nature. Its new age exhibitionist anything goes mantra, is a sociopath created, fuelled, hummed, delivered & promoted contagious mantra in this Civilization. As a ‘cause & effect’ result, that anything goes creativity has become applauded, rewarded, worshiped & copied in society. The news from Upstairs, is that ‘anything goes’ with our human creativity & its Media delivered content, is not the mantra for spiritual progress…but psychological chaos. A chaos reflecting in the family & social structure. Having done a full circle out of saturated communication and entertainment mediums. Compliments of Commercial Television & Hollywood and ‘got it wrong’ anything goes so-called adults, called successful human beings & winners downstairs…and aliens Upstairs. Along with other so-called adults, bleating about censorship and restriction of adult content, when that content is brought into question by other positive adults…especially conscientious parents. Because children, do not have to see that saturated content, to be debilitated & desensitized by the negative karmic influence out of its content…that touches everyone through its saturation – ugh!

So until those mentioned, all get there socially irresponsible anything goes creativity back into sync with Nature’s spiritual Laws, politely avoid them where you can…and definitely, in the family home under your jurisdiction…not theirs, it has only become theirs. The collective practice of Correct Meditation in families, will also enliven the self-referral laws of Nature in your consciousness, to regain your families spiritual evolution & happiness and evolve further in Creation – guaranteed. But, you do have to listen to Alf for a change and not the saturated Media, to accomplish that miracle. Your choice, using your conscious free-will, because no-one can force you into that decision in boot camp…or out of it.

Kind regards to families from Alf. CEO of spiritual boot camp.

Along with and his fact chewing walk demanding peaceful alpha dog. Not on the commercial product, fame, greed, winning, megalomania, or human worshiping extravert blink…yet?


The book, With Families In Mind, is a detailed in depth explanation to the Introduction content of The Verses Absolute & Relative. Book 1. It was intended to be its Epilogue, so that reader would better understand that Introduction content of the Verses. As it grew too long, the author has made it a supplementary separate book to The Verses Absolute & Relative. With the rather long title, Supplementary Explanation of The Verses Absolute & Relative…in Large Letters on the front cover and in smaller letters on the back cover, the following: A detailed explanation to the Introduction content of the Verses Absolute & Relative. Intended to lay the foundation, to fully understand the Introduction pages of the Verses in Book 1. Along with conveying the social concern the Author has, for the increasingly eroding/decaying family structure in the 21st century. A man made growing disaster for mankind’s spiritual evolution. A concern, that prompted the Introduction content in Book 1 and the content of this Supplementary Book, to clarify that concern.

William John Hatten. Author

Dedicated to families everywhere on this planet.

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